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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Elite Life Optimization Coach Ryan Neidell, and today is day number five inside the conversation of faith in the foundational elements that it takes to become a four-dimensional individual. Week one, we covered fitness. It was wellness week. We dove through a bunch of stuff. Here inside of week number two, we've spoke about meditation. Oh, excuse me. That's the first time I've ever done that. We spoke about meditation. We spoke about meditation. We spoke about journaling. We've spoken about negative self-talk. We've spoken about tracking and accountability. And the conversation's been interesting. If you're anything like me, it's even waking up things inside of me that has been dormant based off of not bringing into my awareness, which ultimately is what faith is all about. Awareness to me. You see, it to my awareness, which ultimately is what faith is all about. Awareness to me. You see, it's my true belief that all of us, when we become aware of something that doesn't serve us, there's a part of who we are that wants to change that. Now, that part can be big or small, significant or insignificant. And depending on the inflection point, depending on the impact that not making a change will have in your life will determine how quickly you want to change. Now, of course, we can go back to earlier conversations about the prefrontal cortex and that amygdala. I'm still probably saying that the wrong way. But change is scary for all of us because there's part of our brain that shuts down and says, no, no, no, don't do that. Things might go wrong. Well, that future self-journaling really starts to take care of that as we navigate through the waters of increasing the neuroplasticity in the prefrontal cortex. I know, super heady, right? This is not normally the path that we went down during 15 minutes of freedom, but this is where I'm going. And we're going deep. And today's conversation is no different. You see, I realize that all of us have different versions of ourself that are in ourselves. And we can call them the ego. We can call them the archetypes. We can call them the childlike versions and the adultlike versions and the multiple different face. Lewis Howe's book, right? The Mask of Masculinity. We all have masks we wear until we don't. Until the consistency and the reps get you out of the fact of being afraid to be who you are, which is the foundational element of faith in its entirety.

Religious And Spiritual Perspectives

We All Came From God (02:46)

If we get into a biblical sense, and by no means am I a biblical scholar, so when I butcher this, feel free to attack me via any platform you want to. It's not my intention to mess any of this up, but this is my own very, very base level understanding. We get into biblical teachings and without being able to paraphrase scripture in an appropriate way, it is my understanding that it's somewhere in the Bible, as it is written, that Jesus died stating the fact that we can do much more than he was able to do. And the fact that we all came from God. And he's just here as really a mirror in his own capacity to show us what's possible and to inspire us into being the best version of ourselves. capacity to show us what's possible and to inspire us into being the best version of ourselves. But somewhere along this path of life, most of us decide to turn over our power to this magic force, to God Almighty. And whether you look at God as an energy source, whether you look at God as a universe, whether you look at the God as a man or a woman, whether there's another deity that you pray to, in my understanding of Scripture, the way that I choose to view it, this is my choice, the same way you have a choice. If I start to look at the fact that I came from the source and that energy can't be created or destroyed, it can only change forms, and that the sum total of energy on the planet is actually exactly the same now as it was thousands and thousands of years ago, then by the nature of that and being put here by something greater than ourselves, we can even get into the atheist in the crowd. If there's a Big Bang that existed, and that is how this planet was formed, and we go through the path of work like Ken Wilber, integral theory, and we state the fact that every previous step would have to be inclusive of the step we're on now, that would mean everything that has ever happened on this planet, there is a piece of that inside of you the same way there's a piece of that inside of me, which the nature of that then would say that atheists and believers in a higher power would be saying the same things in different ways. Both of which would say that whatever brought us here, we have a part of inside of us. And so then it would be my belief personally to then instill inside of you that you are quote unquote God-like in your own abilities, because there is a piece of God inside of you the same way it's inside of me.

Airing Over Your Power (05:49)

Or there's a piece of the Big Bang inside of you the same way there is inside of me because everything would have to be inclusive. Making sense so far? I know it's out there, but probably not too much. So instead of turning our power over, turning our mindset over to this greater power and aimlessly allowing this power, you know, for so many of us, God, just show me the way. Why don't you answer me? What if the lack of answer is the answer? What if what you're searching for is not where you're supposed to go? What if what speaks to you in your soul, that thing that also rattles off in your brain, the thing that says like, no, no, no, go left here. When you want to go right, right? The head based model says go right. The heart based model says go left. Like, what do I do? God just tell me. He is telling you. Your heart started beating way before your brain was formed. Your heart is the epicenter for what it is that you and I do. It's my personal belief system that our heart is meant to carry out, our head is meant to carry out our heart's desires. And that heart was put there as a connection to the source, big bang, God. And that when we meditate and we slow ourselves down and we journal in a way that puts us in alignment with our best version of self, right? That future version of self that we ultimately want to become, that we are chasing. Well, from that standpoint, from that very place, there's no greater creator on the world, on the entire planet than you. And all the things that have slowed you down before that are tied to the amalgam, that little part that keeps you safe from change, all the decisions driven by that can be eradicated when you start to embody the fact that you are the highest power. Right? I encourage every client in one of my video series, Massive Impact is so it's called right now, to reshift and reposition their personal hierarchy. And this is super uncomfortable for most people to do. It's easy to conceptually say, it's harder to execute on a daily basis. The majority of us in this, you know, 25-year-old age bracket is the only one I'm going to speak to, but it could be all of us. It could be you as you're listening right now. We were taught that God comes first. If you grew up in a religious household, God's the ultimate power. He has to come first. And from that in the Holy Bible, in some capacity, do unto others as you want done unto you the golden rule. So that golden rule essentially says, look, take care of other people before you take care of yourself, which then puts you third.

Find time to connect with your higher power. (08:38)

So in the emotional hierarchy of what has to happen on a day-over-day basis, you literally are putting yourself last intentionally. Then you wonder why you're out of alignment. Then you wonder why you feel like you're alone. Then you wonder why you're not fulfilling your life's purpose. You have been taught and indoctrinated from the time you could think that you were last. And it's a shame because there's no way this higher power or source, there's no way the ultimate divine energy, there is no way that the Big Bang wants you to be last. Just not true. It would make no sense. What does make sense to me is if you embody the fact that you are godlike in your abilities and that you are connected to the source at the highest place. You had to come from a source then you yourself would be godlike in your ability which means the best way to honor god or the higher power would be to put yourself first and by treating your body like a temple and watching what you put into it by treating others with endless love and grace and empathy by showing up as the best version of yourself every day, you are honoring yourself and then honoring the higher power second. Because you and the higher power are close to one and the same, but you're first. God's second, which puts everybody else third, which then recalibrates the emotional hierarchy that allows us to tell people no. Because no is a complete sentence and not saying no is slowing you down from getting to where you want to be. All this comes from that self-deprecating conversation that has been implanted in us from the time we were knee-high to a grasshopper. Right, my friend? were knee-high to a grasshopper. My friend, it's time to change your belief and perspective of what can be because the old way isn't going to get you the new results you want.

Will it happen peacefully? (10:29)

All the self-help, personal development, coaching, books, seminars, they won't add up to anything if you don't change the way you view yourself. They won't add up to anything if you don't change the way you view yourself. Now, don't get me wrong. If you're someone that loves going to church and loves paying tithe on Sunday, and you like to be there for two or three hours, and you also like to go on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and that's your thing, I love you.

Pursuit For Excellence

Excellence in all areas. (10:51)

Go. Go as much as you need to. Be inspired. Be connected. But just consider a possibility that is greater than your current production. From that place that you and God, higher power source, walk hand in hand, side by side. Instead of he leads you, you guys are equals. And from that place when you can meditate and shut everything down and get connected to him or her or it or the, the navigational waters become very easy to traverse through. And so from that place, what you'll find is on a go-forward basis, when you recalibrate that hierarchy, tap into the greater sense of self, and get truly centered, you'll find out that every day thereafter, you're able to get shit done. you

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