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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is commitment. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why the commitments that you make mean more than anything else. So I sit here, recording this show. It is, I think, Tuesday. I say I think because I don't pay much attention to the days other than looking at my calendar first thing in the morning to see the clients that I have the privilege to speak with this day. I do that every day. I'm pretty repetitive, pretty cyclical in my activities. And with that, or in that, or whatever I say that I say too often, as I look at my calendar this morning, I realize I've moved things around. I've almost double-booked myself. Not quite double-booked, but I haven't left as much time open on a Tuesday as I am accustomed to having. See, one of my incredibly close coaching clients had a scheduling conflict and was not able to meet on Friday afternoon. That is our scheduled time together. Fridays just weren't going to work. And so instead of pushing back and saying, look, okay, well, just to hell with it, you just don't get an appointment this week, right? Because that's what quote unquote coaching, what I was told to do. That's what it's supposed to be. You hold time and space. If you commit to something, you got to show up. If you don't show up, fuck you, you lost your spot.

Character Philosophy And Self-Improvement

Team first, others second, me third (01:34)

I get that. I get that there's a lot of benefit to that. I'm not even saying that's wrong What i'm saying is is I came up with my own purpose statement and went through my own hierarchy if my hierarchy is to serve Others and help make an impact in the world help people overcome limiting beliefs and feel better as individuals Then that has to be first Now first in the hierarchy again, I put myself first so I get to decide where things sit. It's no longer God, others than me. I put myself really far above everything else. And so in that, I look at my schedule while I'm on the phone with this individual last Friday. I look at my scheduling app. I look at my calendar. We go back and forth. Could you do this time? Could you do that time? And we eventually get to the point of landing at four o'clock on Tuesday. Typically for me, from 2.30 until six on Tuesdays are content creation time, where I'm able to read, to journal some more, to create some new video content for people inside my training, to do things that are self-serving. Well, I made the conscientious decision to offer my client that space. It was my choice. I didn't feel obligated. I didn't feel like I had to. I felt like energetically from being so close to this individual and seeing the breakthroughs that they are finding on a week-over-week basis, seeing the homework that they're turning in consistently, seeing the video responses they're sending, that there's breakthroughs coming. Now, I would say to you, this is the voice, the voice that I speak of, whether it's intuition, whether it's God, whether it's a higher power, or whether it's my ego, I don't care what it is, but there's something that's screaming at me, put her on the damn schedule. Put her on the schedule. And so I do. I move things around. I don't have my time for myself. I offer it up to her. And she so graciously accepts it. And that call is in the better part of 10 minutes at this point. I believe it's got to be pretty close to 3.50 on Tuesday. And everything in my head is telling me just to call and cancel. It's really no big deal. I did her a solid and if I move things around or slide her back some more or I push and pull and pry, I can reclaim my own time. And I suppose from the relationship that I have built and from the level of commitment that I have made to her, to coach her, that it would not be the end of the world if I made that phone call. It's only one single phone call. It's only one appointment that I break. But there is a saying that I certainly did not coin but have used quite often and will continue to as long as it continues to serve me. How you do one thing is how you do everything. And if I'm willing to go back on my word to my client, when I offered her the space, she didn't request it, I offered it to her. If I then call her up and reschedule it, my word has less value. It just does. Even if it does not have less value to her, it now has less value to me. And that's all that ultimately matters. Again, this is this hierarchy I speak of, putting yourself first, putting yourself above all others. Think about yourself right now in your own life, how many different places you serve other people and you don't even want to fucking do it.

We all feel obligated to serve others (05:00)

You just keep doing it because you feel obligated and you feel like you become a good person because you help other people. I get it. I get it. That was me. That's my story. I said for years and years and years, if I could just figure out a way to make money helping people, I would do that. But I don't know anybody that helps people that makes good money. And I like nice things and I'm not ashamed of that, so I have to figure out how to make good money. And then I started coaching people. I started coaching people at all different price points and all different commitment levels. I haven't standardized or streamlined all my processes yet. I have group training that's going to launch January 1st. Really, let's not kid ourselves. It's going to launch January 2nd because I know if I launch it January 1st, nobody's actually going to do the shit I tell them to do. It's pretty unlikely. actually going to do the shit I tell them to do. It's pretty unlikely. But it came to my mind finally that I have to give people a start date, a place that we can run as a pack and as a tribe, and we can create unity between people that are sharing similar experiences and pain points. And so it's going to launch. Yes, I suppose at this moment, I'll sell you a little bit. If you want to obtain a different lifestyle, a different way of beliefs, a different thought process, basically a pattern interrupt, a 90-day commitment to yourself, it's going to start January 2nd. Email me at ryan at gsdmediagroup.com and I'll take you through the process. It will be unlike anything you've done before and it does not have a massive financial commitment. We're certainly not talking anywhere near four figures. But we are talking more than $10. I'm convinced as well that as long as I provide three times more value than you have to pay for something, you will believe you got a great deal. I have more clients than I can count that have paid me $15,000 for my services that are more than over the moon with what they've received on the backside. Some of this is chest pounding. Some of this is putting myself first. Some of this is the fact that I just take great pride in the consistent expansion and how much I pour into these clients. I love it. Which is why I offered my sacred space to my client that I hop on the phone call with in the better part of what I'm going to guess now is five minutes. Could even be four. All these things matter because my commitment matters. My commitment matters there just like it matters the other 30 hours a week that I hop on a phone call. My commitment matters because I'm hell-bent on serving the people that are asking or seeking for something greater because I am still them. I just happen to have more time and more reps and more experience and have spent far more money, most likely, on trying to figure out how the brain works and how to overcome limiting beliefs and how to rewire your psyche.

And not only that, once we get off the mental aptitude and aspect of things, it's no secret I've spent 15 years weaponizing my body, some in a very unhealthy way, but some in a very healthy way. No matter, it gave me an incredible understanding of the way the bodies and diets intertwine and how to take supplements both over the counter and not so over the counter. Not only that, but getting into transcension through meditation and how all that works and how the word God doesn't have to mean the same thing to 25 people. It can mean 25 different things, but as long as you honor that in your own way, then the God that you value is the same God that I value. They just came from a different book or you have a different mindset, but the higher power is the higher power. And eventually then, as it pivots over into the conversation about relationships and thinking of all the relationships that I pissed away, all the trauma and turmoil I caused in other people's lives because I was unable to do what it took to be a good person. Some of that is limiting belief base that I was wrapped in a shroud of nonsense that I was telling myself. Some of that is limiting belief base, that I was wrapped in a shroud of nonsense that I was telling myself. Some of that was the fact of not having enough testicular fortitude or gumption to have tough conversations when I knew they needed to be had. And some of it was just the sheer fact of being afraid to be alone. Because I had been alone before and it was horrible and I never wanted to feel that way again. You see, start really looking at how the brain works and how these traumas affect things, but then also how to create systems and processes and habits that turn into lifestyles that propel you forward for much longer than just our time together. But see, all this starts with a commitment. It starts with a commitment to myself, a commitment to show up, a commitment to lead, a commitment to share what I've learned. Then it gets followed up with a commitment by you. If you committed to work with me, I expect you to show up and be present on every phone call. Then there's another commitment that's running in the background that is my commitment back to you to always expand my knowledge base and my practice. Because if I stay stagnant, I'm going to get passed. I don't want you to be able to find a better mentor, coach, person in your life other than me. Some of you, that triggers. Like, who am I to say that I'm that egotistical? Pretty easy. I spent years of my life saying that I was just going to get by.

Highlight Reel (10:39)

I was just okay. And then I realized through the code test, yes, you can also take that for free still. It's a $397 value. Go to thecodetest.com forward slash Ryan. It's going to take you four hours. This is not a psychological evaluation like you're taking on Facebook to see what sort of Disney princess you are. This is the most in-depth, cross-correlated, multivariant, neuropathway examination process that I believe exists on the planet.

Create the juice for yourself (10:57)

And I get to use it. I get to share it with you. And I get to share it with you because all these things, the commitment then keeps this feedback loop going, right? Like I get access to this and I take over part of the company and I become partners with some great individuals. And then it forces me to keep going further.

Overcoming Trauma

Transmuting Trauma (11:33)

Like what can I learn about Spiral Dynamics? What can I learn about EMDR? What can I learn about all these different things so that I can make a bigger impact? So by the nature of how I live and by the nature of how committed I am to this, of course, I'm going to be the best. I just need time and consistency and commitment. And that's what it comes down to, commitment. Like where in your life right now are you acting like you're committed to something, but when push comes to shove, you're really not? Are you committed to doing the things that you have shared with me you're going to do? The meditation, the journaling, the green smoothies, all the things that I would refer to as the core four. Are you actually committed to those or are you doing those because you're checking a box because you think I care? Are you committed to doing a stack every day because it puts you in personal power and it helps you reframe negative emotions and find power and production on the backside of them. Are you committed to that or is that just something you're deciding to do when it's convenient? Are you committed to going to the gym and sweating every day because your heart needs it, because your body needs it? Or is it only when it's convenient, when it's not too snowy, when it's not too cold, when you have just the right amount of sleep? What about taking your significant other on a date? How committed to you are that? Are you doing it when it's easy and when there's something fun to do? Are you doing it only when it's convenient? And let's talk about business real quick. Of course, that's the easiest one. Are you committed to actually making an impact in the world or are you committed to making money? Or are you committed to neither one and you're just getting by? Because if you're committed to neither one. You're literally in no man's land and your life has to feel stuck. What I can promise you with complete certainty is when you begin to become committed to a process of progress, every day you end up getting shit done

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