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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 minutes of freedom. I'm your host elite life optimization coach Ryan Nydell and here for the second time the only guest that's ever appeared twice on this show Cody Jefferson. Cody what's up buddy? I mean listen I'm it's funny we talked about spirituality on the last series I'm not gonna compare myself to Jesus like the second coming I'm not gonna do that but it's interesting that we talked about all that and then here we are again it it is rather interesting i mean at some point we all think we're god so hey i've got a complex i i own it i listen i do like at five six i mean i think anybody under the six foot mark does i try to walk on water at least once a day i just haven't done it yet well there you go yeah absolutely it'll it'll, there you go. Yeah, absolutely. It'll click. Do what? It'll click. I'll figure this shit out. Yeah. I mean, it's a series of trials and errors, I think. Yeah. Exactly right. Just keep putting salt in the water. The buoyancy is going to level out. Eventually, we will get there. So, Cody, I mean, I want to just share from the start. As you're listening to this show, Cody and I, since our last episode, right? We met each other, we shared on the very first time we spoke, and I'll put a link to the first time in case you want to hear that episode. We met at Meltdown in the Desert, which was our buddy Colby Kay's event in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona. Yeah. Probably about a year ago now. Really, it's got to be getting close. Well, and did you go to the one before that? Because I feel like you didn't. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona. Yeah. Probably about a year ago now. Really, it's got to be getting close. Well, and did you go to the one before that? Because I feel like you didn't. Also, it was just last year. Yeah. Yeah, it was. It was a year ago, maybe next, no, it was June. So it was a month, like 11 months ago. Yeah. Yeah, we're recording this. Looks like May 16th, if I can squint and see the little calendar on the bottom of my computer screen. Yeah. It looks like May 16th, if I can squint and see the little calendar on the bottom of my computer screen. And after our episode, there just was this pull energetically for me to stay connected to Cody. And stay connected to Cody, right? We bonded. The episode was phenomenal. Not that we didn't hit it off at Meltdown in the Desert. We really didn't have a chance to speak much. It just felt right. And from it feeling right right it has continued to feel really right where there's been a friendship formed rather get an actual honest-to-god friendship where neither one of us wants anything out of the other very very rare in our space one I was to say I bring this up because Cody and I both happen to be I hate this term I don't know what to call it, we're both coaches, right? Life coaches, business coaches, success coaches. We coach people. Yes. Results. We care about results. That's it. 24-7, 365, results, results, results. Hustle grind. And Cody and I have gotten to know each other in a more in-depth level, right? He's married. He's got a wife who also has kids from, you know, it's like the parallels between where we're at in life are a little uncanny, right? As Cody's developing marketing materials and doing some things to test the marketplace and see what the marketplace wants to offer or what they want to receive, I'm doing the same thing. Go ahead. Yeah. It's fairly interesting and really cool to be able to kind of walk alongside. We have two very, very different markets. And hell, even if we didn't, I think we'd still be in the same boat. And so we have two different markets, two very different personalities, right? Like I'm covered in ink, you know, Harley guy. We both have fitness as a commonality. Both are fairly outgoing in our personalities, but you are, you got tattoos. I know, but I'm just saying like, I'm more tattoo than bare skin. Ryan, you can't see him right now, but he is opening his arms out to me in the video to show that he does in fact have tattoos. I don't want to be left out. I mean, I'm insecure with this. So that's what we call, that's what we call the, I have a past move. When I was a pastor, you would, because typically pastors had a tattoo just on the, on the inside of their forearm, just to show like, Hey, I'm edgy, but I'm, I'm, you know, I'm not too edgy, but on the altar call, I'm going to open my arms. I'm going to show you, I've got a tattoo just to show like hey I'm edgy but I'm you know not too edgy but on the altar call I'm gonna open my arms I'm gonna show you I've got a tattoo just to show you I've had a past I'm not perfect either became a really big calling card back in the early 2000s but super cool to be walking alongside each other and be able to bounce ideas so we've had we've had very different formulas for how we've gotten to where we are, right?

Discussion On Entrepreneurship And Personalities

Entrepreneur Summart De Pa (04:18)

Very, very different niche markets and different offerings. And now as we both evolve, our offerings seem to parallel each other in some ways. Like our, our, I would say our investment points are different in some ways. Our, our backend offerings are different in some ways. But at the core of what we're doing, it's really cool to be able to say, yeah, I'm doing this. And you to say, dude, that's what I'm doing. And I'm doing this. And for me to say, well, shit, me too. So there's some really cool synergy that has happened as a result of, I mean, I mean, we're in conversation all the time. And I will say over the past year, like no, no bullshit. And this isn't, you didn't know I was going to say this, but on being your friend and counting you as a friend has probably been one of the greater gifts of the past year for me. So thank you, man. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate that heartfelt sincerity. I received that. Thank you. I share this, this long diatribe, right. As a backstory story because it's so rare to me in any space. I'll pat Cody and I on the back for a second. There's a lot of people that say they're coaches, and they are coaches.

Consistent Depa (05:37)

Anybody can coach somebody into a better life of possibility or probability, however you want to look at that. I'm not judgmental. But if we look at the overall coaching space as a whole, there's a very small amount of the marketplace that produces consistent high quality content, has a waiting list of clients, and produces from a place of authenticity, heartfelt caring, and also produces big numbers, right? Because at the end of the day, this is still business, right? And there's plenty of coaches that make less than six figures that love the way they live their life.

Why Mayrhaer Kennedy (06:09)

And it's not all about money. For me, it still is about impact. But it is way easier to make seven-figure impact than it is to make five-figure impact. And to have us, you and I, Cody, be able to hop on here, share like, share like hey man I got this resource for chatbots and hey man I got this graphic designer you should meet and hey and like literally just consistently just here take it go like here's the introductions here's the inflection points here's here's what's working here's the numbers I'm seeing and to be able to remove ego which is the other side of things that happens to me with with men like us right? Like, oh, no, man, I'm crushing it right now. Your waiting list is 12 people.

Reframing Your Losses (06:49)

Man, I sent out an email and I got 18. Right. Well, and for me to even say we were chatting before this, listener, and to just be really candid with each other and for me to say, hey, man, listen, 500 over 500 opt-ins organically on this on this initial run-through that we had for this challenge and I could have left it there what's the challenge oh it's a it's a 10-day clarity challenge so if you go to my facebook business page it's just Cody Jefferson and you click the message me it'll just start walking you through a 10 day challenge on helping you get clarity in your life, right? So I had all these people opting in, which is amazing. I love it. And I could have ended it there and just let you been really impressed with those kind of numbers. And that's been in like 14 days. So that's a great opt-in organically. But then on the back end of it, the only offer that we had was like, well, let's just push them to the VSL, which is a video sales letter. And the only thing to do is to book a call with me, which leads to me working with me as a significant investment. And so of all of those people walking through, no calls booked. And so to be able to say, Hey, so I did this, but this was the wrong offer. So now let's pivot. How can I add more value and where can I meet them where they are? Where can I continue to serve them and add more value? And to be able to, I mean, hell, I'm having this candid conversation with you, listener. Like for those of you who think that everything lands and everything goes exactly the way you think it's going to go. lands and everything goes exactly the way you think it's going to go sometimes things go exactly the way they need to go to show you exactly what the next steps need to be which for some of us myself included like for sure me in this moment was to say okay let me humble myself because that didn't go the way that I thought it would and now let's pivot and it's really make something special out of this because we have all these people who are just looking to move their lives forward how can we just help them and to be able to share that with you and with your audience now right to say that wasn't a loss it was really big win the data the amount of people who have like shared their hearts and been so open, absolutely amazing. But so many would just leave it at the high numbers and not say any of the honest part of it, right? Like everybody wants to talk about the overinflated everything. And so to have someone in, to come alongside, right? And say, cool, here's again, what is working? Here's where it crushed and here's where, ah, here's where it didn't hit. So we've got to recalibrate. And so for us to be able to have those kinds of conversations, I think that's just a really, uh, I think it's just rare and really refreshing to me to be able to just like own all the W's and all the L's. Yeah. Cause man, there are certainly, I can't say a one-to-one ratio, but when those L's come, they come right. Like right now, Cody just dropped something live on air and it is an L because it bounced and you might've even heard it, which is wonderful. Cause this is, this is real life stuff here. It was, it was an Allen wrench. Why? Cause I just put a new desk together. Good for you. Good for you. We're moving offices, so I get to disassemble all this stuff in 15 days. When we do what we do in our lives, which I'll get to here in a moment on Mike, I'm going to be in a whole new spot, right? New studio, new everything. Nice. Starting over. Rebuilding. Moving on up. Moving on up to the east side. Me and Wheezy. I love him, man. Yeah. But it's interesting to share the losses because two, maybe three weeks ago, time escapes me, but I shared with you that clients weren't showing up for me. I had to have this tough conversation where there ends up being a breakup and there ends up being a refund of money and there ends up being all these things because the part you, as you're listening, might not know, right? Sure. We just stated that money matters and money will always matter. Anybody that says that money doesn't matter, in my opinion, is lying to you in some capacity because it always does. Right. But when someone refuses to show up in the way that our agreement is with one another, it is my responsibility to say to them you're not showing up not to create shame and guilt but there's a misalignment between the two of us I got to take the onus in this right like whatever it is this isn't working and instead of having a be something that we're just butting heads forever mm-hmm I'm calling it quits and not only my calling it quits but if you look at your bank account you'll see that the money has already been refunded. It's not even open for a conversation. This isn't a saving conversation. And so to me, I couldn't help myself when I shared it.

Total Conversion, Get Better (11:35)

I feel downtrodden. On one side, it's like I'm losing. And not because of the money. It's because what's worked for everybody else is not working for this person. I can't figure out how to tweak the numbers. I can't get the knobs to line up to make the impact matter. On the backside, it's the biggest gift because it's really practicing what you or I would preach. You've got to be able to claim your power. You've got to be able to say, this doesn't work. You've got to be able to take the brunt of the blow on the shoulders sometimes. It's not the client's fault all the time. It's easy for me to cast blame and say, no no it's your fault because you didn't show up and do the homework he didn't show up on the calls you're not doing what i asked you to do right but really on my on my side it's like man i i'm not getting through right i don't know how i don't know how to hit the right spot yeah and so it's been a really cool thing to bond. And it's been cool enough that Cody and I, for far too long, have been recording a co-hosted podcast that is specifically based around coaching, pulling back kind of the veil of what goes on, offering practical, consistent, actual coaching advice in a real-time format. And we're going to start bridging into bringing on what we'll call live guests, right? We don't record, we record the shows live, but they don't post real-time, right? So we'll bring people on and coach without expense, right?

The Pastor & The Panderer (12:56)

To help you reformulate what's possible in your life. I'm super excited about that. What's our show called Cody? I mean, what else could it be called? Really? Right. The pastor and the panderer. And you might think that I'm the pastor, but I'm not. If you don't recall, Cody was, I guess, do you ever, are you ever not officially a pastor? Do you have to get like a card punch somewhere? Are you still a pastor? Ooh. So, I mean, I'm still licensed to marry and bury, so I can still do those things, right? And I haven't been struck by lightning yet. But if you were to talk to enough people, I'm sure that I've been excommunicated in some way to some fashion, but no, I mean, I don't practice as a pastor. I guess I could say is like anybody who is spiritual is a pastor, right? We're all leading from our own spiritual truth, but no, not a pastor anymore. But should listener, should you want to get married and any of the greater 50 States and you are looking for somebody who is heavily tattooed with nineties, John Stamos, full house hair. I'm your guy. Well, and so fortunately for you, as you watch this on, on IgE or on YouTube, Cody has decided to grow back his facial forest because grief i know what a tragedy well i mean you have such a stunning jawline to see you shave it all because i hadn't ever known you without the beard and so it went away right that's like 15 or 20 years of time seemed to just disappear and you revert back to what looks like to be a 25 year old man which is a beautiful gift yeah but it's shot yeah yeah i know are you are you a fan of the beard or no beard so i like more of the level of facial hair you have now like to me once it gets really long and like we can pull it and tug on it and it's not quite so you know trimmed and and proper not that's... Yeah. I like a nice high and tight beard. I liked it close to the chin. I'm glad you qualified that with beard. Yeah. I was waiting because if you weren't, I was swooping in. Oh, I know. I know with no question. Yeah. Yeah. My wife prefers it short. She would prefer me... I shave with a razor, which is something that, I mean, so I shave with a straight blade, which is something I hadn't done in a number of years. I mean, I'm a licensed barber, so it was fun to go back to that, right? But I mean, the second I did, it was like, I didn't even know who I was It'll be very fortunate because your hair grows Literally, you probably had a five o'clock shadow by noon that day like your face I'm seems to grow it grows fairly quickly and even like the top of my head that my hair goes fairly quickly. So That's thanks to the beard vitamins I take I'm sure so yeah, it's gotta be absolutely has to be the beard vitamins i take i'm sure so yeah it's got to be absolutely has to be and so as you have gotten to this point in the episode if you pause this show go up to your search bar and type in pastor in the pander preacher pastor i always mess this up preacher pastor i think it's the pastor the the preacher.

Pastor & Panderer (16:10)

Is it the preacher and the panderer? Is it the pastor and the panderer? I think it's the preacher and the panderer. So we'll put in the show notes. You're going to have to probably type another L. We just, we don't even know the name to our own podcast. No, no, but we got a ton of top 10. So you don't even need to search it. Yeah. With no question. What ends up happening is right cody and i have been recording this content since october of last year november yeah yeah it's been a really long time because we wanted to have months of content really out there beforehand because with clients and cody has an incredible presence from staging. It's an option to go speak literally all across the country. Fairly, fairly fun. Yeah. I mean, it's just, it's tough for us to know that every week we're going to have a set time that is always going to work. Like we both missed a handful of phone calls, right. And things get delayed. So we recorded a bunch of content and we'll continue to, but all based around just adding value. Right. We don't have I mean, we have an email set up for, but we don't have a funnel. We don't have a flow. We don't have like I think on every show we even say, like, if you like what Cody has to say, go reach him. If you like what I have to say, reach me. Right. Just kind of combining audiences, which all then comes back full circle. Right. Kind of about what the show really is about. And that's being able to differentiate the lines between friendship and business and how those things can go together or not go together or any combination thereof. Yeah. Because there was a point and officially, I guess the point is still there, which is crazy that we're talking about this real time, right? So I'm just imagine the mics aren't here Right. So I have a life optimization test and if you've listened for a long time, you've known it's it's there. It's a thing It's life optimization test calm. You can go take it. There's a $397 expense to it Etc, etc, right like Cody Cody has taken an iteration of it right got Dialed in with it and there was a point October November December last year. I'm like man Let's partner up on this thing Like I fully said it like Cody didn't ask I'm like man. We got this podcast. I think it was just a Super cool thing for both of us to like use this together. Yeah now at this point. I had the test built right It's not perfect. I don't test built right and it's not perfect I don't know if there is such thing is perfect, but I've got the domain. I own the pieces the intellectual property I've got some people have taken it But I hadn't had any money behind it right there was no monetization And as normal in the business world you haven't been through this before Right you start throwing out what you have and then you see what it's worth to somebody else and typically It's you know based off intellectual property.

Cody & Alexs Fake False Valuation (19:03)

It's based based off run rate of cash, it's based off potential exit value. There's some things that go into the valuation, if you want to call it that, of what a company's worth. And then depending on how much you want to give up in equity, depends on how much the financial investment would be. But Cody and I both invested, grown or sold and also lost, right? Multiple businesses. I'm more on the loss side. And so we're sitting there that it's pre money. There's been no revenue, but I don't need any money to do anything with it because it's already there. And I'm like, man, buddy, I want to have you involved in it. I just, I don't know what it looks like. When we were just at that point, we were just not to interject, but we're just throwing numbers around like, well, you want to just throw X amount of dollars in for this, for that. Like, does that feel right? Does that sound good? Right. And I think we had actually hit a number we were comfortable with. We just hadn't like finalized or made anything formal. And if I remember correctly we got on a call the next week and go go ahead and tell what you told me go ahead yeah now I'm probably gonna like cognitive bias is such a real thing like this happened so long ago when I mess this up call me out on it like I truly don't care so I had to get real with myself as i look at this i'm like man if i'm gonna give up half the company it's gonna be worth something far greater in the future i think the number was like five or

Cody, were not friends because I talk about him behind his back. (20:17)

ten grand right like i'm not i'm not afraid to say that out loud it wasn't it wasn't a a big we weren't talking like hundreds of thousands of dollars here it was like five or ten grand right was that it wasn't anything crazy no yeah i mean i think it was it was right in there somewhere yeah yeah yeah and i'm like look man i got clients taking the test it's already starting to generate some cash yeah if i give up half of it right now like cool like i love you we're friends that makes sense because i committed to it and we're friends but you put put in, I'll just make up the number, $10,000 right now. People are taking the test for $397.

Ryan Cheesebaughers Latest Botches (21:11)

I'm going to lose out long term, right? Like the $10,000 on the front side, I don't need to deploy for anything to scale the business. It's already generating cash. And when I want to sell it, which the day will come where at least the data is worth something long-term, maybe, right? Or maybe I never want to sell it. Maybe 10 people take it a month and it churns out a little $4,000 a month. But $4,000 a month over 12 months is still $50,000 a year. And now Cody, for putting in, as a good financial investor, Cody puts in $ grand and every year he's getting out 25. And I'm like, man, that feels really stupid on my side. I don't think that's a good deal. And I don't remember where it went from there. I mean, we're still friends, so obviously you didn't hate me too bad for it. So what happened is we're having the conversation. I'm like, I remember this like it was yesterday, Ryan.

Cody And Ryanveer On Oatly (22:00)

I don't know why I go low like that whenever I'm trying to be serious I don't know listener you tell us if you like it or not you ever a side note those people who are really into like people chewing and making weird noises with their mouths you've heard of that it's I don't know what it is but there's like a thing where like people will whisper into a microphone and then they'll like eat or they'll like smack or drink or something. I don't know what it's called. No, those are all the things that bother me. I wouldn't want to listen to any of those things. Some people are really into it. I don't know for them. But anyway, as I digress, so we're having that conversation and you're like, it doesn't make sense. and you're like, it doesn't make sense. And, and then I jump in and I'm like, yeah, bro, like this actually doesn't make any sense. I was thinking about this yesterday. I'm looking at the cashflow that you have coming in. Cause we had, we had been over the course of the week talking about it because you were getting excited that like things were really churning on it and it was picking up some steam and some momentum. And like, I kept getting this pit in my stomach, like we're going to have to have this conversation because this either I'm going to feel like shit about this in a year because I'm making X amount of dollars based on like where it's going right now. And it could scale at any point, or you are going to get really resentful because I came in at such a, I'm like, you don't need my equity. You don't need the money for anything. It's not even a large amount of money. I don't really want to put in five times that put in five times that this, we're just going to say no to this. It was hard because I wanted to home me up with you on it. Like I really wanted to be in on it with you. But as a business guy, I'm like, this would make a lot of sense for me, but this would not make any sense for you. And it's funny. I had a client yesterday who was in a very similar scenario. He had made like a kind of a verbal with a guy and about joining venture on something. And we're on our call and I'm, you know, he's like, man, I did this. And I'm feeling like this was something that I was supposed to do. And maybe I'm just jumping into this and asking him to do it. And I think there was another guy as well, because maybe I just don't want to own it all night. Like, I just don't want the ownership of it being on my shoulders. Like, do you know what that feels like? Have you ever been in a scenario like this? And I'm like, let me tell you a story. And so I tell him the story, right? And he said, oh shit. So like, what happened? Like, well, our podcast will be releasing within the next week or two. It's when you can differentiate business from personal relationship, right. This is why couples have a hard time being in business together. This is why friends and family typically don't vibe in business together. It's because we don't know how to differentiate and draw a line in the sand when it comes to personal feelings and matters of business. Business isn't personal. It's metrics, it's numbers, it's quantifiables, it's deliverables, like it's execution.

How Cody and Anthony Will Split Their Money (25:33)

There's no, you can have heart toward your business and in your business, but the business itself is just a mechanism. So you can't take it personally when things, you know, I mean, I guess you could, I could have taken it really personally. We could have signed the deal and you could have taken it really personally. But at the end of the day, like our friendship was worth way more than anyone taking something personally. Well, certainly now, now I want to cover like how this works going forward. Right. Because I think both sides of the story are impactful. Yeah. So the podcast is launched for all intents going forward, right? Because I think both sides of the story are impactful. Yeah. So the podcast is launched for all intents and purposes, right? As you're listening to this, it's out there. And there'll come a point where there's either they're advertising, where there's speaking engagements. There'll be things that come from the fact that there's a reach that we both now have together. And although we don't have official paperwork, as I'm saying this, which I guess we probably need to do But it's recorded so we'll say that our word is bond and this is legally binding and all the things we need to say like We'll split the revenue from it 50-50 because we both have equal time equal energy equal money into this We kind of like it's it's been equal from the start and there's this understanding from the get-go that like When this turns off some cash which it will right that's how these things work yeah it's our cash it's not my cash or your cash it's ours and it's it's a business that was founded with intentionality of equal ownership and equal investment and equal potential upside with you know for i think both of our side other than the time commitment which certainly has value very little downside risk yeah, did you get the plans for the joint house that we're building together? I did. I did. I mean, I'm getting Lindsay to commit to Tulsa, right? Because that's a big, it's a big commute back and forth from Tulsa to Columbus. But once she's in, I'm in for the joint compound. Perfect. Yeah. That's all I need to know, man. That's all I need to know. Yeah. A little motorcycle racing track, kind of the whole deal. It's beautiful. need to know man it's all i need to know yeah a little motorcycle racing track kind of the whole deal it's beautiful some listeners gonna hear that and really take that because of our dry humor and take that and run with it somebody will yeah i mean it's not like we said we went into the thing of like wife swapping and and what that looks like i mean oh now you've done it now you've done it hey which mine is yours my friend and I'll just assume vice versa Lindsay don't listen to him She thinks you're dead sexy my friend.

Personal Life And Goal Setting

Marriage plans? (27:49)

I mean she's she's in on to win it So this day today is May 16th by the time you listen to this we will be live Look up the pastor or the preacher in the pander, whichever one it is. If both are available, we'll probably get both placeholders, right? I know we have one of them. I don't remember which one. I know I've messed up saying it every time I've ever said it. And Kurt, the genius behind actually making all this happen, Cody and I really get the fun job we get to sit here We'll share with each other like friends as we are share things that we both think work which the fascinating part about our Joint podcast is we take topics right that I would coach on or Cody would coach on and we both share our vantage point and how we would handle it. And so far they haven't been the same. There's been pieces that align, but we still get to the same finish line, but it's not like there's one sovereign way to coach people, but the results end up being the same, which I think is almost more impactful from all this other stuff. Because there's not one flag in the ground. Like I'm an ICF credited. I got these things. I've been a pastor. I've been like, well, and what's funny is, and so we've, we've also, we won't talk about them, but we've got other ventures that we're looking to be part of other, other businesses and companies and shit, dude, they could not be more polar opposite than they are, which I love. I love that. But there are so many things that we are so synergetically just in tune with each other. And I think that's the real beauty of it is that you can be so similar in so many ways and then be so different in so many different ways and celebrate that. Because when there's not really any, and let's be real, like we both have egos and we both have egos at play, like every man, every person has an ego at play. But to be able to set that aside enough out of respect and honor for, for the ways in which I view your mastery, right. Or the ways in which we're approaching some sort of master, whatever we want to call that, right. To be able to say, you do it that way. Now that's, I could say, well, but yeah, this is how I do it though. Like this is my way, but to be able to learn from you and though like this is my way but to be able to learn from you and you glean from me and us to be able to go back and forth and even you know behind the scenes of some of our marketing content some of the other pieces some of our team members to say hey you should check into this person this person hey we're doing this this is really operating well even what I shared on the front end of this episode like hey here's where we should have put these things in place so So when you do this, or if you do anything like this, make sure you put this kind of X, Y, Z in place.

Back Better Helps You Be a Better Person (30:40)

You know, I think what we're, what the heart of this is to show is that community always wins over competition. Competition's healthy. Like I love competition, but I'm not in competition with you. I'm in competition with me. And if you can help me beat me, game. Beautifully stated. Because I mean, as you're saying this, bringing up something in my mind where there's a post that floats around Instagram about, you know, women supporting each other, right? The women knock each other down and how much greater life would be if, if women didn't do that, if they just, you know, women, let's support each other. And I got to tell you on, on, on our side, like when you, and I cringe with this term, but it's what everybody knows, right?

The Role Of A Goal Setting Coach (31:36)

The alpha male, the, the producer, the entrepreneur, right? There's a lot of just bullshit. Like that was originally kind of when Cody and I came up with this idea. It's like, man, there are three, four, five, 45, 550 coaches out there. Not that we have, you know, our sights on their back because that's a little inappropriate, but more of the fact of like, man, they're just not, they're not necessarily doing this for the right reasons. Right. Like that was at least my thing was like, man, let's, let's rip back how all this stuff actually works. Let's stop all the bullshit. Let's just put it out there and have two guys that are only in it to win it for each other, but also themselves. Like I'm okay with saying, man man if you do 1.1 million dollars in sales next month Make up a number I hear that and I might be trending for 550 like maybe that's where I'm at in my life right now That's cool with me But man you hit 1.1. I'm like I know you I know what you've been through man I got I can hit 1.1 right? I% I can do that so fun yeah oh yeah it's it's fun when the stats are collaborative and the competition is healthy and useful right and so when we say like we're in it for the right reasons or the wrong reasons or they're in it for the right reasons the wrong reasons like you would agree with this as much as i do like the right and wrong conversation is a little like we don't get to bias that but i think what's most useful for us is this type of dynamic and relationship and i think for the majority of people i want wouldn't say all, cause I'm not going to try and put everything in a box, but man, if you had this kind of synergetic relationship in your life, I just know that the growth would be exponential. Like I believe that we're, we both grow exponentially as a result of, you know, not to get all biblical, but the concept of iron sharpening iron, right. And to be able to be real. And, and, you know, before we jump on this show to have, I mean, we break it down for about listener, we break it down for about 30 minutes with, with each other. Like we're hitting the fan, like where things going really well right now, where things, where things not good, right. Where are things not healthy? And, and what are you doing? Like we know each other's blind spots. We know each other's bullshit. Like where are things going really well right now? Where are things not good, right? Where are things not healthy? And what are you doing? Like we know each other's blind spots. We know each other's bullshit. We know when all this glitter on social media doesn't meet the dirt in real life behind the camera. And we hold each other accountable to that, right? And it's not because we're not being sincere or authentic online. It is that there are certain things that everyone walks through that you – don't you fucking dare throw that in front of the world. Like you have your close group of people that you are walking through with accountability and with honor. That's why we coach. That's why we do what we do. Like I've said this my entire life, like my gift in this world. And I would say that it's probably one of yours as well, just to bear an immense amount of pain. And that sounds very like a martyr, like it's not, it's, it's odd. Like I just, I've just always been that guy. And so to have someone, to have those two, three people in my life that can bear that for me is such a gift and humbles me even more to the gift of what we have the opportunity to do in our lives, in our mission and in our careers.

Running A Healthy Business (35:21)

And with our podcast, we have joint where you and I are talking together and wrapping back and forth. But listen to what we also have are just quick 10, 15 minute, like quick shots of just me or just Ryan. And it's just breaking down principles that will help you move your life forward. Like it's not even like not the business back end of coaching or how to set it. It's not. It's literally how to help you move forward. At the end of the day, as much as we want it for ourselves, we want you to be able to move forward and have the tools necessary to do that. Yeah. Abundance has no cap to it, right? Neither does potential. No, it's like, man, if the goal would be, the goal is long-term in the podcast, I want to share how all this actually works, right? There's going to come up a point, what I found with more clients than I care to remember, you learn enough and then you feel compelled to help other people also learn it. So inherently you become someone that wants to you know Carry the torch or share the light with the world or whatever metaphor We want to use basically want to coach people you want to help other people because you feel help now. It's like well We kind of we have our own formulas that have worked very well for both of us. I Don't look at to be proprietary. It's yeah Here's how it all started. Here's what it works Here's the blind spots that I didn't see that I fell down in that were deep that took me weeks or months to get out of. Like, don't fall on those. Those are painful. Those cost a bunch of money. Absolutely. Like it's just sharing and having somebody just to, to rock with and see what comes because again, there's not like a, Oh, it's a 12 part series and we're going to have this this event together and this is exactly how it's going to go and we're going to make this money and then we're going to do this other thing i don't even know how many episodes we've recorded now oh lord man it's it's got to be 20 or 30 at least i mean it it's pretty deep yeah right and and and once we once we keep on track and you know, pushing out, you know, five to 10 episodes a week to be ahead. I mean, it's just going to keep stacking up. And I mean, I, I, I love that. I love that there's no agenda behind this other than two guys are like, man, cause really the first real conversation we had, I mean, was on your, on this other than two guys who are like, man, cause really the first real conversation we had, I mean, was on your, on this podcast, that was the first one we hadn't really known each other.

Being open for opportunity (37:43)

I mean, I knew of you, right. Because of your affiliation with a lot of the guys that I knew who had, you know, that who went through warrior and, um, I knew who had you know that who went through warrior and I knew you from like always having really sharp suits because I'm you know I'm a guy who loves a good suit and so I remembered all of that and you were more yoked at the time so I remembered that because you were at five foot six and you know like 170 like a big guys I mean you big dude and uh but we had never really communicated and here we are just in a year no agenda like hey i like you you like me we seem to really gel well together the podcast did really well right like a lot of it seemed like a lot of people really enjoyed it if you got the time and bandwidth i've got the time and bandwidth like let's The podcast did really well. It seemed like a lot of people really enjoyed it. If you've got the time and bandwidth, I've got the time and bandwidth. Let's just create for people. Why not? I think that's what I would like to have you as you're listening be your call to action for this show. There's a person, two, maybe three in your life that you feel like is your competition, that you feel like you're maybe a little internally envious of what they have Instead of I don't like the term hating but instead of you know viewing them from the sideline Hmm reach out and set a little friendship up see if you can open a dialogue and see just how similar you end up being Right cuz I that wasn't my story with Cody right there was no part of me that was like, fuck this guy. But there's a thing that this works, right? Don't lie. Don't lie. Hey, there are plenty of guys in our space that I have no problem saying that I did not inherently or maybe still don't see eye to eye with. That's fair. That's fair. Yeah. We can say that. Yeah. If you're curious about the list, you can certainly email I can I can share that with you for my own reasons But it's not to put anybody else down. It's a fact of And just leaning in right there's a whole beautiful world when you collaborate with people and just getting a little out of your comfort zone totally Because it was a comfort zone shift for me to call you up and say man people loved our podcast. Would you consider? Co-hosting a podcast with me? Like that was a big, that was like, cause where I viewed you at when I still do. Right. But when we first met, it's like, this guy has been coaching for two years. He speaks all over stages. He's everywhere in the world. He's got this huge following and tribe, man, he's been coaching. Like he's crushing it. And here I am kind of in my more infantile stages, right? I'd had maybe at that point, gosh, at that point, maybe 50 clients, maybe 60, right? Still trying to figure out the pieces and parts. And maybe I'm even overstating the number of clients, but there was a big difference in the amount of reps that we had had at that point. And I'm like, man, what's the worst he can tell me? No, like, fuck no. Talk shit about me to everybody else. I'm like, I'm going for it. And it worked right here. We said, yeah. Well, and it's, it's, it's funny because you know, not doing a podcast is really rare in our space. Right. So I've been asked a few times, like, Hey, you want to co-host? I'm like, I just don't really fit. No, I'm good. Are you going to start your own? I mean, not right now. No. So people are trying to either sell me on doing a podcast or just trying to I'm good. Are you going to start your own? I mean, not right now. No. Um, so people are trying to either sell me on doing a podcast or just trying to push me into like them managing a podcast for anything. Now I'm good. Thanks though. Uh, but after our conversation there was so much that clicked and I appreciate what you said, man. I, I had, uh, always assumed you on an equal playing field. I've been very, very fortunate to be able to go broad, right? And so like cultivate like a healthy following and to cultivate a large audience simply by, know I've just been in the public space for just over a decade and I've just gotten really comfortable on stages and in front of people and in candid conversations like this and so I never use like a following as a metric because you can buy followers thinking buy anything now so I never use that as a metric I'm always looking at the person and just how we vibe and can we create something together that's unlike anything else and hadn't found that until, you know, you and I linked up. And so when you asked me, it's funny because I was already thinking, man, that guy is, there's something on him, right? Not to get all prophetic, but like there's something on this guy that is like there's something on him, right? Not to get all prophetic, but like, there's something on this guy that is like meant for something really big. And like, those are words that I have, I don't really use anymore. I used to use them a lot in the church space. And then I felt like it just got a little watered down. Um, I still believe in, I still believe in the gift of, of the prophetic movement. And, mean i love my charismatic christian background but and there was just something on you and so when you called me up i was like i mean i don't even think i sick and it was just like yeah whatever it is yes yeah i'm just in let's do it yeah there Yeah, there was a, and yeah, let that be, let that be an encouragement for any of you listeners, right? As you push into your own endeavors that, I mean, I'm flattered that Ryan thought I was on some level. I'm typically standing on a box, but it's just so that I can see over the crowds, um, where I'm climbing up in a Sycamore tree. It's a Zacchaeus, uh, reference for those of you who don't know the Bible, um, which is all of my listeners. I would just paint that brush way out there. Like Bible, what is that? He's always talking in biblical euphemisms. It's very interesting. That guy. Um, if you, if you don't know the context of that, go to the first episode that we recorded together and it will all make sense. We go down so many rabbit shells of spirituality. But for you, listener, there might be someone that you're like, man, I would love to connect with that person. Just like you said, Ryan, I would love to connect with them. I can tell you I would not be where I am professionally in any way had I not just reached out. Everything changed for me at Meltdown. The first year I went, right? You came second year and I opened the conference. But the first year I went, that changed everything for me because I put myself in the room with people that I thought were like, again, heads and tails above me and just made myself comfortable in the middle of them. And that changed everything. And just being me and serving changed everything and opened so many doors. Listener, if you want to get what you've never had, if you want to go where you've never gone, you have to do what you've never done.

The weight of shifting life directions (44:43)

You have to do the uncomfortable. You have to do the, I'm going to set my ego aside. And again, like what you said, the same thing I say all the time, like, well, fuck, I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You're going to say no. Okay. You saying that I feel incredibly compelled at this moment, right? With no previous thought, we're going to have to have some sort of meetup with all the people that we know, where there's not like where the, the buried entry is like nominal, right? Where the thing of how we, you and I both have gotten to where we have arrived to so far because of just that, right? Putting ourselves in the right room, meeting the right people, asking the right questions, becoming friends, not looking to leverage a relationship, but generally caring about people. And then they care about you and reparosity. And they're like, oh man, you need this graphic designer. Cool. I got two people here. And you're like, whoa, like it's all because we've known people along the way and been in the right place. Totally. We're going to have to 100% have something centrally located that's not it's not a pitch fest right saving like coaching I don't know what we'll call it I don't just there's something there yeah I feel like we shouldn't just like digress to this on this like because we've not actually thought like we're I just want to start riffing on this but I know that we're on a podcast and that's probably not the best.

Social Media Content And Meetup

DALLAS MEETUP ( Identity Reframes for consumer and brand goals) (46:02)

I'm like, no, it is. Let's do it. Let's do it in Dallas because Dallas is like central to everybody. It's a major airport hub. Yeah. I can drive down there. Yeah. Right. Like I'm just thinking, okay, cool. We'll do it in Dallas. Like I know there are a few ballrooms there that are cool. There's so many entrepreneurs down there that I know personally that would come be like, they would just hold me up and come be a part of it like some of the best media buyers, some of the best YouTube marketers, graphic designer, like I know so many different even like people that aren't in the public IT and help some of the top tattoo artists in the country. So my best friends live down in Dallas. I'm like, we do some cool stuff down there, man. We're going to have to keep progressing that out. Right. I think we look at that. Yeah. I'll just say at fourth quarter this year, I think that gives us two full quarters of just building momentum. I mean, this is all real time. I'm like, man, just to be able to offer somebody like a 50, 40, like low price, just to make sure that we're not going in the red. Let's just get a bunch of really cool people in the room. Like let's all invite and you invite just a bunch of really great connections just so that people have those tools to be able to move any, like that was the game changer for me. Like that's meltdowns where I met my graphic designer, right?

Your Instagram Stories (47:30)

Like that changed the game for the whole branding of pain to power. Yeah, what a fun thing. Let's do it. Okay. Hey, let's do this. So if you're listening to this and you're like, oh dude, I'm so in for this. So if you're listening to this and you're like, Oh dude, I'm so in for this. Um, and your story in your Instagram stories, cause everybody's got an Instagram, right? Does everybody have an Instagram? That's fair. We'll both promote this on our Iggy. So that'll help. But like by the time that when this comes out, if you're listening to this right now, go to your Instagram. I don't care what the picture. Well, I care what the picture is. Nothing inappropriate. Okay. But screenshot something, take a picture. I don't care. Put it in your story. Hashtag in for the meetup. I was going to say in for the PP meetup, but that can be, that can go weird real fast. So let's just go in for the meetup. Hashtag in for the meetup and And then tag at Ryan Neidell. That's right. That's it. And I'm at Cody underscore Jefferson because the no underscore was taken, which is fine. But tag us. That way we'll just keep you posted. Yeah. That's great. I think that's more than fair. Cool. I think on that note, before I put my foot too far in my mouth about too many other things, we call it- I'm like, did we just say we're doing an event? We did. It makes perfect sense. Yeah. It'll be fun and it'll be, yeah. If there's one thing I love and know how to do, I have 15 years of conferences behind me. So let's do a really intimate, fun, deeply meaningful, impactful mastermind and make the barrier to entry very, very low so people can come and receive in a way they've never received before. Yeah. And I'll even say now before we hop off, I envision this thing where everybody that's there, the people that we would invite like yeah the people that that have all this genius that we would both know yeah they all get time right to share in a nice sequential manner so people can take away what they take away sure and we have a hundred percent like there's no pitching no they just no no pitching it'll be right on everything like you're not going to be pitched you can't spend money there if you come like you're gonna have to reach out for your own private conversations later. It just not going to be because what I see, like I'm not going hard on Grant Cardone, right? He could do all types of things if he wanted to, but you go to a 10 X growth con and the people that speak like it's all set up to make you want to like, just, you just have to keep spending more and more money. Sure. I want this to be super tactical where you come and it's like, so I don't, I can speak to it I don't know. Yeah, it's just different right? I want this to be 15 20 minutes per person the stuff that's really working deep dive the tactical stuff you take it away you go and apply it to your business Yeah, you're happy about it.


Bye (50:14)

Right? Like you just like man that was a worth the $18.97 it took to get get in the door. Yeah, I love it man. Let's do it. Cool All right That's it, man. Let's do it. Cool. All right. That's it for today. Oh, yeah. We got to stop or else we're going to start telling people we're going to come up with a tattoo design for them. I'm kidding. I'm like, don't. I will. So don't tell me to do that because we will do it. Certainly. So look forward to you guys following us in either Preacher and the Pander, Pastor and the Pander. Cody, thanks again for being on the show. Always a pleasure. And look forward to our call next week. All right, brother. you

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