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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. 14 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today is a book review episode of The 3-Minute Mindset by Trevor Bussier. I don't have any idea how to spell his last name, so Trevor, I apologize. It's B-U-C-C-I-E-R-I. Nonetheless, The 3-Minute Mindset is a book that will change your mindset and transform your life in just three minutes a day.

Overall The Inner Strength Behind The Book

Admittedly (00:44)

Admittedly, this was a book that no one had recommended to me. It was served at the bottom of Amazon as I was adding stuff to my cart saying other books you might be interested in. I didn't have a massively impactful idea from somebody else of what this book would ultimately be. As I'm sharing this with you, I also must put a little asterisk by it. That asterisk is the fact that I haven't enjoyed doing book reviews lately. That whole 90-day challenge episode that I came up with, and if you haven't heard that, go back to it. Because I'm reading all these books, so much has just sounded the exact same to me. Not that any author is bad, not that any motivational or business development or marketing book is a copy of one another. It's just like, how much content can I consume without ultimately just regurgitating the same thing said by a different person? Which, hey, that's not necessarily bad, like the refresher course. So what I've done to recalibrate is I've spent my mornings reading and doing work inside my metaphysics and quantum physics PhD requirements. Where there's, you know, modules every day and training every morning. And it's just completely shifted the way that I view everything from meditation to manifestation to God and spiritual oneness and higher consciousness. It's this really deep rabbit hole I'm going down because I love it. But in that, those book reviews, if you will, every Sunday would probably be a little heavy to start with. And maybe it's time for me to start sharing what I'm learning. But in this moment, I'm going back to old books that I've read or books that I've read parts of or whatever it would be. And I'm sharing with you the impactful pieces and parts of them. And that's what the three-minute mindset is. This is a book as I walk into the office today, Kurt looks at me and says, man, you got to do book reviews today. We don't have any book review content. And I literally said to him yesterday, I'd bring books in a day. There's just some subconscious block of, like, why I'm not bringing in books. And I shared with him, I think a lot of it's because I just don't enjoy this right now. Which is super crazy. Like, to say that out loud. Like, I just don't love reviewing books. What's even more unique is on the backside of me not enjoying it, what's ended up happening is more of you have reached out looking for book recommendations. So energetically, I'm torn of like, okay, my voice is telling me just scrap the book reviews. Let's just do normal episodes. But you are looking for more input on how to gain knowledge from different books. So I guess it's the whole self-serving versus serving others. Again, I complete metaphysics and quantum physics rabbit hole that I'm walking us all down, and not intentionally. I just have prided myself on this podcast not being filled with a bunch of bullshit. And a lot of, like, going into too many book reviews feels a little bit like bullshit. Like, this book that I'm holding in front of my, in my hands right now, I've read the first, like, in my hands right now, I've read the first like 22 days worth. Okay. Well, 22 is not a whole book. Like I'm flipping through it as I'm literally just rambling on right now to try to see how many days are in day 30. So it's, you know, the 30 day guide and I'm 20 days in. So I haven't even completed this book, but I know we need content. I want to share with you because there are impactful things here. Again, Trevor, if you ever come across this or this gets forwarded to you or somebody talks to you about it, your book's great. Like the three minute mindset is a phenomenal way to raise your consciousness and awareness every morning. Like it truly is an action guide that you can do in three minutes. Like it truly is an action guide that you can do in three minutes. If I take down the, I'll just read through a little part of it. Day one ends up being essentially excuses, throw them out. And so he gives you something to learn and covers really good font, you know, 12 point double spaced action items as to how to throw out those excuses. He gives a nice quote of not managing your time and making excuses are two bad habits. Don't put them both together by claiming you don't have time. So there's third-party validation there. Then he jumps into what he's teaching you isn't really power unless you apply it. Knowledge isn't really power. Then choices that would go around that same topic. And the coolest part about this is there's actually like a little one-page homework assignment where you take your actions, benefits, and accountability and you cross over like the excuses, the knowledge, and the choices that are associated with them, which is awesome. Like how many books have you read where you're encouraged to draw on them and like share what goes on. Day three is gratitude, the greatest gift. Like how great is it to start your day with some recognition and appreciation? Like he's got a quote from Jim Roman here. Learn to be thankful for what you have while pursuing all that you want. Like the book is super legitimate, really easy read. Like the three minutes is really a three minutes. Like on leadership, on a little bit of everything, mindset, growth versus fixed, hope, what that means. And literally looking on the back, it's got a nice family, two sons, a wife. Like the book is great. You know, what I'm finding is though this book, like so many other books are just all the same stuff. It's this really trippy place to go down. It's like, I love to read. I truly love it. But as I look at Wake Up Warrior and the doctrine that I live my life by, and how many pieces and parts are in this book that are also Wake Up Warrior things? Really all of them. Now I'm not saying that Trevor came up with it first, or Garrett J. White, or I don't know where this stuff came from, but I've heard it from now two different people. And realistically, a lot of the principles in both the books are derived or crossover with Dr. Joe Dispenza's book, Becoming Supernatural. We started talking about meditation and all that stuff. And it's just all these books have these overlapping principles. Where I used to think it was crazy when people would come in online, like stop reading and start going out and doing. But after reading a book a week for the past, gosh, at least 18 months, there's only so much that I can share. Like I've got books right now on coaching. That'll be the next book review that I'll do. And I've read this coaching book three or four times. I don't know how relevant it's going to be, but it's something I read that I have value in that's different content for me. It's just not the same stuff. You know, the way The Peaceful Warrior that I reviewed was a different review because it was a fiction book, which I don't typically read. A lot of this stuff, if you scroll through your social media and people are recommending books, I would say buy them.

way The Peaceful Warrior (07:53)

No one's going to recommend a shitty book. Like no one's going to recommend a shitty book. There's only one or two books that I've read that are so deep and so convoluted that they are not enjoyable to read until you have the mindset and capacity to digest what is being presented to you. Admittedly, in my entire, like I've got this massive bookshelf in my house. The only books that are that deep and miserable are the metaphysics and quantum physics books because I didn't have the capacity from the groundwork. So like I was trying to read PhD level books and only had at best maybe a bachelor's degree in understanding.

Great Wisdom (08:32)

So I've went on a tangent on this episode. Like the three minute mindset, super legitimate book. Like literally I think on Amazon it was like a $6 book, $8 book. I'd recommend it. If you're someone that doesn't like to read, like don't want to spend hours pouring over a book, you could literally in 30 days get enough pearls of wisdom to start to apply to your life that you can start to make an impactful change. But going all the way back to past episodes that I've discussed, if you're not willing to actually implement what you read, what the fuck is the point?

What One Must Do with Great Knowledge (08:55)

Don't read a book because somebody that you listen to says, oh, this is a great book to read. I've got a couple hundred books, maybe a thousand books. I have no idea how many books I have.

Best Books (09:13)

And I've read most of them, not all of them. Any given point, reach out to me and ask me what books you recommend. I probably get that question right now from you, I'll say five times a week. Maybe more, maybe less. Well, how am I supposed to answer that question? Like I don't know what you're into. I don't know what you're searching for. If you're searching to just have a conversation with me, then strike up a conversation with me. If you don't know what books, like what marketing books would you recommend? What mindset books? What books to overcome limiting behaviors? What books to help me propel my business? What leadership books? Which public speaking books? Which metaphysics books? Give me a genre to go down and what you're seeking so I can help shine the light on it for you. But a book like The Three Minute Mindset is a great broad brush stroke over all of it, at least in the 20 days that I've read.

Episode Description (10:02)

So this just feels like a super strange episode. Like I got Kurt sitting across from me laughing right now. Might get a little background noise on that. But man, it's just, having this podcast is not all sunshine and roses. Like I built this system that we're supposed to follow, you know, interviews with a guest on Thursday, interviews with my wife on Saturday, book reviews on Sunday. I am not in a reading mindset right now. So it's super feel super forced, which one of the coolest things in the world is being able to take my podcast that I slash we create and just share whatever the hell I want to. Not fucking like I'm, I've, I have stopped fucking lying a long time ago and I'm not lying to you right now.

Living or Dying? (10:59)

This is a super weird place to be in, not knowing what to share about books. So if you made it to this weird part of the episode, drop me an email or a direct message on social media. Don't care where it's at. If you'd like to continue a book review a week or not, is there another topic you'd like me to cover as like a sequential order? Is it better just to turn out the normal content, the 15 minute episodes, the daily impactful lessons? Because even in those I shared with Kurt as we're walking down the stairs yesterday, getting ready to leave the office, I'm going to start running out of content and not so much like just not new content, which goes back to the 90 day challenge episode. I love you listening. Truly honored by the fact you spend time with me. But if you're like on day 120 and you're still listening to this, it's going to get repetitive. Because there's only so many lessons, there's only so many things I can teach.

Business Growth (11:56)

So I can share with you like how to be a better person, maybe I can go down the business route more. I feel like there's so many people hawking business stuff right now, which are brilliant individuals. I'm not knocking them, but I'm never going to be Gary Vaynerchuk. I don't have VaynerMedia. I don't have aspirations of buying the Jets. I'm not going to be Andy Frisella. I don't have a multiple hundred million dollar supplement business, and I don't admittedly really want to. Not going to be Ed Milet with a great insurance practice and all the things that go into that. Not going to be Ryan Steumann with his hardcore closer. And those are phenomenal business podcasts to listen to that will completely shift your mind as it pertains to business. They've all created that business that they can share that from. But I believe from where I sit that life is a lot more than just business. Like I was so consumed with the hustle and the grind of making money that I forgot the fact that there's other parts of life that have to also level up. It's going to sound crazy to you, but I think you probably know what they are. At least if you've listened to any episode before. You've got to level up your body, your being, and your balance.

Balance (13:04)

Because eventually the business side, great, so you have this Lamborghini and you have the private jet. Maybe you own the jets yourself, but if you don't have balance in your life and aren't truly happy with all the other parts of your 24-hour day, life kind of sucks. You've been there before. And again, not saying that Gary V's life sucks. I look forward to interviewing on the podcast one day because that will happen. I'm sure we'll have a spirited debate on the whole hustle grind, flipping stuff from Amazon, not knocking it. You do have to hustle your ass off to become successful. I'm sure that is somewhere in this three minute mindset book. I'm sure there's a hustle chapter in here. It's not in the first 20 days. Maybe it's in day 27.

Types Of Skills

Skill Sets (13:48)

Either way, if you're looking for a quick action guide to better your life, I can say so far that Trevor's book, The Three-Minute Mindset, is something I would pick up and read. It's something that I should probably read every day for just that three minutes. And with that, I'll encourage you to go out and get shit done. you

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