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Intro (00:00)

I'm Ryan Neidell, host of 15 Minutes to Freedom, your daily action guide to getting shit done. Today I have an incredibly special guest, a guy that I've literally seen from over the past three and a half years go from really a very notable and recognizable face to exploding his own personal brand.

Overview Of Rocks And His Journey

Introducing Rocks (00:26)

He's got TV shows and movies in the works and been on the big screen. He's a multiple business owner. This guy's a fucking hilarious guy and a close friend of mine, Vincent Rocco Vargas. How are you, Rocco? Good, man. Good, good. I don't feel like I can live up to that. I need to be your hype man, buddy. I need to come out to Salt Lake and just follow you around and like announce you as you walk into places. So I got, I got to know, I don't know if I've ever asked you this before. Why Rocco? Like it's, it's Vincent Vargas, but why, where did the name Rocco come from? Originally, it was just a couple of my buddies. I've always been a dad figure. We went out one night and I'm making sure, I was like a bouncer. I was making sure they were safe, making sure they were in the car. On the last one in, counting everyone out. They said I treated them like I was a bouncer, like big old Rocco the bouncer. And that was it. My buddies, they kept calling me that and it stuck and then we did a movie and it stuck and now everything I do I think in the entertainment world is kind of labeled Rocco because I don't know man I'm still figuring it out because and the weird thing is my mom thought I picked that kind of nickname because my great-grandfather's name is rock our oak hue you eat and she like oh that's cool that you use that nickname I'm like no I didn't know that that so I'm my whole life I've never had a middle name and I've actually thought about making my middle name my great-grandfather's middle name and so then it would actually all kind of come together it makes sense absolutely yeah so for now yeah it's Rocco. And it's usually just an entertainment name.

Rocsco & RYAN @ Sundance (02:06)

Makes sense. So I'll just say Rocco then in this. You and I met, gosh, probably four years ago at Sundance, right? Was that the first place we came across each other? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. And I was there. You had a movie premiere. Yeah, go ahead. I have the picture. I'm going to share the picture of you and I downstairs. I said, bro, you look good in that suit. And by chance, you were like, oh yeah. And I was like, man, I can't, because I was finding suits, I'm not a small guy, right? I'm a 260-ish in the frame, sometimes 70, depending. And when you go to a suit place and you're just buying one off the shelf it's wide and i'm like man this thing does not really you know it's it's not flattering for me because i need something that shows a little bit of the shape of my body and so when you walked in the room like jesus look at this monster i thought you were a wrestler bro i thought you were wwf freaking i almost thought you were triple h like and i was like yeah i used to hear that yeah i. I used to hear that more often than I'd like to admit, that people would mistake me from afar as Triple H, which is hilarious because, I mean, I guess it's not. It's flattering. That's flattering. Yeah. And that's what I thought, dude. I was like, dude, this guy looks good in that suit. I got to ask him where he got it because I needed it for myself. Yeah. And that's it for myself. Yeah. And that's where it started. Yeah, we struck up a conversation in the basement of, oh gosh, the Indie Lounge, I think it was, is where that movie premiere was at. And do you want to touch base on the movie? I mean, that was your first silver screen appearance, right? That was the first out there in public, in theaters, kind of really like a hilarious, cool ass movie to see from my side. Yeah, it was crazy. Six friends decided we wanted to put a movie together. We did a crowd fund. We became the fourth highest crowd fund in Indiegogo history and it's unheard of because we are all no-name individuals. We had a very successful YouTube channel and from there, that's really what drew in the crowd. The veteran community, the law enforcement community They all kind of stepped up and helped us produce this movie We were YouTube guys and never thought we'd go anywhere past that But we had the vision of the movie and we were able to do it And so you guys were actually watching the first time anyone has ever witnessed the trailer of range 15 And it was the only independent film still to date that was number one on Amazon Yeah, that's wild man. Congratulations for that success I mean It's worth like if you you as a listener if you're listening right now Definitely take a look at it like the movie is hilarious and it it really frames a different viewpoint of the veteran Yeah, you know our community. I Think race 15 is great because what we did the story behind it And if you also if you're gonna watch range 15, you need to watch because what we did the story behind it. And if you also if you're gonna watch range 15, you need to watch the documentary we did called not a war story. That for me, is really what encapsulates what we did, why we did it, you know, the veterans, you know, we we come from a world where a lot of our time is spent in war. And and this the sense of humor thing thing you've been able to debrief from really ugly things with comedy and so we kind of brought that to the big screen because we knew there was a lot of guys that needed to know that it's okay we do have sometimes dark personality but so do doctors so do nurses so do paramedics firefighters these people that see ugly things you have to find a way to debrief it.

Take Home Values (05:08)

And it's healthy. Sometimes it's a little dark, but it's kind of how we do to deal with these things. And so that's what this movie was. Some people will never understand that. But if you see the documentary behind it, you'll start putting together, okay, now I respect why they did what they did. Yeah, absolutely. And Rocco, let's touch base on that. I know your background, but obviously my listeners, this might be the first time they've heard of you. Let's walk through military coming home from deployment. Let's talk about what built you up to this point right here. Yeah, man. So I was a college baseball player, became academically ineligible. I had a daughter at the time, wanted to make sure I was able to provide for her. And I needed a little bit of structure myself. I joined the military with a ranger contract. So I went directly into special operations after passing all the training.

After the military, why heb teaches what he learned (06:09)

I spent, let's see, I had two combat deployments to Afghanistan, one to Iraq. You know, I've lost friends in training. I've lost friends in war. I got out of the military trying to find myself again. I got into corrections for a little bit, went into the border patrol. And that's when I really started hitting, you know, my wall. I was, you know, still struggling with transitioning out of the military. I was going through a divorce. I was alone. I was drinking a lot. And so all these things kind of came to fruition and hit me all at once. And by chance, I met up with a friend and we started doing these YouTube videos and I found a little bit of a passion and hanging out with the guys again having this camaraderie and being able to talk to someone I trusted that that I can tell them like man I'm really struggling and as we did these videos and these humor for veterans we started getting emails saying how much we're inspiring them and motivating them and that really is is where I said, forget everything else I'm doing. I want to focus 100% on inspiring, motivating, and entertaining veterans for the rest of my life. And then it kind of the spectrum grew because all my border patrol guys that I worked with started following and they started reaching out. And so now my major following is law enforcement and military, which is beautiful. And then you have the trickle of parents who watch me raise my kids and have seen the struggles of my life. And so now I am today, I'm in the position right now, what I try to do is inspire, motivate, and entertain anyone who's listening now. And it started from the YouTube. Yeah, and Rocco, what was the total time period? I mean, obviously, college, academically ineligible to leaving the Border Patrol. How long of a chunk of time is that in your life? So I joined the military in 2003. I left the Border Patrol in 2015. Okay. Yeah, I left in 2015. So, I mean, a better part of my life, you know, 12 years of military law enforcement and continued. I'm still in the military now as an Army Reservist. So that's 15 years of military service. I have seven and a half years of law enforcement service. And all that combined, you know, it's just who I am. You know, that's kind of the root of where I've come from is that world. And then I'm now living a life trying to teach others about my mistakes and how I fix them and things like that. That if I can be a beacon of light for some of those and see the mistakes I've made and they could fix their life before they make that mistake, well then, cool, so be it. So that's why I do put my life out there on social media. Of course.

Mayans MC: Mafiosos & Meteoric Rise (08:44)

And I'd have to imagine at this point being, I mean, we'll cover all the businesses you own. You're a true entrepreneur, but that structure that you've learned from military law enforcement, that has to start to pay dividends as we jump into kind of the business side of your life, right? I mean, you have four, five, six, I feel like every time I speak with you, there's a new project, like, bro, I got this thing I'm working on. I can't really share it with you because it's, it's crazy, but you, you you'll see in the future like you have a bunch of stuff going on right now yeah there's a lot of businesses and a lot of uh projects that are in the works and some are obviously mine's mc right now everyone's getting to see i've been filming that for almost two years you know that's been two years yeah it's been about two years we've been filming that and finally everyone's getting to see it every Tuesday night, right? Yeah, and where can they see that at, Rocco? If someone's interested. You can see that on FX right now. My character's name is Gilly. I'm one of the Mayans MC. I'm a Patchden member. And you can see all the crazy stuff that Kurt Sutter, the writer, and Elgin James, the other writer, have put together. If you're a Sons of Anarchy fan, this is exactly right up your alley. So, like I said, it's Tuesday nights on FX, one episode five coming up here soon. You have to catch it all. You can catch it even on Amazon Prime. It's beautiful. But things like that, I've been working on for two years. I've been waiting for it to come out. Well, I want to stop there for just a minute. You've had almost meteoric rise with this. Mayans MC is getting big time publicity like it's going very well for a launch let's let's touch base on that versus even sons of anarchy and some of the things that the listeners might have heard before but this is big it's right now the number one number one television show on network right now yes it's crazy said like it's no big deal like yes it's it's just this number one show overall you know it's my first show yeah so i'm just like i don't know what to expect and everyone's calling me like dude congrats i'm like yeah that sounds really cool it's crazy to me yeah um fx was incredible with their marketing marketing because i've done marketing because i do the social media stuff i've been watching how they do it and bar none incredible what they've done marketing, because I do the social media stuff, I've been watching how they do it, and bar none, incredible. What they've done, I believe, is really a testament to why so many people tuned in. And all you had to do was tune in for you to get caught, you know, and you're stuck now. Yeah, absolutely. And then are you noticing an uptick in businesses? Like you have a barber shop and you have a you know beard.com you have some big things that are yeah out in the front you know there's there's people that that want to meet the character but i don't think it's i don't think it's to the capacity i mean i still go out to eat no one notices me so it's good you know what i mean but um it might not always be like that if if this is i'd say season three four and i'm still in the show and i'm still doing my thing then you're going to start seeing a really big influx of, of the fan kind of thing. But there's a few in there that definitely go to the barbershop and what, hopefully that I'm going to be there, you know, and there's, there's a few here and there that just support me because who I am. I mean, my social media has jumped about five K just from the show alone, which is nice. Yeah. And a lot of those people get really connected to the characters on the show. And so when they get connected like that, they support everything about me on my personal side as well, which is cool. So I definitely see an influx and it's going good. So we're just going to keep riding that wave, Matt. Yeah. Yeah. So tell me about, you know, obviously we touched base on a barbershop. You have a barbershop in greater Salt Lake City. Is that a fair way to say it? Yeah, downtown Salt Lake. Okay. And then from there, you also have a beard product or beard products, like a plethora, a suite of that.

Lead Slingers Whiskey: Honestly or Perhaps Establishment: Would You Like A Large Volume Of Money All At Once Or Insistent Lets Stay In The Middle (12:14)

Tell me about that. It's like a male grooming product, I would call it. It's beard.com. You know, me and my buddy, my buddy was able to get his hands on it. We decided to build a business around it. You know, we have three different scents that we push on there. But, again, it's just like a blue collar. We don't try and do too much craziness when it comes to marketing. We just want to be really honest and let people just try it for themselves. It's made in the USA. It's just a good beer product. Right now, the beer thing is pretty big. Hopefully, it stays big. And the company's doing good. We have a lot of cool ideas for the near future to really get it out there and expand. But in business you have to stay very patient and you have to trust that the work you're putting into is going to pay off. And we've been very patient now for two years and would like to see some really big growth coming up in the next few years. Well, and in that too, I feel like I just brushed over kind of one of the things that was one of the sponsoring parts of the original Indy Lounge deal, and that was Lead Slinger's Whiskey. You went through the drinking phase in your life, and obviously you're more in health and fitness now and taking care of your body as you need to for all the shit you have going on. But you still have this very – I mean, it's a national whiskey company, right? Yeah. Currently, we're in about 20 different states, and we just got the contract to get all 50 states by middle of 2019, which is incredible.

Roccos Story of Success in Alcohol Business (13:30)

It's all veteran-owned. We're very fortunate to be able to, to link up with a distiller who was interested in working with us. And we made a lot of money off of a t-shirt company and didn't know what we were going to do with it. So we invested it directly into whiskey because you know, the margins and your understand like marketing and liquor is a huge deal. Um you know what like a lot of devices are important to us that they're good for business that consumer product is smart and we liked whiskey so what tried it and and it's been doing well it's been growing we're super happy with it we are really starting to take our marketing side of it more serious now we do just a lot of social media stuff now we're gonna try and take it nationally and really do some serious marketing and start trying to threaten some of the major whiskey companies out there. Yeah, that's great. Because I mean, admittedly, I'm not a huge drinker, but the whiskey that you have is good. Like it's not some coy thing of like, oh, it's veteran owned. And I see a lot of stuff out there that to me, and I'm not disparaging the veteran community. Lord knows that is not what this message is to me. But there's a lot of veteran owned companies that feel like a veteran put their name on something because it just made sense and maybe the quality of product's not that good. That is not the case with who you are or the lines that you represent. Like the whiskey is phenomenal. Yeah, that's one of the things you want to – if you're going to put your name on something, you've got to really believe in it. And when we did all our testings, we did all all our you know trying every kind of blend we possibly could and this one we felt was something you can drink just on the rocks and it's really good and so that's what we've been doing and it's been doing well man so we have you know a whiskey we have a uh we have a cinnamon whiskey we have a rum and we have a r, and we have a rye. And we're working on our single malt as well. So it's really good. Yeah. I mean, we've been really happy with it. For sure. Now, Rocco, you've had – you shared with me in a pre-show interview, and I obviously – you and I have been friends or friendly in our own capacity since we first met. There was a time – like there was a shift. Like you went from the veteran focused and you're part of a group and you're doing things that are encompassing a lot of different individuals. And then throughout your evolution of your personal journey, it seems like you've started to just beat your own drum.

Rocco living life on his terms (15:56)

Like the message that you're taking to the marketplace is truly just your message. How did that come about? What went on? the marketplace is truly just your message. How did that come about? What went on? You know, you start business with friends and you have these goals and these dreams and then as businesses start growing and then as you as a person start growing and changing, things change, right? Like I started growing as a father. I started growing as a husband and I wanted to do, I wanted to be more relevant in their lives and the path I was taking with my buddies was really the opposite of that and for me it made sense to completely focus on my family and how can I focus my family continue to do what I'm doing to the better community well I just decided I wanted to be more honest with my brand and I wanted to expand a little bit more on different directions and so you know I had a little bit of a health scare and that really motivated that concept I told the boys I said I'm gonna step back from some of these businesses I gotta focus on you know and they're my friends expected that and and now me focusing 100% on me and what's better for my family and my kids has expanded my brand tenfold. I've been able to do so much more now because everything is with the passion of mine personally and the direction that I really want to go. And so in doing that, I feel like I've given more to it. And now I have a show on network television you know I have the book coming out I have podcasts it's just been amazing yeah and I'm gonna picket that scar just a little bit more because something that I stand for Rocco and you and I again covered this a little bit on a pre-show interview like the way I view this world for you you had massive. Like you and the guys were running around and it's like everywhere I turned, at least on social media, there was an article, an ad, like it was like the forefront of everywhere, some really phenomenal growth.

Family (17:33)

And in that growth, you were present enough in your own mind to realize what was important to you. And that was family, raising children, being a good husband. Like those things started to take precedence even over the success of businesses, like the external adulation of, you know, either monetary success or notoriety in a marketplace. And that coupled with, and I don't know how far we want to go into a health scare, but, you know, there was just this almost epiphany, it sounds like two and a half years ago, two years ago of what am I really doing and why am I doing it? Like, you know, and it matters. Like, I think, I think that's important for people to know. Like we all chase dollar bills. Like I've been guilty of it. I've shared it on my show a bunch. I chased notoriety. I chased all this shit that really didn't matter. And at the end of the day, my fulfillment comes from going home and having my bonus daughter, stepdaughter, like sit on my lap and read me a book and kiss my wife at a time that I can actually see and spend time with her. Like, fuck it. If the business implodes, I still have them. That's the thing is, you know, I always tell people like, no matter what, no matter what happens, no matter what happens in life my family is always gonna be there for me you know I'm saying mm-hmm like I've received a $50,000 checks before and I'm like dude this is cool but but this is not downstairs sorry my kids I received $50,000 checks for and it was like hell yeah man like this is definitely a life I can handle but like I think the happiest I've ever been is when I was broke because you really start appreciating all the things you know I mean I appreciate the time with my kids I appreciate their sports I appreciate their homework I appreciate everything that they have and then when you start making money you seem to become oblivious to all the little things again. And I started traveling a lot. I started missing their sports again. I started and I'm like, what am I doing? I'm doing exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do once I got out of the army, because in the army, I was missing everything. And so I had to reflect on that, you know, and when I ended up having that medical scare, you know, me and my wife were sitting there. And in the hospital, we're signing the paper saying, you know, they're gonna have to restart my heart and if there's a small chance of death you're signing that paper and right there's like that's enough acknowledgement like wait a minute can I die right now and be okay no I'm not proud of what I've done yet I'm not I'm not there I don't have the financial backing to make sure that my kids are secure. I don't have, I have nothing set in place for them. So essentially, if I died in that moment, I left them all hanging. And that makes me feel terrible as a father, as a husband, as the provider, you know? And so I was just super disappointed in all the decisions I've made were not in the best of interest for them. And so right after that moment, obviously, um, they, you know, I'm a heart shock back to normal rhythm and that was it. You know, I woke up to my wife. I was like, you know what, uh, my direction in my life is going completely different now. I want to focus on this family, you know, and I want to focus on, on what we do. I want to focus on my financial capabilities of actually giving us, I got life insurance now, you know what I mean?

Life balance (21:08)

I didn't have it. I was just kind of, you know what I mean? Things like that. We talked about like even anything with the Mayans, like we sat and talked like, is this good for the family? Do we want to do this or not? And it's this, both of us making the decision for the greater of the good of the family. This isn't me saying, this is a cool opportunity. I got to go. It's not like that. Everything we choose now is a teamed effort. Yeah. Yeah, I love that, man. And I love seeing the evolution. And I don't want to, this is unedited. So if this is something that we don't talk about, you can literally tell me to shut the fuck up. I'm good with it.

Cohabiting & new relationships (21:42)

When I met you, you were in a different relationship. You were in the process of engagement and marriage actually made your suit for a previous wedding, you know, that, that happened. And it was a very quick transition that you realize that maybe that situation didn't serve you for the growth and the better good of the future. And so there's this pivot where now you have this amazing relationship. Like I see it on social media. I talk to you about it. Like it's like it was almost at a different point. You're trying to fit a little bit of a square peg in a round hole and that you were making it work. And then all of a sudden now it's like, man, just energetically everything aligns. Just the way you told the story about the Mayans. You have this amazing wife that supports you that you feel like is an equal and she feels like you're an equal back. And that doesn't seem like that was always the case for you not to disparage past relationships lord knows like that's not the deal it's just you know with us with me and my wife it made sense you know um i want someone who is able to understand what it's like to raise kids to love kids to to because if you if you don't have that you're not going to know what I expect from you to be with my kids you know I was a single father I expected someone to be able to come in and and take over as the mother figure as I continue to do my part because at that point I'm I'm the mom I'm the dad you know I'm the disciplinary I'm also the nurturer and it was getting to the point where it was really tough for me. My wife was able to step into this relationship and be the mother that they needed and I was able to be the father that her kids needed.

Why did you get married again (22:36)

It was this perfect timing of we're at the age where like let's just have a family and do our thing and it's been super successful. I think we're our own version of checks and balances for each other you know I mean to keep that balance that I try and strive to do all the time really and that's what it is is this work-life balance that I talk about when I do public speaking is that is with with my wife we were able to have this balance and when I'm not in balance trust me I hear it and it's like you're right I'll back off. I'm done here with, you know, and so that's where this has been. You know, these kids all know families first, families first for everything. Yeah. And you keep touching base on the kids. You literally inside your house right now, I believe have enough living, breathing beings to at least be the starting, starting lineup for the bulls. Like you have what, six, six kids in the house. We have six kids, dogs. Yeah, we have it all. So tell me about the kid dynamic. How many were yours from your previous marriage or from your life? How many were hers? How's the blended family work? My four. I have my four from my first marriage, and then my wife has her two. We have three boys, three girls in total. You know, range from five all the way up to 15. They get along real well. They're all close. They play together well. It's been incredible. It didn't take long for my wife's kids to fall into the dynamics of what my kids do. My kids were very independent. They're raised by an army drill sergeant. You know what I mean? So, they're structured, they wake up in the morning, they get their stuff done. They dress themselves, they tie their own shoes and they go get their lunches ready. And that's a very common and all the way to the youngest one. And when her kids came into the picture, her oldest daughter just fell right into the lineup. And it was really cool to watch. She's like, what are they doing? Okay. I'm doing it. And so that was nice to see the little one, you know, we've had two, three. So it's taken some growing into the disciplinary side of what I do, you know, as well as the still nurturing stuff that she does. And we butt heads on it. Sometimes I'm like, let him grow, let him grow. He needs to grow. Let go a little, let him, you know. And so as we're doing this, though, it's like it's the total teamwork because there's times she tells me, like, let them be relaxed. You're a little too uptight on that and I get it because I one thing I want to do is raise quality people in the future you know I mean knowing that kids have manners respect you know all these things that we expect other people to have you know and so in the in the balance side of things we're still trying to balance that as well in raising kids yeah but it seems like from the outside i mean with the communication that you guys have and the the evolutions you've went through as a family it from the outside it feels very healthy like it feels like things are just working for you and that what i found in my life and correct me if i'm wrong on your side but when i find the power in my relationship, like everything else finally started to become much easier.

Life Balance And Personal Experiences

When quality of life started to become a catalyst (25:28)

Like this business, the podcast, the other, my everything else is simple. Like my, how I, my relationship started was the catalyst to make everything else good versus the other way around. Like I was convinced that man, when I had enough money and my business was on fire, then I'd finally like, that would make my relationship good. That was complete bullshit for me. Yeah me yeah no you're it's exactly it like we we seem to have cracked the code and i'm going to try and hold on to this as much as much as you know as long as we can we're trying to keep that work work life balance and obviously always knowing that money isn't what makes us happy you know what i mean it's togetherness you know it's time spent you know things like that is really with the quality side of it. Absolutely. And in that quality side, when you and I first met, you were living down right on basically on the border in Texas, right? I mean, you were down south, basically border patrol area, like where you'd have to live to be part of the border patrol. And then there was a shift that came and you wanted to, you moved your family to what now? Salt Lake City, right? was a shift that came and you wanted to you moved your family to what now salt lake city right so just let's start salt lake city me my wife came up here to to film a tv show um and when we got here we were amazed like whoa this place is gorgeous and i've been there before but it was it was during i didn't get to see all the mountains i didn't get to see the area uh and so when we showed up here we were both like this incredible. And we sat there one night in our bed in El Paso and we were like, why are we living here? What I do for a living, I can live anywhere. So we decided, let's pick a date, let's find a place, and let's move. And so we rented out our house in El Paso and we moved up here. And we have not looked back once thinking it was the wrong decision. It's the best thing we've ever done. Oh, that's wonderful. And in coming to Salt Lake for this, for that, you know, the filming of a show is that show, where does that sit in the evolution? Is that something that's coming out soon?

Filming of a New Show (27:50)

Is that already launched? What's, what is, I know you probably can't speak a lot about it, but what's going on there? That's one of those projects we've been working on for a while. We've had some pushback, but as it stands now, that show will be going live here soon. And when I'm able to speak on it, you'll see it all over my social media. So I'm excited for that show to finally, it's going to be here soon. That's wonderful. That's wonderful to hear. Cause I know that's one of the things that I've learned from just speaking with you and getting to know you better. What we see on TV or what we see out there, like I'm working now 90 days ahead. Like my mind works 90, maybe 120 days ahead. But in the television world, in the world that you're working in right now, it's 18 months, two years, 36 months. Like you're doing things now that you can't speak about, can't share, people can't know about for years to come. That's the hardest thing because in a world of immediate gratification, you know, I can film on my phone and upload on Instagram immediately. And people start liking and sharing in film. It's hard for me to watch like film something I'm super proud of and then know that it might not ever see the air. And if it does, it might be a year two years three years later like that's hard for me because I feel like those are hard hours put in like entertainment is not an easy thing and putting in the hard hours working hard if I'm losing time with my family that's that's hard on me and so that's what that job was because I know what the job is i'm able to hopefully inspire mentor more and so that's why it's exciting for me at the same time if it doesn't go out for one year two year three years it's hard for me to handle that and so i'm finally blessed to know that this show we've been working so hard on for so many years is hopefully going to see the light of day and uh i think i think we're close we're close that's good man that's very good but in this rocker you've got a lifetime of stories to share and i know that the calling finally came to you to take the long road home and write a book and actually write your own book not some ghost writing not some somebody else wrote and you stamped your name on it like you've put the time and effort in to write your own story let's, let's talk about that. Yeah. You know, I didn't, I didn't think it's time yet for my autobiography at all. You know, so I decided I wanted to do a book or like a self-help. I do public speaking already and I thought it would be a good idea to have a book that would caveat to my public speaking. And so I've been writing a lot of my life lessons learned. And I've sat here for five months now going on six. I have a lot more to do before it comes out. I mean, we're going to be crunching timelines. I actually emailed the publisher today saying, how bad is it if I push it off a month? Because the last thing I want to do is ever put my name on something that I don't believe in. And I'm starting to feel rushed and when I feel rushed I feel like the content of my writing becomes washed down and so it's been crazy stressful I mean this is what I do this exact spot where you're seeing me right now is where I sit down and I write and I put some music on and I get down and I'm being as honest I'm being as transparent I'm being as vulnerable as I possibly could for the readers to really relate to the message. We all know struggle. We all know stress. We all know what it's like being broke. We all know what it's like transitioning from one career to another, from one lifetime to another, from being married to being divorced, from being divorced to being married. We all know these transitions and i'm breaking down my own personal transitions as far down to the root as possible peeling back those layers of emotions of of thought processes of terrible mindsets that i've had and giving here was my answer and if you can't find your answer in mind at least you can see how i got to this conclusion and the mindset i've walked away from this with and And if you can't find your answer in mine, at least you can see how I got to this conclusion and the mindset I've walked away from this with. And if I can help one person in one chapter change a life, then this whole experience is worth it.

Book: Light the Feuds (31:38)

Oh, for sure. For sure. And in that, there's so many impactful messages and lessons, just like you said, of all the transitions and all the things you've made throughout your life. And even seeing you from the man that you were four years ago to the man today, and not that the man four years ago was broken and jaded, but you're literally, the transitions you went through in four years, not dissimilar from me, but you're like a whole new evolution. The butterfly is out flying now. You shed the cocoon, and now you're sharing that with the world. I love this message. Coon. And now you're, yeah, you're sharing that with the world. Like, I love this message and Rocco, where could somebody grab this book if they, if they wanted to take a look at it? I mean, obviously I know we're in some presale modes now, but presales matter. Like if you're listening, writing a book is a pain in the ass. Like whoever told you it's easy and cheap and simple and quick lied to you, or they used a ghostwriter and it's just all fucking bullshit like this is this is blood sweat and tears literally that you're dumping into this so where can somebody grab this at uh right now it's on pre-order on amazon you can get it uh your kindle edition you can get um you can pre-order your paperback edition it's called light the feuds uh by vincent vargas if you just put that in your search button, you'll find it. You can pre-order it now. The date of release is supposed to be October 24th. I'm fighting like hell to get it there still, but it's been a struggle. I mean, like two nights ago, I told my wife, like, I've never been this stressed and disappointed in myself that I feel like I can't make it. It stresses me out. And also every time you read it, it loses a little bit of its luster, I guess. And so now I'm reading it thinking like, who the hell wants to read this? And so now all the self-doubt is hitting me. All the insecurities are hitting me. And so I had to take a couple days off and really reevaluate it. And we're going back on it hard today and tomorrow. So we're going to finish off all these edits and I'm going to get it out as soon as possible. That's good, man. I sincerely hope you tell that little voice in your head to go fuck himself because I'm sure he's lying to you. Like your stories, man, even if you just shared what you just shared on this podcast and just the authentic nature of who you are, people gravitate towards that. I mean, I know my listeners do like just being yourself and that's all, like, that's all you are now. I appreciate it for sure. For sure. Oh buddy. I know what's unique about this particular interview. As you're listening to this Rocco drug me into my office at 1030 on a Sunday morning to shoot this because we had some scheduling conflicts. And this is really important to me.

Supporting a Friend (34:33)

So it's important to me because my friends truly mean a shitload to me. And the fact that Rocco has a book coming out and has all this stuff coming out, it means a lot to me if you, the listener can support that because we're all trying to make the world a better place. Like I don't have people on this show that aren't actual friends that aren't like, sure, there's an agenda here. I'll just call it what it is. The agenda is make sure you know about Rocco, you know about all the stuff he's been through. You'd eventually buy his book, tune in the TV show, buy some beard oil. I don't care, support him. But in that, it's like it's Sunday and he's out in Salt Lake. So it's nine twenty five. And being a good a good church going man that Rocco is, he's taking his family to church. Right. What time is church? In a little bit. So it gets good up and go in a little bit. I love that coy answer in a little bit. Like basically, let's wrap this up, brother. We got some other stuff to do today. I appreciate anything you do to help me, man. It's cool. And you obviously know it's reciprocated. If you come here, we'll jump on my podcast and we'll just keep doing it, man. up with you look forward to as the next show comes out i want to have you on for part two i'll just say that out loud right now love to have you on as as your career keeps going and some of the new lessons you've learned and some of the new things that could be impactful so we can even dive deeper than we went today for sure let's do it i appreciate that all right man have a great day i appreciate you being on and look forward to catching up soon all right bye

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