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Intro (00:00)

This is herbal medicine. You're extracting a large quantity of this incredible mysterious tonic. Why is it mysterious? Science and research hasn't looked into what is in celery yet. Barely any information out there. Another reason why people don't know, but we're getting there. We're actually getting there. Hello everyone. Welcome back to On Purpose, the number one health podcast in the world. Thanks to each and every one of you for learning, listening, and growing with us. Thank you so much for prioritizing your growth in work, self, and love. And like you know, every week, I'm trying to find guests that are going to give you really raw, authentic, genuine advice. People are coming at this from new angles, new ideas, fresh perspectives that can genuinely help you transform your life and move it forward. And today's guest will not disappoint. I'm genuinely so grateful and excited for this person for making time, making space in their life, for coming on and being on the podcast. His name is Anthony William, and he's the originator of the global celery juice movement. He's a four times number one New York Times best-selling author, and today's the launch of his new book, which is called Celery Juice, the most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide. Anthony, thank you so much for being here. Incredible introduction. I'm honored. I can't even believe it. It's so awesome being here. Bye. It's awesome. You had to do it all. So it's all true. Hey, I'm just so happy to be here, happy to talk to your audience. So much to talk about lots of cover on health, things that are life-changing, things that move the needle, and that's what matters. You know, when you're sick with chronic illness and you're trying to get better and you can't move that needle forward and you know it and you're stuck in it and you're just in the trenches of it all, and then something takes you further along and you finally start experiencing a benefit, you start getting better. But say the celery juice is one of the most powerful healing tools out there, and when you start moving forward, it's life-changing like no other when people are stuck when they're actually really stuck in the trenches of what I call hell, basically chronic illness, and they finally see the light, and that matters. That's why I'm here.

The Healing Power Of Celery Juice

Why Celery Juice Is the Most Powerful Healing Tool (02:10)

Absolutely, and I love that energy, man, because I think you're so right that so many of us today are so stuck, and a lot of the time we've tried everything, where I hear that a lot with people that like, "I've tried everything like I've been to my doctor, I've been to this person, I tried my weird thing that my aunt comes out with, you know, I've tried all of these things." And the thing is, it's not like those are bad, those are all good things, because everybody's got a piece of the puzzle. You got the best doctors out there, you got functional medicine doctors, you got alternative guys, you got conventional guys, girls, all of them, they're all working hard on their patients and people. People have compassion, doctors are the most incredible people, the compassion to wake up in the morning, go to the office and work on person after person after person like they do, and hear their stories and hear their cries. Doctors are unbelievable, and there's a lot of good tools out there, right? But what happens is there's some things people don't even know about yet that plug into what they're doing. Say they're doing a keto diet, say they're doing a paleo diet, say they're doing a vegan diet, say they're doing a plant-based diet, and they're not getting all the results they need, and they're all confused, and everybody's flip-flopping from vegan to paleo to paleo to vegan, and everybody is all upset. But when you plug in something like the celery juice and you know how to use it, you can move forward wherever you are. You can plug this into what you're doing. It's tools like that that literally move the needle and change the lives of millions. And right now, hundreds of millions are drinking celery juice. It's the most powerful healing movement of our time and day, and I want everybody to actually be part of it because why miss out?

The Voice from Your Spirit (03:42)

What are you going to do? You're not going to do it? You're not going to partake in something that could change your life. So I want everybody to know this isn't one of those scams or farses. This is that powerful. When you use this herbal medicine, something changes inside of us. I love that. And I can't wait to uncover that with you in this podcast and in the live that we're about to do. I can't wait to get into all the details. But I want to take it backwards slightly because I want people to understand where you're coming from. Absolutely. And I want people to understand your background, your journey, and just behind the mind, you know, inside the mind of Anthony. So I want to go back to you being four years old and you're four years old and you literally without any help, any support, whatever it is, you literally let your grandmother know that she's... She had lung cancer. She had lung cancer. She was symptom-free. Like no one knew it. Yeah, not at all. And then they checked. Yeah. And you were spot on. Yeah. Woke up one morning and heard a voice perfectly clear. You know, people say, "Wait a minute. How does he get this advanced medical information that's decades ahead of research in science?" You know, I know scientists, I know incredible doctors, lab technicians, and they say his information is advanced. Whether anybody likes it or not, whether the source he hears it from you don't agree with or you're not happy about, this voice he hears that he heard at four years old that diagnosed his grandmother lung cancer. And from there on, this is all he's ever done. And people are like, "Hey, you know what? I don't know. Do I trust this?" And I totally understand. I totally get it. A guy that hears a voice when you really know the origin of it. You know, it's hard. But when lab technicians and scientists and doctors that are elevated in the field of medicine say his advanced information, like Epstein Barr causing Hashimoto's thyroiditis, he was the first to actually bring that out before they even knew that's what was happening. And when they say, "Hey, he's advanced with this information and it's about getting people better. We got to kick back a little bit. We got to calm down and say, "Okay, let's listen to this because this is different. This is actually really helping people." And at four years old, that's what happened. It was information coming through perfectly clear. I heard it straight in a voice right to me. And I've been using that ever since. Not just my grandmother with that. What happened was in 1975, in the fall of 1975, had another family member with a back problem, a back problem that wouldn't ease off. The doctors didn't know what was really causing the back problem. It wasn't an injury. It was an inflammatory condition, a mystery back injury, or a mystery back inflamed problem where they're suffering. They couldn't walk. In late 1975, Spirit, which I call Spirit, the voice said celery juice. This is when it started celery juice for this family member. We didn't have really any kind of juicer. Look what year it is, look what's going on. We weren't prepared. They had the blender, the beat up old blender. We ground up that celery. We strained it with a cheese cloth. We just strained it out. Family member was a skeptic about celery juice. What do you mean celery juice? Drank it and start recovering that night. Slowly recovering. And then the end of the week out of the woods with this back from walking. And it's that kind of thing right there. Yes, the voice tells me what to do. So that's what I've done. Dedicated my life helping people, but giving them information that even doctors want to know there are thousands of doctors in this country alone with the medical medium series books in their offices. Patients have brought them in and the doctors are smart. They read it and say, wait a minute. This is different. Whoa, wait. He's talking about viruses. He's talking about pathogens. He's talking about things we don't know about viruses and pathogens. That's not anywhere. And also what to do, which is one of the tools to celery juice.

Trusting Your Gut Instinct (07:40)

What I'm more interested in, because I've seen all of that research, I've seen people say of all of your incredible background and the studies and the research and the fact that it's worked for people, how did you start to trust that voice? Because I almost feel like that's sometimes harder. It's like trusting your own voice that's coming to you. How is that process for you? You know what it is? When you see it working in front of your own eyes. You know when I was 13 years old in a stock boy in a little grocery store and that voice is telling me why someone has diabetes or what's going on or what's happening with them or the brain tumor that they have or something that's going on. And the voice is telling me what's happening inside their bodies and what they need. You just, you can't avoid it. You can't ignore it. It's not one of those things. You just say, well, I don't want to do this anymore. You know, it's not what you're in it and you just you go with it and you keep on working, you know, forward to help people and change your lives. It's so critical. Absolutely. So let's get on to the sell of you. How did you start discovering the secret behind this?

Why Celery Juice Is Powerful (08:36)

Like, how did you start seeing that it had such a powerful effect? Like, how did you first uncover? Because I think there are just so many vegetables out there. You can make so many juices. Yeah. Yeah. People have drank probably the wrong juices for such a long time. Yeah. And when did it start? All juices are great. That's the thing. All juices are great. They offer benefits and a lot of people, they get confused and they say, well, why would celery juice buy itself do anything for you? And one of the reasons is it's an herb. It's not a vegetable. It's an actual herb. An herbal medicine is powerful. I mean, if anybody's listening out here, do you like herbs on any level? What herbs are your favorite? There's so many people that are into any kind, they're into herbs. That's the whole thing. You got Chinese medicine, you got Ayurvedic, you got all this herbs are powerful. And there's herbalists out there. There's doctors out there, natural doctors, and herbs are a big part of our lives. Well, why do they do things for us? They because they're very healing. Well, celery has been, it's no one knew. And that's the thing. I mean, even when I heard it from the voice originally, perfectly clear, "cellular juice, the celery," it's an herb. I was even like, wait a minute. No, it's a celery stick. What do you mean? This is a vegetable that no one cares about and never really cared about. And spirits like it's not a vegetable. It's an herb. It's herbal medicine. You extract it in a large quantity. And when you do that, that's when the miracles happen. And then someone might say, wait a minute, you have to leave the fiber. You have to leave the pulp. Juice things not good. You're leaving nutrition behind the fiber and the pulp. But what they don't understand is, "camomile tea," right? Do you eat the tea bag after you've had, you go out with a friend, right? Do you cut open that tea bag and say, wait a minute, I got to get this fiber. I got to get this pulp here because that's where the nutrition is. No, the medicine comes from the chamomile. And that's what you're getting, that medicine to relax you, to calm you, the things that people like. Same thing with other herbs and herbal teas and so forth. Of course, you can eat some of the herbs, but they're better extracted the medicine. So it's the power of that. This is an herbal tonic, an herbal elixir. And what you'll see out there is dieticians who are amazing people or nutritionists who are amazing people. What they'll do is they'll be confused and be like, no, no, no, leave the pulp and fiber. Anthony Williams doesn't know what he's talking about. You don't want to just have that and they don't know. This is herbal medicine. You're extracting a large quantity of this incredible, mysterious tonic. Why is it mysterious? Science and research hasn't looked into what is in celery yet. Barely any information out there. The other reason why people don't know, but we're getting there. We're actually getting there. We are getting there. And you're leading that movement, which I absolutely love. It's incredible.

Key Issues of Disease We Face Today (11:25)

You're really pushing that out there. And I think it's so important that we do live in a time where we are allowing unique voices to come to the fore. Maybe in 1975, and years after that, people would have been close to these things. But now people are seeing also the lack of certain research and certain studies and recognizing that there are alternatives. Tell me, when you started uncovering celery juice, what are the key issues that you're seeing celery juice benefit? What are the key challenges that people are experiencing? Auto amine. I know there's a big list. Oh my God. Big list. Big list. People dealing with chronic illness, when I call chronic illness, symptoms that won't alleviate or come constantly or on and off intermittently, but they don't go away technically. What could that be? Chronic fatigue syndrome and me chronic fatigue syndrome, right? Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto's, thyroiditis, lupus. These are just some things, eczema and psoriasis, rosacea, different conditions people suffer from and all this acne. There's SIBO, all of these things. You could just keep on going on. Things that people are plagued with, you know, and the fatigue is one of them. That's a big one. When moms can't get out and they can't get out of the house and run the house and run their careers and take care of their children because they can barely function because of severe brain fog, chronic fatigue syndrome and not have real answers in the fibromyalgia and the rheumatoid arthritis and all these things people suffer with, these are the things celery juice starts to move the needle with. It's these things. It's different when someone's exercising every day, two hours a day. They feel good. They're young. They're strong in the moment. They haven't gotten sick yet in their lives. They haven't been there and they're trying celery juice for a week and they're like, "I'm not sure what I'm noticing. I think there might have been energy. I don't know." But then you take someone who's been to 50 doctors, okay? Ben, through hell and back, struggled, suffered, been told they're crazy, okay? Or given three, four different diagnoses and then you take somebody like that and they've tried everything. They've been on every diet. They've been to every functional medicine doctor. They've been to every single conventional doctor, everybody they can under the sun and then they try celery juice for two weeks, three weeks, for two months, for 30 days, for anything, for five days and they're like, "Oh, my God. I'm getting relief for the first time and I've tried everything. I have 50 supplements piled up in my house, in my cupboards. I got all this food I buy every day from all these different diet plans. I talked to all these different doctors. I'm online looking for information and celery juice is moving the needle and it's getting me better and that's why it's here." There's something really important to understand here. Health trends are not propelled like this. This is propelled because people are actually healing. That's the difference. This is an organic movement. This is a trend or something more powerful above a trend and people don't realize this yet. May's truth, naysayers are too late for the party. They can complain and cry and say, "Oh, there's no science behind it." What else? There's so many things there's no, someone said recently, "Oh, forget celery juice. You have to eat all the rainbow of the colors." Where's the science proving that if you eat every rainbow in the color that you're going to fix your chronic illness? Where's that science? There's no science on that about someone actually healing a chronic illness moving forward because they're eating all the rainbows and the colors. Of course, you want all the colors and the foods and you want all the different foods. I never said that would be bad or good or not. I said, "That's great." But celery juice is a medicine that you can bring into everything you're doing and it's really changing lives. It's incredible. I know I keep on saying that. It's only because it's only because it actually is working. Other health trends are propelled by other things. There's tremendous monetary behind it, like monetary involvement pushing that trend. So you take all that college in, of course. So you take all of that, whatever it is. So you take all that apple cider vinegar. So you take it all. There's money which, "Hey, that's just how the world works." We know that. And there's money propelling that. Well, you'd the only thing propelling celery juice is millions of people getting benefits and telling their story without being prompted or paid to do it. It's never happened in history before. And if you don't like that idea, I don't know what to tell you. If you don't like the idea of there's no science behind celery juice yet, you know what? Tell people, tell that to someone who suffered and struggled, pushed through their day and they realize, "See, when you get sick, you realize science and research doesn't have answers for chronic illness." Sure, there's life-saving medicine out there. Sure, if you get into a car accident, there's life-saving medicine. I know incredible ER doctors. I know amazing surgeons actually that do procedures that save our lives in different, all kinds of different problems we have. But let me tell you this right here, Jay, okay? When you're sick and you're struggling and you're suffering and you bend to 20 doctors, okay? You realize fast, science and research dropped the ball somewhere where maybe people don't know, but they dropped it. And they dropped it hard because people have been suffering and struggling. There's over 250 million Americans in the US that have a symptom that won't go away. Getting worse, and that's what we're heading. We're heading into the land of the loss, getting worse with chronic illness. And so you've quickly learned, especially young, you're 20 years old, 22 years old, you get sick, you're 25 years old, you get sick, you quickly learn right there. Science and research isn't what everybody was saying it is. When it comes down to weight, I got Lyme disease. What do you mean? Is it getting better? It's not. I'm trying this. I'm trying antibiotics. Wait, now I have multiple sclerosis, or what is the symptom? Anxiety, it's crippling, depression, and you realize science and research doesn't know anything about these things. So then where are we then? Someone said to me, Jay, they said, "There's no science and research to your information. There's no science and research to celery juice." And I'm like, "Oh, I didn't know science and research fixed every chronic ill person. I didn't know we have nobody suffering. I didn't know no one was sick and going to 50 doctors." And that's the world today. Celery juice is this barrier breaker. It's like, okay, get ready because this is one of the most powerful tools that's going to move you forward. Yeah, I love that. And I agree with you. I think everything you've just stated there. I agree with the fact that science and research is measuring that which has happened.

The Problems with Science and Research (17:47)

We call it breakthrough science, but it's not breakthrough because it has to watch something for a significant amount of time or years. You know what I mean? These ideas with these unique things that come out, they get tested over time. You can't test something in two seconds and talk about it. And science and research is amazing. We need it. I'm all for it. In fact, some incredible things do happen from it, but they're either usually theories that have to be proven somehow. And then you have the investors behind it to prove it. And then in the end, you don't know what you have because it changes 10 years later. We're all of a sudden, wait, we were wrong. Now we have a whole bunch of things. We're saying, now this, it's this way. And that's happened so many times. It's really difficult for people. You know, it's incredible. I mean, at the same level, I've seen people say, why drink celery juice? You're better off just putting a little bit of sea salt or a little bit of Himalayan rock salt right in your water and it'll do better because research in science doesn't know anything about celery juice. Research in science doesn't know anything about putting Himalayan sea salt in your water. And then that's in the same breath. They'll say something research in science hasn't even studied yet either. And they'll say, well, make sure you do this. Put salt in your water. It's going to help you so much better than celery juice because there's no science behind celery juice. It's almost like, do you know what you just said? It's incredible. So I didn't know there's so much celery juice. Well, you know, you know what it is is that you just got a lot of time on that. You're like hating on celery juice. It doesn't sound like the worst thing to hate. When you have something this powerful and moving forward to this degree and this fast, you got all the stores selling out their celery. It's all it's all going to go far. I'm scrambling to actually grow it as fast as they can and then and get land up and grow it and grow it. You know, farms don't make any money. I mean, they're all subsidized. Most of them, you know how they struggle as it is. When you see all that, people start getting this, they're getting nervous. And then when celery juice is helping millions of people really fast, I think it's a threat in many ways to so many industries. So yeah, no, there's love for celery juice. Tons of love out there. But also you got the people saying, Hey, wait a minute, leave your fiber and pulp in there. No, leave your fiber and pulp and all the other vegetables and stuff. Use it. But this extract it like a medicine. Right. Tell me about some of the stories that you've seen in your life of people, transformations, whether it was from a chronic illness. Just tell me a couple of one or two stories or examples where you've really seen people who've transformed through celery juice. De-bilitating eczema, debilitating psoriasis where people suffer, they can't get it. They can't wear clothes. They can't leave the house because they can't put clothing on their skin. And they're just doing the steroids. They've tried the steroids. They tried different things. They've seen so many doctors, they suffer their skins cracking and bleeding everywhere. And celery juice brought into their lives and used correctly like I talk about in the celery juice book. And it gets them to clear it up. They start to see benefits. I mean, miraculous cases reversed. It's incredible. I'm not just talking about it got a little bit better. I know many cases, many of them over the years and now today where they get rid of that debilitating eczema, where they were crying. They cried. They had to be on painkillers. They couldn't even move their arms and legs. And they got through it on the other side of it. Also debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, getting people forward with that. People with Lyme disease, celery juice is all of a sudden the very thing that's now changing everything with their diagnosis that they've got or no diagnosis where doctors are confused and they're just sick and they're home and they got high anxiety and depression. I've seen the celery juice do something for these people. But for decades, I've seen it before it exploded before the publication of the medical medium series books in 2015. You know, it was already building. It was a quiet storm. I think it snuck up on everybody. It snuck up on the world. I think this health trend or whatever we want to call it now has snuck up in a way and became a tidal wave just last year. It finally became this big tidal wave. And I always say to people, you know what, if you learn about it now, it's important. Yeah. And I also think that it's a tidal wave for those who are really looking.

How do you take it and why? (22:24)

And then there is a lot of us who are interested, but we don't find out until someone brings it to the front of our minds, the front of eyes. You know what I mean? It's like until someone really breaks it down for you like you have in this book, like until someone really explains you the process of why it works, how to take it. Like you've done in this book. Like I feel like even then, if that doesn't happen, a lot of these trends just go over our heads. Absolutely. Right. And for most people, because these trends feel like it's still too hard. Or it's like a short-term thing. Like, oh, I'm going to watch some, I watched a video and I'm going to try it for a week, but I don't have a process. Yeah. Tell us about the process that you outlined in this book and how you've made it so simple. You know, there's there's there's over a hundred questions always asked. How do I drink celery juice? What do I do? Do I put my blender with my other food? It's all that it has to be by itself. It has to be by itself in a certain amount. 16 ounces is where you want to be to start with it. 16 ounces of it, juiced fresh, very fresh, very important. So you could juice it at home fresh. Okay. You can go to a juice place. I do recommend don't do the HPP thing, which is high pressure pasteurization. I mean, there's nothing wrong with HPP. I mean, you can do other juices that are HPP. You go into health food stores, grocery stores, you see all those drinks. They look like they're really fresh. They look like they were just done yesterday, but they got to date on them for a couple of weeks because it's high pressure pasteurization. Now, I noticed that that's happening with celery juice. Don't get confused by that. Don't pick that one because if you pick that one, it's going to be hindered. It's going to lose its healing benefits. It's potency. Exactly. You want to juice fresh. Go to your juice bars. Go to health food stores that will juice it right in front of you. Make sure it's done right there. Do it at home, and that's where the magic happens. So there is going to be there. There is a confusion developing where you get the bottled celery juice now sitting on there and people are like, well, that must be as good as everything else. And if they're not experiencing the benefits they need from drinking it, then they get thwarted by it. They get pushed off by it. So yeah, that's just one example. I answer lots of questions. Can you do why you're pregnant? Yeah, you can do celery juice. Can you do what you're breastfeeding? Yes. So there's just so many questions. These are just a few. Yeah. And as we consume straight off, that's where you can't be. You want to. You can wait a little bit. You can wait hours later. You can even wait a day later having the fridge, having the fridge, but and that will still be better than say something like in the store at high pressure pasteurization, you know, under with a shelf, with a long shelf. But ideally straight away. Yeah, ideally that's going to have the most presidency. Yeah. And I talk about what's in it that hasn't been discovered yet. And if someone says, well, how would he know this voice he hears? How would I know Epstein Barr was the cause of thyroid problems? And I was the guy long before talking about it everywhere, talking about it to doctors, talking about it all then publishing and everything else. And and and now they're saying, hey, science and research has found there's a link to Epstein Barr to thyroid disease, thyroid disorders. Same thing with the celery juice. Yes, I hear the information. I know what's in it. There's something called sodium cluster salts. That's the antiviral. That's the that's the pot. That's the phytochemical compound. It's this sodium cluster salt. Somebody might say, well, what is that? It's a subgroup of sodium undiscovered by research in science. You think that we only have one type of sodium. That's it on the planet. And that's it. No, there's more than that. It's a subgroup. It's a different thing going on in celery. It's not in anything else. They're going to find it down the road. They probably won't call it sodium cluster salts. They're not going to give me that credit. They're probably not going to pat me on the back and be like, yeah, you're they're going to name it something else, obviously. But that's what it is. It kills bugs. Here's the deal. I'll just simplify it. People are sick because they got bugs. That's it. Your your Hashimoto's thyroiditis, your rheumatoid arthritis bugs cause this. It's not your body attacking itself. It's bugs. It's pathogens. It's viruses. It's bacteria. So when people have their fibro, there's a bug involved. That's what this is. Chronic fatigue syndrome, there's a bug. So what's going on is we're filled with bugs. I know that's kind of annoying. We got viruses like Epstein Barr. We got the simplexes in us wreaking havoc. We got the HHV6s. We have shingles, viruses. We have bacteria and people have these bugs in them. We live with them. They creep inflammation. Meanwhile, the food wars that are going on, the vegans against the paleos and the keto and everything else and everybody's fighting each other. But nobody realizes this. You guys are all dealing with Epstein bars dealing with strepococcus. You're dealing with strep and but and different viruses. And the reason why celery juice is working is because the sodium cluster salts and celery juice is annihilating a lot of bugs in people. It's breaking it down. It's killing them. It's cleaning up their livers. It's getting the bugs out of the livers. And that's why their inflammation is actually getting better and better. Wow. Amazing. And I was looking at something you were saying about how it's blocked. It's also stopping the vicious cycle of addiction, which is incredible.

Addictions (27:23)

How does that work? Well, that seems like a totally different challenge in my head, at least, like from an uninformed point of view. So how is celery juice even helping people with addiction? Well, you know what, it revives your liver. It starts to restore it. Your liver can actually hold more what's called glycogen glucose because that's what it needs to do. It needs to store glucose and glycogen. The very thing that runs our blood sugar throughout our body. When our blood sugar is unstable and it's imbalanced, we tend to fall prey to addiction really easy. Plus electrolytes, we all lack electrolytes. So when you eat a food of any kind or you drink water, you get some electrolytes naturally occurring. Any kind of food you eat, there's a natural occurring electrolyte going on there, right? Well, those are pieces you're collecting all day long. What did you have for breakfast? There's some electrolytes in it. What did you have for lunch? There's a few more electrolytes in it. And then dinner, a few more are during the day. There's electrolytes in things we're consuming, but we're never getting enough at once. We're never getting the whole electrolyte, the whole electrolyte family at once, right on the neurons, right with the neurotransmitter chemicals using them, right? All of this happening, celery juice is like a complete electrolyte still undiscovered by research and science. Of course, research knows that there's antioxidants in celery juice. Of course, they know there's vitamin A and K in there. It's funny. And I've heard somebody say, maybe people are getting better because the vitamin A and K. And I'm like, what about the vitamin A and K that's in every other fruit and vegetable? What about all of that? Plus all the supplements people are you, you're still not moving forward. Why is this doing it? Does it have a different vitamin A and K? What it does have, though, is it has a full complete electrolyte. It goes to the brain fast and easy, clings on to the neurons, revives tired, dehydrated neurotransmitter chemicals, starts to actually bring those back. So your electrical impulse is fire fast, so you could be quick talking. So you can actually hear, you can actually think what you're saying. It all comes, the brain fog goes away. Everything starts glaring up. And those, when those electrolytes hit those neurons and spark that fire and those electrical impulses are cruising through those neurons. And that is precious. That is like gold right there. And that's another reason why addiction could stop. So you want to bring it back to addiction when those electrolytes are hitting all those neurons, your electrical impulses are firing and running through those neurons. And all that's happening and you're starting to think clear and your brain fog's back and down, you don't fall prey to addiction right there, that alone. There's, the blood sugar starts to balance out because your liver is healing getting better. Your glucose reserves in your liver are storing back up so it can control part of the blood sugar problem that we deal with. Because it's not just the pancreas. And when all that's happening, you get stronger, your mind gets stronger, your control gets stronger, you get, you know what, you take control over your life. And that's what celery juice. If you want one simple thing from me right there, you know what, you celery juice to help take control over your life, absolutely, because it can. It can be one of those tools. I'm not saying it fixes everything in anything in one shot. I'm not saying this is literally the miracle that will fix it all. No, because everybody else is doing good things. This is that thing that pushes it over the edge to where you need to go. And that's what I mean, your energy and your your love for celery juice is infectious and contagious.

Eggs and Gluten (30:50)

I don't know anyone in this room right now who is not dedicated at least testing it, which is awesome. But tell me about some of the lifestyle and diet habits that can cause a conflict or negate the amazing benefits of celery juice. What is it that we're doing in our lifestyle or our diet that could slow down or go against the benefits of celery juice? All right, I'll tell you right now, look, I know this is going to get everybody upset, okay, in the audience, but probably not everybody, but most everybody. If you if there's something to take out of your diet, whatever you stand, whatever Ile you're on, whatever diet belief system you are, that you're that you're involved with, subscribe to whatever it is, you take you need to take eggs out. So chicken eggs have to come out of your diet. Now, I hate to be the breaker of this news or the person that has to break this news to everybody. But what I want to tell you is most important part that the most important part of this podcast, probably for anybody to take in is we live with these bugs inside of us that create all of our illnesses, whether it's not happening now, say we're younger, but it'll happen later when we're turning 40, it'll happen later when we're 45, it'll happen whenever it is, we have these bugs in us like the viruses and the bacteria, the pathogens that are in us, eggs feed the pathogens bottom line. No matter what you believe in out there, whatever diet system, whatever you believe in protein and macros, whatever you're talking about in your life that you believe in, whether you're trainers, whether you're nutritionists, whether you're doctors, whatever it is, just know that when you eat the eggs, it feeds the pathogens. And I hate to break it to everybody, but pathogens come from sources, they come from places, they come from petri dishes, they come from labs a long time ago. And you know how they were raised, they were raised by being fed food. One of the foods that fed them was chicken eggs. We eat the eggs, we feed our viruses, and we get sicker slowly over time. Celery juice is getting better, it's killing pathogens, but if you keep on feeding your pathogens, then it's kind of working against you. So that's a powerful tool. That's crazy. I mean, I've been in eggs for 16 years, but I had no idea that I've never heard anyone raised that about eggs before. Well, it's information, you're not going to hear anywhere else. And that's why people heal with medical medium information. It's because it's finally new information, information that is different, that no one even knew or thought about or understood. And that's one of them right there. Same thing with the gluten, the gluten, the gluten, everybody thought gluten was just inflammatory. Nobody knew gluten actually is inflammatory because it feeds the bugs too. I brought that to town. Was anybody likes it or not? I brought that and they may say, hey, well, he hears a voice, so I don't want that information. But no, guess what? They'll find that out pretty soon. I think even more people are talking about it. I think doctors are talking about it now because I've been putting it out there for so many years. The reason why people get sick on gluten and then someone else doesn't get sick on gluten because you realize you can be 90 years old, you can gluten your whole life. You can be like 50 years old, you've eaten at your whole life, you've never had a problem with gluten. And then someone can't even eat it at 16, 18, 25. And they have to take it out because they have certain pathogens inside their body, they're feeding off a gluten itself and then creating inflammation. It's not the gluten creating it. So that's why that should be out too. You should get that out too, but there's a reason you should get gluten out. It's not like, oh, well, he's just saying no gluten because everybody says that. No, there's a reason. I know that reason. Learn about it. It'll help you.

Making Celery Juice Work For You (34:28)

Absolutely amazing. Are there any other lifestyle habits that could work against this? It could work against it. Where people are not absolutely like, I'm not seeing the benefit. Absolutely. You could be totally doing something else. Incredible. No, amazing question. Thank you for asking. So here's what you got to be concerned about. When you're using celery juice to not bombard your celery juice with food too close to it, if you're drinking your celery juice and it's not an empty stomach, you're not getting the benefits that has to be on an empty stomach. 16 ounces on an empty stomach is critical. That's what it is. Morning is best. If you got to do the afternoon, fine and try to keep food away from it. So if you any lifestyle of eating, whatever you've adopted with any kind of food lifestyle whatsoever, you just need that celery juice on an empty stomach away from those other foods. That right there is critical. Morning or evening makes a difference.

Hydrochloric Acid & Digestion (35:20)

Morning's always best. Morning's better. It's that empty stomach in the morning, that hydrochloric acid gets built up, everything, you know, and that's another part. I want to talk about that digestion, how the HCl builds up when you're drinking celery juice, why it builds up, how the stomach glands receive the celery juice and how they actually recharge and give you a strong HCl hydrochloric acid and then you break down your food and your food doesn't rot inside of you and you actually get stronger with your digestion and your bloating goes down. That's another thing too that's really powerful. Wow, that's super powerful. I didn't have no idea. With having in the morning, how long after do you eat breakfast? Okay, you know, try to give 20 minutes. 20 minutes. 20 minutes after the celery juice is great. Okay, half an hour, probably even better. You know, somewhere around 20 minutes to a half an hour. I like a half an hour really being solid like that, but if someone needs fuel and they're doing something or they're running out of the house or whatever, I totally understand it. But try to do empty stomach, try not to do coffee with it, try not to put anything in that celery juice. If you throw apple cider vinegar in it, you just killed it. Just killed it. You throw something else in it. I saw somebody out there saying, I'm going to put my collagen powder in here. I'm like, you just destroyed your celery juice. You're not going to see the benefits. So you can't, yeah, you have to keep it clean.

Chronic Illness & Celery Juice (36:34)

And not multiple times per day, just once a day. No, you do the celery juice once a day, but I like a lot of people that have chronic illness. Do twice a day. Okay. 32 ounces. Do you know, at the beginning, 16 ounces, do 16 ounces at the end of the day? Absolutely. And try not to have it with food. That's the goal. But the truth is you get the celery juice in you any way you possibly can. You're going to get some benefits, but these are maximizing it. This is why the book's critical. The book gives you all the information to how to really do this right. And if you think there isn't a lot of information to it, wait till you read the book and then your mind is blown and you're just like, Oh my God, I can't believe what can be done with celery juice, including oral therapies and stuff for problems that people have. They have all-sir's and all this stuff in their mouth. And this book has actually explained so much. And here's the most important part I love about this book is that there's almost 200 symptoms and conditions I talk about inside this book and what celery juice can do for it and why it's working. So if you have something you're suffering with, I talk about how the celery juice is helping you. And I love one of the things I do love about the book seeing is I don't think there's ever been an audio file that has the word celery mentioned more than this one right now, which is awesome, which I love. But what I love about the book is you also have a whole chapter dedicated to if people can't access celery and alternatives that they can take, which I thought was really refreshing. I was like, Oh wow, this is, you know, it's a book about celery juice, but you're like, Hey, if you can't get it, I mean, and I don't know why people can't get it, but maybe you can tell me that. But if there are places people can't access it, you suggest some alternatives. Yeah, absolutely. There's no way to get celery juice. You can't get it. It's not even possible. It's just not around. And there's nothing you can do. You know, there's other things you can do. I like the cucumber juice. It won't do what celery juice does. I don't want anybody confused, but it does some different things. It hydrates the body in a different way than anything else could out there. You know, it does hydrate the body. It does things that are really good for us. It's very cleansing, very purifying. It won't do what celery juice does, but it could be something you do for a week before you can find the celery juice again. So, you know, juicing cucumbers is actually helpful. And someone said to be recently said, Okay, so what? So what's just start juicing different things? And that's going to no, no, no, no, this cucumber juice isn't going to do it. It just isn't, but it's one of those backups to get you by for a little bit like a week or a few days. And, but that's about it. I mean, honestly, it's going to have to be the celery juice or it's really in the end, no go for what you're really, what you're really. And I know you cover it in here, but I wanted to raise this because I know so much, not just of my audience, but just so many people in the world today, we're reading studies about it all the time, mental health, depression, anxiety, stress, what celery juice doing on a deeper level for stress, anxiety, and depression? Well, it's the ultimate adrenal, you know, stabilizer. That's the other thing with the celery juice.

Celery Juice For Mental Health & Metabolism

How Celery Juice Helps With Stress, Anxiety, & Depression (39:24)

I mean, it's so helpful. You got the electrolytes, got the sodium cluster salts. You got the heavy electrolytes in there. And in adrenals need that. That's so important. The other thing is brain. That's the other thing. When you're dealing with electrolytes and neurotransmitter chemicals, electrical impulses, and that's in neurons, you're talking about distressing. Because here's the deal. We, our brains get dirty toxins in them, heavy metals, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, nickel, copper, they get into our brain. You know, someone said to me, they were like, "Hey, I don't have any metal in my head. What are you talking about?" I said, "Do you ever have a fluoride treatment? Did you ever have a fluoride?" I had tons of those all through my life. I go, "That's a by-product of aluminum right there." By-product of aluminum means it's still aluminum. It is part aluminum in a different form. It goes to the brain directly. So when you have that fluoride treatment, you're getting aluminum in there. It's in there. Has it left? No. There's nothing you're doing in your life to remove it. We also get mercury in the brain really easy. We come into this world with mercury in us from our forefathers and foremothers. That's the whole thing. Our ancestors give us mercury. It's passed down. It doesn't just, it doesn't leave. It gets constantly passed down generation to generation to generation. And it sits in us. And it sits in our brain. It sits in other places. And it even could trigger off higher anxiety in people. It can trigger off depression, having that mercury, having those other metals inside of us. And we collect them here. They're in our water. They're in other sources. We just get it in us. Celery juice helps loosen up those metals. Stop them from oxidizing so they don't rust in our brain. So they don't break down our brain tissue or glial cells and other parts of our brain. It's critical.

Celery juice is also helping mental health conditions (41:18)

It's just such a critical part of anxiety and depression. Celery juice does help with it. And I love that because we're talking about this simple antidote in one sense, which is actually impact mental and physical health, which is actually quite rare. Because usually we look at them as separate. Usually, it's like, okay, I do this for my body and I do this for my mind. But here you've got one thing that's actually helping both. I've run across so many people and seen it throughout the years and you see it on the internet now. My depression is alleviating. My anxiety is getting better. Things are getting better just from doing this on the reduced. Crippling anxiety is so debilitating. People can't leave their houses. I've seen people suffer so greatly over the years. You know, and when you don't have anxiety, you may not realize what they're going through. You may not know what they're going through when you don't have anxiety. Because it's hard to like get into that person's shoes. When you don't have it yourself, it doesn't really make sense. What do you mean you have anxiety? What do you mean you can't function? Like, what do you mean you can't get out of the house and get in the car and you got to take anxiety medication? Because here's the deal. When you haven't been to a lot of doctors and you haven't struggled with your health, it's hard to get in touch with the ones that are struggling. It's an entirely different crew. You know, when I get interviewed a lot, when media interviews me and I tell them chronic illness, people are suffering, they're struggling. They never put that in there ever. That's why I've tremendous respect for your podcast, for what we're doing right here. Because I'm able to talk about the ones that I fight for every single day. That's what I do. I fight for the people who are chronic leo and they don't get heard. That's the thing. I've been a messenger for them. I've been a voice for them all these years to the people that are smart enough to know science and research hasn't had the answers for them. And doctors know that they haven't had the answers that they needed to move forward. And they suffered and struggled. Anxiety is one of those pieces of it. It's crippling. It can really stop someone from enjoying their life, not enjoying working. You know, functioning, taking care of things, going to school. And you know, I've seen people, hey, my anxiety is starting to alleviate a little bit more and it's worth everything. It is worth, even if you knock down that anxiety down 50%, 25%, the difference is someone being able to stay out all day or work a day in their career or start writing or do something with their life. Think about how empowering that is and celery juice. When that does that for somebody with anxiety and you see that happen, you're like, oh my God, I'm going to fight for this. I'm going to fight for the celery juice. I don't care what it takes. I'm going to put myself on the firing line. Let's get this stuff out there more and more for people. Absolutely. And I love what you said that it's really been this organic emerging thing. Like it's happened organically. It hasn't been funded.

The impact and reach of celery juice (43:59)

It hasn't had any money put into it. It's not an investment. It's been organic. It's the first of its time. It's the first of its evening people, which is amazing. But you've all shared organically a lot of celebrities and influences reach out to you. Yeah. Yeah. Who've become fans of your work and supporters of your work? Yeah. And you know, I was asked recently too about this and he said, well, what are they being paid to do it? Said, there's not one celebrity that I didn't ask you that. Oh, no, no, I know. I know. But it's a really good point because people think it. They're like, what are they getting out of this? What do you mean? What are they getting us? Let me tell you something about celebrities that I know anyway. Okay. I'm going to be straight out. Okay. They actually care about people suffering. They actually have tremendous compassion. They actually care about their fans, their followers. They care about people on the planet and they really, really do. It matters to them. Their drinking seller, it makes them feel better and it gets them healthier, right? So they could be a more powerful voice than what they're doing changing the world. But it's even more than that. The celebrities I know, James Vanderbeek and Jenna Dewan and so many others, and Sly Sloan and so many others, they care about people. They want people to feel better. It matters to them. Because they've been through pain too. Absolutely. They've been through a lot in their own lives. And so when they see people struggling, they're getting better because they know they're spreading that information about celeridge use, it matters. It matters to their souls. It matters to everybody to know that people are getting better. Celebrities have tremendous compassion. The ones I know, unbelievable people, and it's just great that they're doing your forl. He cares about people, cares about humankind. And this right here, it's not measurable. It's unmeasurable. It's just it's that powerful. It's that incredible. I love him. And this podcast has been such an education for me. And I hope that everyone listening and watching, I've been able to ask some of those questions that you'll be thinking about too. Because I'm coming at a point of just learning, being a student, and someone who wants to experiment with this. So all of my questions have been from my own desire to be an experimental with this. I'm excited to see its impact on my life. And I'm hoping everyone listening and watching today has got some of the information get you going. But I really, really hope that you're going to go and get the book because the book's going to break it down for you. The book's going to stop you from doing a one week test, which is a fad, to actually making it sustainable. And one of the biggest reasons I see the difference between us having a habit that we do for one week versus sustainable is when we're deeply convinced of the reasons. When you've sat here and you've read this book and after you've read this book, if you haven't got every reason you need to go and drink celery juice for the rest of your life, then that will be harder to give up. Whereas if you just think, oh yeah, I'm going to try this. This is cool celery juice podcast. I loved it. And you're going to try it for a week and you're going to stop. So take my recommendation, go get the book, get the deeper reasons and insights on how to take it, why to take it, and what to do with your life around it to support it. And that will start making the biggest differences. I feel, I feel. So we're going to end this episode with the final five. These are final five questions. Usually answers are either one word or one sentence maximum. So this is going to be a big challenge for Anthony, because he's sorry. What I love about you just have so much to say, but it's all like it's, it's all in depth, like it's real. Your insights are awesome. So I'm going to try and get you to one word or one sentence. We're going to see how it goes. So question number one is what's the biggest health myth you've ever had? There's so many of them. Tell us your favorite one. All right. Metabolism. Okay, go on. I'm going to let you tell me more. Yeah. Metabolism. You've got so much to tell. Metabolism just means that we're alive. The discovery of metabolism just means that we're alive. We're living. We have blood flowing through us. Okay. And that no one really knew that really. Metabolism was just the discovery of, hey, you're, you're eating, you're burning fuel, you're a living organism, you're a living being, right? But it's not why people gain weight, slow metabolism. And that's one of the greatest myths out there. They're gaining weight from livers that are stagnant and sluggish. Everybody's livers are bombarded. They're toxic. That's why I came out with liver rescue the book. Because their livers are challenged and they're filled with toxins. And that's what puts the weight on. That's what makes things get the lymphatic system, gets swollen with water. The weight comes on the belly fat. It's from a liver, a weak liver, sick liver, stagnant sluggish liver. It's not from metabolism. Still to the state, I'm sure everybody in the audience right now, my God, who's been totally just fed met metabolism, metabolism for the last 30, 40, 50, whatever it is, they're just going to be all upset. But I just trying to drop the truth on you on that one.

On metabolism and weight gain (48:37)

It's a liver. You take care of your liver and that's that you take care of that. And then everything starts getting better with weight and what we think is metabolism problems. Amazing. Yeah, you're going to the root. I like it. Okay. Question number two, if you could give everyone in the world a habit to do for 30 days, apart from drinking celery, you say, what would it be? The heavy metal detox movie I offer. Okay. Get the metals out. Get them out of the body. That's the key. I mean, okay, there's so many different habits you can do. I get it. There's so many for your consciousness, so much for your mental, so much different physical ones you can do, but getting metals out, that's the habit right there. Get some cilantro in you, get some get some spiraling in you. Know the right ones, the ones I care about because those are the ones that actually work. Get some things in, you pull the metals out. I talk about it. The heavy metal detox movie, that's the one right there. You pull metals out, things change too. It's like the celery juice, the heavy metal detox movie, get into that habit, get into the, hey, look, get into the celery juice habit. There you go. Awesome. Question number three. What are the top three things on your grocery list? Cellery's okay. That's a given, right? That's a given. Okay. Another one, wild blueberries. Okay. That's the second one right there. Because wild blueberries, the antioxidants. That's a whole another food. Wild versus cultivated blueberry. The one in the clam shell, the pint-sized clam shell that is the cultivated blueberry, it's the big blueberry. It doesn't do a fraction of what the frozen wild blueberry, you go into the freezer section and you go in there, you'll see different brands. I mean, I use the Wyman's one. There's another brand that's there. You use that there's different brands, but you get the frozen wild blueberries. That's the, oh my God, that food. So celery, that and I love apples. Okay. It's got to be a must. Yeah. Yeah. Give me another one. Let's have one more. I think it's got four. All right. Papaya. Okay. That's another one. And then Mosh. Okay. People call it Mosh A, but Mosh. It's a green. It's an amazing green. There's not enough of it out there, but you can find it.

Anthony's three must-have herbs (50:47)

Go to the health food store. That green is great. Leafy greens are good. Awesome. Okay. Question four. Tell us about the top three herbs that you couldn't live with that lemon bomb can't live without it. Helps the neurological system. I've used it to actually help people with anxiety, depression, of course, but also with neurological problems, ticks spasms, tingles, numbness, it's antiviral to like celery juice. When you bring that lemon bomb in there, it's a big deal. That one, nettle leaf, another incredible herb without a doubt. I've been recommending it since I was a kid because of spirits. It's literally right off the start recommending it. So nettle leaf, that's anti-inflammatory, of course, why? It also was antiviral in its own right, great medicine. And of course, tumeric, which is spice, but in a rhizome, but tumeric, it's amazing. So I like that one, even though it's, you know, but you've got the lemon bomb, nettle leaf, and then licorice roots, another one I love. Amazing. And the final five, question five, what's the best way we can all start listening to our body more? Because I think for so many of us, we are constantly incredible by changes, right? We're constantly like just like, you could be going through pain and deal and just having it there and sit there for so long without listening.

Body doesnt hurt EVE if you do (52:00)

How do people, people, we may not all be able to listen to spirits or channel or learn, but how can we listen to our bodies better? There's one thing that people have to realize, it's one of the most incredible ones, that when we get sick, it's not our body letting us down. It's not our bodies being faulty. It's not our body being a bad physical, you know, aspect of us. It's not, it's not our body giving up on us. And most importantly, it's not our body destroying us or going after our immune system or going after our organs or going after anything. What I'm trying to say is your body doesn't hurt you. It doesn't destroy you. It doesn't go after anything. And we need to know that our body never attacks itself. And it's the first thing everybody thinks, they think their body's failing. So no matter what, okay, there's one of the greatest tools is if you start experiencing anything, mental, emotional, physical, your body is not going after you are hurting you or attacking you. That's the most important that can protect you because we can't, there's people out there, you can tell them what to do on how to listen to their body or anything, but they might, they might not be able to do it or they might be too busy or forget it. But what they will do is their body's letting them down the minute as an athlete, you think your body's failing you. Anything, it's just in life. When we're sick, we think our body has now said, hey, we're not helping you. I'm not helping you. And that's it. If you, if you know, your body loves you unconditionally, it's there for you. It's fighting for you in ways you cannot even imagine that can bring you peace and get you to where you need to be faster and better. Well, I was not expecting that answer, but I love that answer. That, that judgment that we place on our body immediately is actually one of the most negative things. It is. It's the most, that's the most. That language around my body's attacking me, my body's letting me down, my body's failing. Yes. My body's not strong enough. Yes. That language is actually programming us to lead to not doing anything about it. It's an evil seed that sits inside every human being. So no matter what you're doing, whether you're meditating on top of a mountain, wherever you are, it doesn't matter. The minute something's going wrong, you go right to my body is now, wait a minute, turning against me in the moment. And what do I need to do to fix it? No, it's not turning against you. That's how it works. That is such an awesome answer, man. I absolutely love that. And I hope that message is resonating very, very clear the way we think about our body, talk about our body, talk to our body itself is going to have a huge impact. Anthony Williams, thank you so much. Anthony's new book, Celery Juice, the most powerful medicine of our time, healing millions worldwide is out right now. You can order it from all the good places where books are sold, the medical medium on Instagram, the medical medium on Facebook, where else can they find you? Hey, there and medicalmedium.com. Oh, so medical medium right there? Yeah. Yeah, that's a great place. Really? Make sure you go follow Anthony on social media at the medical medium across the platforms, medicalmedium.com and make sure that if this has given you some insight on why Celery Juice could be so powerful, it could truly change your life, go and get the book today as well. Thank you so much. It's an honor to be here. No, it's not even me, man. I'm excited to do a reading with you and get some advice. I genuinely am. I want to do that next time. I can't wait here. We're going to do it. Yeah, absolutely. I think what you said is so true that until we really go through pain, and that's how it was for me too, I neglected because I felt like I'd mastered my mind and neglected my body.

Understanding Your Body'S Signals

Listen to your body (55:22)

And so when my body started to give me signs that it needed more love and care, that's when I started to realize because while you're young, you just feel like Superman. And you feel like nothing's going to happen. Exactly. And so I totally get you. And so if anyone hears listening and you're like, well, I haven't got any problems yet or my life's not too bad, that's the time to start really taking that. It is. Yeah, thank you, Anthony. Thank you so much.

Embrace Authenticity

Being yourself (55:51)

I'm so grateful to meet you. Happy to have you here. Hope that was good for you. And we're not going to edit anything out. So everyone's going to get the real war as it is version of this conversation. If you're listening to it right now, you're going to get it as it is. We haven't edited anything. We haven't taken anything out. That was awesome. That was Anthony William. Make sure you go follow him on social media. Thank you so much for listening or watching again. We love you being a part of this community. Make sure you tag me and Anthony on Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter, and share what you've learned from this podcast. We'd also love to see your journeys. If you want to map your diary of taking celery juice for a week, two weeks, a month, hopefully for life and for the rest of the year, then make sure you tell us about it. Tag @medicalmedium and tag me as well on Instagram. I'd love to see those posts. Thank you again so much. Take care. See you soon. If you want even more videos just like this one, make sure you subscribe and click on the boxes over here. I'm also excited to let you know that you can now get my book Think Like A Monk from ThinkLikeAmonkBook.com. Check below in the description to make sure you order today.

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