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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today we have an incredibly special guest on the show, someone that my good friend Brian Teach introduced me to, the elite first form athlete and trainer, Jenna Fail. Jenna, say hello to everybody. Hi, everybody. Jenna, sincerely appreciate you making the time. We've bounced back and forth, so Jenna, you might not be able to tell by her voice, but she is not from the Midwest. She's not an Ohio girl. Jenna, where are you from? I'm from South Carolina. It's wonderful. South Carolina, as we're recording this episode, there's a hurricane coming towards South Carolina. It's one of the, what, Florence? I'm bad. Yeah, Hurricane Florence. It's definitely going to be very devastating for the state. It's a big one. We do have friends that live on the coast, and it's just so scary. It's so unpredictable. You know, you only have a week's time by the time you learn about it to wrap your head around it and get out. It's terrible. Yeah, it's nuts. So in the pre-show interview, I was asking Jenna if she would be affected by this hurricane. We bounce back and forth and she's inland more or south. It's not going to affect her. So her and her husband, sorry guys, if you're listening, she's taken.

Discussion Of Jenna'S Personal And Career Journey

How Jenna Achieved Happiness LOS STYLE (01:25)

She's not on the market. She's been with her husband now for 14 plus years, which we'll jump into. But in that, she's going to be safe. Her family's going to be safe. Her two incredible cats are going to be safe. The whole family is safe. Oh, we're going to be good. So I'm thankful for that. That's good. So Jen, I want to jump right into some stuff you have a very in my opinion unique story and unique story based off of your value proposition for the marketplace like you i don't say came from obscurity because i think we all are obscure in our own right but like you went down this unique path to be found by first form or you know how did that all i won't even steal your thunder like walk us through how that that, like you're, you find them, they find you. And then poof, all of a sudden now you're like on every billboard that they have.

How She Was Found By First Form (02:09)

And you're the social media face of half the company. Like, what does that look like? It's crazy. So, um, you know, I was a housewife before I was into fitness and I never really had, um, like this big fitness background or athletic background. and I never really had like this big fitness background or athletic background. And I kind of started getting into the gym after my husband started getting into it. And he told me about this company called First Forum was running an athlete search. And he had applied for the athlete search and he asked me if I was going to. And I'd never heard of First Forum. I was like, literally my exact words were, why would I apply for that? Like, I thought all this stuff was like rigged. And I'm like, they'll pick some Olympian athlete. Like, this is a waste of time. And I go get on the computer a couple days later for something. And the form was still pulled up. And it was so short. It was like name, Instagram, like very short little things. I was like, eh, what the hell? Filled it out. And within about 15 minutes, First Form was like blowing up my instagram liking my pictures and followed me and i thought like oh my god like they're actually looked at my application like what like i didn't expect that and um i think i had maybe like under 10 000 followers at the time maybe like seven and um you know that how long goes this jen i want to make sure that the audience has some idea you know that how long goes this jen i want to make sure that the audience has some idea your time like 14 i think okay so yeah four and a half years or so in reverse from now 7 000 followers you submit an application they start liking your stuff and then what well and then that really comes in my eyes that i guess there's other companies out there that are like genuine and you know so that kind of had a big message to me. And ever since then, we've just been kind of back and forth. I didn't win any of their athlete searches, but that never stopped me from pursuing them because I believed in the message that they had and believed in their brand. And, you know, as time went on, it just grew with the company. You know, they're such an incredible company and there's endless room to grow. And I've just always, you know, been wanted that, I guess. So I've just always, um, stay true to them and they're amazing. Absolutely. To me, obviously, you know, first form on a very intimate scale versus what I know them, but from the business aspect, like from the outside, looking in first forms on this amazing thing where you never have a discount code,.

The First Form approach (04:12)

They're never watering down the value of their product. You have your own link to bring people through because that makes sense so they can track productivity, however you want to say it. But even in that, it's not going to be some flash sale of buy your stuff for 25% off. You've never done that now? No, it's super high quality. You have a phenomenal level of quality inside of your products. Right. Oh, yeah. It's the best. I mean, we don't just say we're the best, we are the best and we can prove it with, you know, everything that we do with the FDA seal. I mean, everything that we do is top notch and there's a reason why our prices are higher because that's what you're getting. That's what you're going to get. Well, of course. And that's one of the great things Brian teach when we spoke about on, you know, that introduced me to you through just the way the world works back when I was in the custom suit world and I say introduce me to you you happen to be in an event that I was at for suits like it wasn't like hey meet my friend Jenna it was just that's the way it played itself out but in that like Brian handles all of the direct to supplement store type relationships but the majority of first forms business is built by people like you sharing the quality of the product. I live in Columbus and there's only one supplement store in all of Columbus that carries first form and it's the exact same price you find it online for. It's not being, I hate to say this, but bastardized like on Amazon. You look at every other supplement company and you've been in the fitness industry, obviously, for quite some time. It's always like a race to the bottom or who can whore out the product cheaper than somebody else and how do you eliminate the quality? Like Andy and the guys at First Form have done this phenomenal job of taking the polar opposite approach. So some of the listeners might not have heard of First Form before. Obviously, like it's not in the supplement stores. It's not on, you know, Sam's Club shelf or, you know, Piggly Wiggly or whatever your, you know, Sam's Club shelf or you know, Piggly Wiggly or whatever your you know South Carolina grocery stores are right? Well, at first form we take you have to educate and you can't educate on the shelf of Pickley Wiggly, you know what I mean? So you want to have that one-on-one connection with somebody so prior to somebody purchasing for me There's always a conversation on why the product is going to benefit them and what product they need to reach their goals. So, you know, a big part of that is wanting to have the conversation with people versus just putting a product on the shelf. Absolutely. And I think that's such a key thing for just the social media in general. You are, I say this with respect to you and Chris, and obviously I'm married, but like you're an attractive woman that also happens to then give a massive shit about how good the quality of products are and you have to know about them to educate people like it's not just like oh i'm a spokesmodel and i can hold up a can of you know protein and here buy it because i look nice next to it that's like that that's this ancillary byproduct that's way down the stream of what actually happens well everybody it's so common everybody sees that you know what i mean so whenever you take the approach of educating people, it's very well appreciated because you care.

Intro/Outro (06:38)

And I, myself, and everybody at First Form, we care about people. And that's what makes us different. Of course. Of wanting to educate people and help them reach their goals. And I love that. So Jenna, I feel like right now is that perfect time to at least throw a quick plug in. If people want to find you, like my listeners inevitably go seek out who we talk to. How do you, Jenna Fail on Instagram. I'm sure you have a link on there. Where else can they find you? Really everything I do is through Instagram. And then, you know, from there I direct people to my emails for more one-on-one conversations regarding how they can reach their goals. But yeah, for the most part, it's just at Jenna underscore fail. And I'm really good about getting back to everybody. I do my very best to reach everyone. Which is truly crazy to me. Like I see you on your, your Insta stories, like flying in the airport, like you get hundreds of emails. It feels like from the outside, thousands of emails a day day and you still answer every one of them. Like it's not – you don't have a service behind you. First Form is not like picking them off for you. It's you. It's me. This is my business as far as what I do on my end and I take a lot of pride in that. And a lot of the emails that come in aren't always fitness stuff. I helped a lady pick out stuff for her cat a few months ago because you know, because people come to me because I'm everybody's friend. I want to be everybody's friend. And so I love that people can come to me for things like that, like you would come to a friend for. So I love getting things like that, too. Anyway, I can help somebody. And that's what's truly unique about you. And I'm not saying this because you're a guest.

What Makes Jenna Unique: Being Authentically Jenna (08:43)

I mean, I've said this to multiple people. truly unique about you, and I'm not saying this because you're a guest. I mean, I've said this to multiple people. Who you are on social media is the same person you are when we have dinner in a group in New York City, the same person you are on the podcast, like that Southern charm of generally wanting to help people and take care of people and add value. That's really who you are. Like it's not a facade, which is awesome. It makes things a whole lot easier for me because I don't have this, I don't have to act in a certain way when I'm in a crowd of people. You know, you either like me or you don't like me and I think that's one of the biggest things I've learned through social media is people are gonna make their mind up and they're gonna like you or they're not. And 99% of the time it has nothing to do with you. So if you don't like me, it doesn't, you're not positively influencing my life. Like it's not gonna make or break me. Don't like me, that's fine. But you know, I like to just be who I am. Yeah. Which is such a great lesson for everybody listening. Just be who the hell you are. I feel like a third of your Insta stories are about your two cats. You have two cats, right? I'm not like, I'm not losing my mind. There's two of them, right? Or is there only one and I'm just double vision. They look a lot alike. Yeah. So Chris is allergic to cats so we had to get snow bingles. So I guess if you're allergic to cats you wouldn't be allergic to a jaguar or a leopard or something. Okay. Yeah. News to me. So I've always wanted a cat so we found this out and we got them and we love them so much. What are the names? Bug and Darla. And which one I saw this morning one drinks coffee and watches TV in the morning? I tell you that's Darla so we say that that's her soaps because she loves to watch them and ever since we started letting her watch it it's just Nat Geo Wild with all the animals she's been a whole new cat like she's so loving and fun. She just has purpose now. It's so funny, her little life. Is she also the one that was playing with the sushi roll or is that the other cat? That was Bug. Bug loves water. Bug is obsessed. We bought him a big water fountain because he loves water. So Darla's got the TV and Bug has his fountain. So they're living the life.

Jennas Social Media Strategy (10:43)

I don't know why. I love being able to live vicariously through your Insta stories. You're super active. And obviously, as you made mention, everything in your life kind of filters through Instagram and then to another bucket of how you can add value. But in seeing that, it's not just gym selfies and workout videos. It's your entire life is pretty well documented for the world to see, like the good, the bad, the ugly. You posted yesterday that you hadn't been in the gym in three or four days or three or four weeks. Oh my gosh, weeks. You know, it's easier for me to document my life as opposed to just gym selfies and gym videos. The way I look at it, anybody can post those things, which given anybody can post their life too. But for me, it's just more enjoyable to share different angles of myself. And even in that, there's a lot more to me that I don't share online. There's of course, you have private life, social life, Instagram life. Everything kind of blends together pretty well, but not everything about my life is shared on social media and I think it should be that way for everyone. Of course. Speaking of social media, Jenna, when you first started, you said four and a half years ago, you had seven, maybe 10, thousand followers yeah where are you at now like i don't have my phone on me to just wing it at four hundred thousand two hundred thousand no like uh like two fifteen but that's still crazy like think that in in four years to have added and it's not like you went out and paid for them there's not some sort of service like those are people that actually are engaging with you and your brand right if someone was listening and wanted to know how to do that like what advice would you give to somebody to grow their social media I would I know it sounds so cheesy but just like be yourself embrace what makes you unique because like I said before everybody can post a gym selfie and everybody can post workout videos which is a great thing to have too but you need to have different relatable things in your life that people can really take well to. Like for me, I love like redoing antique furniture and like restoring things. That's a very small part of what I do, but I have so many people that are so into that, like what's your next project? When are you going to do this again? And you know, where somebody else might shy away from sharing that because it has nothing to do with fitness. You know, I say just share a wide variety of your life and take pride in the message that you put out. I like to be educational with people. I like to teach people something. And if I don't know something, I don't share it. I don't just say things to say them. I like to try to make an impact with people every day. Yeah, and so much power in those words, especially in social media. We all want to play the highlight reel, I call it like it's only the, the fun stuff, the good stuff, the stuff we think are going to get the likes or the comments or the shares or. Right. And really the biggest growth that it sounds like you've seen or that I've seen are some of the toughest times, like some of the stuff that's not the highlight reel, not the gym selfie as you're working out in first form from head to toe and like perfect lighting and perfect makeup. It's, it's everything else that goes into building your brand. Yes, absolutely. And you know, we all, I've shared a lot of, um, trying times in my life and it always reaches a lot of people. And, um, so I do enjoy sharing those things and, um, you get so much support, which makes you feel so good. You know, I mean, I said it before on it, um, a few weeks ago that, you know, you post a bikini picture on the beach and you get 5000 likes. Who cares? Whenever you can post something that's more impactful, that might get a little less likes, but you're going to get that support and really reach people in a different way. Absolutely. And speaking of the reach and impact like this, I'll I'll ask you to share the story.

Discussion on how there was 5 bucks, 500, or 5,000 (13:52)

But the first time I really remember, like resonating with you and connecting and seeing what First Form was really all about as a company. Now, granted, I had made suits for Andy and the guys and done some stuff on that side. But like seeing you went through a devastating event where I don't remember how or why, but long story short, you had a travesty where your house burnt down in some capacity. And I'll encourage you to share that if you're OK with it. But then through that, like First Form rallied behind you and social media rallied behind you and there was a GoFundMe campaign It's like all of a sudden all these people just like converged around you and Chris like offer not only money but just support and Care and love and it was just like this thing of like Andy or whoever was put it out right away And then within hours, I'm looking I'm like man You've made this massive freaking impact in the world for that many people where there's five bucks or 500 or 5,000. You, you guys, I don't say raise a lot of money because it wasn't, that sounds cheesy, but people supported you in a massive way. Yeah. And we had no idea. Like we had, I still even talking about that. Can't believe that that happened in the amount of support we got. 's just overwhelming um you know i've never really discussed the house fire in detail on social media out of respect for the homeowner so we were renting the house um but you know after that happened um we were just completely completely devastated um it's something that you just can't can't describe but you know the way um everybody rallied around us and just lifted us up it you know I told Chris and tell everybody all the time that we didn't have time to fall on our face before people were picking us back up it was just that fast you know it made me feel a lot less alone having all those people on our side but you know first form it was crazy I was one of the first people I called like it's still happening as I call Sal he's like those guys are not just they're not the company I work for those are my family you know so call my dad and I call Sal and what called Ryan he also on phone with Ryan also and Ryan just said we're on it and I felt like just in the worst darkest time of my life Ryan's like we're on it and you know and I felt because they don't just say that they are, you know, that things were going to be okay. And they sent the guys out to send us this overnight care package. But it wasn't, it was more than just clothes and things that we needed. It was so detailed. It was writing pens, Tylenol. needed it was so detailed it was writing pens Tylenol it was oh I can't even it was like an entire life like what you would need in your life overnight it to us the next day and opening it I mean it was just feeling like I'll never never be able to describe it it was just so much thought went into everything and just overwhelmingly feeling loved. And, you know, it was just the worst time of my life, but also very overwhelming with love. It's such a weird thing to describe because I was, you know, right down the middle on emotions. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. And again, I know we covered, I don't want to go in massive depth with this because I don't think it's the right way to do this.

Discussion on Jenna Fail Youtube Channel (17:02)

You've shared that this story will be available at some point on your YouTube channel where you'll dive deeper down this rabbit hole. Yes, absolutely. So I do want to discuss like the emotional and trying times that I went through after the fire because it's a lot. It's a lot. And I think that it can help people who are also kind of in a dark place or in a bad place in their life. Seeing somebody else go through it and come out of it. I'm really looking forward to sharing that with people and giving a little bit more insight to what my life is like outside of social media, because there's a lot to me and I have a lot more to offer as far as this topic is going to go. And I really look forward to anything I can do that's going to really impact somebody I know this is going to impact a lot of people so I'm excited for it absolutely and Jenna your YouTube channels are just Jenna fail yeah it's inactive right now um so yeah if you want to look out for that that'll probably the next thing that'll be uploaded to it yeah I do I look forward to sharing that and just you know getting back to what you said about like people online like whenever somebody from my team had created the GoFundMe account which was completely unexpected I was scrolling through the comments and a lot of them said like oh I emailed you two years ago and you helped me for free you helped me change my life this is the least I can do and there were so many like that so it was just crazy because I work for free. So in working like in, it just goes to show the impact that you can have whenever you just try, you just put forth a little bit of effort with somebody and it's, it just came full circle, like in the sense of they didn't forget who I was and they wanted to do something for me because I did something for them. Although I didn't ask and would never ask, but it just meant a lot that, um, you know, your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Of course. And Jenna, if you don't mind, how long ago was the fire? Not a year, two years. I mean, not, not specific necessarily. It's crazy that it has been almost two years. It's been like a year and a half. Okay. Yeah. For fire prevention and awareness. Are you okay sharing like how it's like what made the fire start?

FireBox Run Day (19:02)

Is that that I don't want to go into any details with it it was like nobody's at fault it's nothing like that I just know there's like lightning it was my house and like I would totally share everything but the homeowner was so sweet and you know just out of respect for her I don't want to go into it but I will say that anything that means a lot to you anything that is important invest $50 in a firebox they are so cheap and can really make all the difference in your sentimental things because I've lost things that I can never, ever get back. Yeah. Cause you're, you essentially had to experience almost a total loss, right? Like there was everything. Yep. I mean, losing the things was hard, but losing the animals was just absolutely devastating. Yeah. And I didn't even think that or want to go down that path. Like I said, for me, it's more one of those things of if you're listening, there's just, there's always a lesson. I mean, that's part of this podcast and part of how I live life. Like even the darkest times, there's a lesson that when you can remove yourself from the emotion that we can all grow from that. And it's not to, to pick off a scab. That's obviously very painful. Like I can't imagine what that felt like. It's just like from the outside, it's man, get the firebox. And it's to me tell the loved ones tell the people that are important in your life every day that they are important and they are loved because you don't know what can happen like you didn't leave the house or you know you didn't plan on anything happening that day it's not like you woke up and it was great morning and I mean I think that's just how quick your life changes 20 minutes later my life was completely turned upside down and it's just and that was the happiest time in life. Like we went from finally selling our house in our little small town and moving to the bigger town that we had always talked about doing. And, you know, we're finally making these strides that we were so proud and happy and then just instantly totally crashed down and in a life changing way. It was just life would never be the same after that. Yeah, of course. It doesn't mean it won't be good again. It just means it's going to be different. Well, right. And, and Jenna, even taking that lesson a step further and saying, just as you shared back so impactfully, you do like just who you are, you give and give and give. And it's not a thing of like you're giving, hoping that one day there's going to be a reciprocation. It's just you generally expect that. Right. That's why it was so like shocking for me, but it was very eyeopening too that you know what I do every single day matters to people and it just made me feel very loved but very appreciated too in the sense of I do make a difference for people of course and a massive impact which is truly beautiful like not just just generally like I'm filled with emotion the fact of how great that is to have that much support like and to think of if you're listening and you're considering first form products, I'm not a sponsored athlete. I don't have an affiliate link. I don't get anything out of this other than the fact that first form, the guys there are friends, actual friends. But to think of the fact that someone that's associated with a brand, not an employee. I mean, really, maybe are. I don't know how that's all structured. It doesn't really matter. Just someone that's associated, like you're not in the corporate office, experiences a catastrophic event, picks up the phone, calls in just like out of shock, like they're your family. So that's who you call. Yeah. I mean, I called them not like to ask for anything ever, but I just called like, I don't, I was like, I don't know what to do. Like, I don't know what's going to happen. And then just, you know, he's like, we're on it, you know? And that's just the way that they are. They're such great people that I couldn't ask to have better people in my life.

Family & the Importance of Humility (22:08)

And, you know, going back to how it started, if Chris would have closed out of that tab that day, my life would be totally different. And it's crazy just how one simple thing can just make all the difference in your life. Yeah. And as you're saying that, I mean, if you're listening to this, I encourage you to go to my YouTube channel, which is just Ryan Nidel. But Jenna's facial expression going from like the not so pleasant talking about her life getting shifted upside down to then like the bubbly, like high cheekbones, eyes light and bright, smiling, talking about how great first form is. It's that family. Like when she said first forms of family, like they have a thing, P-H-A-M-I-L-Y, like family with their pH, which is funny, but it's really like that's how it is. For me, I'm just a guy, me personally. I'm never going to be a sponsored athlete, but if I show up at corporate headquarters, I call them on the phone, it's literally like I'm their long lost buddy, like that I am one of the guys, which is such a different, for a company that's a, gosh, probably nine figure year company now, like they are a massive enterprise that most people don't fully realize. Like I pick up the phone and if I call Chris or call Sal and Sal is Andy's little brother and Chris is Andy's partner. And I think a lot of people maybe not, don't know that if you're not interested in this part of the world, but they all like answer the phone and talk and they're never too busy and they care and they want to know how you're doing. And it's not like at the end of the phone call and like, oh, and by the way, we buy a thousand dollars with the supplements. It's just man, good catching up with you. And then they hang up. It's just, it's such a cool thing to experience. But, but in that, Jenny, you've went through some trying times obviously in your life and the one statistical consistency it sounds like has been Chris, your husband. statistical consistency it sounds like has been Chris, your husband. Absolutely. So I met Chris when I was 14. And my mother had just passed away a few months prior from breast cancer. It was pretty sudden. So I was kind of going through a really dark time also in those years. And he was there for me through that. So, and he kind of came into my life at a time I really needed somebody. So I think me and him have that bond where nobody else could ever understand, like, you know, how badly I needed him and how he was there for me at that time. So we were kids then. And it's really interesting that we have grown into two totally different people, but we've grown together. And I think a big part of, you know, us staying together and being there for each other is supporting each other is supporting each other. Um, Chris has always, always supported me and not just saying I'll support you. He goes above and beyond. He does things for me that proves that he thinks about me and cares about what my dreams are. And, you know, same for him. Yeah. Because again, living vicariously through your social media, Chris works his tail off. Like Chris is a really hardworking guy. He works a ton. And there's like, I think, you know, a lot of times, you know, he gets a seven day break each month, which we tend to utilize for like little trips and things to see each other again, because I travel and he works so much. So I, I story those so much and people are like, I don't think he works.

Her husbands incredibly hard work ethic (24:59)

I don't think she works. And I'm like, And people are like, I don't think he works. I don't think she works. And I'm like, wow, like, no, that's like all we do. But he is a hard worker and I've never heard him complain one time. He is just sets his mind to something and he does it. And I admire that so much from him. Yeah, absolutely. And I know we covered it in another time when you and I were catching up. He has a job in a nuclear power plant of something. You said he's like the more attractive in shape Homer Simpson. Is that the right way? That's exactly what he is. Yeah. So it's hard for me to explain his job because honestly, I don't really know exactly what he does, but I do know he manages a nuclear waste processing facility. So that's about all I know. So I know that part. I know from your Insta stories how quickly that man can fall asleep almost, it seems, like anywhere at any time. It's like a special skill of his. He can sleep anywhere, anytime. It's crazy. But, you know, he works 14-hour days, sometimes six days a week. He's in the gym two hours a day. He doesn't let his job interfere with his gym time. That's his personal time. And then he comes home and he preps his food for the next day and he sleeps for three hours so that's just his life he's just a machine yeah it's just so funny because you share like we spoke about to start with you share everything not everything but you know enough funny pieces and parts where you know there's stuff and lindsey does the same stuff with me like the picture of my mouth open as i'm like head back on the couch and there's stuff with his shirt off when he's passed out. Like you've, you've documented a series of different sleeping time for Chris. He'll get me back. He'll take a really horrible picture of me. And I'll tell him like, if you post that, like I'm not, I can dish it out to him, but he better not give it back. Yeah, absolutely. So again, you touched base a little bit on it, Jenna, but if, if you were to give somebody in a relationship right now, like that one or two little pearls of wisdom, 14 years and some of the growth you guys have experienced, obviously not only as a couple but individuals. You have a very, I'll say, successful business from the outside. One of the top athletes inside of first form, and so does Chris. What's that advice you could give to somebody maybe in the fledgling parts of their relationship on how to make it last like and Truly be happy like you you're actually happy like this isn't some sort of like oh, yeah, it's good No, like wouldn't again we've been together a handful of times and every time Chris comes up if he's not actually there and there's conversations It's not like oh, it's just you know bullshit for social media Like you guys are still looks like from the outside madly in love and truly love each other like being around each other and spending time Which is so refreshing especially after 14 years Yeah Every relationship every marriage is gonna have ups and downs and I think it's just important if you're in a down to know things are Gonna get better, but you have to work for it. Um, my friend Teresa just posted this quote mess it up It's something like hey money is just paper, but you still wake up and work for it every day and it's just like marriage you gotta wake up and work for it like you have to want it like it might just seem like it's this little thing but you have to want it and work for it um so i think that if you want it to work make it work um support each other trust each other um do little gestures for each other and don't let the small words of thank you ever come out of your vocabulary If Chris takes a trash out, I thank him for it If he grocery shops for me while I'm working I thank him for it, you know, and nothing is expected like that Even after 14 years, I don't expect him to do those things and he doesn't expect it from me either. Yeah, that Just great advice like I'm newly married, you know married since May So it's only been I've been with Lindsay for five years now, plus or minus give or take.

Crucial mindset to remember in your marriage (28:04)

And just to see somebody that I look is in our age group. I mean, I'm a little bit older than you. I feel like a lot older. I mean, I'm 34. That just feels like what I can't wait to talk to you when you're like over 30, it just feels like everything gets heavy. Cause you're like, you're not in your twenties anymore, but nonetheless, it's just good advice. Like, it's just so solid to have that perspective. You don't learn to, but you just start taking things for granted is what I find is a big problem with anything. You know, don't take anything for granted. Appreciate each other for what you're doing. Appreciate your efforts. And, you know, I think you have to want the other. I think you have to love them in such a way that you want them to experience their dreams outside of yourself. So Chris has dreams and aspirations in his life that I want him to reach, you know, and it might not involve me at all. And same for me, he wants me to be the best that I can be in my line of work. And it doesn't necessarily involve him, but he's very supportive and wants that for me. So I think you have to want, love each other in such a way that you want them to succeed outside of your relationship.

Healthy Eating Habits And Transformation Challenge

Clean eats, food delivery options (29:26)

Yeah, absolutely. And Jenna, with you living such a busy lifestyle and obviously Chris living such a busy lifestyle and you guys being so focused on just nutrition and health and things like that, you have mastered this way of having meals show up to your house on Sundays. Yeah. Like I see you coming out of clean eats with a Z at the end with these bags full of phenomenal meals. And we have one of them in Akron. I buy almost all my meals from clean eats myself. So this is not me. Like how did that relationship come about? And talk to us about the healthy lifestyle. Like it's not super expensive. Like I buy their keto meals and their keto meals are like eight bucks a piece. If you buy enough of them, or maybe it's six bucks, like, and I'm thinking it's very affordable. Um, especially if you're finding it hard to stay on track, but, um, it's actually interesting how I met Don. We were at a local bodybuilding show and, um, I'd heard of clean eats before, but we were just standing there talking to him and he saw, I was wearing a first form shirt and he goes, Oh know I know Brian teach I was like what and he's I was like I know Brian and then we found out like he knows Brian really well I'm like I know Brian really well so it was like he was a mutual friend and then we kind of started talking with him from there on we were like friends and then we would use his products and after the fire he had a guy come send us food which was like the very next day and I mean they had to wake up at 4 a.m. to prep the food and bring it to us they hand delivered it it was just amazing but you know I've always supported clean eats Don is a great guy they have a great product and that's all I'm ever willing to put my name on is something I use and something that's quality and something that I actually recommend to not only my audience but also my family. My friends use Clean Eats and they also use First Form. It's something that if I care about you, I want you to use it because it can be beneficial to you. Well, absolutely. And Clean Eats has this great structure. So again, I know they have physical retail locations near you, but like me in Ohio, there's one up in Akron that I had driven to because I met Don and was thinking about admittedly opening a franchise here in Columbus. We went down that path through Brian Teach. Some of the things that they do is very great if you're a franchise owner. They protect the market for you. The Akron place had the first right of refusal into Columbus. Don's just a really solid stand-up guy and his wife. Forgive me. Her name escapes me. You meet these two individuals or see them online and they're just the most humble down-to-earth Like just regular blue collar looks like and I don't know it looks as I mean I hate to you know have that preconceived notion but in talking to him until Brian tells me like they own Kleenex I'm like get the Get the fuck out of here like like these guys and not in a condescending way Just like they're so down-to-earth and they built this massive enterprise where like Kleenex So there's what 25 or 30 the numbers probably higher now They're so down to earth and they built this massive enterprise where, like CleanEats, there's 25 or 30, the number's probably higher now. Yeah, there's almost 40 locations and there's so many scheduled to open. They're just growing at such a great rate. But it's because the product is great and the price point's great and the people are great too. I mean, everybody at every CleanEats location I've been to is wonderful. The staffing's wonderful. I love them. Yeah, and so what happens is, in case you're curious yourself, if you obviously go to Jenna underscore fails Instagram and you were to go through her, you know, way to find clean eats, probably be a super easy way to get to it. But for me, like they, they'll ship product anywhere in the U S on dry ice. So I think if I order by Thursday, it ships out on Sunday and I have it by like Tuesday maybe, and maybe it ships out Monday. Either way, I have it by Tuesday or Wednesday and I order like a bunch of food. Like I order at least a week worth at a time and I eat six meals a day because their meals for me are a little, they're, you know, efficient. Like I like a little heartier meal. Like I'm still a 265 pound guy. So I want more than one meal. Like I'm eating two meals at a time Chris might add like a cup of rice to certain meals and stuff to make them bigger for him Yeah, I utilize the shipping option and Chris actually goes to the location and picks up custom meals So they also do customized orders in the stores Yeah, and they have this incredible you you probably shouldn't say you probably don't eat one But the Arnold wrap that they have with like steak Are you kidding? I could live off of them Oh, yeah like I'll order like they'll show up at the house and he's like did you get 20 of those because they come in like a 20 pack if you buy them all at once and I'm buying 20 or 40 Arnold wraps and it's just like all we eat for two Weeks our steak wraps. It's it's nuts Yeah, so Jenna other than the social media stuff other other than the family woman, like what else, Clean Eats, like you've built this entire life that's truly just your own. the fact if you look back like mentally not actually close your eyes but go back to that 14 you know 14 years ago and see all the progression because there was a time where you were like an actual trainer inside a small gym you told me right like oh yeah yeah i mean i yeah i was a cosmetologist i still am licensed to do hair um so that was my first career and then um i worked at like several clothing boutiques i worked at several tanning salons, you know, just little odd and end things.

Jennas Journey (33:39)

Really never enjoyed any of it and just became interested in fitness. So I got certified online, worked at a corporate gym first and hated it. Just hated it. It just wasn't my environment at all. So I quit. Oh, I actually got fired. So I didn't, I don't wanna say I didn't get along with the staff, I was just very, it was kind of clicky and I wasn't in the click. And they have actually since apologized to me, most of them, for, they recognized that. And I can appreciate that, it takes a big person to just years later say, hey, look, I realized we didn't treat you very good, you know, so that really meant a lot to me. But once I was done with that I started training in public parks I started training in people's houses um and this small little gym let me I utilized their location as long as everybody was a member so it brought them some audience or some traffic and uh and that's what I did I would have like 10 people a week and I was just so happy with it because it was like so small in a really small town so I was excited about it and um started using social media and then everything just kind of took off from there and it um my social media demand got so high for online training that I was able to transition into online training okay so was that when you transferred to the online training world was that prior to the first form window staying up and you submitting? Like what timetable was that? Pretty close to the same? Honestly, that's so long ago. I can't remember if I had already applied or not. I feel like it was like I started doing that before I applied for first form. I would take like maybe 20 girls a month or something online. And now I have thousands of people on the transformationformation Challenge that I help every day through emails and stuff. So it's just crazy to think. I used to train people in this little park in this little small town, and now I have thousands of people literally worldwide in my inbox every day. Well, I'm glad you brought that up. First Form cares enough about their athletes, or you care enough about the people that follow you on social media. Really, it's for everybody where they sponsor a transformation challenge. Yeah.

What is the Transformation Challenge and what does it do (36:29)

Will you explain what that transformation challenge is from the way that you view it on the inside? Like I can butcher it on my outside, but like you live it. So the transformation challenge was created several years ago and it's a free platform. It's completely free. You register and then you have access to every kind of workout from home workouts to advanced times to workouts in the gym. You can calculate your macros. You can learn portion control dieting. You can get a sample diet and mix up your macros, however, whatever things you'd like. It's just the best resource available online and it's free. So if anybody's interested, you can email me and I'll send you a link to sign up. It's totally free. There's a $0. You have to check out. It's a $0 checkout. Select it and you'll have access to everything. And it's just really, it's changed tens of thousands of people's lives. And you've seen the before and afters of people who have completely transformed their life off of a free website. I mean, it's just, you can't beat it. Even Sal and Andy, like from the outside, like they both lost 30 plus pounds. I mean, Andy's more than that and I'm different time, different story, but like it's not something they're just like preaching, like you can do this. Like they live it now. I guess they always have, but it's, it's this really crazy thing. And the fact of how this all comes full circle in our conversation, Jenna, where you started by just giving value to as many people as you could expecting nothing in return.

The Fire and Love (37:44)

Then you end up getting aligned with a company that literally does the exact same thing on the most massive scale they possibly can. There's no other supplement company that I know on the planet that has spent the time, energy, effort and resources to build out this online platform. So much so that I remember, was it two years ago, they launched a transformation challenge. They were originally going to charge for it. Andy thought that felt fucked up or wrong. And so he's like, stop charging for this, gave it all away for free after months and months and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development, like probably millions of dollars. Like I don't, I don't know the financials. Like, don't take that to the bank. Like this is me talking. Um, yeah, we had it for free. i think like the first one or two years and then um it came out and i think it was gonna be like ten dollars to sign up or something like that and we launched it for like an hour and uh andy pulled it and we're like you know it's we want everybody to be able to access it for free yeah and what's crazy is like this isn't some sort of bait and switch upsell like bullshit and if you're selected or if you prove like you're almost like the biggest loser i don't use that term like that you've had the largest transformation like there's a chance you win money and sponsorships and yeah yeah we have we give out 250 000 every year in winning so we do uh first one does quarterly winners yearly winners and then we do like monthly winners you know the price is divided up into that but it's just just amazing to see but there's that incentive for people to really work hard because you can earn the money and even if you don't earn the money you look incredible you feel incredible you've learned things I think that's the biggest thing what the transformation challenge is it teaches you how to diet teaches you exercises it doesn't just give you a plan and say do this because you don't understand why you're doing it so there's so much information for you to understand the basics and actually changing your lifestyle and making, making it a part of who you are versus I'm going to do this for eight weeks. Of course. And you're getting trained. Like if you're yourself or thinking about going to the transformation challenge, you're getting trained by actual professionals, actual certified trainers, actual like Jenna not only looks the part, but she has the science and the backing to back up the part. Like it's this really different thing where there's – especially right now, like everybody wants to be a coach or can be a coach. Like there's been this influx of, okay, so I compete in a bodybuilding contest. Yeah, and that's okay. Like I'm not knocking that. If that's what motivates you and you think that's your calling, like, go chase that. I'm not beating that down. But it's just there's such a differentiator between the person that has lost some weight and got in shape and now wants to share with other people or people like yourself that have made a career out of it, spent time, energy, effort, and money in perfecting that skill and have this massive proven track record now of thousands and thousands of people that have changed I mean probably tens of thousands of people you yourself people come to the transformation challenge and you know people are getting really familiar with it we've been doing it for years and so you know there's a lot of people are talking about it because a lot of people can't believe that it's free and you know we want to be anything we can do to help somebody is what what we do And offering such a great resource to people for free is the best thing that we can do. And we constantly improve it. Yeah. So, Jenna, with all these great things you've done so far, I have to shift the attention to what's next.

Jenna West Entry (40:55)

Like, if you look five years down the road for you and Chris, what's next? Like, same house, different house, vacation home, kids, more cats, more dogs. Like, how does that look? What's, what's the future hold for Jenna and Chris? We'll definitely keep this house is definitely the plan. You know, um, after the fire, we, um, built this house and we built it to like what we liked and what we wanted. Um, so it's pretty special to us. So I believe that we'll keep this house. Um, as far as kids go, we have a couple extra bedrooms if we had them, but I don't know. We're just not at a place where that's in our vocabulary every day. We still talk about it. I'm so busy and he's so busy. It's just not a great time. I'm only 27, so I have so much time to decide later. But as far as careers and stuff go, I do the best I can every single day and that's all I do. So where I'm at in five years, I know I'll be progressing. I'm just always moving forward. So I know a lot of people love to do or envision where they're going to be in five years and set these things. I just do the best I can every day.

No secret to success (42:01)

I wake up and that's all I do. That works for me. And it works very well. Like I said, you've, you've made such a great impact in the world. Like if this is not some cheesy, like you're my guest, like fuck that really just real talk. Like if the microphone's not here, impacted a bunch of people's lives, which is super cool to see from the outside. Like I think that's, I don't believe that people are inherently bad. I think we're all inherently good. I think some of us just tap into that a little quicker and want to truly make a splash in the world, not because of money. Money becomes a byproduct of just helping people, like helping people either with their gym or with their mindset or with their relationship. When you just help and you just want to help because you've learned your lessons, it's so easy. And so when people are like, how did you do it? I'm like, well, you just do the right thing. It's easy. There's no secret to it. you do it? I'm like, well, you just do the right thing. It's easy. There's no secret to it. I treat people how I would want to be treated. I look at people and think, how can I be a part of the solution for these people? And that's it. That's all I do. There is no secret formula to it. You just be a good person. And I'll say from my side, because I've shared very openly on the podcast, and I don't know how much of this you would know, but like I was not always a good person. Like my actions certainly weren't good, like lying, cheating, failed businesses, bankruptcy. Like my story before you met me was really pretty much a complete shit show. Like just it was. And so just because you made some bad decisions or had a bad time period in life, that also doesn't have to define you. Like, I went back and it's funny, Jesse, the photographer that's here today, we're covering the fact that I had to go back and apologize to people. No different than the people did inside the gym you worked at where it's years and years later. And it probably doesn't even like the people I've apologized to probably never think about my name ever. Like it's not for them at that point.

Mistakes And Lessons Learned In Business

Mistakes in business (43:46)

It's for me to release. But it made you up, you know. Yeah, because I'm like, man, I was just not a good person or I didn't tell the truth this time or I made a mistake. And mistakes still happen in current day business. It's not like I'm anywhere near perfect, but it's understanding that they exist and then making that really quick adjustment of like, well, hold on. This didn't go right. Let me, you know, Sal was, Sal was the guy that actually impressed this lesson upon me harder than anybody. Yeah. Reader's digest version. It made him some suits. Some didn't go right with the company I was working for at that time. I had to have some tough conversations. They didn't come out quick enough. And he's like, look, bro, you have to have the tough conversations like immediately. Like, I don't care. I don't need the suits. I don't like you're better than this. But it was in his office with the baseball stuff, like literally sitting one-on-one, like across from him at this table, you've been there before you get it. And it's just like, yeah. And it's just like this crazy, like, it's just one of those moments that seared in my mind that I will always remember of like, man, this guy that doesn't really know me, that doesn't have to care about me at all. Spent the time to sit down and like explain to me a different way to consider this situation. Right. It's just one of those things where it's like, man, it's just so easy to have.

Tough conversations (44:51)

It's not easy. It's just simple to have the tough conversations up front when something doesn't go right. Cause there's plenty of shit that doesn't go right every day. Like I don't, you I'll say only on my side, Jenna is an angel. She doesn't make any mistakes. Everything is perfect. Okay. Like you said, I think it's just important to learn from the mistakes that we make, make things right, and move forward. Nothing in our life defines who we are, because every day that we wake up, we can be who we want to be.

Learning from mistakes (45:18)

I really do believe that. I had no advantage over anybody else. I think the only thing that, you know, has progressed me in life is believing that I can do the things that I want to do. And, you know, like I said, I never set out to do anything on social media, which I think is a big reason of why I really enjoyed it so much is because I put no pressure on myself on social media. I shared what I wanted to share. I shared things I liked, I shared all this stuff without any pressure because I just wanted to do that. And that goes back to just being who you are. People really gravitate towards that and enjoy it. Yeah, absolutely. So Jenna, on that note, I can't come up with a better way to conclude our episode than just sharing that. Just be yourself and know that you're capable of making the decisions that propel you to the next level of your life. Absolutely. It all starts with you and your mindset. Your mindset is truly everything.

Closing Remarks

Final words (46:08)

Absolutely. Jenna, thank you so much for your time today. I've loved having you on the show. It's always great catching up with you. It's been far too long since we've seen each other face-to-face, but I'm sure that day will come at some point. Yeah, it'll happen. We'll cross the path. Good to have her by this year, you and Lindsay. Yeah, absolutely. Jenna, thanks again. Have a great afternoon. Thank you. You too.

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