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Video Introduction

Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you're listening to this episode.

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Drop me an email at ryan at gsdmediagroup.com. Say hello, give me some ideas for some new content, or tell me you hate it. Don't really care, just love to hear from you. Today's episode is it's going to take longer than you think. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you an impactful lesson that has been a consistency in my past week and how to invent in your own life.

Insights On Personal Growth And Prosperity

Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. I would absolutely love to hear from you if you're listening to this episode.

Intro (00:26)

Drop me an email at ryan at gsdmediagroup.com. Say hello, give me some ideas for some new content, or tell me you hate it. Don't really care, just love to hear from you. Today's episode is it's going to take longer than you think. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you an impactful lesson that has been a consistency in my past week and how to invent in your own life.

Its Going To Take Longer Than You Think (00:44)

So as I sit here at the end of the day on a Wednesday at give or take 8 p.m., still having videos to shoot, still having all these things to do, I'm realizing I'm just not able to get as much stuff done every day as I want. I set up a plan and I follow the plan to the best of my ability. Calls sometimes run a little long. I sometimes don't stick to the schedule like I want to. They're just things that change, right? I mean, it's life. It's not perfect. There is no perfect equation, at least when it comes to managing your day. And sure, we can hold time blocks and we can honor our commitments to ourselves and to others and we can do the best job we can. But sometimes that shit's just not going to work. And in that, I've had so many phone calls in the past three days that my head is spinning a little bit. Like I'm in here recording content because now is the first time that I really have a chance to, which is a blessing. Like I love it. One of the consistent messages that's coming to me through my phone conversations, those phone conversations ultimately based around having some of you become one of seven individuals that I'm willing to spend the next 12 to 14 weeks mentoring, coaching, coming up with systems and processes to optimize your life. As I'm going through this process, there's an underlying message that just keeps creeping up. Because I say, everybody, why? Like, why me? Why now? Like, what about me and my message is so impactful with all the coaches in the world, with all the mentors, with all the software that exists, with all the books you can read? Like, why do you want to work with me? And the answer for many people ends up being this. Something along the lines of, Ryan, you just, like, I've listened to the podcast, I've listened to your message, and you just make it sound like it's so easy.

Why Me? (02:37)

Like, it seems like in such a short period of time, you just changed your life. I want that. I want what you have created. And while I'm flattered with that message, and while it means that I'm doing a great job of telling stories on the microphone, it means I'm doing a shitty job of relaying what this really takes. And this is not even a metaphor. This is just something that carries on into every aspect of life. So this path of personal development, self-exploration, personal growth has taken a long damn time. Like really, as I've shared with you on multiple episodes, but I want to reiterate right now, this started almost five years ago to the day with Lindsay catching me cheating. Like, right, well, how does that start this process? Well, it starts the process because she is the first person that I can remember saying, I see something greater in you that you need to find for yourself. I don't know if I'm going to stick around or not, but you need to know you're better than how you're acting. And so what that was was presenting me with the opportunity that there's a better place to arrive at. Because before, I didn't believe in myself and certainly nobody believed in me. That's five years ago this November. It's not recent. This didn't just happen last week. It didn't happen because I spent some money going to a training. It didn't happen because I bought some software.

Previous Interactions (04:09)

It didn't happen because I read a handful of books. Those were all pieces and parts and catalysts to massive change and exploration. and catalysts to massive change and exploration. So when I really look at it, okay, that starts opening the door so I can see a better future on the other side of the door. Now the door will get slammed shut from time to time because that doubt creeps back in my mind or I'd make another dumb ass decision or I wouldn't follow through on my words. There's these things, these limiting beliefs and self-doubt that would creep in over and over and over again and alter the trajectory and the path of my life. That continued to bounce through the next two years. That brings me up to three years prior to this moment. And then starting in that three-year moment, it's getting pretty close to Christmas time. It's actually right after Thanksgiving. And it's like, what do you want for Christmas? And the idea of personal development and self-growth and self-exploration is now so prevalent in my mind. I'm like, I want some Tony Robbins stuff. Admittedly, I don't have the abundance and the wealth that I have now. And so it's a stretch. Like Tony Robbins DVDs and books and those things when it comes to the packaging are expensive. Like they're a couple hundred bucks.

Christmas (05:28)

At that point, a couple hundred bucks really had massive impact in our lives. But I say it to her. It's what I want. That's what I want for Christmas. If you give me nothing else, that would be incredible. And so I say that after Thanksgiving, and I really don't remember anything in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Inevitably knowing Lindsay, she would have asked multiple times, like, what else do you want? What else do you want? The answer was truly nothing. Not only because I was self-defeating and still beating myself up about bad past behaviors, but also because I truly didn't want anything else. I didn't really need for much. And so I remember opening stuff under the Christmas tree and sitting there with John and Lindsay, and there's one or two packages under the tree. And wouldn't you know, one of the packages was the Tony Robbins. CDs, books, training, everything possible. And so, me being me, I'm an all-or-nothing guy. I don't really know a half speed. It's just not how I'm wired. So in that, I start tearing into the content and I just start digesting it between the audio books and the DVDs and the trainings and this, you know, seminar highlights, name something. It was all part of this package we got or she got me. And in that, like the light bulb started to pop up above my head. I'm like, there's a whole better way to live than I've been living. There is truly an elevated potential inside of me that puts a life to truly start being unrecognizable to what I've ever experienced before. And that starts the path. So I saw the possibility and I started walking down the path. The path to what I'll call the promised land. The path to prosperity. The path to what I'll call the promised land, the path to prosperity, the path to abundance. This is three years ago this November. Well, through that, as many of you know, there's been the twists and turns between Wake Up Warrior and The Black Book and Garrett J.

Committing-to Change (07:11)

White and a book a week for the past almost two years of anything and everything from metaphysics to spirituality to personal development to Jim Rome to, again, more Tony Robbins pieces and parts, like name something and I've consumed it. And not saying there's not more to be had, just the fact that I've went down deep in this rabbit hole. And here I am for the past now certainly 18 months. I'll almost be able to round up and say two years very, very shortly. I have been ruthlessly committed to optimizing every part of my life. Some days I fail. I find power in meditating every day. There's a shitload more days than I'd like to admit where I don't meditate for 30 minutes. That's like my threshold is 30 minutes. There's days where I sleep in a little longer than I should. There's days where I end up reading for longer because there's a bigger message there so I don't meditate for as long because I still have constraints on my day. And so maybe the meditation is 15 minutes versus 30. Maybe it's 10 versus 15. Maybe it's five versus 10. The action still happens because it's important to me. I put personal importance on this. But this path to prosperity and abundance is still not an exactly straight line. It has to be more nimble, but it's a long road. Like I can't even see the end of what this really looks like. And I say that from having now a successful business. Really, it feels strange to say this out loud, but multiple successful businesses. I can feel great in the position I'm in. Family is great. Office is in. Family's great. Office is great. Life is great. Health is good. But it's like I'm nowhere near where I will ultimately want to end up. So this fallacy that somehow I've condensed time down and then in an ultra short period of time, I've become this super elevated man that feels like he has all of his stuff figured out isn't exactly true.

Path-to Prosperity (09:17)

No different than as we, you know, parry that over to boxing. Look, I've been training with a coach almost every day, at least five days a week. I'll even round down and say four because there's some time off since the middle of January. As I record this, it's the end of September. That's a long time. That's a lot of four-day increments, a lot of hours in the gym. Does that mean all of a sudden that I can hop in the ring and box with, let's say, a Mike Tyson? I certainly don't think so. I don't think I've got nearly enough time. I don't have all of boxing figured out. What I do know is the accelerated version of what I was able to achieve by using and hiring a coach Versus trying to handle it alone Because had I just watched YouTube videos or read some books on boxing or went to a boxing gym without a coach and just Peered around and saw what other people were doing. I Would have made some progress Just a fraction of the process and progress I've made with hiring a coach. The unique part about this is it's not some sort of sales ploy to get you to sign up for coaching from somebody. Inevitably, some of you listening want more for your life. I think probably most of you, by the nature of you listening to the podcast, you fall into one of two buckets. One, you're the type of person that drives down the road seeing a car accident on the left-hand side as you're driving on the right-hand side, and you slow down and you rubberneck and you turn to the left and you want to see the car crash.

Why I Am At Prosperity (10:48)

That's what you're waiting for with me. You're waiting for my car to crash. You're waiting for this to implode. You're waiting for the new story of how I messed up yesterday and cheated on my wife or how I quote-unquote relapsed and went back to steroids. You're waiting for the next business failure or the next crazy story. And I might as well break it to you now. This should be the last episode you listen to. Because I've set a sequence of events into place. I've set a process and series of procedures to ensure the fact that those things truly are impossible. It'll never happen again. Then the other group of you listening to this podcast are those that are seeking something more. More is different for every person. More doesn't necessarily mean you want my life. It just means that you feel that something in my messaging, the way my words come out of my mouth, the way I deliver what I've done wrong and the lessons I've found in it, that you are grabbing something from that and hopefully applying it to your life to make it better. If I speak directly to you in this moment, I do encourage you to start seeking out additional help. Why not use somebody else's life lessons and expense to consolidate downtime? I mean, look, across the board in this amount of time, I've spent somewhere between $150,000 and $200,000. I don't care if it's $50,000 to $100,000 on personal development, coaching, training, mindset, methodologies, systems, processes, cycle analyzation, devices, name something because I'm an all or nothing guy. If I've spent all that time, energy, effort, and money on growing this skill set, you have really two choices if you want an outcome like mine.

Why I Am... (12:12)

You can start now, work diligently for three years, go through the same things that I've went through, and eventually end up with a comparable result. However, if you take that path, imagine where I will be in that same three years. The other path you can take is to consolidate down time and find someone, I'll say me in this equation, to share that knowledge and skill set and help you condense time. Those are really how it works. Or remain stagnant, remain doing what you're doing and hoping for a new result, which inherently would be the definition of insanity. Again, not a cheesy quote for coaching. Truly, I don't really care if you ever reach in or not. What I care is the fact that you're honest with the procedures that you're going through right now versus the words that come out of your mouth and the false expectations you might have. Anything worth having is going to take time to achieve. And more importantly, this keeps coming up as one i feel compelled to share it you actually have to start looking at fear differently you have to recalibrate i'm going to encourage you to consider recalibrating how you view fear it gets fearful to pull out your credit card and spend 10 15 20 000 bucks whatever the number could be with coaching with somebody right like oh my god i've never spent that much money. How can this be possible? You're petrified.

Some Materials That Will Help You (13:43)

What happens right on the other side of fear? Let's not make it about coaching at all. Let's make it about jumping out of an airplane. So you know you want to jump out of an airplane. For whatever reason, it's exciting to you. You saw it in a magazine, you saw a skydiving video, you're like, I want to do that, I want to do that. And so you get up the courage, you find the testicular fortitude, maybe you reach out and grab your balls, I don't care how you do it, but you end up at a parachuting place. You're going to learn how to skydive. And you show up and you're excited, right? Like energy's high, everything's good. You're going through the instructions on how to jump out of a plane. You're signing all the waivers, you hop in your suit, you pack this parachute, you know it's good. And then it comes crunch time. Then you hop in the plane and your heart rate starts elevating and your pupils start dilating. Your speech patterns increase. Everything is telling you don't do this. The fear is palpable. You can almost taste it in the air of the plane as you're ascending up to whatever level you're going to die from.

Fear is a thing of the past. (14:41)

And as you get up and that door opens, you're grabbing onto everything like praying to God you don't have to jump, like something's going to change. I don't want to do this anymore. I want out. And so you're turning. You end up at the door. You end up at the door and you're holding on for dear life. You're holding on to both sides. And the instructor's behind you and he's strapped to you because it's your first jump. And you walk up to the door, he's like, are you ready to go? And you're like, no, no, I don't want to go. No, let's turn back. And he's so preconditioned to hearing people say no, he says, all right, let's just count down from three. And he says, three, two, and before, like as two comes out of his mouth, he just jumps out of the plane and you're stuck with him. You're out there. So the fear that you felt on the entire ride up is now over. Because you realize in this moment you have no choice. You're falling into the great void. One of two things is going to happen and both of them are out of your control. As you're descending down to the earth and you're flying at terminal velocity, you physically can't pick up any more speed. The wind's rushing through your hair. Your parachute's either going to open and you're going to land or your parachute's not going to open and you're going to land. One of them ends up with you thumbs up, laughing, smiling, and thanking God that you made it down to Earth and potentially considering it doing again. The other option is you die. You realize that in that moment as you're free-falling to Earth. And so here you are, realizing that inevitably you're going to land. It's more likely that you get eaten by a shark. that inevitably you're going to land. It's more likely that you get eaten by a shark. More deaths happen from shark bites, great white shark bites, than happen from jumping out of a plane. Like it's infinitely less possible to die jumping out of a plane. Until you land and you're excited. You're the guy with the two thumbs up like, God, I want to do this again. Because you realize the greatness that you seek is just on the other side of fear. Like had you been left to your own volition at the doorway of the plane with the wind rushing through your hair, you would have turned around and came back because everything inside of you says don't go forward. But here you are, you jump forward, you jump out, and you realize it's the most magical experience you've had. And now it becomes an addiction of yours. You end up jumping over and over and over again. And you love every minute of yours. You end up jumping over and over and over again. And you love every minute of it. Because the things that you seek, the changes that you wish to make are always just on the other side of the fear that holds you back.

Dont Stay Where You Are. (17:06)

And whether that's fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of ridicule, fear of scarcity, like not having the money. There is always a fear that's going to hold you back or attempt to hold you back from achieving the greatness that you ultimately deserve. But are you ultimately willing to run towards that fear, tackle it head on, realizing that on the other side of fear, you're going to become a better version of yourself, or are you just going to stick to where you're at, remain in the status quo, hope that one day some magic intervention happens and you are forced to become a better person. I know which one I chose. I'm going to run towards the fear. And in running towards the fear, life just gets different. Way different. Like you realize how quickly you're able to take massive leaps in evolution.

Message On Overcoming Fears And Embracing Change

Embrace & Get The Result You Want (18:12)

That the expansion that you ultimately seek, what I truly believe we're all put on this earth to do is expand and become more, more knowledgeable, more powerful, acquire additional wealth, pass on lessons. That expansion becomes easier. But all this stuff takes a shitload of time. There is still no quick fix that I know of. Having one coach for one week or one session is not going to make you the next Dalai Lama. Reading one paragraph or even one full book is not going to make you the next best coach. It's not going to fix all your problems. Going to the gym one day is not going to make you magically lose 45 pounds. It is going to take time, energy, and consistent effort for longer than you ever wanted it to happen for you to achieve the desired results. The only thing you can do to consolidate down the time it takes is find a professional that's already went through the process and knows the loopholes and the ins and outs to accelerate your growth. So in that, where in your life right now could you find that person to help accelerate your growth? Maybe it's in your relationship that you've always wanted a relationship that's on fire. Like you've truly wanted that incredible relationship filled with intimacy and love and honor and respect and sex and all the things that go into a healthy relationship. And you can picture it in your mind, but you don't know how to achieve it in real life. Maybe you should consider seeking out a relationship advisor. They exist. Or maybe it's in the gym. You've either lost some weight, or you want to put on some weight, or whatever in between, and you could read fitness magazines, and go to the gym and ho-hum around, or you could find the trainer that looks exactly how you want to look, and ask him if you could pay him to emulate his success. Maybe it's on the business side of things. Maybe you know you want to start your own business, but you've never had the coach or mentor or guidance to take you from an entrepreneur to an entrepreneur, and you're scared shitless because you don't know how to get there. Or you could simply pay a coach for his advice and his knowledge, and he'd help accelerate the learning curve. Either way, whichever way you plan on getting to your desired destination, I can assure you it's going to take you longer to quote-unquote arrive than you ever planned on. But when you can accept that in the back of your mind and realize that every day is a step in a positive direction, that you're in the process of progress, you'll find out that every day you get shit done.

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