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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is entitled The Secret Weapon. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the content. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why having a secret weapon in business is so important and give you access to mine.

Guest Conversation And Interview

Episode 239: The Scripts (00:27)

So if you're a longtime listener, you understand the fact that I have systems and processes for life. I've spent money in coaching myself. I've spent money in hacking my brain and how it works. I've spent money leveling up my family. I do all these things because I want to live a life that is higher than I have lived before. I'll call it that four-dimensional lifestyle or lifestyle based upon expansion. And I'm proud of the way I live. It might not make sense to everybody that's listening, but these are things that are impactful for me. I don't do it really for anyone else. I love it if you find inspiration in it. If you hear me and you get motivated and it knocks some cobwebs loose for you and you start to begin, you can actually begin thinking that you can achieve more, then I'm starting to, it's starting to work. But I still share all these things because it brings me power, brings me joy. It helps me maintain my ownership of the situation. But in that, I have realized that the majority of the coaching I've went through is more mindset. It's more personal development. It's more beliefs and unwiring old limiting beliefs. Shoot, even as it pertains to my clients, the majority of what we cover on a day-over-day basis ends up being the impactful stories that we have told ourselves. And we figure out how to get going backwards through those and we then create new healthy habits and create a new lifestyle wrapped around new stories that we tell ourselves. Then there's an immense amount of accountability and all these things that go into it. That's the coaching. But that's only like the tip of the iceberg. Right? Because if you're listening to this podcast, odds are you are either an entrepreneur or entrepreneur. right? Because if you're listening to this podcast, odds are you are either an entrepreneur or entrepreneur. Saying that another way, there's either a chance that you work for yourself or you work for somebody else. If you do not currently do either one of those, you're probably in the process of acquiring a degree so that you can work for yourself or for someone else. I get it. These are all steps of the equation, right? These are all stepping stones to get you to a certain destination. But in those stepping stones, what becomes impactful are seeing the stones that have not fully planted themselves in the water.

Step On Stones (02:41)

Let's take a journey for a second together. We're out on a pond and, you know, I don't know about you, but when I was little, I used to go to ponds and skip stones. You'd look on the creek bed and you'd find the flat oblong stones. You'd hold them in your hand a certain way and you'd try to skim it across the water. And every once in a while, you'd have to step on stones to go find like a bigger stone, almost like a boulder or a rock. And you have to step on it to go just tiptoe down in the water and just barely reach that perfect flat looking rock. What about you? Was that something you would have done? Even if you didn't, follow me in this story. So in that, you'd have to step on these boulders, right? And the boulders from your perspective, from your vantage point, they look like they're all the way on the bottom of the creek bed. But every once in a while, depending on the creek that we would go to or how hard I would step on a rock, I'd step on the top that was creek bed. But every once in a while, depending on the creek that we would go to or how hard I would step on a rock, I'd step on the top that was sticking above the water and it would end up sinking down way below the surface. And all of a sudden, my shoes get dirty. My foot gets wet. I smell like pond water. I then have to go home and explain to my mom why my shoes were dirty and why I smelled bad. I then was embarrassed because I hated having dirty shoes. Like there's all these things that would happen after that situation. And I just think, how impactful would it have been had I never had to step on one of those stones that sunk down into the water? It would have been great. But all of a sudden, like as we progress or as I have progressed into my adult life, I took for granted that there are people out there that help you not step on those sinking stones. And whether it's a personal development coach, much like myself, or a lifestyle or mindset coach or whatever you want to call it. I don't really love the term coach, but I don't know how to quantify it.

Ownership (04:44)

Those are all well and good, but what about as it pertains to business? Who do you go to for that business information? Who do you trust? It's tough, right? Who has the chops? Who has the experience to make that happen for you? Well, through time and through skinning my knees and making a bunch of bad decisions and having some massive successes and then some massive failures as it pertains to business, I've been incredibly fortunate to meet some of the best and brightest minds in business.

Acknowledging Business Successes (05:02)

Like guys that run at levels that most of us can't fully understand. Now, inevitably, I know that there's a good chance as you're listening, you are far more intelligent than I am. You probably have a higher degree. You probably have a better background in business or finance. You probably wouldn't be quite as enamored with some of the people that I've come across as I am. But as I've ascended through life and I come across individuals that have worked in the venture capitalist game, own private equity firms themselves, have been in charge of multiple billions of dollars versus mergers and acquisitions, know, multiple billions of dollars versus mergers of mergers and acquisitions. Guys that have helped settle huge, huge windfall successes for the tobacco industry and their payout to the lawyers that are associated with making them have to operate in a more transparent manner.

Luthers Career & Acumen w/Young People Matter Too (05:55)

Guys that literally have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in portfolios that they manage people's money and help keep their asses safe as it pertains to business. Those are the type of guys that I get access to. The craziest thing in the world is all those guys actually are only one guy. The guy that I would say is my secret weapon. I have access to a guy that almost no matter what, day or night, I know that on his worst day, with the slowest mental capacity that he has, he will outmaneuver, outstrategize, and outplan anyone. This man has a skill set and ability that is ruthless. When I say ruthless, he has access to find out more about a deal structure, more about your competition, more about things that are hot buttons to help you ensure the closing of a deal than any person I've ever come across. This is a man that no matter what goes on, I would certainly never want to be on the wrong side of. He doesn't know off. He is what I would refer to as my secret weapon. His name is Luther.

Luthers Tribe Runs the Show (07:39)

Go figure, right? What other name would a superhero have other than Luther? Now, what's crazy is Luther's like the man behind the man behind the man. You meet Luther in person and he's not some city slicker guy with a $12,000 suit on and a slick back haircut, fast talking. Luther's a guy from the heart of America, a little bit of a southern draw. Luther wears a pair of jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, a nice simple t-shirt. But Luther's a guy that when you sit across from him and you want to discuss business and strategy, there is no one on the planet that is more capable than he is. I truly believe that. From having access to big time players like the George Saros of the world and the Elon Musk, guys like the founders of Google, Mark Zuckerberg. These are people in the circles in which he runs. These aren't things that he says to pound his chest and to make him seem like a bigger character than he is. These are things that humbly I have become friends with him and been able to drag out of him over the years. This is not something where all of a sudden he comes to the table and just says, oh, by the way, I know all these great people. Like if you need some help, let me know. It's a skill set that's earned. It's a trust level that's earned. Because he takes this stuff. He takes the life of connections that he's made and his impeccably spotless track record incredibly seriously like this is his life's work so imagine the impact of having a secret weapon at that caliber I think about your life right now as it pertains to business and we don't do this very often as we talk about business. My show as a whole is not pertaining just to business.

Life Matters, So, Proud (09:24)

I believe in a holistic lifestyle, a truly four-dimensional being where it's great if you want to focus on business, but more times than not, if your business is fucked, it's because your personal life is off kilter and because you don't have any spiritual connection and because you're not taking care of your body. Business is almost never the hot button. But what happens is you're listening to this right now and you realize like everything else was pretty well put together. I have this idea for a business and I don't know how to scale it. Or I need capital and I don't know where to find it at. I've got a business plan. I need somebody smarter than me to tell me if it works. Maybe it's I'm looking for the most capable CFO inside a certain price range. I think of all the business questions that you could have, what would it mean to you to be able to have access to my secret weapon? It's almost invaluable, right? If you were someone that has business questions, how much more value could you get than the man that is responsible for more than a billion dollars in mergers and acquisitions?

Luther (10:27)

I don't know. I personally have not found someone I'd put up against him and not trust that he would figure out a way to win. So in that, I was having a conversation with Luther just a few days back. And I was looking to add more value to this podcast. Because value always wins. By this point, we're darn near 200 episodes. And short of offering you two different times to email in and connect with me about possibly working with me in a group setting or one-on-one setting for coaching, I haven't asked you for anything. It's just give, give, give. And I will continue down that path. But in that, I'm catching up with Luther and I asked him if I could by chance bring up his name on a podcast. And could I take listeners that needed guidance and insight and could I funnel them in his direction? He laughed. I straight up just laughed. My secret weapon just laughed at me. He said, I don't know how that really works, Ryan. And so we went back and forth and we went round and round about it for a moment. I said, look, this is just one of those things. Like I know there's people listening that need help, need some strategy, need some insight. And Luther's a guy that in the corporate world, you know, for him just to walk into a room is $10,000. Like minimum. Just to sit down and be a part of a strategy session that is capped at an hour, he's a $10,000 guy. Now I'm saying that not because I expect you have $10,000 sitting around to ask Luther a question, but because his time has immense value to it. But in that him and I would jockey back and forth and said, look, if your listeners have something that they're struggling with, have them shoot you an email, Ryan, and just say what they're struggling with, as it pertains to business. From there, he's granted me the ability to pass your email on to him, and then he'll handle it, he'll get with you. He'll structure time back and forth with you. Now of course, this is around his busy schedule, this is around all the other meetings he has, this is around managing the portfolio, and all the other crazy stuff him and his firm do. But this is something that he's willing to do to be a part of something bigger.


Now, I'm certainly not going to suggest that Luther's time has absolutely no expense associated with it, but I'm not going to suggest it's thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars. What I'm suggesting is if you have a business related question, you don't know how to scale your business, you want help on a business plan, you might need funding yourself for a business. Shoot me an email to ryan at gsdmediagroup.com and let me know if I can help you. There's some things you have to put in the email. Again, when a man's time is worth $10,000 an hour, he's not going to sift through a bunch of bullshit to try to figure out if he can help you or not Just not gonna happen So I need you to put very clear and concise what you need out of my secret weapon in a nice email Don't tell me your life story Don't need a diatribe on on what it is you're trying to achieve Make it concise, make it direct, and let us know how we can help you. Because this secret weapon I take incredibly seriously. But in knowing how important this secret weapon has been to me in my life and helping me navigate and structure artificial intelligence deals and CBD deals and all types of different things that pertains to business, even talking through and vetting out sponsors that have offered time on this show. I know the value he brings to the table and I know that some of you, I know you specifically listening right now, you might need this. So it'd be foolish of me not to turn it over to you. So again, if this secret weapon is something you wish to have access to, shoot me an email at ryan at gsdmediagroup.com. Because no matter where you're at in your life, it doesn't make sense to step your foot on those sinking rocks. Why cost yourself hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars by making the dumbass decisions that someone else already knows better than don't be the guy or girl that's afraid to ask for help or insight based off foolish pride it doesn't make sense no different than in the ability to to manage and run your own life as it pertains to quote-unquote coaching I call performance optimization I like that better call it performance optimization.

Meta Discussion


I like that better. In the performance optimization world, why wouldn't you, if you are struggling right now and you have limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, you're not optimizing your life the way that you want to, your body is not in check, you're not happy with your shirt off, why wouldn't you reach out to somebody and say, hey, white flag, I know I can do better. I'm putting the flag at the top of the pole. Come help me out. What's crazy is it pertains to my services, the number of calls I hop on with people that aren't willing to invest a little bit of money in themselves for a lifetime of better habits. Think about that right now in your own life. Where are you knowing that you're deficient, but you're not willing to invest in your own future success? There's never going to be a right time in your life, there's going to be a magic windfall of tens of thousands of dollars that shows up on your front porch in a bag and says, you can only spend this to make your life better. If you think that day is going to happen, it's not. Typically to me, the people that need the biggest help, that are searching for the biggest piece of clarity, are the ones with the least resources, are the ones that it takes to fully stretch and reach out there. But those are the ones you make the biggest impact in. Just like Luther Wills or pertains to your business. If you have any need for that secret weapon, shoot me an email. And what I found is those of you that are willing to take that first step and send an email saying that you need help in a bigger perspective than you currently have are the ones that are guaranteed to get shit done.

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