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Intro (00:00)

This is Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, a podcast dedicated to helping you expand your mindset and get shit done. Be sure to subscribe to this show and leave me a review if I've been able to impact your life in any way. Reviews help me reach a higher ranking, which in turn allows the message to reach more people. It's my goal with this podcast to positively impact a million people's lives. Also, check out RyanNidell.com for additional content. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L.com. Also find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook at Ryan Nidell. Today's episode is distractions. Today's episode is distractions. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why anything that distracts you from your ultimate goal is a bad use of your time.

Dealing With Distractions And Avoiding Paralysis

Why We Have Distractions (00:54)

So I've proven it to myself time and time again. So in my professional life, I have been someone that always has this massive whiteboard. And this whiteboard has everything on it that I could have come to fruition. All the different things. I actually still have this whiteboard. It sits behind my desk in my home office. Got this six or eight foot table that is actually a kitchen table that I turned into a desk because I liked the way that it looked. Oddly enough, I don't even know why I don't like the color orange, but I have an orange desk or an orange chair that sits there. That's leather. That is actually just like the orange chair I'm sitting in now. And I don't even like orange, but I haven't. Then behind me is this six foot whiteboard. On the whiteboard, I have this business opportunity, this amount of income per day, which would equal this much per month. And I list this down and down and down. I think on this whiteboard, if I recall the numbers, I have 14 different income-generating things on the board. Now, admittedly, what's funny is this board is from, gosh, I would have written on this January, February this year. Most certainly was before miles passed. It was while there was still snow on the ground. So it's been quite some time ago. And as I look at the board now and I glanced up at it this morning, the majority of the things on this board aren't relevant. People are no longer in my life, business opportunities that have either failed or I decided to back out of, or just things. There's only two or three things left on this board that really matter. Actually, there's only one thing left on the board, but now I need to erase the board and only write the other two items down. And what I found is, as I've worked through this year, I had massive aspirations when we started this year. I had a very set specific number of revenue that the company would do, a very certain amount of profit sharing that then would equate down to the guys inside the company. I have very specific earning expectations for everybody here. Now, it's different because in some capacity, I control their earning potential. If I don't go out and create things and I don't bring on new clients and I don't do the things I know how to do, they're stuck in their own right. Now, they're not stuck. Of course, they could leave anytime they want to. There's no shackles on their feet. There's no binding contract that says don't go anywhere. And I actually encourage everybody to make as much money as they can outside of these four walls. If there's freelance work they want to do or there's other things they want to pursue, I'd love to help them or motivate them or do whatever I can, but they are certainly not bound to just what goes on here. But in this, I had all these opportunities. Anything from a multitude of CBD offers to teaching people how to make money from home to emailing people to running a digital agency to, gosh, I don't even remember what else is on this board. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining. That was one of the things on the board. All these things. If they had all panned out, I'd make at least a quarter million dollars a month. Crazy, right? Like a quarter million dollars a month. But that's the level of my thinking. That's my aspiration. That's what I'm planning on is that. other than the fact that during that time period, I'm then starting to serve eight to ten different masters. Because each one of those income opportunities becomes its own master. Like you think about it. From where I sit, I host a podcast, right? This is something that I do. And today's an amazing day that Doug and I have sat down and I've recorded five episodes. One of the episodes, it's a few episodes back. We had a slight snafu, one where the microphone wasn't recording. We picked up secondary audio from a secondary auto recording device that we just happen to have in the studio at the same time, which is awesome because the episode was about not having to have it all figured out. So it's like the coolest way for things to work.

The Master of Podcasting Distractus (05:02)

But I'm saying this because we now have to block out three hours at least three times a week to record content, to plan, to strategize, to bring on guests, and to maneuver through this podcasting terrain, which is great. Admittedly, if I could figure out a way to do this and impact people's lives 24-7, 365, I would not do anything else.

Keeping The Distractions at Bay (05:25)

But I also have to figure out a way to keep food on the table. Make sure the girls are able to afford their horse riding lessons. Make sure I can afford to go to the boxing gym. There's things that we do that cost money. So I can't quite be UNICEF yet. But when I go back and I look at the first part of this year versus now, now I have the podcast. Now it occupies a set amount of time that we structure out. Then the rest of my day is always spent around building and cultivating, really now two other businesses, my CBD business. So I own a CBD, I guess, manufacturing and distributing business where we take care of anything from pet treats to animal products to consumables. They are non-THC based. They are triple tested. There's less than 0.003% THC, but it's products and services I actually believe in. I believe that the research shows that CBD decreases inflammation, and I truly believe the majority of the issues inside the human body are from some level of consistent inflammation. Whether that's overeating, whether that's too much sugar, whether that's high processed foods, whether that's too much red meat, I don't care what your things are. There's an inflammatory response the body goes through when it receives an external stimuli that it does not like. And CBD helps eliminate a lot of that. So I have that. Then I've jumped into sharing the things I know from marketing and running marketing training, I'll say. And it is a $15,000 experience. It takes 12 weeks. Work with some very selective high-end clients where we dive really deep down the rabbit hole on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, email, name some sort of direct response marketing. And we are going deep, deep, deep down the rabbit hole on how it actually works. Not how something works in a book, no theory, no anything like that. Just practical application how it actually works. Not how something works in a book, no theory, no anything like that, just practical application of what actually works. So I look at it right now, I have three things, a podcast, a CBD company, and a training company. And I'm fortunate enough now, much of which because Doug has forced me to do this from respecting and honoring his time, that to keep a calendar. And this calendar then has timetables broken out in which I can only do certain things at certain times of the day. That's it. So I have to honor his time, which makes me honor my time. But if I go back to the first part of the year, I was distracted by 35 things a day. I had 14 different things that I was trying to all slowly move across the finish line.

The Self-Destructive Value of Distraction (08:03)

And although I was lying to myself and convincing myself they were all the same just with a different product or service, they were all distinctly different. Different people involved in the companies, different partners, different issues, different headaches. They were not the same. But I lied to myself and told myself they were. And so what happens is January passes. There's really no revenue, no income. Like, it's coming. I can see it. It's right on the other side. And February comes. Man, it's almost right there. And then March. And March miles dies, and it throws me in a pretty significant tailspin. I mean, miles died March 3rd. It took a solid two weeks for me to really have an idea which way was up. Sure. I was around and here, but just the numbness of processing that situation, it took me all the way into the first part of April. And then I went to warrior Week, second week of April. And then Linda and I got married second week of May. And so all of a sudden, all this time passes.

Alpha Underdog Gaming (09:11)

But as time is passing, I'm eliminating the distractions from my life. Because I don't need them. These other quote unquote opportunities to make money don't serve me. What serves me is linear focus on what matters, what I find enjoyment out of. Again, I'm doing everything I can. I'm pushing in every direction possible to dive 100% into podcasting. I'll call it motivational speaking. I think that's a very cliche and coy term. I'll say mindset coaching, things that matter, taking the way that I live my life, taking the things I've learned from a Jim Rowe or a Garrett J. White at Wake Up Warrior or from Tony Robbins or from any number of people. I've created my own systems and processes based around these things. I created my own way to live my life that is a hybrid of all these things put together. And I know there's value in that in the marketplace. I know there's value because many of you have reached out asking for help with that. And I know there's value because I've changed my life in two and a half or three years by just implementing these things. And you avid listeners will realize that Wake Up Warrior is only been a part of that for now 14 months. So what does this all mean? like where is this all going where it's going is the fact we have this situation as a society that we're always hoping for that next home run like all of us want that smash home run so we always keep one hand just like floating around trying to find something else and I don't blame you. Because most of us do that because we're not happy with the main thing that we're doing. So there's a couple different routes to go down with this. You could obviously be unhappy with where you're at now, but not have the ability to leave financially, timetable wise, whatever the things are. You just don't have the ability to leave your job. So you have to do something else on the side to generate some income. One thing on the side is fine. 14 things on the side is not. It's difficult to mow yards, detail cars, be a personal shopper, sell things on eBay, sell things on Amazon. Sure. Yes. Do all of them. But you're going to do none of them well because you're distracted all the time. You have to find some linear focus. I can say that from my own life because I've been distracted by the next shiny object for as long as I can remember up until recently, up until the success of the podcast, up until the book that's coming out that is based around this way of life, that I'm essentially going to give away. It will be revenue neutral for me. If I make a dollar a book, I'll be shocked. But I'm going to give it away because it's part of the message. When I say that I want to impact a million people's lives, that's not some BS thing that I came up with for social influence. That's the fact that I really want to impact a million people's lives and there's only so many ways to do it. Public speaking, books, things in writing, and this podcast. But I know that now. So anything that's a distraction from that, from that message distracts from the overall greatness that I have inside of me. Cause anything that's, that's less than that is not self-serving. And I know the first thing is, Oh no, you gotta be giving. You can't be self-serving. You can't take care of someone else until you can take care of yourself. If you don't have your shit together for yourself, how are you going to take care of someone else? If you don't make money yourself, how are you going to give it to charity? If you don't start to itemize your time and come up with some spare time every week, how are you going to donate your time to help the less fortunate? You can't. But we confuse ourselves into thinking it's a possibility. When it's not. But we confuse ourselves into thinking it's a possibility when it's not. All these things become distractions. And social media makes it even worse.

Listener, (13:11)

Because you see all these things. You see these highlight reels from everybody else. You see this thing that looks like all these people are living this incredible life that you're not living. And it's just a distraction. It's a methodology of sedation. Like you see the family on vacation, right? I love those pictures. The husband and wife or the boyfriend and girlfriend that are dating, they took the trip to Cancun and hashtag live in our best life. Everything's, everything's great. And that's what it looks like from the picture. Then they come home two weeks later and they break up. Like, well, what happened? You guys were in love. You were living your best life in Cancun. Yeah, well, kind of. Like, she got a little drunk or I got a little drunk and then I was a jerk. Then I might have started talking to another or looking at some other chicks down there. Didn't work out at all. Started feeling bad about myself. Started taking that out on her. One thing leads to another and the relationship's imploded. But you post all those great pictures of like this amazing time. Well, yeah. Yeah, I did. Because it's the fucking highlight reel. It's a distraction from the real world that's really going on right now. All this stuff is a distraction. Find out what it is that you really want to do and go do that. But do it incredibly well. Find coaches to help you do it better. Find mentors that are willing to invest in you. Read books. Go to seminars. But as you're doing all those things, implement and strategically deploy what you're learning.

Analysis Paralysis (14:41)

It's the only thing I see consistently is this paralysis by analysis where all these people want all this information. Like you just want to go to these seminars. You want to go to these conferences and get all amped up. Then go home and not do a damn thing with what you learned. Like, what is the point? It's just another distraction. But you think that a seminar is going to change your life. It can. I'll say part of Wake Up Warrior changed my life. That in some capacity I can say is a seminar. Some may even call it a damn cult. But what changed my life is not what's inside of Wake Up Warrior. What changed my life is the fact that I decided to do something with it. Then I decided to challenge it and I decided to try to break it and I decided to see if I could outpace it and see if I could do something more than it. Could I gain leverage over it?

Be better than the competition. (15:40)

Could I split test against it and find a better way to operate? And I can't say I found a better way, I've just found an enhanced way. That's not to put down Wake Up Warrior, that's just the fact that what I do is above and beyond what they teach. It makes me happy. I'm going to keep running with it. It's not a distraction. I am not distracted. But I've systematically chosen to eliminate distractions by listening to those around me that told me to stop fucking getting distracted. Doug, who's in the studio with me right now. The man drives 35 minutes each way to come into the office to help me record these podcasts. I got to thinking, I don't know, last week, week before? This is pretty stupid.

Podcast recording for Douglas (16:21)

This man literally drives in, fights traffic both directions. Now granted, we don't come in until 10 or 11 because I don't want the last week, week before? This is pretty stupid. This man literally drives in, fights traffic both directions. Now granted, we don't come in until 10 or 11 because I don't want the guys to fight traffic. But then he's got to go pick up his kids and there's all these things that go on. I'm like, man, you're spending at least an hour, sometimes as many as two hours in the car a day. At least five days a week. That's like five to seven to ten hours of production that I'm just sucking the life out of from you. How can we fix this? So what if we only record podcasts two or three days a week, but we record them for two or three hours at a time because I can't make you live closer to the office and I can't bring the office to your house. So if those are fixed pieces of this equation, then the variable becomes how many hours of recording we do at the office at the same time. He says, well, yeah, sure, but I need a calendar.

Use other people to hold you accountable (17:09)

I need some way to actually hold you accountable to that shit because I'm pretty just scatterbrained. Like if, oh, look, there's a bird and I still get distracted. Like I want to help everybody. I'm on phone calls all day long, all these things. So all of a sudden we've adopted a calendar. And here we are on a Monday recording five episodes and it's great. It's liberating. I'm no longer distracted from the task at hand. Doug has forced me to not be distracted. And for that, I'm grateful. But where in your life are you being distracted from your ultimate goal? The gym is an easy one to me. There's fast food on every corner. There's bad eating habits around you probably more hours of the day than not. From an advertisement on TV, to some BS in a magazine, to the 12 fast food restaurants you pass, to the four people in your office that grabbed a double cheeseburger for lunch, there are bad choices everywhere. If your goal is to get in shape, then anything that distracts you from that goal is not serving you, so you have to eliminate it. Okay, well, you can't take a different route to work and you can't wear blinders, so that's not a possibility. And you probably can't get rid of the people at work unless you're the boss, and even then, probably not a good idea. So you have to replace those with habits that build towards your goal. Whether you order in fresh meals or a meal prep company or you cook your own meals or you go on water fasts or whatever it is that you want to come up with that can keep you in alignment with your goals or what you have to do. Maybe it's in your relationship.

(30 year old) Good idea (18:36)

Maybe that's the part where you keep getting distracted, where every time you go out with your friends for drinks or whatever it is, you start looking at the opposite sex. You might not do anything about it. You might not talk to them, but you think sexual thoughts. You think things that are inappropriate that if your partner, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband could see inside your head, they would not be proud of what you're doing. I would encourage you to eliminate the distractions. It's going to sound super foreign. Don't go out for drinks with the idiots that are looking at other women. It's really not that hard. You'll live a better life and you'll feel better about it after the fear of missing out dissipates because you realize the fact those people don't have anything you want anyways.

Advice On Business Success

In your business (19:18)

Or maybe it's inside your business. Maybe you're like me and I had what I used to call entrepreneurial ADD and I would laugh about it. Then I got super focused on what it is that I really want for myself and my family and how to actually make it happen. And so anything else that doesn't fit that, I clear off my plate. No other MLM pitches, no there's a chance to make money over here. No, invest in this opportunity over there. If it's not one of the things that I know I have control over that adds to what I ultimately want to create, it's a hard no for me. I don't have to think about it. And what I found is when you start eliminating distractions and you start focusing on an end result, you end up getting shit done.

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