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Opening Remarks

Intro (00:00)

I'm going to get a I'm Ryan Naidel, host of 15 to get the your daily action guide to get shit done. If you find any value in the message I share with you on a daily basis, if you do me a favor and leave me a comment or review wherever you're consuming this content. The more comments and reviews I received, the higher up in the ranking I achieve, which leads more people down the path to listen to my message. Today's episode is Are You One of Seven? So in today's episode, I'm going to share with you or actually ask you if you want to be One of Seven. I say that and many of you listening might say, well, what the hell is One of Seven? How do I know if I want to be One of Seven? That's a very good question. You see, I've went down the path of, I'll call, performance enhancing coaching, life coaching, skill coaching, whatever. I fucking hate the term coaching. What I don't hate is making shifts in people's lives that equate to massive changes that allow them to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Those of you that have been following my journey since episode one, however few and far between you may be, you understand the fact that I went from being a broke lying, manipulating jackass into someone with a happy relationship, married, child, successful business, healthy body, great level of spiritual connection, and I figured out that this is replicatable. This is duplicatable. The way I lived my life is not foreign to me. But if you're anything like I was, you're hearing this message, you're like, well, how in the world can this actually be possible? How can this guy that admittedly cheated on every girl throughout his entire 20s into his early 30s? How could he now be faithful? How could he be loyal? How could he have a great relationship full of intimacy and sex and communication? How could he find someone that supports him and how could he support him back? How could this same guy that put no value on really human interaction have a daughter that he now shares, loves, honors, and respects time with on a weekly basis? How could the man that five months ago lost his best friend that questioned the existence of God, how could this same man have a connection that he states could connect with God on a minute by minute basis? For those of you that have been listening for a long time, you're probably also wondering how in the world can someone that used anabolic steroids for 14 or 15 years? How can he now share a holistic way to live life that increases energy and performance output? How is that possible? I'll tell you how it's possible. I'll tell you how it's possible. It's possible for through my own trial and error. It's possible for me spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching, mentorship, guidance. It's possible because I put in the time and work over the past three and a half years, really almost four, to get to the point of where I'm at now that I can shorten down your learning curve from four years to 12 weeks. Now in the shorting down to the learning curve it's not for everybody. And it's not for everybody because it is extreme. For those of you again that have been listening for quite some time, I'm an extreme person by nature. I don't want to do what takes 36 months to get done in 36 months. I only condense it down to 12 weeks. That condensing of time is something that we in Wake Up where you call the Warrior Time Warp. Where you start to hold yourself to a higher standard, you run at a speed that is unrecognizable to those people around you. Inevitably, you'll lose friends, you'll lose associations. You might even lose relationships along the way. Quite frankly, that's part of this process. It's also just one of the things that I will encourage you to do and that's just trust in the process. You see I was on a coaching call right before this episode and in this call I'm discussing with this individual that expansion is uncomfortable. I'll have you considered the fact that you are exactly where you are at today because you have remained comfortable. You have done the same things, you have listened to the same sources, you have taken the same action for enough days in a row to get you exactly where you're at now. But a handful of you listening realize the fact of where you are now is not where you ultimately want to end up. This place doesn't come from. This message doesn't come from a place of judgment. This message doesn't come from a place of judgment. I too didn't know where I wanted to end up. I too was in your shoes. Confused, lost. Realizing there was something better to create. Realizing there was a better way to live, but not having anybody share with me the road map to get there. Think I could find it in church or with my friends my peer group thinking maybe I could find it if I went to a counselor or if I read enough books thinking that that is all that it would take for me to live this elevated life but really when it gets down to the brass tax of it if you're like me you realize I was eventually going to be bullshit because if that's all it was you would have already done it. At least I would have. So I realize at some point along this journey it took more than just will and determination to get somewhere. It took some level of personal accountability and also impressed upon accountability. You know you think about the times in life where you're most successful, most fulfilled. If you're anything like me, they were probably during the times where you're held most accountable, held to the highest standard. But being held to this high standard isn't comfortable, which is why I keep saying it's not for everybody. You know, I fully realize the fact that this path of expansion that I've decided to travel down, that again is replicatable and duplicatable for the right individuals, is only possible if you're the right individual. So I've decided to do something a little bit different. Actually a lot of a bit different. On a daily, weekly, monthly basis, I get hundreds, if not thousands of direct messages and emails from you.

Addressing Discomfort And Personal Growth

Checking in (06:43)

Showing how the podcast has impacted you, how it's affected you. Looking for guidance, looking for resources. Looking for information on how to meditate or how I make my green smoothies. You may even be looking for ways to stop cheating yourself. You push all that to the side and all of us in some capacity want to have a business that's on fire that generating revenue at a level that we didn't know we were capable of achieving. So I was faced with this decision. I typically deal with a handful of clients every month.

Can you handle this much discomfort? (07:17)

And I say every month, it's really a 12-week commitment. And it's handful of clients that I deal with, that I work with, called a mentorship relationship, we can call it a coaching relationship, we can call it anything you want to, but what I end up doing is holding you to an extremely high standard, give you actionable items on a day-over-day basis, a week-over-week basis, and on a quarterly basis, that by the time we're done, you have no idea who you used to be you can only see the possibility of who you can become. So what I've decided from all the feedback from all the the questions is to offer an opportunity. Again this opportunity is not for everyone. It's not for everyone because my time is valuable and if you're not committed. I'm not committed. This opportunity is not for everybody because there is a financial constraint attached to it. Again, my time is not completely free. This opportunity is not for everyone because many think they want change but are not willing to take the action to actually change. I get it. I watch Tony Robbins and listen to Jim Rome and saw Garrett J White and saw all these people for years before I finally had enough of how I was living my life, realizing that I wasn't operating at my fool's capacity, before I finally made a decision to take a jump. Now might just not be your time. Doesn't mean you should stop listening to the podcast. Doesn't mean you should stop considering the opportunity of growing. It just means that this particular one-time situation might not be for you.

Programs Name (08:53)

See, as I've shared in past podcast and past episodes, I offer marketing coaching. Got a handful of clients to do it very, very well. My marketing training is only one part of what I am. And what I'm finding is all the marketing training eventually gets into mindset and personality and performance training, because how you do one thing is truly how you do everything. And so the $15,000 price tag that I put on marketing training is not what this is going to be. What this is going to be is something that impacts your life at a level that you will be completely flabbergasted at the way you get to live. But in that, if during this conversation, during this podcast, any of this sounds like it could be something for you The first step is to take a little bit of action This little bit action requires you to eventually press pause on this podcast Most of you're consuming this from some sort of mobile device or computer. You're gonna press pause on this podcast. You're gonna go to to your email browser and you're going to type in Ryan at G-S-D media group dot com. R-Y-A-N-A-N-T-G-S-D, get shit done, media group, come. Once you type that in in the subject line, you're going to type one of seven then you're simply going to send it to me. If you can't follow these simple directions I can guarantee you this program's not for you. It's really that simple. I don't need some reason as to why you think you're qualified. I don't need any of those things. I need to know you're interested. Again, if you can't follow directions, simply don't submit an email. From there we have some questions that we'll have to answer back and forth. You'll have to be willing to get very real and vulnerable in the moment with where you're truly at versus where you want to truly arrive. If at any point during that situation, you're not willing to be as vulnerable where you want to truly arrive. If at any point during that situation you're not willing to be as vulnerable as you need to be. If I know that you're fucking lying you're out. That simple. You see in a previous podcast I've announced or stated that you have to eventually announce your greatness and I now have handfuls of clients that have changed their life for the better that have paid me a fair amount of money. I realize the fact that I'm able to change your life, the same way I change my own. So nothing I'm going to train you on is theory. It's all practically obligated in my life. It all's the way I live every day. I live at such a stream high level. I don't expect you to actually be able to keep up, but if you can gather 80% of how I live, your life will make massive changes. But in that, now we get to the one of seven, because obviously more than seven of you of going to email in. Admittedly, I open this up to my social media following, and I'm up to 47 people in less than 24 hours from one simple post only on Instagram asking if you are one of seven. I think in this moment it makes sense to actually read that exact post.

Do you feel like youre alone? (12:15)

Only to make sure that you could be a qualified fit. The post reads, do you feel like you are alone? Like no one could possibly understand what you're going through? Do you feel like your body isn't serving you the way that it should be? Maybe you feel like you have no connection to a higher power or even questioning his existence. Perhaps you feel like your spouse, significant other, or the person that's most important to you isn't into you, like there's something that's just quote-unquote off. Like the fire that was there is no longer. Or maybe like so many you're just simply not producing at the level you know you're capable of. At least not like you once did. Are all these feelings being pushed down inside by the fear that you have? The fear that almost consumes you, the fear that no one can understand possibly where you're at, the fear that no one gets you. That fear, the same fear, wrapped in all the emotions and sedations that surround it were my exact life. I get it. I know how it feels to swallow your tongue, to grin and bear it, to put on the happy face until everybody you're quote-unquote fine. Those words I am fine used to melt my soul as all I ever wanted is to find someone I could talk to and confide in to present me an opportunity to be more. Someone I could share my feelings with, someone that could show me a path of possibility out of the pit of despair that I was presently living in. I needed a life raft. I was drowning. Drowning my fears, drowning in my worries, drowning in my sedation. Porn, alcohol, drugs, lies, were all part of the game. They all kept me numb from the reality of my current situation. They kept me just calm enough to make it through my day. To keep that fake smile on my face and forge forward in the face of sheer internal terror. Does this sound familiar? Sound like you're a life that you're ashamed to admit you're living? Does it sound like the life? Does it sound like you're a life that you're ashamed to admit your living? Does it sound like the life that guilt has forbid you from acknowledging you currently reside in? If it does, I have a path. I have a path for exactly seven of you. A path you that lead you in a direction that creates power, passion, purpose, and prosperity from exactly where you sit today. I have a path for exactly seven of you. A path you that leads you in a direction that creates power, passion, purpose, and prosperity from exactly where you sit today. I have a path for seven of you that leads to more success, more sex, more fulfillment than you ever physically thought possible. But it takes one simple action for you to be considered. Once the seven seats are filled filled there will be no more. Email Ryan at GSD Media Group.com with the subject line one of seven. And that's the post. Out of the 47 that applied three of you got it right. Actually it's 48 as I just look at my phone. Out of the 47 that applied, three of you got it right. Actually, it's 48 as I just look at my phone. And still, only three got it right. Simply how you do one thing in your life is how you do everything. And if you can't follow directions that are simply stated in a thread on Instagram, how are you showing up in the rest of your life? Where else are you not following the directions that you think you should follow or that don't apply to you? You see these are all questions that I eventually had to get very real with myself about answering. It's our human nature to try to describe why we deserve something when that wasn't what was asked of us. So as you email in and as you submit one of seven in the subject line, I'm going to send you back a questionnaire that you have to get extremely real on. From there, if the questionnaire is filled out with the dedication and diligence that it deserves, we'll schedule a time for a 30 to 45 minute phone call. In that phone call, I'm going to ask you a series of additional questions that are going to determine if we're going to work together or not. This very cliche and coy marketing of only taking seven people is not cliche or coy in this situation. You see if I'm going to dedicate an hour and a half to two hours a week of my personal time on the phone to you and your success, I can't do that across 40 or 50 people. Between the 14 hours of time we'll work on the phone, coupled with the fact of additional after call work for me and for you, this is the full-time job in itself. And it's something I take very seriously. It's something I take very seriously because I know if you give half as much of a shit about me as I do about you, you'll have double success you've ever seen before. Same way that I have. ........ have. But again, it's going to take action from you. It's going to take you being extremely real with where you're at and very, very raw with how the feelings are. It's eventually going to take you being ruthlessly committed to holding yourself to a higher standard. Before all that, when it gets done, you'll be one of an additional seven that are available for a case study. Something that I go into the first quarter of next year that I can share with the world just how impactful our time together has been.

If youre in pain (17:48)

And for that, make no mistake, I'm going to compensate you for your time. Because again, time is the one currency that I can't make more of. Unless one of you out there knows how to manufacture more time, it's the only thing that I can't physically go out and grow more. So that being said, wrapping up this episode a little bit differently, if your body is not functioning the way that you want it to, if you wake up with soreness in your body, overweight, out of shape, ashamed of how you look with your shirt off, this opportunity is for you. If you wake up and you have no idea who God is, what he is, what he means to you or how to connect to him, this is for you. If you wake up wishing you had a relationship that was on fire, where you had intimacy, connection, sex, and just a true partnership, this opportunity is for you. And if you're one of those individuals that wants to perform at a level that puts more money in your bank account every month than you previously thought possible, this opportunity is for you.

Prosperity And Attraction

If you want to Attract More Prosperity (18:53)

So for the seven of you that wind up working with me, what I can assure you is every day, I'll hold you accountable to getting shit done. You're going to.

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