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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host Ryan Nidel and today's episode is purpose So last week I got to spend the week in Laguna Beach again We've kind of already covered that was out with wake up warrior a group of 11 actually 12 men including myself That wanted to be more, do more, suck less. I mean, there's a whole thing that goes around Wake Up Warrior and what it means. And some great marketing that Garrett White's put on. If you don't know who he is, give him a listen. Give him a look on anywhere. Go to wakeupwarrior.com. Check him out on iCloud or Stitcher or SoundCloud, iTunes.

Understanding And Pursuing Purpose

Today We Talk About The Idea Of Purpose. (00:44)

He's got Warrior on Fire and a bunch of other podcasts. The man's truly changed my life and came up with something that's an actionable item to be a better person, be a better man. But putting all that stuff aside, knowing the fact I went through this, if you don't know what the event is or what went on, go back and listen to the last podcast. You'll definitely catch up on it. But I went through this experience. And in that experience, I finally got to figure out what purpose really means.

Finding Purpose (01:05)

I've spent my life, not all the life, but at least the past 10 or 15 years, curious of what all this purpose talk is. I started out in the automotive industry selling cars and then managing or running car dealerships and then into web hosting and direct response digital marketing and all these things. And it's like, everybody's talking about like, what's your purpose? What's your passion? And I never knew. I admittedly thought my passion was making money. Like, sure, I love cars. I love nice things. But what really mattered to me was left kind of in the dark. I didn't know what passion really was. Like owning a car dealership, that wasn't really a passion. That was a means to an end. That was something that I thought was the next logical step on the totem pole because I'm not very good at just staying in one place. It's not really how my mind works. So we get into trying to figure out what purpose really looks like and what that means. And it's a little confusing. What is purpose? Well, my purpose is to be a good father or a good husband. Absolutely, don't get me wrong. That's obviously a purpose for living. And my why is myself first and then Lindsay and Gianna. Those are the things that matter to me. Everything else kind of go by the wayside. As long as I have myself and my own self-love and then have Lindsay and Gianna in my life, I know everything else will be okay. I can be broke. I can be wealthy. I have a successful business. I can have no business at all, work for somebody else or be self-employed, and everything will ultimately be okay. But that doesn't really answer the question, like what is true purpose? Like I've heard gurus say for years, and I say gurus with air quotes beside it, that gurus have always said if you find your purpose, you'll never actually have to work a day in your life. Well, how the fuck is that possible? Like we all have to work, right? We all have bills. We all have things. So I could never conceptualize what that really meant. Like how can you not work? Like how does that happen where you're just not going to work and be able to put food on your table? Like sure, at the metaphorical level, I get it. You know, you don't actually work if you enjoy what you're doing, et cetera, your table. Like sure, at the metaphorical level, I get it. You know, you don't actually work if you enjoy what you're doing, et cetera, et cetera. Like that makes perfect sense to me. But you're still doing some sort of work. So I would keep trying to find this magic purpose, this thing that was, you know, gonna come out of thin air, like trying to find passion, almost like it was a destination. Like thinking about it like it was somewhere I could arrive to. Like hopping on a plane and knowing you're gonna end up in Hawaii. You might have a couple stops along the way, but your ultimate goal is Hawaii. So it's pretty easy. You know where you're going to end up at. Or running a marathon where you arrive at the finish line and your family's holding a sign with the ticker tape and the whole deal. That's where purpose and passion was going to be. I imagine it was going to be this divine moment where I'd be inspired enough to own what my purpose truly is, that it would be something that just kind of worked its way out. I'd hoped all this for years. I mean, I don't know about you, but I felt trapped most years. Like I was just going through the motions. Like it was just never going to happen. You know, we go from college to, you know, the real world, if you will, and whatever we look at the real world to mean. And you look at what it is to start working in a corporate machine, and whether it's a small business or a large business or a corporation, whatever it would be, you're a cog in a machine. You're not able to create any longer. You're basically working in the confines of what someone else says is appropriate. And that works for some people, but that shit just never worked for me. There's no purpose. There's no passion in that. You're doing things because you have to. And I get it. We have families. We have bills. We have debts. We have things that we have to provide. That's a social contract we've created with our spouse or with the world. But in that, I felt so trapped. Like I said, it was just going through the motions like it was never going to happen. I felt just lost since Miles passed away. I had no idea what I was really doing or what my purpose was or my reasons were. Admittedly, for the first week he passed away, I can't even recount how that week really played itself out. Sure, I know the nuances of what went on, but if you ask me any specific detail, it was just gray. It was just numb. But then I look, and not long after he he passed I remember sitting in my office with The guys that work with me And saying like look in miles passing I need to go all in I need to go all in on this podcast I need to go all in on creating things I need to go all in in leading And it was a voice that was inside of me for a long time And that's something that's been inside of me For as long as I can remember I don't like to be a follower I don't like to have things other people. I don't like to be a follower. I don't like to have things other people have. I don't like to do things other people do. I don't like to be the status quo. Now, sure, we can look at the physical stature of my body and the fact of I don't like to be status quo, so I'm bigger. And maybe, maybe not. I look at that admittedly at this point was the fact of I built this shield of muscles around me for insecurities I had from when I was younger. this shield of muscles around me for insecurities I had from when I was younger, insecurities of worried about being picked on or getting in fights, having guys that were, I guess we call them step-parents, don't really know what we call them, that would come home and try to fight me, and just some things that weren't pleasant where I created this shield of muscle, using steroids and everything I could just to have this safety net. It was never for aggression. It was never for something that I was trying to be more powerful that way. It was a defense mechanism. But why? There's always been this voice. I didn't need any of that stuff. So I started figuring out I didn't need that physical shell anymore late last year.

Creating Conversations (06:12)

And I've always known there's something more here for me. I've always known I wanted to create. I always know I wanted to help people. From Big Brothers Big Sisters and trying to figure out that whole situation to even just general guys at the gym or at the office. I enjoy being in the front. So after he passed, after Miles passed, I sat down with the guys in the office. There's been this consistent voice that's tugged at me. Tell me to go create, telling me to go be more of a person, be more of a man than I've been being.

The strength of finding your true purpose (06:51)

That was what was so appealing to Garrett's book when I first read it last May, you know, the black book by Wake Up Warrior. Like it was just this new way to look at the world where I didn't have to be like everybody else and it was okay. Like I'm not supposed to be. And hence the reason for this podcast. Like again, if anybody would have ever asked me like, why are you creating a podcast? What are you hoping to achieve out of it? I would have said I had no idea. I said, you know, I'm just doing it because I think I need to because it means of accountability. But that's a fucking lie. Like that's a lie I've told myself for a long time. That's a lie I told myself to create this safe environment where I couldn't be judged, where I couldn't be ridiculed, where I couldn't be looked at as trying to want something more because that's what the rest of the world thinks is okay is just to be set in your way as well. Who am I to hop on a podcast and share a message? Who am I to try to inspire people? Who am I to try to help people? What are my credentials? My credentials are 34 years of fucking things up and making bad decisions. More like 32 years. And then the last two and a half or three years have been living this whole different lifestyle where I feel like I do have it all. And no, I'm not a multimillionaire. I'm not even a single millionaire. I don't have a million dollars in the bank right now. But what I do have is a lot of life experience that matters. And when I speak to you, I generally care about you. I care about what the outcome is of our words, of our conversations. Like I'm all in on that conversation. So when I start sifting through the nonsense, sifting through the noise, sifting through the things that slow me down, that slow all of us down, I'm able to hear a message, a voice. And this is, again, now we'll look at this whole God conversation, what that looks like, and maybe you believe in God, maybe you don't. I don't know how I sit on that. I believe there is a God in the universe. I don't know that I believe it's a white man with a long beard and a long head of hair, but I believe there's a greater power in the world. And so in this wake up warrior experience, I finally get to hear some things from God, some internal messages. And I'll call that even intuition for right now. And one of the things that just kept coming through every time I closed my eyes is go create, they need you. I don't know who they is. And I don't know that that makes sense to anybody, but it doesn't have to because it makes sense to me because this is something that's been inside of me. So whether it's my subconscious talking to me, whether it's God talking to me, or whether it's something I'm planning in my own mind because I want to go create, either way, the message becomes the same. Like it becomes my purpose.

Finding the courage to go create (09:15)

One of the next things I remember hearing was they won't understand. They're not supposed to. These are two different evolutions we went through in Wake Up Warrior. One is what we call the light warrior and one's the dark warrior. And the light warrior, you know, you have the positive and the negative side of your life. You have the side that wants to go help people and the side that not necessarily wants to hurt people, but at least protect people. The side that if something was going wrong with your family or your wife, that that'd be the side that would come out that would just rip somebody to shreds. Like that's the part that has to exist, but that has to exist in all of us. And those two people coupled with myself inside of myself create immense power. But the dark, the dark side of me says they won't understand. They're not supposed to. Well, no kidding. Like I understand that there's a handful of people that will discredit what this is and it's going to take years of consistency of being on a podcast to have there be something that has magnitude and value, but I can track my progress and I can see what's changed over the past few years. I can see how my voice has changed. I can see how my life experience have then altered what I'm sharing with you and how I'm sharing it with you. That matters to me. Those are things that actually matter. They have real meaning to it. The next thing that I finally heard is we're rounding, to me, what has been the most meaningful experience of the whole time, where it's an evolution that you end up, it sounds so crazy to say this out loud, but you end up, literally, it feels like talking to God. And I would have said that God has taken my best friend from me. I would have said that he has, you know, created an environment for me where I've lost my grandfather on my birthday and done all these things that are very hurtful. And these are things that I have frustrations. I didn't know how to get out. Like why would this divine being, why would this universal creator do these things to me? And so you have this massive blow back and forth. God ended up hearing like, I love you, like that he has love for me. And so it's just creating this shift. Like I'm seeing like there's this higher purpose in life.

What these all mean to me (11:03)

And the higher purpose isn't just to make money or provide or to be a dick with an ATM for the girls. It's to be a leader. Like this list goes on and on about what these all mean to me. And they mean that to me because I want them to mean that to me. Because they need to mean that to me in order to make me feel fulfilled. But this is my story of purpose over the past week. Like we all have a purpose here and I don't know your purpose. I'm not supposed to. What I'm supposed to do is encourage you to find out how to tap into that purpose.

Responsibilities And Influences

Joes responsibility (11:33)

You know, there's a guy in the office, you know, referred to him in the last episode that has this massive opportunity to chase a dream, to chase a passion, to me, to start to chase a purpose. There's something calling inside of him to go be a CrossFit trainer. That's phenomenal. I love that. Sure, I don't want to lose a great employee. I don't want to lose someone who's becoming a great friend. But I do want to see somebody chase their passion and their purpose. And so he's given this opportunity and he's faced with this unique set of circumstances, unique decision of, you know, do you go against some of your moral fiber to go explore this new opportunity or do you sit dormant and potentially have this one pass you by and hope there's another one? What? Of course, my answer is just go. Like go chase your purpose. Like we'll figure it on on our side. You have to have this thing. If you have that voice calling you, if you have your heart that's beating faster when you think about the opportunity of you being a trainer, then that's what you should run to. That is your purpose right now. Maybe your purpose changes. Maybe your passion has changed, but if that's what it is in the moment and that keeps tugging at you for more than the incremental moments that pass by where you're just bored at work, if that's something you actually wake up thinking about most days or at least go to bed thinking about, you're doing yourself a disservice and your family and the world a disservice by not going all in on chasing that. Because I tell you, there were 12 years of my professional life that I didn't know what my purpose was. There wasn't anything that got my heart beating faster.

Purpose Behind The Podcast

The why this podcast exists (12:59)

I don't have this inferiority complex where I need to be, you know, on a stage in front of a million people and have a billion people know my name. That's not part of this for me. If I can impact a few hundred people and have it truly matter, have it truly be something that they can take with them for the rest of their life, that I did something to make their life better, then it's a win for me. And like, that's what this is. That's what the value on the podcast is for me. That's what the value on the website is for me. That's what the meetings I take are. Like there's business on the side, business is always going to exist, but what ultimately matters to me is the chasing of purpose of inspiring and helping people become more than they were yesterday. So as you sit there and you're listening to this, and I wrap up this episode today, what is your purpose? What is your passion? What are the things that have been tugging at you for years? Maybe it's days, maybe it's weeks, but what are the things that you haven't chased because of what society has told you? Because of what your parents told you you shouldn't do? Because of what your wife or husband says, no, we can't do that because of this. There's always going to be a because. But the biggest because you have is because you know you need to. If you chase that, everything will eventually work itself out. It's supposed to. You just have to give it time. So as you're chasing your dream and you're putting one foot in front of the other every day, taking a step towards your goals, remember that every day you just have to get shit done. Hey guys, Ryan here. Thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 minutes to freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to RyanNidell.com. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L.com.

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