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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Nidell, I'm Ryan Nidell, host of the 15 minutes to freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today's episode is entitled Your Own Personal Jesus. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the content.

Discussion On Religion, Faith, And Personal Beliefs

What is Religion? (00:29)

So today I want to share with you why you actually have divine scripture at your fingertips, and then how to deploy it to make impactful changes for generations to come. So this topic of religion is unique. And then how to deploy it to make impactful changes for generations to come. So this topic of religion is unique. Like I'm just about all the way through my one of seven interviews as I record this episode and thank you so much for all of you that have committed to try to be part of something bigger or better or move your life in a direction that maybe you didn't think was possible. I'm truly honored that I've got to spend hours, like literally hours of time with you. But in saying that I see so many people are wanting to move forward and I get to the you know as I talk about the four dimensional lifestyle that body being balanced in business something that was brought into my life by a gentleman named Garrett J. white founder of wake-up warrior. Admittedly. I have my own coaching I've had my own stuff for a while, but I still send everybody, take a look at the Kingskit.com, or wake-up Warrior. com if you want more information on that. But nonetheless, as I'm going through this four-dimensional questionnaire, because I want to get truly engaged with where you're at, we get over to the being quadrant, and it's like this deafening silence. Like what is being? How do you define a spiritual connection? Right, I mean, what about yourself? Have you ever asked? What is God? What is a spiritual connection? What am I really doing? Is there a greater purpose? Is there a higher being? I think about this. You go through your entire life, let's assume for this conversation that you're a Christian don't care what denomination. And you're essential of your entire life here on earth from the way that I view this for the hope and prayer of something happening in an afterlife that is better than here. Like that's what you're doing. And I commend you for that. I'm not saying that is right or wrong. I'm saying that serves you. That's wonderful. That's literally as I used a word preach, I used to that's right or wrong I'm saying that serves you that's wonderful that's that's a little as I used a word preach that's what I preach like there is no right and wrong so much as what serves you and what does not serve you that alone and just applying that to your daily decision-making will create massive shifts and how you operate let's cast that aside for a second. As I'm going through these interviews, we get to the being side of things and people don't know what spiritual connections really are. They don't know how to define it. Sure, I've had a handful of you said, you know, I reconvicted or I've re-pled my Christianity, I'm massively involved in church, I know what my religion is. There were handful. Literally 20%. The other 80% said, I don't really know. I just don't know what it is. I'd like to have a connection with a higher power, but I don't know how to make that happen. How do I know that something is real that I can't see? The more unique part of all these conversations is almost everyone that has said they are not a devote religious sector, were forced into religion at a young age by someone either in their family or extended family. What do I mean by that? Just had a call with a gentleman before this podcast, who his grandmother was an incredibly devout Catholic, and she forced the family to go to church every Sunday. Had to go to Mass every Sunday. And a couple times in the middle of the week, a couple times on a week, a couple times on Wednesday. And that was enough of an impact on how forced he felt to go that as an adult man he decided, I don't want to be part of organized religion anymore. It didn't serve me. I don't like it. And the unique part about that is that actually created a shame and guilt feedback loop, as I refer to it. Because now part of his family or extended family, he feels like they're casting judgment on him for not being a part of their religion. Crazy to think about it, right? Like really, religion at its base would be to love everybody equally. But yet you cast shame and doubt on someone that doesn't back up your belief system, which inherently would be the opposite of the religion that you're saying you believe in. I'll digress. I don't want to make this all there's just these things that stack up for everybody where again I'm sharing some of the nuances of these conversations which are eye-opening in their own right. But it got me thinking and I got me thinking based off of conversations I'd actually had with Garrett, founder of Voiccup Warrior. And they weren't all direct conversations. I mean, I don't want to misconstrued the fact of how close him and I are or are not. We certainly are not bosom buddies. We're not texting each other. We're not hopping on the phone calls with each other.

Jesus/I Am Square Theory (05:14)

But in the presence of one of them, we've had several in-depth conversations. And in one of those was based around this frame of religion. And specifically Jesus, poor God, Christ. Let's just lump them all together for just this moment, will we? I know, for some of you that's going to be very difficult. Just work with me here for a second. So in this, we hold the Bible in our hand, right? I mean, at some point, while I think most of us have had our own version of a Bible or Quran of whatever your methodology is you've held in your hand and you've accepted the fact that that is someone else's transcription of life events where there's you know the recollection the recount of what Jesus himself did or God or Christ or or Moses or Mohammed or whatever the things could possibly be. Again, I will fully say that this is going to be a polarizing episode. I am not incredibly well versed as it pertains to religion, but yet I have something impactful to share. This book has been passed down from generation to generation to like thousands upon thousands of years right? Like here's the Bible and this is what you're supposed to believe. Great, let's just say that is what you believe. Let's assume the fact that all the different translations and the telephone game that would have been played over that long of a period of time didn't happen. I mean, what about yourself right now if you walked into your office or place a business and you sat down with one person on one another room or in a cubicle and said, just tell them something, tell them a simple story and then asked them to pass it down through ten people. I will guarantee that that story alone in an hour's period will not be the same by the time it gets to the end. But let's assume somehow that that's not the case in the religious world. Let's say it was spot on 100% even during translation times from language to language. We still have to then accept the fact that it was written as a depiction or a description of a man's life. Which we now pick up and hold is one of the most impactful things we can study or look at, right? I mean, a lot of you listening right now, your life is guided off of what one of these books say. It's incredible. Good for you. Seriously, that's not kind of saying that's, if it serves you, I'm happy you're running with it. For me, that I didn't end up serving me. I had too many questions, too many unknowns, which is ironic in its own sense as I'm going on the path of metaphysics and quantum physics, some of the study of the unknown, so again I fully understand I have a cognitive bias. I have a bias based off what I read, study and believe. So I'm aware of that I'm aware of that as I'm having this conversation. But if this scripture that we read that we hold so near and dear to our heart is nothing more than the words that were written down from another man, why then wouldn't you also write down your own words? I think by that for a second, like I'm a man, obviously. And journaling or sharing your feelings or thoughts was almost deemed blasphemy in my household. Like as a man you don't share your feelings. As a man you certainly don't really share your thoughts openly too much. Those are things you sequester, those are things you life events and the traumatic things that happened and the lessons you learn from them, you simply jotted down every morning in a journal? And not when it was convenient, not when it made sense to you, not when you got around to it, but you made it a habit to do it every day. Every day. Seven days a week...... Every day. Seven days a week. For 70 years. Some of you right now are thinking like 70 years. I can't see seven minutes in front of me, let on 70 years. I get it. I've been there. But just imagine, if you will, that you were able to follow this through for 70 years. And you had book after book, journal after journal depicting your life. Now I'm certainly not comparing you to the power of Jesus or Christ or whatever you'd want to say. Although little metaphysics nuance for you that I feel obligated to slip in, if in the studies and the readings in the Bible that I have read through my metaphysics training, through my coursework, into my doctoral study, there's multiple places where it is reference in the Bible that we are here to do better than Jesus or God has done before us. And that we are all cut from the same cloth. So by the nature of that, if you start to believe that your prayer system, like the Christians that I know, the people that believe that that strictly in that religion, when they pray it's they're praying to a higher power, and they're hoping that this higher power fulfills their desire. Right, that's the way that I looked at prayer as a Baptist. When you switch that to a metaphysics conversation, what is happening with that prayer treatment as it would be called, is that you look at you and Jesus Christ as one in the same, that he is in you and you are in him, so that would make you in some capacity equal. So that when God fulfilled Jesus's prayers, then also by the nature of that, your prayers would already be getting fulfilled because you knew it was divine, you knew that it was coming. Like that's some of the difference in the study or the methodology has had many questions on like what is metaphysics what's this connection to higher power what's meditation what's it all for Like, there's so many idiosyncrasies between organized religion and metaphysics that all it's done for me is cast light on things that I had questions on like, inherently the way my mind worked I couldn't I couldn't get my head wrapped around like how am I gonna pray to this person that I'm never gonna meet and hope he fulfills my answer why is he gonna fulfill what I want versus I say in my office kurd or dug why is my prayer more important than there because I pray harder because I beg more maybe because I do it more frequently. I got it, maybe it's because I pray harder I went to church, and I, you know, gave some sacrament. Maybe it's because I've, I went through study sessions inside a church or Bible studies. Maybe it's because I go twice a week. Like at what point are the prayer, like where's the prayer hierarchy? It broke down for me, it's just for me. Again, I don't what I'm cool with it some of you're going to attack me for this episode I'm ready for it like it's good this healthy conversation will get me to think differently about what I am currently assuming to be my personal truth But as I've gotten slightly sidetracked and off the topic what this all comes down to is the fact of journaling and during the life story and journaling that over a 70 year period and imagine being able to hand it to your grandchildren or your grandchildren's grandchildren. And sure you might think like my life's not that grandiose like I come from meager beginnings average backgrounds my life's not that special. I'll say some of that's what's maybe holding you back right now is because you don't think it's that special.

Journaling Every Morning (12:13)

Imagine you started journaling all the things that you wanted to do and that you were going to achieve, you started putting them down in writing every morning so you had to see it. And your hand got used to writing that I'm going to do this. And your mind then had to start almost believing it. Do you think you'd be more or less opportune to achieve that desired outcome? I'm going to say more. It certainly couldn't hurt. But again, you're writing all this stuff down, you're doing it for seven years, you hand it to your grandchildren, maybe on your deathbed, maybe just as you're going to the nursing home. Who knows what it's going to be. And then, and then, and look at you like, I'm not going to read all this stuff, right? Like you hand them, at that point it's going to be freaking seven boxes full of journals. And then slowly throughout time, history ends up repeating itself and the limiting beliefs and limiting factors you've had in your life, there's a good chance they're going to have the same. Until something happens and there's a pattern interrupt that you want to have happened for your kids and grandkids comes from the fact that they could read your work, read your life, read your writing, and start to realize the fact of, wow, I'm doing the same thing right now, and they start leafing ahead to see how you overcame that, and it condenses time down and it shrinks what happened. Oh, by nature of that versus the nature of how we read the Bible, wouldn't it be one in the same? Wouldn't it be life's lessons? Wouldn't it be your own personal scripture? Wouldn't you then almost be your own personal Jesus?

Sharing in Spite of Fear (14:16)

I know for many of you this is blasphemy. This is like, how can this guy be saying this stuff. This show has always been about sharing what's on my mind sharing about my lessons, the teachings, the meditations, the things that come to me that don't necessarily make any sense. As you see if you're watching this, there's no not pad sitting this is stuff I'm not reading a script. This is stuff I'm contemplating throughout my day. Like as I'm journaling every morning and I've journaled now for the better part of a year. Yeah, give or take. I got six journals filled with notes. But I have journals for different things. They're different colors, they're different names on them. And no, originally I didn't do it because I thought I was handing down scripture, but now it's almost exciting to me. It's like our Agiana's eight, almost nine now. That's probably not going to matter to her. She's too close to our age, but what about her kids? Or I hope if I lived 80, her kids, kids, like what happens then? Could there be benefit? Could I get them transcribed? Will they even be relevant? ? Could there be benefit? Could I get them transcribed? Will they even be relevant? It feels much better to know that I have the opportunity or the possibility to share these lessons instead of assuming that somehow I'm going to magically be able to keep them locked up in my head and they're just going to come out when I'm ready. Think about all the crazy stuff that you've done in your life the finite details for, that had you just written it down, you could have went back and reviewed it. Maybe relive the moment. Maybe taught somebody else a lesson from it. No different than the Bible. Crazy, right? So in this capacity, in this situation, and in this situation, in this situation and in this conversation, I don't have some magic wrap up for this episode and almost how does this apply to your to your work and how does apply to your body and how does apply to your your relationships. I think moreover for me I'd like to share with you the more I've journal the more I've got thoughts out of my head the more my limiting beliefs and defeating attitudes have been written down on paper, the more I can process them and see how ridiculous they are.

Learning Your Future (16:05)

Like I was literally convinced before launching this podcast I had notes from a year ago almost today. I was looking at my journal. I had notes that I want to launch a podcast. Then I spun around in my journal and I start talking about like how could I pull it off? And originally this whole podcast was going to be in my home office, why it was a stupid. Why it was a stupid idea? Then I spun around in my journal and I started talking about like how could I pull it off and originally this whole podcast is going to be in my home office literally in our house because I was embarrassed to do it in front of people. I'm someone that now speaks from stage in front of I'll say hundreds of people I'll round up and say a thousand number doesn't matter. I've got a podcast with a few of you listen better, better part of a million and a half so far. My content gets consumed all over the place. I have no fear of judgment at this point, but when I started I did, so much as I talked myself out of it. It took another six months before I launched my first episode. It's crazy what the power of journaling and getting your thoughts out on paper and being able to massage them and see them and see what's repetitive. I just happen to journal and find my best work comes right after meditation. I find that because in this meditation state it's almost, it's not almost. I'll tell you exactly what it is. As I meditate, I feel uniquely connected to a higher power. I feel like my intuition goes from a 7 to a 12. I feel like at that moment when I can open my eyes and I feverishly grab my journal and I start writing everything I can possibly think of that came through me during that meditation. And that I start to deploy that with ruthless commitment to excellence. I've come in for the past two days and sat down in front of the curtain like, hey, I got some stuff. I meditated, I got some notes. What do you think? And maybe some of the notes you look to me like I'm fucking crazy. That's okay. I get it. People are going to think you're crazy. But I think of them, I think some of them, once out like it was a good framework to start this to start the next evolution of where we're going to start the next idea. So I'm a proposal hypothetical to you for just a moment. Let's assume I still did meditate in the morning. Let's assume you meditate even just five minutes just quiet your mind down. And you get that thing of like, man, I got to do this. For me that used to come in in the shower so I'm sure as you're listening at some point you're going to shower either in the next 24 hours or you have in the past 24 hours and sit there and let the water pour down over your head and you wash your hair out with shampoo and there's this spark of something that comes to you you don't even know why it's there I'm going to call that intuition. I'm actually going to call that divine intervention. I'm also going to call that spiritual connection. I'm also going to call that connection to a higher power. Like there's a reason all that stuff happens because you're allowing it to come in in the moment. And it comes into your life and then you hop out of the shower you dry off, maybe brush your teeth, put on your makeup, you're a lady, fix your hair for your guy, whatever the stuff is, put on your clothes, walk downstairs or walk into the main part of your house and the idea is gone. How many times that actually happened to you? We had this incredible idea and it's disappeared. Why wouldn't you journal? Why wouldn't you stop thinking it makes you strange or weird to admit out loud that you have a journal? I'm going to guess if you're like me it's because I was afraid what most people would think if they ever read my journal.

Personal Jesus (19:47)

Because there's some crazy shit in there. There's stuff about hating myself. There's all types of vulgarity. There's images, there's anything. They're some crazy shit in there. There's stuff is no longer in my head it no longer slows me down it allows for new space and new creative ideas so across the board journaling and becoming my own quote-unquote personal Jesus has been one of the most freeing experiences of my life because there's no longer this shit in my head that I can't get out. It's out and I can decide then if it serves me. I can decide if I want to implement it. And I have to go back to an interview that I did with a guy on the on this show. Blake Hamerson and Blake had this incredible reference to luggage versus baggage. And I'm going to butcher the story because it's not my story. It's his. I want to make sure I give him credit. His podcast is a sharper gentleman. But in that, he's in his story, how he's getting ready to go to Florida. Young kid, super young. Family tells him to pack his bags. He gets four or five suitcases. He puts everything in there. He puts clothes and he toys and he try to stuff his dog in there and dog treats and books and all of a sudden this little seven year old has four massive suitcases. Huge. He tries to take him down the stairs and they're clunking and they're dropping, they're beating up against the walls and this mom comes from running on a corner like, is everything okay, are you okay? Yeah, I'm just ready to go, I'm excited. And she looks and she looks and she smiles at him and Pat him on the head sheepishly and says okay let's look at what you got here.

Perspective On Luggage And Baggage

Luggage versus Baggage (21:27)

And so they slowly lay the bags down and unzips him and unzips the first one and you know roofers the dog jumps out and barks and happens happy to be free and all the dog toys spill out and then the toys spill out and then the toys spill out and she said and she says, well I guess not what do I do I do I do I do I do I do I do I do I do I do you think you really need all this stuff? We're only gone for three days. And she says, well, I guess not. What do I need for three days? And so she gets a, his mom gets a little duffel bag, super small, some that he can carry, something that's his size specifically. They take a book to read and all of a sudden it fits in his little size backpack. He's looking around with his backpack on his back and he's looking around at all the stuff that's on the ground and he walked down the stairs he had baggage he had five massive bags but now he has luggage he has luggage he has luggage but now he has luggage he has luggage he's got his own personal luggage on his back. And that applies to your life right now. You carry around baggage all day long.

Emotional Burden Management

Carry & Process (22:31)

You carry around these stories that are trapped in your head, that you've never processed, that you're afraid to get out on paper. That's baggage. Why not get rid of them and write them all down in a way that allows you to only pick and choose the one that serves you and makes your life better? Why don't you want to start carrying around some luggage? With that my friend, take that action item, go give it a shot, and remember to get shit done. You're going to.

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