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Intro (00:00)

This is Ryan Nidell, host of 15 minutes to freedom, a podcast dedicated to helping you expand your mindset and get shit done. Be sure to subscribe to this show and leave me review if I've been able to impact your life in any way. Reviews help me reach a higher ranking, which in turn allows the message to reach more people. It's my goal with this podcast to positively impact a million people's lives. Also check out Ryan Nidell. com for additional content. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L dot com. Also find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook at Ryan Nidell. Today's episode is Lessons I've learned. So as you've heard from the intro music, things have changed after the first hundred episodes of 15 minutes of freedom. And in this current episode I'm going to cover the things that I've learned, the lessons that I've gained in the consistency of 99 days of podcasting. Now these lessons apply to much more than just podcasting. To me these lessons apply to life. So as I've found with this show with podcasting with 15 minutes of freedom, I even call it the movement that 15 minutes of freedom, change is difficult. It's uncomfortable. You know the this started out this podcast started out as a way for me to hold myself accountable to meditating and journaling every day. For those of you there been long since episode one I share very openly I used to read off of my laptop because I had notes from when I would journal in the morning and I would share my musings from journaling with you and that was how this started. Very quickly I realized the fact that that didn't feel authentic enough. Like sure I was sharing impactful things from my life but these impactful things weren't just coming from the heart. It was like I was reading a script and it just felt very forced. So as I sit in the studio right now there's no notes in front of me. I don't have cliff notes. 'm staring at a I'll call it a black whiteboard that has nothing on it impertinence to what I'm going to speak about I do that because this becomes very easy for me as I'm speaking from the heart so I've learned that just because I started out on one path doesn't mean that that's the path I have to continue down. So much so is in life. You know I look at it in the job world and the professional environment. I sold cars for a long time. I loved the industry. I was convinced that that was my calling was to sell cars. As funny as that might sound to you. But over time it stopped serving me it didn't feel right anymore it wasn't what I wanted to do and so I took a leap of faith and jumped and went another direction. Not that dissimilar from the podcast. You know another lesson that I have learned in this is just how important it is to speak from your heart. You know over time time, we as a society I feel have been told that you have to think with your head. Everything has to come from your head. Everything has to be very calculated, very exacting. I don't believe that's true. I used to believe that everything was a chess game and everything had to have its place and its form and its time and its way. But I began to share these messages, these things that come from inside my soul, they come from my heart, which makes them always right. They might not always connect with you. You might listen to some of these messages and think I'm crazy. You might make fun of me with your friends. You could poke holes and whatever I'm saying. But at the end of the day, because it's coming from a place of authentic vulnerability from my soul, it doesn't matter. These podcasts aren't really for you. They're still for me. And what's crazy is that's just another lesson, like these lessons just keep stacking up on top of one another that so many times in my life I was doing things for other people's approval. All I cared about was what people were going to think about me, what people were going to say about me, how I was going to be received from the marketplace. Crazy part in the world is right now, I truly don't care. It feels great when I get the positive feedback from you. It feels great when I get the messages or the positive reviews or the Instagram direct messages or the emails or whatever ways you communicate with me. That feels phenomenal. To know that I've made a positive impact in your life by sharing things that I've either messed up or a lesson that I've learned is incredible. But there's still a handful of people that have felt obligated to reach out and say, what a fraud I must be. What a liar I still must be. How conceited I must be to sit in a studio and talk about myself every day. I appreciate that feedback just the same. Because I truly realize at this point in life, those deficiencies, those mindsets, those ways of thinking about the world are not up to me to change. That's something that goes on inside you. And that doesn't mean that they're wrong. It just means that there's a better way in my opinion to think and operate. Sure, I found it very cathartic in these first hundred episodes, 99 with this being 100, to get all this weight off my chest. Because that's just another one of those lessons. Like I've felt so much weight for so many years of all this stuff that I ran from, that I hid from, that I thought was best if nobody knew it. Because I didn't want to be judged. So I was incredibly insecure. And admittedly inside of all all of us I believe our ego still has some insecure tendencies but at this point I've wrestled my ego almost into submission you know it feels very good to every day come in the studio and just share and that's yet another lesson of how easy it is to share you know it feels very good to every day come in the studio and just share. And that's yet another lesson of how easy it is to share what's went on in our lives in my life or in your life to realize then that we're no longer alone. Most people that have reached out to me, and there's been at this point I can safely say thousands of you that have taken the time out of your day to communicate with me about how impactful this show has been for you. And most of you say the same thing somewhere along the same lines of I literally thought I was the only one going through this but because I heard it from you it just resonated with me. Like it touched me like I feel like I'm not alone anymore. I've got news for you. You're not alone. No matter what you're going through right now, no matter how bad the situation might be, no matter how destitute you might feel, I will guarantee that one other person listening to this show is going through the same thing. Bear minimum. And we in Wake Up Warrior, which is Garrett J White's Wake Up Warrior, that another buried entry or an easier way to get into that is the Kings Kit dot com, we have a saying that is pain shared equals pain divided. And that couldn't be more true through the first hundred episodes. I'm sharing my pain. It's mine to share. So many of us keep a bottled up inside and it becomes this somewhere internally dis- debilitating way of operating. It's not enjoyable for me to sit here and say that I cheated on my wife when we first got together. Like that makes me feel like a general POS. And yes, you'll notice in this entire episode, I'm making a conscious decision to have no vulgarity. This will be the first episode that has no cuss words anywhere in it. We will not have that little E that we always have on inside of the iTunes network. But when I share that story, it doesn't make me feel good. It's not a badge of honor. But it's the truth. I can't run from the truth. I can't hide that from the world. There's a certain number of people that knew that existed anyways. No different than the anabolic usage. Like I fully realize at this moment in time that why I was doing that the insecurity is that I had created as a young child as a young man as an adolescent, whatever you'd like to say, those insecurity is carried on into my adult life and I used this shell of muscle and I used anabolic to create this pseudo shield that I was carrying around because I was messed with as a young child.

Creating Lessons And Sharing Experiences

Anabolic (08:51)

I was messed with in high school. I was not the big guy. I was not the attractive guy. I was not the charismatic guy. And so I never used this shield of muscle to intimidate people or to, you know, become aggressive. I used it because I thought as I was getting bigger, less and less people would want to mess with me. So I couldn't get picked on. I've learned that lesson and I share it. These lessons don't mean that they're right or wrong. They're just simply what has come from my life up until this point. I look back at the series of relationships I've had in my infidelity all throughout my 20s and realizing that I had this crutch that I was walking around on that made it so I was too insecure to have a conversation with someone that I was dating that I no longer wished to date them. I just didn't want to be with them but I was afraid of that conflict and so I would push and dodge and weave and find someone else and do all these crazy things because of personal in securities. The people I dated weren't bad people. Just the way I was living my life was not the best way to live my life. But I also know at this point that I am the combination and the culmination of every event up to this moment. The difference between myself and I feel like others is I've now taken the time to sit back and truly analyze and look at what has happened in my life up to this point and what are the lessons I can learn day over day. Because I also know from this podcast from being in a hundred episodes that there is a lesson to be learned every day in life if your eyes are open to receiving it. You know, it's saying that we live by again and wake-up warrior that I live my life by now. It's be here now. If you're here now. And what that that that that that means to me means to me is truly being here now, is truly being present to me is truly being present now, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is, is to me, is, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, is to me, and what that is to me, and what that is to me, is to me, is to me, and what that is to me, is to me, and what that is to me, and what that is to me again and wake up warrior that I live my life by now. It's be here now. And what that means to me is truly being present in every moment and if you're present in the moment you're able to have your eyes open to the gifts that the world is giving you because there's gifts all around us. But most of us are too stuck on repeat, like you just go through the same monotonous process day over day, driving to work at the same time, following the same traffic pattern, seeing the same people, that it becomes secondarily programmed into your mind and you're no longer receiving the gifts. This podcast has forced me to look every day for the gifts, just as I encourage you to do, because they're there. You know, for me, the gifts of what it means to have, although I call her my daughter, my daughter, as I encourage you to do because they're there. You know for me the gifts of what it means to have, although I call her my daughter, a bonus daughter in Gianna like what is that gift? How impactful is that on my life? It's massively impactful. I got to spend last weekend with her one-on-one with her daughter. We shared incredible memories. I have a newfound respect for how hard it is for Lindsay to juggle all the balls all day long. Like there's there's so many things that I I learned from that because I'm open to it. It wasn't that I was stressed about the inconvenience of running around and making sure she was at dance lessons and Dance recitals and horse riding lessons and yeah sure there's that internal stress because I'm not Accustomed to it that's another lesson is the time under tension theory There are times and days where it's not convenient to shoot podcast. I have a whole separate business that I run. It's not always easy to etch out 15, 20, 25, 30 minutes of setting up the studio and getting everybody together and recording episodes and all these things. And I'm very, very blessed. I have a phenomenal team that helps me do all this. It's not me solo. But it's that consistency in that time with that pressure that I know we have to have episodes out, that I know I've made the commitment to a seven day a week podcast. That commitment drives me because just the same if I can't honor my commitment to myself, then how do I expect anyone to honor me the same? It's not possible. So my commitment to myself was to have a seven day a week podcast. Seven days a week means daily. Every day that ends with a wine I need to have a podcast ready to share with the world. That means I have to record them as well. That means Doug, our production head has to create videos and clean up the audio and Kurt. I don't even know what to call. Kurt, head of graphic design has to create imagery and things around this to make it so it's palatable for the marketplace. This is a labor of love for me. This is something as I shared in this new intro. I truly know that I need to and want to impact a million people's lives with my lessons. Another a million people, that's not because of some sort of egotistical, I need to have some notch on my belt that says I impacted a million people. It's because I know the value and the benefit of cutting down time for those that are looking to better their lives. There is no reason for you to mimic the same mistake I've already made because I can share the lesson with you. If you're open to receiving it, there's no reason for you to continue to cheat on your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your spouse, your significant other.

Not Proud Of (14:30)

There's no reason for you to stay in a job you're not happy with. There's no reason for you to keep abusing your body. I've already lived those mistakes. So why should you?

Why teach a lesson if you don't want to learn it (14:48)

You just have to decide if you're going to take these lessons that I share and implement them into your life, or if you just consume this content mindlessly as you drive around. Either way, the choice is yours. Just as another lesson from this is the choice is mine the choice is mine every day on what I share and how I share it what messages come out of my mouth how deep down the rabbit hole of truth do I really want to go I know at this point I need to go as as far and as deep as I'm possibly capable of. Because it makes me feel better because it's authentic because there's power in that truth and as I keep combining these lessons and keep adding this value to myself I've also learned that there's a handful of you that actually do enjoy the message. And so I guess the lesson that could be learned from that is the fact of we all have a story to share that we could be afraid what we're going to be judged for. But in sharing that story, whether it's on a global basis like this podcast, which incredibly, I've been picked up in 172 countries.

Sharing your story and the message in it (16:06)

Somehow I've reached the top 10 charts for my category in 12 different countries. I think of how, like, I don't even know how to express how impactful that is, not again the notch on the belt but for the fact that that many people are begging for authentic vulnerability that many people are listening to this podcast saying wow there's some other idiot that's made all these mistakes like look at this train wreck and maybe they're taking a message out of it. But that's all because I made the decision to share some really uncomfortable things. You might not have to share them on a global basis maybe share them with your friends or your community or your family some things you're not proud of but just to give up that weight that you've been carrying around is so impactful. I've also learned that I have to split test and track and monitor everything.

Split testing and monitoring everything (16:50)

Sure in the podcast world we started out with a podcast that was five days a week because I created this story in my head that people didn't download podcasts on Saturdays and Sundays. And one day I got a wild hair at my rear end to ask the guys to help me produce a show to launch on a Saturday. And we launch it and people downloaded it. I said, well shoot if they downloaded it on a Saturday, maybe they'll download it on a Sunday. We tried a Sunday. Lo and behold, people downloaded it. Like at that point, we're now a seven day a week podcast, that the original plan that I had for execution was not as serving to the marketplace and to myself as it could be. And there's so many other facets in life where we call it a course correct, where that course correct has to happen, but most of us shy away from it because it's uncomfortable. Now Doug my audio engineer, my producer, everything. Hopefully he cleans up that drilling in the background, but if not, we need to share the fact that this is still a work in progress. Like we're still renovating the office, we're still doing things to make the production at a higher quality. After a hundred episodes, we still don't have it all figured out. This is not perfect. I don't have it all figured out. This is not perfect. I don't think there is anything such as perfection. I think that every day I'm in the process of progress. We as a group are consistently working to achieve a more streamlined process to deliver content to the marketplace. Trying to have the audio be more appealing. We're trying to have this intro started in a different way so that I can encourage you and ask for your a more to deliver content to the marketplace. Trying to have the audio be more appealing. We're trying to have this intro started in a different way so that I can encourage you and ask for your help to leave me a comment wherever you're downloading this information from. Because still now, after 100 episodes, it's harder and harder to reach top ranking and any service that's supplying this podcast. Every service works the same, whether you know it or not, they care about the number of five-star reviews and the number of written reviews that you have. The more reviews, they feel like the more engaged listenership is, the more... the more ranking they offer you. The more ranking they offer you, the more people listen, the more people that can consume the content, the more people that are scrolling through the service can see, oh, who's this guy and click and maybe try to consume some of the content. And that's what this is all about to me. So far in episode 100, I still haven't asked you guys to buy anything. I do have a plan. I am going to. I have a book that's going to come out sometime at the end of August. That's going to literally map out the daily actionable items I have taken in the past two and a half to three years, whatever it would be, that have stacked on top of one another to allow me to live this life that's a vastly superior way to the way I used to. I can't say the book is going to change your life because it won't unless you actually take action with it. What I do know is when that day comes, my goal is to have impacted even more people's lives Like I have a I have a special surprise that comes for everybody that orders a book and I'm not gonna ruin it on this show But I will guarantee you that when you decide to order a book For me the value you get is going to be more than two times what you expected to get. Guarantee it. I guarantee it so much that as far as I know from the research I've done, I will be the only person that's ever launched a book this way. Which is meaningful for me. Because this book launch is not about money. Not that I don't need money. Not that I'm independently wealthy. But it's about impact. It's about giving. That's another lesson to be learned from this show is that the more I give, the more I end up getting. That's not the reason why I give, it's just the byproduct. I pour my heart and soul into these episodes and I share some really dark things. And what I get back in return is the messages from you, the emails, the DMs, the text messages, the voicemails of how impactful it is like that is is such an incredible motivator. For those of you that I've ever reached out when I say that I'm honored and humbled that is true. Like I'm truly honored that you download or digest this content and I'm humbled that you took the time out of your busy day to message me. So I still respond to everyone that I possibly can. And if you've messaged me and I've neglected to respond to your message, it is truly not intentional. So these lessons that I've learned over time, these things that have caused expansion in my mindset, they apply to every part of life. And I'm excited to see the next hundred lessons. that have caused expansion to my mindset, they apply to every part of life. And I'm excited to see the next 100 lessons. Like I can mentally see four years down the road getting to episode 1400. And what that looks like and feels like, because this doesn't stop because I know there's a lesson to be learned every lesson to be learned every day, and that lesson can be shared. Certainly, there's some that are going to be repetitive repetitive but there's a different way to frame it because I'm going to not learn and retain every lesson every day. I'm still a stubborn man and some things take a little bit longer to seep through my skull and get into my soul than they should. But I can see that four years in the future. I can see the impact. I know what's coming. So this isn't going to go away. It's not going to stop. There's nothing that's going to change other than progression. And hopefully more value and more content. As we've gained I'm incredibly appreciative of those of you that have reached out asking for certain episodes about certain topics. I'm honored that you take the time to direct message me or to send me an email asking me to talk about difficult subjects like domestic violence and cheating and how to deal with people that you know aren't necessarily pleasant in the workplace. The fact that you're looking for me for to me for information, I can share it because I've been through all those things. That's the craziest part is everything I've shared so far is 100% a situation that I've went through in my life. There is no theory on this show and there never will be. Even as I began to interview new guests, I'm getting them to share those pieces and parts that are uncomfortable and what that looks like for them in their life and how they can apply it into your business or your body or your relationship. And I don't want to beat a dead horse but I need to say this one more time.

Long Term Goals

"Impacting 1 Million People" (24:01)

To impact a million people is what this is all about. Because to me we say it and wake up warrior and I'm gonna, you know, copy Garrett, Jay White one more time. If I can change you the listener and change your mindset, there's a chance your mindset, there's a chance that through that change in mindset, you'll start to change the mindset of your family. And if your family's mindset changes, there's a chance that you'll start to change the mindset of your group of friends. And if that group of friends mindset changes, there's a chance that your city will start to change. And if your community will change, and then your state can start to change, and then your region can start to change, and then your state can start to change and then your region can start to change and then the country can start to change and I truly believe that the world can start to change where we stop running from the truth we accept the fact that we're not perfect we share these things openly without fear of judgment and we grow from our mistakes we don't run from them. And what I'll guarantee is if you can start to adopt that mindset and own the things that are uncomfortable and focus on daily growth and focus on expansion and telling the truth and being a good person and pouring into those people that you love that are around you, you'll find out that every day you can get shit done.

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