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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host Ryan Neidell and today's topic is spirituality.

Discussions And Personal Experiences

Metaphysic properties (00:14)

So I've been heading down a rabbit hole. A rabbit hole that's been calling me for quite some time. This rabbit hole I'll refer to as metaphysics and mystics. Now, before you tune out and before you get all fucking judgmental on me, give me just one second. If you're the type that believes that we're here for just a short period of time, whatever that is, let's say the average life expectancy is 80 years, and then you die, and there's no rhyme or reason for it that we just happen to be here, you're the one I actually encourage you to listen to this the most. Even if it's nothing more, at the end of this, you can call me crazy. I don't even care if you think I'm so crazy when this is over that you leave me a comment inside of a review on iTunes or Stitcher. You can tell everybody I'm bat-shit crazy. It'll be worth it for me, for the few of you that stick around, just to consider that it'll be more to life than maybe what we all think. So about a year ago now, I was forced to explore meditation. Now when I say forced, it wasn't like somebody had a gun to my head and said, if you don't meditate, I'm going to kill you or your family or do horrible things to you. I was forced to it because I joined something called Wake Up Warrior. And it's a group by a guy named Garrett J. White. He's got a podcast too. Check out Wake Up Warrior, the Warrior on Fire podcast. But in everyday actions, we have to do something called the core four. And the core four consists of meditating every day to gain a half a point towards a personal production goal that we set for ourselves. It's supposed to hear me something. It was supposed to make me hear something called the voice. Now, I had no idea what the voice was or how to hear it or admittedly even how to meditate. In my mind, I knew or I thought I knew that meditation was people that sat around in Tibet or some monk somewhere that sat cross-legged with their fingertips touching, maybe a shaved head, humming or chanting things that certainly didn't make any damn sense to me at all. I just knew that because of Wake Up Warrior and because of the success of the men in it, that if they were doing this, then I certainly needed to try it. And I definitely never wanted to be outdone. I mean, I'm a competitive man by nature. I think that comes along with an athletic personality or an A-type personality. You never want to be less than. And a little ironic as I say that because my entire life I've been told that I was less than something else. And so it's been this personal mission of mine to never be less than again. mind to never be less than again. So knowing this, I started to try to practice meditation and practice meditation on a daily basis. I'd be lying to say if it was every day for the past year, but it's been at least 95% of the days. There's certainly travel or times where I sleep in too much or times that things just don't go the right way. But across the board, definitely 95% of the time I've meditated for at least 20 minutes during the day. Now, again, assuming that meditation was this legs crossed, humming things way of working, it didn't make sense to me on what meditation was even for. So you probably don't know me yet, but as you're getting to know me, I knew that that wasn't for me at all. Like, that just didn't resonate with me. I felt like something that, you know, only quote unquote weirdos do. You know, I wanted to go out and apply science to something. And so, science to me is a methodology of looking and tracking and monitoring everything and looking at statistics to make decisions. So I found something called the Muse, M-U-S-E. And the Muse is a headband, we'll call Muse is a headband that goes over your ears and is attached to your forehead and measures the brain waves that you can exhibit during a set period of time. I'd love to take credit for the fact that I found the Muse, but not real big on lying to you guys. A good friend of mine, Greg Anderson, introduced me about two years ago while I was on a vacation in Venice Beach with him and his girlfriend at the time and Lindsay and myself and my buddy Matt Wentworth and his girlfriend at the time. And just loving gadgets and gizmos and things that are outside the normal, I had to buy one of these things. So it was a no-brainer for me to pick one up when I got home. Admittedly, for the following year, I used it like any new toy. I used it for a couple of weeks and then got bored with it and cast it aside. And then was reintroduced to it through Wake Up Warrior. And, you know, knew that I needed something, an actionable item that I could monitor if I was getting better or worse. Because to me, meditation, again, is this unique science or I can't even really call it a science. It's this unique act that doesn't really monitor. You don't know how to determine if you're doing a better or worse. You know, there's no, I didn't know there was a book or books out there that taught you how to meditate. So I would attach this headband to my forehead and over my ears and I would monitor my brain waves while I would meditate. And I use it literally as a way to calm my mind. The calmer you get your mind using a muse, you hear seagulls or birds start to chirp and the ocean gets more calm and more rough. And there's all these actionable ways on a day over day basis. You can see like, man, I'm, I can look at a bar graph and see like, I'm getting more calm every day and I can focus my mind more. And so I understand in the, in the base level that meditation's essentially the absence of thought in your mind. And so I'd still been using the Muse up until a few weeks ago. But last week, my mind began to get blown, just literally completely obliterated what I thought meditation was, and really life was as a whole. So in this expansion, my mind's getting blown. It's getting blown because I start being introduced to something called metaphysics or mystics. And what are they? And what are their purpose? So I was introduced to this original thought process probably two and a half years ago, maybe longer by a guy named Ryan Brown. Ryan Brown's a local guy here to Columbus, great guy, and had a PhD in metaphysics. And I sat down and talked to him, you know, went to his office. It was back when I was a salesperson in a custom clothing company. I sat down and, you know, he connected with me on Facebook or vice versa. And we decided to have a conversation one evening. So drove to his office, met with him and he just opened this Pandora's box to me that I admittedly left this meeting thinking this guy was just completely crazy. Like law of attraction, left this meeting thinking this guy was just completely crazy. Like law of attraction, like brainwaves and theta state and all these terms and metaphysics. And I think this is just batshit crazy. Like it makes no damn sense to me at all. Like zero. And then as I'm progressing through life and another year passes, there's something called, I think it might be the Ray of Light Conference or some sort of light conference. It's also here at the fairgrounds.

Ryan Parker (06:46)

And Ryan's speaking. And I see him and he posts about it online or something goes on. He asked if I would come and listen to him speak. So, Lindsay and I are out and about on a Saturday. And, man, I would really like to go see what this is. And we travel through this convention center. It's only one little part of the Ohio State Fairgrounds Convention Center area. One little outhouse, really. I mean, a small room. But in the small room, there's all these people that believe in what we'll call these metaphysic properties could be. So it's anything from crystals that have certain meanings to aura readings and electrodes. And then it's also these brilliant people that are speaking about meditation and other worldly sciences. Or maybe they're not sciences, but they're speaking. And it piques my interest more. I'm going to get some readings done and have an electromagnetic aura map created and really dive in at the surface level to what this could be. And again, keep going with me. I know it sounds crazy right now. But as I'm going through this, I feel this thing start to tug at me a little bit of, like, there's more here. Like, I want to know more. And I'm inherently an inquisitive person. I mean, I want to know what everything is. If I don't know what it is, I ask a question. Because I 100% believe if I don't ask a question, I'm never going to learn it. And if I can't learn something, then kind of what's the purpose? So, fast forward now to two weeks ago. I'm down in Tampa with a good friend of mine, Ben Pekulski. And we're talking about just life. And we eventually get to the realm of ayahuasca experiences and meditation and thinking things on a more worldly level. And there's almost a vibration. There's a certain feeling that comes across my body like I know this is something that matters to me. But I don't really know how to quantitate it because up until that point, I fly down to Tampa for a secondary meeting. It was an event called Funnel Hackers Live. It was Russell Brunson's event. Flew down to see him and go to that and see some of the guys from Warrior. And I'm in this room and I'm almost overcome with darkness. I think I podcasted about that not too long ago. And this darkness isn't the fact of, you know, depression and anxiety. It's more the fact of, I just don't have a purpose. Like I'm here and it's, it's why, like, what is my purpose? Like, what am I doing? Sure. I own a marketing company, but like I can market anything. Like marketing is not the exciting path for me right now. And it may never be. It just happens to be a skill set that I've acquired over the years that I happen to be good at. But that doesn't mean that has to be my passion. So I'm struggling in this event in Tampa to find my passion. So I'm having this conversation with Ben. My family, the event was in Orlando. We drove over to Tampa. My family's with Ben and his family and we're just having a great time. And we started on this rabbit hole about what all this looks like and I'm like wow This is this is a guy that's a professional bodybuilder. That's a successful businessman And I'm like this guy thinks things like I think so maybe it's not quite so crazy so we start I started asking him more and more questions and He starts opening up more Pathways to me, you know and we eventually talked business about maybe joining forces on some things, but it's all conversation. And so I end up leaving Tampa, go back to Orlando, family flies home. Something tells me to go back to Tampa again. And I'll call this now at this point, the voice. I'm meditating every day, still using the muse, but the voice tells me to go back to see Ben. Because now I understand the voice, really not come full circle with this, but the voice ends up being what I'll call God. It comes from closing your eyes, finding that third eye that you may have. And I don't love the term third eye, but there's this darkness when you close your eyes and we can see things through that darkness. At least I can with enough practice. If you can shut off the mental clutter, there's energy, there's voices, there's things that kind of get streamed into your body. And in my morning meditation, it's actually, this wasn't morning. This was as I was getting a tattoo commemorating miles that passed away. I know I have to go to Tampa. It just something tells me to go to Tampa. So I go meet, go back, drive hour and a half, cross the state and go meet with Ben again and just have some phenomenal conversations about the next level of this metaphysics channel. Because unbeknownst to him, this same voice told me before I left for Tampa to apply to get my bachelor's, then master's, and PhD in metaphysics. There's a couple universities across the country do this, but I sent an application just to see. I don't know what the application process really consisted of. I just sent it in to see if it was something I could qualify for. So I sent in my application. As I'm with Ben, I get an email that comes across that says basically I've been accepted. That I can now enroll in this university. And it's an online university. I don't want to oversell or undersell what it is. Just state the facts. It's an online university that gives me more knowledge than I had yesterday. So it counts to me. And as I'm going through this and sharing this with Ben, like his eyes light up and I realize there's something there. There's something more to this. I don't really know what it is. And so then I fly home and life gets in the way. You know, my normal mundane things of daily life get in the way. Sure, I'm still meditating. I'm hitting my core four. I'm running the business. I'm working out. All these things are happening, but I still haven't even opened up yet the study material and started going to the websites and started to digest the information on metaphysics. Just haven't even considered it. So take another step and once a week, I date everybody in my family. I take Lindsay out one night a week, and it's just her and I.

Date Yourself (12:07)

And I take Gianna out, my stepdaughter, one night, and it's just her and I. No distractions, no phones, no any of that stuff. I take both of them out together one night, or we make family dinner. Then one day, I date myself. And this is a non-negotiable. It happens every week for me. Always will. It just adds complete circularity to my life. It keeps me stable. And so in this, Gianna and I go have a, she likes Bob Evans. So we have dinner at Bob Evans. I said, what do you want to do? And we love to go to the bookstore together.

Gianna (12:33)

Gianna's, and I know everybody says her kid's brilliant, but Gianna's a very advanced eight-year-old young lady. You know, second grade is reading at a sixth grade level, is doing math at a fifth grade level. She has phenomenal genes. Her father's brilliant, so is her mother. Things are great for her. She enjoys going to the bookstore. So we go to Barnes & Noble, and I'm walking around. As I'm in Barnes & Noble, we're picking out books for her, and I say, hey, can we go look at my side real quick? She said, of course. You know, whatever you want, Ryan. So I open up my phone because I remember another good friend of mine from Wake Up Warrior, Tommy Baker, had consistently posted different screenshots on Instagram of books he's reading. And it's just the front cover. And they're always on the same wooden background. And so I swipe up two or three times and boom, there's a book and it's Becoming Supernatural by a guy named Joe Dispenza.

The Clarion Call (13:15)

And there's another book and another book and another book. And so literally based off the way the front of the book looks, I don't even know what Becoming Supernatural is about. I showed it to the woman behind the counter at Barnes & Noble and she said, you know, it seems like we have one copy in stock. I've never heard of this book before. So we walk around and Gianna and I follow her and we grab the book and I grab a couple other ones and we go home. So this is a post from Tommy Baker from three months ago that I bought last week. I bought that book last week. Still hadn't started to read the book, just bought it. Bought it on Thursday. And as I'm stacking these events on top of one another, so I have Ben Pokolsky talking about a man that I respect, a man that's achieved success, talking about this otherworldly environment. And then I have Ryan Brown that chatted with me years ago about it. Then I have the University of whatever it is about metaphysics, the University of Sedona that I'm studying at for a metaphysics degree, and that was based off of wanting more knowledge. And then I come back and I buy this book from Joe Dispenza. And so as I'm again I know I've discussed it getting ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro I'm a certain training we have to do every day and one of the trainings was to walk on a you know basically walk outside but we walked on a treadmill what weather was pretty bad here in Columbus so walk on a treadmill with a 40 pound backpack on you know so we literally went to the gym put backpacks on and put 40 pounds of weight in them and just started walking because we're walking out the door, I grabbed this book. And this is just the book I'll start to read. And so as I'm walking on the treadmill, I'm reading this book. It's just this mind-blowing account of what mystics are. And mystics at the very base level, and I'm only at this point, I'm probably 200 pages in the book, but at this point, I was only 40 pages in the book. At this point, I'm probably 200 pages in the book, but at this point, I was only 40 pages in the book. And mystics is basically defined as the study of meditation in its own right and what meditation is and why it exists and how to get your brain from alpha to theta and what those terms even mean. And so in this book, it starts relating the fact that your old habits become your new habits and that's almost a never-ending cycle. And that's why most people can't see past the physical universe in front of them and so I'm reading this book and I'm devouring the hour and a half that I'm walking on the treadmill with this 40 pound backpack on just breezes by it's like it doesn't even exist and I don't know if you've tried to walk on a treadmill stay stable with a 40 pound backpack on and hold a book and read but I had to look like a complete buffoon I mean I'm not a small guy to guy to start with, let alone on, I believe it was a Friday night, walking on a treadmill for an hour and a half. It was comical to say the least. But you know, I'm walking, as I close the book, I turn around and who's there? But Ryan Brown. And Ryan Brown's there, and he, you know, he asked what I'm reading. And I show him the book. He says he's never heard of him, but he knows Joe, or he's never heard of the book, but he knows Joe Dispenza. Because what I'm finding is this metaphysics community is pretty tightly knit. You know, there's only so many people who think this crazy shit exists in the world. And so Ron and I sit there and talk for another 40 minutes about, you know, law of attraction and universal law and how everything's intertwined.

Chance Vs. Hard Work (16:18)

And this is as I started studying for my metaphysics degree and as Ben's talking about it. And it just, it seems like at this point in life, there's a good possibility that everything is connected in time and space to one another. We'll call it connected to a higher power, to a God. And again, I believe that when you meditate and you close your eyes and you see things and you're given messages, I believe that those come from God. And it can be the God that has a long beard and long hair. It can be a unicorn. I don't care who your God is, but those messages come from somewhere. And I believe that one of the things that's a limiting factor for most people is are they able to hear the messages? And if they can hear it, do they listen? Do they take actionable items on it? So I don't believe in chance or luck. I never have. I think if you work hard, you get ahead. But what if there's another way to increase the chance of your success? I mean, this is now to me next level stuff. Like what if the thoughts that I'm thinking can control where I go in the future? I mean, how many times have you guys thought about somebody, you know, an old friend, an acquaintance, somebody from college. They've just been on your mind or been in your heart, and your phone rings since that person. Or that you were praying to God you didn't run out of gas or you didn't get in a car accident. And what happened the next day? Those very things. And sure, most people chalk that up to coincidence. But what if there's an energy that you're emitting that's drawing those things to you versus the opposite? You know, look at a Tony Robbins that believes in the energetic ways of the world, who I think we would all agree is a very successful man. He's impacted millions of people's lives. But how has he done that? He's no different than you or I. Sure, he has a message and he has a platform, but he's just a human being walking the earth like we are. So what is this that goes on? Why does he have this? I mean, when you think about all the times in your life that you've thought about things that have happened, how can you not then appreciate the fact there's a chance that what you're thinking about you can bring about? So think about the power of then using that and using that power of God to be dialed in to start achieving things you want to achieve in a way that you want to achieve them. I mean, maybe it's financial success.

Philosophy And Beliefs

The Power Of Our Minds (18:27)

Maybe it's a better relationship, a better body. Maybe it's a better location to live. I don't really care what they are, but imagine you can put yourself in the mindset that you can go get those things, that it's not just a wish, not just a hope, that you can actively pursue those things coming to your life. Think of that possibility. You would have endless possibility. The world would literally be your oyster because you're using the power of God and the power of your mind to control what happens in your future. Sure, like you think about it, and I know this sounds super crazy, but the air that we breathe right now, the air that you're consuming as you're listening to this podcast, you can't see that air. At least I can't. But you know it exists because someone, you can't see that air. At least I can't. But you know it exists because someone told you it exists, right? And we were taught in elementary school, air is what we breathe, water is what we drink. But someone made us believe that to be true. And sure, science can prove that it's true. But what if the rest of the world, what about the rest of the things that we want can be operated in the same way? What if I could convince you or other people can convince you that if you change the state of your mind, you could change what you bring into your life? What if the meditation that I was using forever to just quiet my mind can be repositioned to focus? To focus my soul and we'll call it the third eye, which again, I hate that term. But connect this third eye to a higher power that gives us guidance. Again, I don't care if it's the Christian God that we all have been brought up to bring. I don't care who the God is, but there's something out there. What if all of this in life that we want and desire can be altered by our state of consciousness? What if all this stuff that I'm saying to you, all the stuff that I've read, the entire time I've been reading it, the entire time I've been saying it even right now to you, the hair's been standing up on the back of my head, the back of my neck. The same was when I originally heard about all this stuff. And sure, I'll instantly go down on the fact that it's just a coincidence.

Importance Of Self-Awareness

About Self-Authorship (20:20)

You know, maybe I have an electrical charge about me. Well, you're damn right I do. There's something different that goes on right now. What if I'm truly in charge of my own life and I can have the connection that I desire with a higher power? It's inside of me. It's nobody else's to control. It doesn't exist in a church that I can go sit in and they're going to magically beam it into me. It's a power that I have inside of myself to find the focus on what I believe that God to be and have that God speak to me directly. If all these things are not only possible, but I can start to accept them as my truth, then I can achieve anything that I ever want for as long as I want to achieve it. I think about that power. Like, of course, you know, I'll instantly play devil's advocate. I can't magically decide to go play in the NBA. I don't have the God-given talent. But the things that are within my control to affect now, the things I want to achieve, I truly can. And isn't that all what we want? I mean, isn't that what you're digesting this podcast for? Because you want to be the master of your fate? You're hoping that I give you some sort of pearl of wisdom that's worthwhile, that you can take an actionable item and go do something with it in your life? I mean, that's what this is all about. So the hole's getting really deep for me. Like this is a path that I can't see myself ever stopping. This is something I'm going to keep going down further and further. So I'd love to know your thoughts. As you listen to this podcast, this is a little bit different one. Normally I have a call to action, something, you know, apply this to your life. What if this, what if that? This is one of those ones, I'd love your feedback. You know, I'm just scratching the surface of what meditation and metaphysics and how all this stuff looks. And I'll have my PhD in this because it's something that matters to me, not so I can put doctor before my name, but because it means I've studied enough to have a deeper understanding. So in that, I'd love to know the resources that you guys have available to you. I'd love to know what you think of this. I'd love to know what your experiences are with this. I'd even love to invite you on a podcast if it's something you want to hop on and talk to me about. So if you wouldn't mind, drop me an email at ryan, r-y-a-n, at gsdmediagroup.com, and just share with me. Because this is such a unique environment for me, such a unique experience, that I can't see myself not consistently sharing it with you. Because there's just power in what this is. And so maybe this is my own way of putting one foot in front of the other, because I know that my ultimate goal isn't to own a media company. It's to do something that has impact on the world. And I believe this has its own level of massive impact for me. So at the end of the day, this is me taking one foot in front of the other, stepping towards getting shit done every day. Hey guys, Ryan here. Thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 minutes to freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to RyanNidell.com. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L.com.

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