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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today's episode, as always, is my favorite day of the week, the one where my wife joins me in the studio. Hi, how are you? I'm wonderful. How about yourself? I'm good. And if you're listening to this, that means it's Saturday, although we're not recording on a Saturday. It is a Thursday. It is a Thursday. We're kind of cutting it close this week. A little bit, but you don't know when this show is going to air. On a Saturday. You don't know which Saturday. Considering this is the only one we have in the bank right now, probably this Saturday would be a good bet. Maybe. Maybe.

Personal Communication Insights

Shut Your Mouth (00:50)

Which is exactly what I want to talk about on this episode. This episode is entitled Shut Your Mouth. Oh. That's right. And like I say every week, I never know what we're talking about until we sit down. So I said, what are we talking about? He said, I'm going to hit you between the eyes with some shit today. Okay, here we go. Yes, that's right. No, and it's a whole thing of, I would look at this episode as a fact that there has to be a certain amount of humor and lightheartedness to any relationship. Certainly that I'm a part of. Yeah. I mean, our whole world revolves around making each other laugh or giggle or saying some dumb shit to one another. That is a great way to say it. And hence, shut your mouth. Like, I can't tell you as you're listening how many times I have told Lindsay to shut her mouth that she's being stupid. A lot. And it's because you are stupid a lot of times. Well, you're pretty stupid sometimes too. What a great comeback that is. I know, right? You're stupid too. You're so dumb. But, you know, it's good for one another. We always call everybody out on their shit. So, you know, you and I do it to each other all the time. Shut your mouth. Fuck you. It's like a daily thing. Such terms of endearment for my husband and that I give to him. Yeah, well, fuck you. Yeah, that's all pretty true. What I found is in our relationship, more so than any in my past, that very rarely are we in this super serious mindset. Certainly there's the weight of life situations that we have to deal with, whether it's bills that need paid or kids that need picked up or our dog getting cancer. Yeah, that's not a fun one. No, there's things that require direct focus. Right. But we'll take time to talk about the humorous side of our life, which is really like 98% of what we do. It really is, which makes every day enjoyable and fun. It does, but something to me I have to remain aware of. And I don't know that we've spoken of this. Never. Which is good. It's going to make for some great content as you're listening. Yeah, because really we've never talked about any of this stuff no but like on my side I am ridiculously focused and self-consumed on the growth of this show my personal brand everything that I'm doing to make a change in the world where it's consuming like it consumes my mind it consumes the thoughts that I have of the future it's like and it's not that mind.

Cliche communication (03:05)

It consumes the thoughts that I have of the future. It's like, and it's not that it's heavy in the fact that I'm super analytical or ultra introspective, but if I don't force myself to break away and try to spend some extra time by myself or getting present in the moment with you and Gianna, I just kind of sit there and I'm quiet. Yes. And we've talked about that before though. Like you just get consumed with your own thoughts and then you can kind of drift off and I'll look at you and be like, what the fuck are you doing right now? Yeah. But it's that, it's that, it's that ability to have that level of communication that I had not had before. And again, I'm not, I always want to make sure I say this on air. I am not talking poorly about people that I have spent time with or dated. It's just the dynamics of our relationship. Obviously we're married. Yeah. Well, that's why we're married and we've been together for going on the fifth year now. Yeah. It's because this stuff works the right way. I mean, I can say the same thing. I've had past relationships and even a past marriage, like nothing wrong with any of those people. They just turn out to not be a match or the level of communication or intimacy or whatever is just not on the same wavelength. Which is why I'm married to you. That's right. That's right. I mean, for instance, let's take the glasses we're wearing right now. We are extra cool kids today. If you go to the YouTube channel Ryan Nidel, you will see that both of us are wearing blue light glasses i got served an instagram ad about i don't know a few weeks ago what's from my buddy's company david shot and seen uh yes yes yes i forgot yeah it's privet raveau maybe something like that i don't know how to speak spanish or french so i don't know really what it is all i know is they're inexpensive sunglasses that david as a local guy here to columbus grew aster and black grew it, sold it off, moved down to Miami, and it has had this entrepreneurial spirit above and beyond most people have ever seen and created discount sunglasses and now regular glasses. Yeah, they're blue light. So the Instagram ad I got served, which I'm a sucker for these all the time, they're supposed to block the light, the blue light rays that come from your computer and your phone screen.

Current theme (05:10)

So for those of us that are on our phone or computer all day, we don't get those ocular headaches. And so they block. But really, I just think we like to wear them because we look cool, maybe. I don't know. I ordered the ones you have on for me. And then they were, like, massively too big for my head. And so you've got a very nice large and they look great on you so I ordered these little you know cute girly ones yeah so apparently I have a big head and I'm also slowly actually getting a big head with the success of this show so I guess that's double double folded but it's it's like we have these glasses and and Lindsay has them and I see them when they come in. I'm like, in the middle I'm thinking, I probably even said this out loud, like what the fuck are you doing buying more glasses? And I say that. She did? He did. Perfect. Jesus. Man, you needed to nap too. I needed to nap too. God damn. So, I have bought Lindsay not short of 10 pairs of sunglasses in our time together. I don't know if it's 10, but it's close.

Sunglasses and private fan (06:27)

I'm horrible with glasses. We don't even have to name all the names. Now, I bought a bunch of the Privé Ravaux glasses because I saw them and they were inexpensive. 25 or 30 bucks a pair, so I'm not spending thousands of dollars on glasses. Yeah. and they were inexpensive, like 25 or 30 bucks a pair, so I'm not spending thousands of dollars on glasses. Yeah. But then we have also bought the Tom Fords and the Ralph Lauren's and the Ray-Bans and named some things. And it just so happens that Lindsay and all of her creative genius likes to offer the fish of the ocean and lakes the ability to wear sunglasses as they swim. And so she drops them in the water almost consistently and then just says, fuck it, and leaves. So I have two pair. Out of the 10, only two pair have gone in the water. The Tom Fords went in the ocean. I wore them on my face. I got smacked in the mouth by a giant wave, and that was it. Some shark is rocking some Tom Fords. And then when we went to New York, we went to, what's it called? Chautauqua Lake. And I bent over to sit down, and they were were on my head and they fell right off into the water. Which we could have retrieved those, I guess, but it was a little chilly and nobody wanted to get wet. I'm glad you think this is funny. It's so passive. Like the Tom Fords are $400 or $500 sunglasses. Oh, I'm so mad about those. And the Ray-Bans are $150 to $200 sunglasses. So it's no big deal. Fortunately, we now operate in a household full of abundance versus scarcity. I know, but the Tom Fords hurt enough that I will never spend that kind of money on sunglasses again. That hurt my soul. Yeah, I love it. It's awesome. Never again. I'm rocking my $30 pre-base right now. I'll probably stick to that. But she buys these glasses, and I literally – I come home, and I don't have a garage door opener. It's the craziest shit in the world.

Randy justifies his Amazon orders (08:15)

Like we have a two-car garage, and from just – we've just been lazy. I can't even like justify it. We had a new garage door opener put in like the motor quite some time ago. We only got one remote with it. We never thought to ask for the second. We didn't program another one. We have a keypad on the outside that doesn't work. That part of our life's a shit show. Yeah. And so I walked through the front door with a key. Like I park in the driveway because the second the second car garage has all Gianna stuff and has a motorcycle in it. It has lawnmowers. I mean, it just has stuff. So we really need like a three car garage has all Gianna's stuff and has a motorcycle in it and it has lawnmowers. I mean, it just has stuff. Yeah, we really need like a three-car garage. At least, at least. But in that, I walk through the front door and there's almost always, I mean. I know what you're going to say. There's almost always an Amazon package sitting on the counter. I can't even get mad about it because half the time it's you and half the time it's me. You're just as bad. So when I buy things from Amazon, I buy books. Here comes the justification. No, I buy books. Yeah, lots of books. I hear books or I see books or friends of mine recommend books and I have found the five second rule works incredibly well for me. And oddly enough, I've now recommended this to a few other people. One is a guest of the show that was, will be on and sometime very soon. Her name is Felicia Romero that we have this thing where we, we have the idea that we're going to take action and then life gets in the way. And so if you don't take massive action towards a goal or desire in the first five seconds from the time it pops in your head that it pretty much disappears. Like, especially with the speed at which information comes at us. So what I found is if I don't instantly add it to an Amazon shopping cart, like immediately, then I'm unable to make anything happen. It has to be right away. Yeah. And so I do it. I add these books and a bunch of books. I mean, even Gianna is like, did Ryan get another book today? When she saw she gets the mail last night and there's an Amazon package, she goes, I think Ryan got another book. Did he get another book today? I'm pretty sure he did. Yeah, but I didn't. It's not booked. So I come to the front door. I do the stuff at the front door. I walk. I put my key in and there's I have to almost always fucking step over boxes. And these boxes on this particular day ended up being classes and stuff for the fucking horse. Oh, yeah. His supplements come to the house. I love the fact that that is said so passively. Like, oh, yeah. His supplements show up. I mean, OK, well, hold on. I'm going to throw this right back at you, sir. I love the fact that that is said so passively. Like, oh yeah, his supplements show up. I mean, okay, well, hold on. I'm going to throw this right back at you, sir, because yesterday there were two 50-pound boxes full of 30 meals that you had ordered that were sitting piled up, stacked on each other in front of the door. That, you just, just nothing? you're going to just leave that out how many of those meals have you had so far i had one not true no i had one one day and one yesterday that's the one i had yesterday is the one i finished today because i ate it at like 10 o'clock at night and i couldn't shove the whole thing in my mouth so again just to make sure that i'm understanding this correctly you are frustrated the fact that I spent my time and energy to order from Clean Eats, C-L-E-A-N-E-A-T-Z.com. Their meals are incredible. I am not sponsored by them. I don't have an agreement with them. No. They're just good. The owners are just phenomenal people and their food tastes incredible. So I ordered two 30-packs that are divided into 15 separate meals. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that being 60 meals. 60 meals. That's what it was. And they came, but you've already started eating them. When your horse stuff shows up, I can't do anything with that. Well, that's not my fault. When all your books show up, I can't do shit with those either. You haven't read the books that I buy? I read a few. But when I want to see one that I- See, this is exactly what I'm talking about.

Randy jokes around (11:58)

Shut your mouth. Fuck you. Shut your mouth. Like, this is so ridiculous. The reason why, one of the reasons Liz and I work so well is because in her entire life I Feel very confident with this She's beautiful and the majority of men that have had the opportunity to date her or spend time with her at some point are like Oh my god. I don't want to lose her and I get it I don't lose her either, but I realized very quickly in our relationship, especially from all the dumbass decisions I've made up to that point that if I couldn't own and tell her exactly what I was thinking Yeah, that this was never gonna work long term for me and it just so happened that that actually turns her on Yeah, it's so cute when you do it When you get like super feisty with me, i'm like that's hot see but it was finally owning like what i needed and just working through it doing it the right way and hence telling you to shut up shut your mouth and that shut up is aggressive i mean you never say shut up to me no shut your mouth or you know i definitely call you bitch a lot but you you say like in the morning what's up bitch that does come i think that's so stupid, but it's cute. It works for us. I mean, that comes from my late 80s, early 90s gangster rap. Oh, yeah. Internal DNA that's wired into me. That's right. I just feel like that's the way I'm supposed to communicate with those that I love. I mean, I don't mind it, but if we're in the grocery store and you're like, yo, bitch, grab me some whatever.

When He Talks Like Outside Voice (13:19)

I don't say that very often. No, but I mean, if you would do that, how you do that at store and you're like yo bitch grab me some whatever people i don't say that no but i mean like if you would do that how you do that at home you're like hey bitch you're gonna give me some of that yeah but it's at home and i don't i don't do it i want to also say this the right way he never does it in a derogatory way no and i'm not saying it so gianna hears it like it's our own little banter back and forth but i think that's important i think for relationships to remain healthy as ours has through all the trials and tribulations and ups and downs it's because we never lost sight of the things that make our heart speed up a little bit yeah well we always have fun together like that's the whole point life is going to throw all kinds of shit at us and any individual and couple you just have to deal with it with a grain of salt deal with it in the moment and then you have to get back to having fun with your life because you only get the moment that's here. You're not guaranteed the next moment. So have fun with it. Yes, unless it has to do with riding horses. Oh, Jesus.

When She Doesnt Laugh In A Timely Manner (14:13)

I'm kidding. I'm kidding. As for me, as I get, as I'll reiterate, self-consumed and absorbed in my own life and what I think is important to me, that I am wired in such a way that I don't even check in a lot of times. And it's not that I'm, when I say I don't check in, we've had discussions in the past couple weeks where you get frustrated at me because I'm like, it's Saturday, going to the gym at this time, I'm doing this this other time, I'm doing this other thing, and you look at me and you're like, you didn't even consult with me. Yeah, you're not good at that though. In saying that, in that same instance, our communication is at such a place and our humor is at such a place with one another that I literally look at you and say, all right, time out, shut your mouth, and you look at me and you get mad in that moment. Like, there's a definite, like there's two sides of this fence. There's a side like, oh, that's cute, and there's the other side where it's like I literally smacked her in the mouth. Like, she's like, wait, what did you say? Because she's already pissed at me for something. But in that, as her and I are having the conversation this past Saturday about the gym and whatnot, maybe it's two Saturdays ago at this point, say, okay, look, you're not feeling well. You've already said you want to go ride your horse. You've already said these other things, like we don't have plans until three or four in the afternoon. So do you really need me to check in with you to confirm the fact of you doing what you've already said you're going to do last night today? Well, no. Okay. And as long as I make it to the things that you said that you want me to make it to in the afternoon, does it matter what I do between now and then? Well, I guess not. Okay. Well, are you still going to go ride your horse and do all the stuff that occupies your time just to make sure I'm not missing something? And do you actually want to go to the gym with me? Well, no, I want to go ride my horse. I'm going to still do that. Want to go to the gym with me? Well, no, I want to ride my horse. I'm going to still do that. So what the fuck are you still mad about? And then she looks at me and she laughs like that. She says, I don't really know. Yeah. And then we'll just leave it at that. But sometimes you are pretty good at just being like, I'm going to do this, this, this, and this. And not really checking in. And I guess it makes sense because all day throughout the week, you just have to kind of go, go, go with your own schedule because Gianna and I have our own schedule. And on the weekends, it's kind of hard to break that. Yeah. Tuesday nights, you ride horses. Thursday nights, you ride horses. Wednesday, Gianna has gymnastics. Monday, she's with her dad. Every other Friday, she's with her dad. There's always stuff going on. Yeah, I mean, but that's the life of a family and kids. There's always stuff going on. For sure. For sure.

Filling Each Other In About Life Events (16:50)

But in that, we take it far enough that we check in a couple times throughout the day. Yeah, and if something changes, we, you know, let each other know about it. Yeah, and check in isn't the thing of like, hey, what are you doing? Try to also, like I try to be present enough to stop myself to interject some humor or to say some things. It's interesting, this morning, it has been quite some time. Yeah, I think this is all right to go with. Uh-oh. You can't see this, but I just got the head tilt like, oh shit, what is this fun guy going to say right now? I already know what you're going to say. I know you do. I'll do it the right way. So as the ebbs and flows of any relationship go between work schedules and kid schedules and emotional issues and sicknesses and things, the intimacy level of relationships can go up and down.

For Wives To Be Connected To Our Husbands (17:36)

And not intimacy in so far of like do you love your partner or things like that, but we'll just call it the physical intimacy. And in that, with Lindsay still trying to figure out and calibrate her health, I might as well just say it out loud. Yeah, we talked about that last week. Like, I've had up and downs in feeling like myself. Yeah, I mean, she's lost 10 pounds. She's still short of breath. She still has erratic heartbeats. We can't really find out answers. She's went to specialists. Like she's in the process of trying to figure it out, but we're not really getting too many answers. But in that, with her not feeling well and not having a ton of energy and with me diving so far into what I'm doing and being so self-consumed, coupled with the fact of her schedule with Gianna, our connection with communication is still high, but our connection physically is not as high. Yeah. And so Lindsay starts to re-engage that this morning, which is wonderful. Because for me, it's just a necessary component of our life. Oh, of course. Very quickly, it's like, hey, do you want to spend, I'll just say politely, some quality time together tonight? And I'm sitting there thinking like, yes, in the back of my mind, of course, 100%. Yep. But in the forefront, I'm like, man you're gonna be you're gonna be tied up to like 9 30 or 10 and i'm gonna be exhausted he's gonna be out and i'm the type when i lay down like it's like four and a half minutes and i'm asleep we laughingly call it the beacon light oh yeah yeah see there's all these inside tips and tricks like we're literally letting we're hacking your relationship for you right now for us us, if we want, if there's going to be a level of intimacy that we want to achieve together in the evening, once everybody's in bed, our bedroom has lights on both sides of the nightstands. And so kind of one of these things of like, as Lindsay goes in and washes off her makeup and gets ready for bed, if she comes out and the overhead light is off and both nightstand lights are off, it's pretty much bedtime. Because I'm like three and a half minutes. He's already asleep. Yeah. She shuts off the bathroom light and I am probably snoring before she gets tucked in.

Humor Is Important (19:52)

Yeah, 100%. But if when she goes into the bathroom, her light's on on the side of the nightstand, we might be having some fun together. The beacon light is on. And the opposite is true. If she comes out and my light is on on my side, it's like all systems are go. Yeah. And so you might want to consider that as you're listening, that there could be some signs that you can share, I'll say, quality time with your partner by leaving lights on as little telltale signs. There you go. But you also spice things up. Like we say creative things through text every once in a while. Yeah. Things that will make each other feel appreciative, appreciated. But also humorous things. Like to me, our intimacy and our relationship is so deeply rooted in humor, which is almost ironic with the way that we started. Right? Yeah. I mean, our relationship certainly wasn't heavy. is so deeply rooted in humor, which is almost ironic with the way that we started. Right? Yeah. I mean, our relationship certainly wasn't heavy, but it also wasn't nearly, like it's over time we've almost gotten more humorous with each other. It's become more lighthearted as time has progressed. Yeah. And said the other way. Like when we first got together, I wouldn't have said that you were funny at all. Oh, thanks. And vice versa. It's not even because I was being an idiot. It like you know you're going through a divorce or in the process like you should at the beginning of our relationship I'm lying and manipulating stuff we've covered this on other episodes so I don't want to spend a bunch of time here but yeah all these things are going on so sure we're spending time together but for certain part of that you're living with your parents because you know moving out and certain point you're still your ex-husband's out like it's there's all this stuff that went on. It was stuff, yeah. A lot of life stuff. And so it was a great time to forge the bond between us as far as how we communicate, but we hadn't really jumped all the way into the humor side of things. Right. And now it's like if something happened and we weren't able to be humorous, I don't know. We're in trouble. Oh. I don't know how that works really for us. No. That's just how we, I mean, it's how we make light of every situation that we get into so it doesn't weigh us down. Absolutely. And I think that's the big takeaway to me on this particular episode. Is that life is going to come at all of us really quickly and consistently. So we make a conscious effort to do things to lighten the mood almost daily. But when I say conscious effort, I myself personally, certainly won't speak for you, but if I don't focus on it, enough time passes that it just doesn't happen on my side. And I think from where I sit, that's one of the downfalls of so many people's relationship. And we can call it lack of communication, but it's lack of understanding of how to keep things light as well. If you, we all to me require laughter and humor, like it makes us feel good. It does something chemically to our brain. Like it just, it feels better. And all of a sudden, as life keeps going and we get in these patterns and things are consistent and there's kids and there's dogs and there's bills and there's life. Think about your life right now. Odds are you get up, you say goodbye to your partner, you get in your car, you drive to the same job, you park in the same parking spaces, you get done at the same time, you drive home, you eat at the same handful of restaurants, you go to bed at give or take the same time. And after two or three months of that, it's just repetitive. Yes. Everybody's life has some kind of routine. Absolutely. And what do you, you know, how do you break it up so that it doesn't seem mundane and boring and it keeps you wanting to engage in that routine every day?

Spreading your seed. (23:21)

Because, you know, you have to go to your job and you have to take the kids to soccer practice and you have to go and eat and clean the house and do your laundry and whatever your routine may be. Yes, especially as I'll speak for the men that are listening. We get bored. Oh, for sure. Women get bored too. For sure. And we've covered this to me genealogically based on our dna however you want to say it i believe that men are meant to spread their seed and women are meant to stay at home and like bear children like raise children and in that if things don't feel somewhat consistently spicy it's much easier for a man's eye to start to wander. Not saying that his pants are going to wander, but at least his eye. And that's kind of the catalyst for how everything starts to go south. Yeah. Or literally it's as simple as just keeping it lighthearted every once in a while. It doesn't have to be every day. It doesn't have to be something like, on Thursdays I'm going to tell my wife or husband a joke or boyfriend or girlfriend. It just adds some lightness, adds some brevity to the situation. Yeah.

Tips On Maintaining Relevance

SJs secret to keeping things interesting. (24:24)

I mean like send him a flirtatious text or a sexy selfie or something. Like, and that, what? What are you looking at me like that for? Because we figured, I figured out something with the phone. And it was incredible. So we, man, this is like ADD all day long. Oh, yeah. I know it's coming. It's awesome. Yeah, we picked up the new iPhone, whatever the big one is, XS Plus. It doesn't matter what it is. The giant phones. We got the new ones. It was time for our plan to tell them a story that doesn't matter. In that, I'm texting Lindsay, you know, my morning love, honor, appreciation, and I'm sending her stuff that I'm like, man, this is my normal deal. And then along the bottom, there's these new images that pop up. There's like a heart that's black and there's some other stuff. And then there's this little face. Monkey face. And it's a monkey. And I click on it. And all of a sudden, like I notice that as I'm speaking or my face is moving, that the monkey's face is moving the same way that mine is. It's amazing. And I'm like, wait, what is this? And so you can hold the record button and it looks like I can send Lindsay my words coming out of the monkey's mouth and the monkey's mouth is moving like my mouth is moving. And they'll wink and laugh and smile and it mimics your, it's really brilliant. It mimics your facial expressions and your voice comes out of it. And so I send that and she laughs and we have a good time with it. And then I take it a step further because I don't know the off switch and I certainly don't know limits to really anything in life. And so I realized that there's like a subset that you can design your own face. So I spend 35 or 40 minutes one morning designing, like trying to find the right facial structure that mimics mine closely, the right facial hair, the right hair on top of the head, the right skin tone. And so that I can say really obscenely inappropriate stuff to her. Oh, it's so great. And hold the button. And it looks like it's coming out of this little make-believe version of me. And all that pops up is like the head. It's just the head. And so the first time I get the message, it's just this little head that pops up. And it looks kind of like Ryan, enough that I know it's like the emoji version of Ryan. And it's saying some obscene stuff. And it is hilarious. And it's, I mean, I just died laughing. And so then, of course, I had to make one for myself. And then. Your first one didn't look anything like you. It was like the, it was ridiculous. You're like, your cheeks are too chubby. I'm like, they didn't have anything for like, you know, skinny face. I don't know what to tell you. Skinny face. Well, my face is narrow. Narrow face is better than skinny face. You know how offensive that is? No. Really? Fuck you. That look of panic on her face like, oh my God. I'm not trying to offend anybody. Did I just piss people off? Shut up. But you can even do it with a video. I sent you that video where you can, it's me in the video but it just puts like the monkey head or the unicorn head or my emoji head on my my body it's amazing it's really incredible that we just spent seven minutes discussing with you how we create what are they called bitmojis whatever for each other hey we're simply entertained we are very simple creatures with very simple pleasures. Unless it's horses. Those are not simple. Oh, geez. That will be consistent until those horses go away. They're not going to go away. And one day they're going to go away. I'll just get another one. That is so messed up. Fuck the horses. If you're listening and you have the ability to make horse stew, please leave me the recipe.

Donkeys are not newbies (27:40)

Or turn them into glue. From what I understand, horses that are lame get turned into glue, so the elmers are using... If you spent more time with him, you would love him. It's true. Uh-huh.

Humor In Connections

Find the humor (27:57)

Nonetheless. There's no good segue for that, really. Well, there is. You can find humor in anything. I find it humorous to pick at you about the horse. I know. And in that, it pisses you off. And then I find it even more funny. I know. Isn't that stupid? It's so dumb. But it's okay. I mean, I know that you're only half joking and half serious. You like to pick at me because you want to see my reaction, but you're also serious because you really don't like the horse. I like the horse for what it does for you. I don't like the horse for how it drains our bank account. Fair. Yeah. I'm good with the horse. I mean, I don't have an issue with the horse. Other than the lack of money that's in our account every month from horse stuff. I bet horses had more dental work done in the past three months than I have in my last 30 years. Yeah, well, he only gets dental work once a year, and so it just happened. So it's okay. We don't have to pay a dentist bill for another year. I'm confused why horses even need teeth. They can't talk. Oh, jeez. They eat grass and stuff. Like, man. Went too far down the rabbit hole on that one, honey. Whatever. Wrap it up then come on genius bring this episode to a close every time you put your head down go ahead let's tie the pieces together you've heard me do it enough this is not my show you do it this is your gift not mine as you're listening right now i am getting consistent messages asking me when your show is going to come out i know know. I'm getting those too. So I believe that people would disagree. But I'm not probably going to wrap up my stuff like you wrap yours up. And my vibe is not going to be the same as yours. We're not the same person. It's not the same show. I mean, mine might be geared a little more towards women like yours was geared towards men, but we haven't really planned that whole part of it out yet because I get messages from both genders about podcasts. I didn't know that. Oh, geez. Oh, man. Oh, come on. What do you mean you get messages from guys? Just like. What do you mean? Oh, stop it. Calm down there. They send the eggplants? No eggplants. Are you sure? Yeah. I would definitely show you. I don't want to see somebody's eggplant. Oh, it would be so funny. I would put that shit on blast so fast with like an eggplant emoji over it. It would be amazing. Don't ever send me inappropriate messages if you're listening to this because I will blast your ass everywhere. Send me all the inappropriate messages you can because I think they're hilarious. No, no. In all seriousness, just make sure if you take any advice or any piece of information from this, whether it's in your personal life, whether it's at the gym or even in your business, none of us are going to make it out of life alive. It doesn't have to be that serious. And it's actually healthy to take a little bit of time and energy every day to figure out how to laugh. And if you're going to laugh and figure out how to be more present every moment, you'll find out that every day you're able to get shit done.

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