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Introduction Overview

Introduction (00:00)

Jackie Chan, Dragon Ball Z and Michael Jordan were some of the topics that Tiger Shoff and myself spoke about. Of course, we spoke about fitness, we spoke about mental fitness, we spoke about motivational figures in our life. Also, keep in mind that this entire podcast was recorded over a Zoom call, so the quality isn't like the other podcasts and I apologise for that. But you know how lockdown scenes are as content creators, we're always trying to put out the best possible content for you. And I promise you that of all the episodes I've recorded, I felt like this guest was the most similar to me in terms of mindset. So, you know that the motivation and inspiration is coming your way courtesy of The Ranveer Show. Enjoy yourself with Tiger Shroff on TRS. Mr. Tiger Shroff. What's up? I love that poster behind you, it's a Dragon Ball Z poster. My inspiration, I wake up, oh my god, that's crazy. Are you a Dragon Ball fan or is this... 100% man, like I think every fitness junkie in this country has been inspired by Dragon Ball Z somewhere. For sure, for sure.

Personal Life And Fitness Philosophy

His quarantine life (01:11)

So, what's your quarantine looking like? How are you taking care of the body? You know I'm doing my best. I'm not as strict on my diet as I usually am. I'm not sure I'm doing anything. But I am training because I'm addicted to training and some sort of activity. So, I'm training pretty much all morning and evening. And that's it. And I rest during the day. What kind of training do you do? Do you do homeworkers? Do you do free body stuff?

Home workouts (01:42)

So, luckily I've got some equipment from my gym to my house. Nice. And I like to train with heavier resistance because my body weight is not much of a challenge for me. Got it, got it. What is your weight dude? My weight is about 82 kgs right now. Okay. And you're like at 5'10", 5'11"? I'm 5'10", yeah. 5'10". Okay, okay. Crazy bro. Did you think that you will become that fitness idol when you're growing up watching Goku be your own fitness idol?

About Goku (02:09)

Did you think that people will be looking at you and seeing the same thing? I just wanted to be as close to him as possible. A lot of the action that I do, a lot of the looks that I go for, I try to emulate that of Goku. I can do just about everything except for fly. Yeah, for sure. So dude, what's your diet like now? I mean we know you're training, you're doing resistance stuff. I'm sure you're doing it. Like I said, I'm not very strict with my diet. Right now, I have a huge sweet tooth. So if I'm craving an ice cream or a bar of chocolate, I'll probably just eat that. Those midnight cravings. Also my sleep pattern is all wonky right now. So I could sleep by like 2 am or I could sleep by like 10 pm. Like all of us. Dude, so when did your fitness journey start? Because here's my first memory of you.

Ranveers first memory of Tiger (03:10)

Back when I was in school, I was in the neighbouring school to yours. You were in American School of Bombay. I was in BAIS. And I remember this really buff 15 year old kid walking up to my judo coach and saying, "Hey sir, I'm doing this, this and my fitness regime." And then sir told me, "Oh yeah, that's Tiger. He's really serious about his fitness and all." That's my first memory of you in life. How old were you? How did your whole fitness game start?

How did his fitness journey start (03:35)

I've always been into sports and stuff like that. Earlier on in my middle school, I was around 12. Is that correct? 12-13 years old? 13-14 years old, whatever. I was really skinny. I was a malnourished kid. But as an athlete, I was really good. I was really fast. I was good at football and basketball. But I used to get bullied and pushed around like crazy back in school. Everybody in my class was way bigger than me. So I figured one summer I just started training and I came back the next summer completely jacked. What the hell happened? Were you taking steroids or something? How did you get that big and stuff like that? I just transformed over two months. It's the initial two months that give you those fast gains. So I think that's what happened to me. I also hit a growth spurt around that year. So I got lucky and it gave me an advantage in sports again. Got it. Crazy bro. As I was 13-14, you could say I've been weight training.

Physical and mental fitness (05:00)

I saw this really interesting video of your dad actually which is going viral on Facebook right now where he's talking about mental health. I want to ask you man because you're so into physical fitness. This is something I believe in strongly that the real benefit of physical fitness is actually the mental fitness that comes out of it. So considering the fact that you're in a very high intensity career where there's a lot of pressure on you and there are mental health issues and all, how much of a role do you think your physical fitness has had on your mentality? I credit it all to my physical fitness, all my activities. Whenever I'm stressed, down low on energy, my day is not going too good. I can just hit the gym or I can just do some kickboxing or probably just put some music on and start dancing. That sort of just channelizes my energy, my wavelength into a very positive direction. You know when you train, you just release these endorphins. You being into fitness and stuff, you also experience something like that. Yeah, yeah. 100%. I think I credit whatever little I've achieved in my career today, it's all because of my physical exercise, my fitness, my regime. I think I'd be a gone case if it wasn't for that. Also, with quarantine, because everyone's getting that mental break from life, what's been your realization? For me, I felt like I was going too hard with my career and my fitness.

The quarantine realisation (06:33)

So I just learned to take it a little bit easier and more balanced. So what was that for you? What's been my realization? Luckily for me, I've seen success and failure pretty early on in my career. My first two films being back to back success is in my third and fourth film, not working at the box office. So that sort of grounded me and sort of prepped me for all my future battles. Once you see both sides of the spectrum, it's really about walking on that line, on that fine line and just treading either left or right. Not giving too much, but at the same time not holding too much back. You go with instinct, it's all about feeling. Yeah, 100%. Goku had to die to come back once. Have you watched Dragon Ball Super by the way? I haven't, man. I'm much more of a Dragon Ball Z fan. Have you watched Dragon Ball Super? I have, I have. You should watch it. I'll check it out. Take your quarantine a little productive. I'll check it out, dude. Dude, with your early career, do you think that after you got that early success, did it get to your head somewhere? I'm not saying you became arrogant or something.

The idea of success and failure (08:04)

But did you take success for granted? Do you think that failure kind of made you... To be honest with you, I did. In my first film when it worked, I had no idea what box office was. It was sort of a big deal, the number we made back then. And then with my second film working, when it did the numbers it did, I sort of gained a little, I wouldn't say overconfidence, but confidence. And I sort of could walk around with my chest out and stuff like that. Keeping that in mind, when my third film was about to release, I sort of prepped myself and talked myself into my opening film. That means I should at least get 15 floors opening on my third film. Because now I guess I'm a bigger star or whatever you can say. So that didn't happen really with me. I got a slap across my face. That was a wake up call really. I'm glad that I have no regrets as to whatever has happened in my journey thus far. It sort of has kept me grounded. And whenever something gets to my head, whenever I feel that I've achieved a little something, I look at my father's journey and his struggle and his successes. And that sort of just puts me on the right track. It keeps me grounded really. Since you mentioned my dad just now. He's been like that throughout the year. He's been like that ever since, even before he started his films. He would talk to everyone the same way. He would behave the same way with everyone. He wouldn't give anybody special treatment. Or he wouldn't talk down to anybody who is perhaps lower than him. Or talk in a different manner to somebody who is in a higher stature than him. He's just the same. And I think that's why he's got so much goodwill. And he has so many good things to say about him. I see that in you as well a lot. I remember I met you at this Facebook event. You were just really nice to everyone. It's not something you usually associate with big Bollywood stars. But you were just the same guy I felt I'd seen in American School of Bombay. Same dude. Different timeline.

His mental state currently (10:34)

Are you at peace in life right now with your career? Or do you want a lot more? What's your mental state? I'll be honest. I'm not. That's because I keep very high goals and expectations for myself. Idles. I mean this guy right here. You know it man. But I have huge idols. I have huge aspirations. And it's really tough to meet that. So no matter what I've achieved, I feel like it's a never ending race for me. Yeah 100%. I feel that too man. That's one of the downsides of being into fitness and into DBZ. You're always in that rut of how can I level up on this? Exactly. You said it. You said it man. But in saying that, where do you want to take your career man? What will make a 60 year old Tiger shop happy?

His endgoals (11:29)

Just knowing the fact that I've touched just about every kid in every country, in every part of the world, in every street, in every corner of the world. Every kid knows who Tiger Shop is. I want to make a difference to each one of their lives. Got it man. There's only a handful of people who have done that worldwide and who are household names worldwide in that sense. You talk about living legends, you talk about Jackie Chan, you talk about Stallone. People who aren't here like Michael Jackson. Who have had such a big impact on us in some way or the other. 100%. You're chasing legacy basically. That's what I feel. Yes.

His life motto (12:34)

So what do you do to fuel that urge right now? On a daily, I'm sure you work out somewhere that fuels it a bit. But when life is outside of quarantine, when normal life is on, what do you do to fuel it? When normal life is on? I'm constantly at my craft. Like I mentioned Michael Jackson, Jackie Chan, this guy over here. I'm constantly training, trying to get better at something or the other. My motto is as cool as it sounds. I'm trying to be a better version of myself. I'm trying to beat the Tiger Shop of yesterday. I always think the competition is with myself and I like to keep it that way. If another Tiger Shop came in the industry, how do I better him? Whatever it is, how do I do a better action than him or something better than him? Do you think your seniors in the industry look at you and say, "Yo, who's this kid?" I don't really know. I've been lucky that I've got a lot of appreciation from them and they've been kind enough to share that with me. It's mutual really. I think we're all very happy in our own spaces. Personally, in an industry which has so much competition, for me it was very essential to create my own identity and to create my own niche. That being said, I think that's been my approach in my career and I've been trying to do that all my life. That's what's worked for me and people have identified me with a certain genre. Some people might say it's divecasting. Some people call it an identity. I like to call it an identity. I'm blessed that even if people divecast me as an action hero, I love that because it gives me a label. People can relate to me and connect to me through my films, through what they like to see me do. 100% dude. Again, I'm not one to say anything but from an external perspective, you're on the right track. I had a pretty bad year and I recently met one of my mentors. I told him that this is going to be my MVP. I'm going to kill it. All he told me was that no MVP decides that this will be his MVP. All an MVP does is prep for the next game. So I think that's pretty much what you're doing as well. My mentor sounds really smart I said. Yeah he is. He's my piccolo. Dude, with Bollywood, as intense as it is with the whole competition vibe being intense as well, I don't want to go into a relationship gossip tangent.

His relationship advice (15:42)

I'm just asking you as a bro, does a good healthy relationship help balance things out, balance the intensity out? Is that like a romantic relationship? Does it balance it out? Well, man, depends on who your partner is. It could get difficult if there is no understanding. It's a very consuming career that we're in. You either give it your all or you just don't be in it. You can't be half-assed about it. A healthy relationship needs work. It needs time. You need to give each other that time. If you're an actor, it's very difficult to multitask. A few actors can do that. Me personally, I'm not one of those. I'm very driven, very focused on my work. If I had a partner, she probably called me selfish or something like that or obsessed with my work and not prioritizing me. I honestly feel it's good to have an eye of the tiger mentality. I know you probably agree with me on that. I've been watching Jordan's documentary lately on Netflix. I don't know if you've seen it. There we go. Yes, man. Thank you.

Inspirations And Post-Quarantine Plans

About Jordans Documentary (17:21)

It has fired me up to another level. That's been my big quarantine discovery. I was feeling demotivated. It's not even just Jordan. You see Pippin, Rodman, how they thought. This is what I need to be in life. It's so inspiring to see what these guys have put in. The struggle, the work, it's just an overnight success. The backstory is so inspiring and aspirational. There's a shot of Jordan. When Phil Jackson is talking and practice, Jordan, the way he's looking at Phil Jackson, he doesn't miss out on a single thing. From a Rodman perspective, it looks like he's going to devour this man. He's just evolving with such intensity. Man, the focus, the intensity. Warriors relate to other warriors. That's just what I feel. My last couple of questions on this mini podcast. The second last one is where do you draw your inspiration from? I'm not talking about famous actors with big legacies. I'm not talking about a Stallone or Jackie Chan.

His inspiration (18:39)

People outside of the world of films, is there someone you look up to and say, "Okay, that's where I want to be in my own career." Sports or whatever. Definitely sports. I was actually thinking about two or three people right now. Cristiano Ronaldo. You being into sports, you need to watch his documentary as well, Ronaldo. Something that really hit me about Ronaldo was, forget him having a really poor background and having pretty much nothing. And coming up to being this mega star with his multi-million dollar brand of his. Not just the empire, not just the talent, the skill, the whole thing that he's got going for him. What really hit me in that documentary was his mother. She said that, you know, "I didn't want to have, Ronaldo was a mistake. I didn't want to have this baby." Can you imagine if Ronaldo didn't happen? If he wasn't born? He just broke down saying, "I can't believe this mistake of mine has given me such a good life. Similarly, I want to give my family, my parents so much in life and I don't want them to ever feel short of anything. Whatever they want, I want that, you know, going to them in that instant. I work myself to that level where there's no looking back. That's why I think you're watching the Jordan documentaries. You're not drinking any alcohol, you're not smoking any drugs. You're just locked in. Love that. I'm obsessed bro. I'm obsessed. Love that man. Completely relate.

Ranveers inspiration (20:52)

I'd put in LeBron James as someone who's in my heart. I don't know how into basketball you are dude. LeBron is a physical specimen. Michael was physically gifted. He was athletic but he's nowhere close to being as big as LeBron. LeBron's got the strength, he's got the size, he's got the brain as well. He's got that experience. And as he's aging, he's just getting better which is a freak of nature. 100%. My vibe with LeBron is that he makes everyone around him better. So that's a trip that I'm living through. So I'm deep into business dude. I enter office as the LeBron and then throwing balls to people for shots. You're the point guard. Yeah something like that. And final question. I'm not talking about what you're going to do after quarantine but after quarantine how do you think you're going to evolve into the next version of you? What's going to be the next thing you're going to add to your mind or your existence? Because knowing you, if you're a warrior, you keep trying to improve.

What will Tiger do after Quarantine (21:36)

I want to give back to the planet. I want to do something for the environment in a big way. Fortunately and unfortunately with the whole pandemic, at least the world, the planet is healing. All that it went through. I mean you look out your window, I can see all the way to Mud Island on one side and all the way to Queens necklace on the other side. For the past 30 years that I've been on this earth, I've just never seen that side. I mean you look up in the night and you see stars man. So I'm just blessed that the planet is healing. I'm feeling so good about that. How it's all about finding a freaking vaccination. Hopefully it'll happen. I don't know dude. I think this is one of those things that we really can't control so I'm just going with it now even though I really want it to end. I want to do something for the environment. I think you will dude. Any last messages for a depressed kid out there who's probably not going through a good phase during his quarantine?

Closing Remarks

Last message to the world (23:01)

Well, all I want to say is you guys can't just look at the negatives. First of all, we're all in this together. So you have no right to complain. I have no right to complain. It's all of us who are in it together. So keep that in the back of your head. That's what helps me. If somebody out there was playing football or going to the gym and while I was here stuck at home, okay fair enough. I'd be like yo man, why does he get through that? But the fact is that all of us are home fighting this together. So think about that. Secondly, how can you be productive? Think about ways you can be productive from home. I'm writing everyday. I'm not a writer. I'm not academically gifted at all. I'm just all drawn in physicality. But I'm finding, exploring myself and unleashing things that I never knew I had. I'm writing poetry man. What the hell? How the hell did that come to me? Write your thoughts down on a paper. Think about what you're going to do as soon as this lockdown is over. Start planning from now. Plan your steps. Plan the next 10 years right now. This is the ideal time to, like you said, go to the next level. Retrospect, introspect. And spend time with your loved ones, your family. Once you get busy, you don't get this opportunity. Spend time with your family or your loved ones. Yeah, the people around you who have made you man. So don't really, you know, get yourself too hard during the situation. Don't get down or depressed. And go check out my dad's video that's going viral. That should really help out. I second that. It was a really cool take on mental health. That's what a lot of people feel when nobody voices. That's what's cool about Jackie Shaw. No filter man. Beautiful. Tiger Shaw, thank you brother. I hope you had fun. Thanks man. Thanks. See you guys. Thank you.

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