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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Nidell, who's I'm Ryan. I'm Ryan Nidell, host of 15 minutes to freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. In today's episode, we're going to cover how to make an extra $40,000. Now many of you that are longtime listeners remember an episode that I launched that said somewhere in passing, that there were these ways that Lindsey and I had to just kind of make an extra 40 grand and I got a pretty impressive response impressive at the fact of there were many of you that were either in transitional jobs or unhappy with the money you make now and you're just like how is that actually possible like how do you just make an extra 40 grand? Well I figured that today is no better day than today to share how that actually works. So in this sharing, I'll just preface it on the front side, you're not going to like my answer. Like it's crazy. We as a society are accustomed to looking for this quick fix button. Like, we want the diet pill that's going to magically shred the fat that we've accumulated over the past 20 years. are accustomed to looking for this quick fix button. Like we want the diet pill that's going to magically shred the fat that we've accumulated over the past 20 years of eating like an asshole. We want the magic pill we can take or, you know, the pain pill to sedate us from the pain we're feeling from some dumbass decision we made. We want the magic relationship guide to have us be more on fire with our partner, have more sex or whatever the things are. There is no magic pill. There is no magic button. There isn't some money button we're gonna press together right now. Or there is some cold hard facts and some mathematics. So let's start by, just as I look at the coaching world, you can't understand where you're going to get to if you don't know where you're starting from. So right now as I look at it, there's 365 days in every year. Plus or minus give or take, actually not at all. There's just always 365 days. So in that you'd have to make $109.58 a day to make an extra 40 grand a year. So what are all the different ways you could make essentially an extra $110 a day? And I'm going to rattle off some of the quick things that just come to my mind. Some of these we've done before, Lindenine, some of them we haven't. I just know that they work. You see, we get all trapped in our head of looking for the magic money button instead of just doing the fucking work. Like right now, all of us have some sort of dwelling. If you're listening to this, odds are you have some sort of roof over your head. Statistically. If you're honest with yourself and you look around your house about what you actually use every day. Like I'm the quintessential worst shopping guy ever when it comes to shoes. Like I literally have a whole room in our house which just boxes and boxes of tennis shoes where at any given point I can only wear one pair of tennis shoes. I don't know how to wear more than one pair. Do I need all these pairs of tennis shoes? No. Did I think I did when I bought them? Absolutely. Now what's the market for use tennis shoes you might ask? I have no idea, but I have three places I could check it out. There are sneaker exchange sites like Stock X and Sneaker Freaks and all these other sources where you can take your used shoes, clean them up, take pictures and post them. Other people are looking for those same shoes. We'll seek them out and buy them. Now, of course, that's more for us, quote unquote, sneaker heads. What if you're just a normal person, like with normal shoes? Not like limited- edition Jordan's. Well, there's Facebook marketplace, which is super easy, not expensive. There's eBay. Should there's even Craigslist? I say, well, all right, that's not really making much money, right? Well, no, you don't have to make much money, you have to make $110 a day. And so maybe you're like me and you got 20 pairs of shoes sitting around, and let's just say the shoes only sell for 20 bucks apiece. Well, and that's a pretty quick way to make 400 bucks. You've got almost four days worth of income covered. Just in the shoes you might have laying around your house. Don't even get me started then on the clothing, the jewelry, the knickknacks, the tools that are in your garage, you're never gonna use, the old bicycle that's sitting in the corner. Like, there's all these things that we have that we've hoarded. I'm guilty. Where we have this weird emotional tie to some sort of time period in life where we're able to buy, for me, the Rolex watch, the Oddmar Peg or whatever it is. Like I've got this emotional, like, man, I don't want to sell that because I remember that I bought it here or there. But there's actual money in that stuff. There's money that could help you make that extra 40 grand and of course there's the opposite side of this like okay well that's not really making money right that's just getting back money that I've already spent.

Earning And Growing With Different Methods

An action packed episode (05:13)

Cool I'm with you. I'll agree with that. Let's say you don't want to sell anything that you have. There are a phenomenal amount of ways now to use your services and knowledge as a freelancer. Like if you're good at writing content, you say, I don't really know what content is. If you type well and you have good stuff to say and you can use the English language, much better than I just did, you can start to write content for blogs or for social media posts or for any number of things through sites like E-Lance or Upwork, one in the same now. If you don't know what those are, go check them out. You can look at your graphic designer, if you're a computer programmer, if you're an artist that you're a computer programmer, if you're an artist that knows how to doodle like there is a way to position your services that you can make some extra money on the side maybe we're good with audio video stuff maybe you can audit you know edit my podcast maybe not mine but a podcast but you have to be open to the possibility of doing some stuff that's not all that fun like you're gonna work your nine to five and unfortunately the Gary Veeve methodology like you need six hours of sleep.

Make money on the side (06:09)

So let's even call it five. So nine to five, we'll just call it ten. You have really like another 11 hours to do some stuff in and you got to eat and do all the other stuff. So let's say you got another six hours. They say, man, I don't really want to do that stuff. That sounds hard. Yeah, it's 40 grand. Like there's a lot of people on the planet right now that don't make $40,000 a year period. It should be hard. I live in a pretty decent neighborhood. I know I would gladly pay them. I pay people now so I would gladly pay them I pay people 25 or 30 bucks a week to mow my yard. Like man I don't I don't definitely don't want to mow yards well okay how bad do you want your 40 grand? What is your pride too high to get on a lawn mower and go mow? Like if you're that you're that desperate for the 40 grand like that's a number that's gonna give you're that desperate for the 40 grand like that's that's a number that's going to give your family stability and allow you to eventually go chase your dreams like why are you bullshitting yourself that you're not able to go make the extra 40 grand? I don't I don't I don't I'm not I'm a woman I don't know I don't know I'm a you know I don't know Could you answer the phone? I think about all the bullshit stories you told yourself why you can't make 40,000 bucks. It's really because you're putting too much time, you're putting money in our time in front of money. Now this is not a sustainable lifestyle. You certainly can't work a full-time job forever and then also work a secondary full-time job to stack up your cash. But if you're in need of income that's a great way to do it. MLMs with social media. I don't really care about all the people that hate on an MLM. Lindsay made great money with Rodin and Fields, skin care. I'm thinking about it, she's playing up to her audience. My wife is attractive, she has good skin she has long eyelashes. Some of that of course got better with the use of Rodin and Fields products. But she would have had a lot of that had she never used a Rodin Field's product. So if you don't want to get people in your downline, you don't want to beg other people to sell stuff with you, I get that. Go find a product or service that you believe in and figure how to market to other people, have them buy it from you and you get paid on it.

Sell Your Skin Care Products (08:46)

They're just able to make another two or three grand every month just by posting on social media and selling their skin care products. Now it didn't happen overnight, like it's not like you post one time and magically there's a money button you press and your bank account fills up. Two or three months a day for two or three months at a time. She outlasted the suck. No different than if you wanted to go mow yards. Like you're not going to just be able to grab your lawnmower and to start mow in people's yards. You're going to have to do a little work on the front side. I have a buddy Rezee Reselles. It's actually featured on Gary Instagram. R-E-E-Z-Y, underscore, Resells. It's actually a feature on Gary Vanercheck's show. That he literally, there's an app you can get for your phone that you can walk in any dollar store, any store anywhere, but you can scan a barcode and see all the products that have sold recently on Amazon and for what price point. They will actually automatically then post it on Amazon if you buy it so you can walk up like walk up and down these Iles scan bar codes. See all right there's a stack full of books all the same author all the same title all the same everything. They sell on Amazon for whatever reason for ten dollars a piece and I can buy them for two. And they're selling at a run rate of three a day. Well I mean it's sure it's only eight bucks right it's only eight bucks right it's only eight dollars but if you sell ten a day it's 80 bucks a day like you're almost two year 40,000 dollars if you do it long enough. If I'm watching anything you have to be diligent, like you have to keep going with this stuff. So let's see, we've covered MLMs.

Those of you don't know that is multi-level marketing companies, where you don't physically own a company, you're paid to promote somebody else's. And in theory you're supposed to give people underneath you, like I'll call it down line that you get paid when they sell as well, but let's say you don't want to do that, you don't want to sell a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a product, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down line, find a down a product find a product like I can't say that first form the supplement company if you're into fitness nutrition I can't say they will have you but you can reach out to almost any sub-men manufacture in the country and ask them to become an affiliate you want to be affiliated with their brand and if your social media looks the right way and you're not a complete degenerate and you seem like you might fit their corporate edict. They'll probably give you a link that every time someone buys something from you you get paid a small percentage of that dollar. So let's see you could be posting a couple times a day on social media about a summent product, summin or product that you're taking. You could then grab a couple lawns, mome in your neighborhood. You could clean a couple houses, clean a couple cars. In the meantime on the weekend when you don't have to go to your regular job you could go to dollar general stores or whatever the inexpensive stores are. Take your barcode scanner out from your phone, scan products, throw them up on Amazon, make some money that way. When none of those things are going on, you could freelance on the side, write content, do graphic design work. Whatever the things are that you know how to do. Like, if you started stacking these up on top of each other, sure, some days you not going to be any feast to be had. You're not going to make any money. It's going to be raining out. You can't mow yards. You can't be tired. You can't write content.

Purchase from Dollar Stores (12:06)

You didn't want to take your scanner out and go to a store and scan stuff. Nobody bought it if you did. Those days are going to happen. But there's also going to be the days you make a thousand bucks, which was so crazy to me. All the people you're listening right now and you need to make a paycheck right? Like you need to. We all have bills. And you're working a job that's a $35,000 your job and I'm not knocking that job but you're going in somewhere and you're punching the clock for somebody else. And for that you're making $35 grand a year. So that you're making 35 grand a year. So basically you're making $95 a day. I would implore you to figure out how quickly you can make $95 a day outside of work. Do it for a couple weeks in a row, maybe a month in a row, and then go quit your job and go do that full time like why are you messing around with that? It's just this other way to look at things. And again we all have our own balance of what's important to us and what the dollar amounts there or maybe maybe there's a high side on the back side of a company for you so I'm not encouraging everybody to quit but it's like so many people reach out of like man I can just really use an extra 40 grand how could you possibly do that keep your eyes open like how many Gary V was great at this like here's a guy that's worth millions and millions and millions of dollars like hundreds of millions of dollars that to prove a point went to yard sales garage sales whatever you call them Looked at tables looked on eBay So what products were selling for bought products from garage sales and turn around and Flip them for a couple hundred dollars profit over the course of a weekend They say right I don't have money I don't have an extra couple hundred bucks Buls shit like for the majority of us you could not have of us, you could not have the extra Starbucks. You could not go out to eat one time. You could cut back here or there. Like, if I looked at anybody's budget, we could help find a couple hundred bucks extra extra, over the course of a month. It might be tough, it might not be fun. But it's all how badly do you want it, like how badly do you want the extra 40 grand. If your desire for change outweighs the amount of pain you're willing to withstand for being in the same place, you will eventually shift, you'll make a move. Just have to be ready to do that. So this is that there's no official magic money button, there's no, to me, I'm a computer guy. I love affiliate marketing.

Implement and Share Your Email List (14:51)

I love growing an email list. Getting people to share their email with me, then eventually being able to offer them relatable products and services that every time somebody buys it, I make a couple of a couple of cents on the dollar. That's a couple of a couple of a couple of on the dollar. That's a super easy way for me to slowly make a couple extra bucks every month. It's not big money, but over a course of time it becomes big. And big is very relevant to everybody that's listening. For me, maybe an extra two or three grand a month, not big money. But to you, it could completely get you to retire from your job. Like it's wild to me. Truly wild. So what, that this would be a little different. I don't have some you know fancy way to wrap up the episode. This has all been about tactical practical applications of how to actually earn some extra cash. You think everywhere around you people are needing a service. All you have to do is offer it to them. I'm sure you'd even know why I go back to my custom clothing days, had you come to me and said, hey, I want to sell clothing in the night, like in the evening, it's like after work, could you teach me? Sure, let's roll. I would have taught you then. I paid you $20. I paid you $20. Who would have, like sell $1, $2 a $ Or how many hundred dollar dress shirts can you sell to make 20 bucks? Could you go out and sell five a day? I don't know, only you do. But it's endless. The stories that we tell ourselves are also endless. Those are the stories that make it so we can't ever get to where we want to get to. You're not good enough. You're not smart enough time. You don't have the right look, you don't have the right connections. Like bullshit with social media, we all have the right connections. Be a good person, give a fuck about people, ask enough questions, add value and benefit, and if you see somebody that looks like they're making it, that looks like they're making a couple extra bucks, if you do that for long enough, then eventually ask them like, how are you doing this? They'll probably tell you. It's just the way this works. And with that, I hope that all of you make an extra 40 grand this year, so you're all able to go out and get shit done.

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