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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is map. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why a map is so incredibly important for your success, and then how to create one.

Key Concepts And Designing Successful Strategies

What is a map (00:28)

So it's interesting. I sit here in the studio. It's actually Saturday at 4 p.m., just about, 3.49. I share that with you because between traveling in the past week and the amount of clients I have and just life in general, I'm behind on content creation. So I'm incredibly fortunate to have Kurt, an employee, a friend, a co-worker. Like I can check a bunch of boxes as to what Kurt is to me at this point in life. But he decided so graciously to donate. I don't really, I don't know how to say donate. I mean, it's probably a bad use of terms, but he's in the studio with me right now. And I share that because I didn't follow my own map. You see, there is a way to have anything you want in life. Now I know as I say that to you, you might be thinking like, Ryan, you're full of shit. That just is impossible. I can't have anything I want. I can't have a million dollars. I can't have a private plane or a big house. You don't understand what I've been through. I can understand where you're coming from. Truly. I get it. But only so much. Why can't you have what you want? What if you worked with somebody and came up with a plan to get there? Like an actual plan. You might be in a job right now where you're struggling to get by. You might make 30 grand a year and you don't have any money left at the end of every month. And you say, there's no way to go from 30 grand a year to 35 grand a month. Because give or take, that's about a third of what you need, right? You need about 300 grand a month to get to your goal. But if you sat down and were really honest with yourself about what you were really, really passionate about, not what your mom or your dad or your friends said you should be passionate about, not what your husband or wife said what you should be passionate about, but what you truly believed in your heart to be your, what I'll call soul's purpose. Let's just say for you right now, it's walking dogs. You just love walking dogs. Like that's just your soul's purpose. Dogs make you happy when they wag their tail. It makes you want to wag your rear end. When they lick you, you feel warm and fuzzy. And this is just your thing. Dog walking and being around dogs is everything. You say, well, right. You can't make any money walking dogs. I suppose that's true, right? From your perspective, I could see how that could be a true statement. That's because of who you've been exposed to, which I get. We can only see what we've been exposed to see in life. But what if all of a sudden I set you up with the owner of PetSmart? You know, the large pet store that carries food and play toys for animals and also does grooming and boarding. I believe they're in all 50 states. Maybe you don't have a PetSmart in your town. But what if you did a little research and you saw who the owner was and I could introduce him to you? What if that owner sat down with you and said, man, there was a time where I too was in your exact position. I was only making 30 grand a year and then I too decided I wanted to just walk dogs and be around dogs. And now PetSmart, I want to make up a valuation. I have no idea what it's worth, but let's say they do $100 million a year in revenue with a 20% profit margin. That'd be $20 million a year, out of which the owner can take, let's just say, 30%. So that's $6 million a year for him. Wouldn't you believe if he gave you a plan on how to get from where you're at to where he's arrived at, that it would now be possible for you? Of course you would, right? Because you've seen somebody that's already done it. You've been introduced to somebody that has what you believe to be the skill set to replicate it, to achieve what you're searching for. He would essentially give you the map. You two together could establish a plan. And you trust in him because he's done it before. What happens for most of us, right? We never get exposed to that person. We don't believe it's possible. Because no one that we know in our tribe, again, our best friends, our co-workers, our brothers or sisters, coworkers, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, our fathers, our boyfriends, our girlfriends, they don't see that that is possible. That is not your dream. That is somebody else's. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, like, that's just not possible. We can't do that. I don't know how I'm going to get there. I literally hear it with my clients when we start every session together, when we first have our intake phone call. Very first time, like I have no idea how I'm going to get to what we just talked about. My answer to them every time is no shit you don't have any idea because you haven't been there before. If you knew how to get from where you're at to where you want to arrive at, you wouldn't need external input from someone else. But the sheer facts of life are none of us know how to get from where we are at to truly where we want to arrive without some sort of internal or external feedback. And so that feedback becomes a plan. You yourself can establish a plan, and you can bounce that plan off of somebody else. You just have to make sure that someone else is someone that has achieved most of, if not all of, what you're searching for. Now they might not have achieved the same thing in the same business you're striving for, but that they've achieved a level of success that's potentially higher than you have. And when that establishes itself, right, when those pieces go together, when you have that idea from what you've created and you speak to someone that has achieved something comparable and you bounce it off of them, you're starting to formulate your map. It's really the first step. I'll call it the second. The first is getting clear about what makes your soul become on fire.

Reviews and opinions (06:45)

You see, because there's a common misconception, the same one that I also had fallen into, that money makes you happy. Of course, that's easy to say as someone that has made and lost more money than most people would ever care to admit. But the sheer facts of life are money never makes you happy if the way you're making money doesn't fulfill who you are. It's just a means to an end, and that end always comes and goes, and you're left starting over again, searching for fulfillment. But again, that's from my perspective, and you might not have been there yet. You might be scratching and clawing your way up to the top. What I'm encouraging you to do is consider the fact that there's a way to arrive at where you want to be financially that also keeps you fulfilled so when you build your empire, you don't burn it down. So once you establish your soul's purpose, once you establish what makes you feel on fire inside, then you create a plan. What I encourage you on this plan is don't create any sort of date to it. Not yet. If right now we'll take this dog walking expedition, and you know by the time the dust all settles, And you know, by the time the dust all settles, you need to have a hundred different businesses and a hundred different areas that are all doing so much revenue per year. And that's how you're going to get there. Great. Back into what's your model? How are you going to actually achieve the revenue that you need to in each individual market? Then how are you going to pay people? How are they going to be compensated? How are you going to market? How are you going to advertise? You see, we just keep peeling back these layers. Eventually, we get to a point where you've peeled enough layers back that you're at the present moment. What happens is, though, to get to the 100 areas of influence with the 100 business units, by the time you work backwards, you realize it's going to take you six years to get there. And in that moment, that's little voice in the back of your head creeps in and says, you can't do this. And it says you can't do it because that's what your previous experience has told you that you have started something.

Your Goal (09:01)

You have wanted to do something and then you have stopped because it took too long. And so it's an old thing called a survival pattern, trying to keep you safe, because none of us like to feel headache and heartache, so we stop prior to going down a path that we ultimately are destined to walk down. I get it. I used to do it. No shame in it. Don't know all the tools and tips and tricks to get around that. You simply are stuck in your own really vortex of emotion. Nothing wrong with it. You just need to find someone to help you get out of it. So as we talk about this dog walking plan and you see six years out and you come back to the present day, you're like, all right, I got a plan on how to start now. I got to just start with me. I got to start right here. And here's how I'm going to get there in six years. And you develop the way to get there in six years and you think you got a shot at it. And then you start. And you start and you keep going and you keep going. And you're six months in and you're showing some signs of light and things are good. But then nine months in, the weather changes. It's cold outside. And no longer do pet owners want their dogs walked outside because it's cold and they fear for their dog's safety. And so here you are saying, I'm in trouble. I don't know what to do next. I'm going to have to shut this down. It's going to snow for the next three months. I don't have another plan. What am I going to do? And you're ready to fold it in. You're literally ready just to cash in your chips, go back to a regular job, do anything different than you're doing now. I get it. I too have been there, my friend. But what happened if in that moment you had someone to call, any person, that knew your plan, knew your dream, knew how you wanted to get there, knew the six-year part of things, and you called them in the moment before you shut down the business? And you just said, hey, I'm about to shut this down. Thanks for being a part of the journey. I appreciate just being able to vent to you. That person lets you talk and lets you talk and lets you talk and then says to you directly, what are you talking about? This was your soul's purpose. You can't give up on this. You can't go back to this other way. You deserve better. And all of a sudden, you now feel like you're accountable to this person and they walk you down the path of why you started in the first place. They reaffirm how you're going to get there in the end after six years, and they talk about the secondary line of business you can create that is charging people for dog apparel to upsell them so you can walk their dog in the cold. Little dog boots, little zip-up jackets, little hats, them so you can walk their dog in the cold. Little dog boots, little zip-up jackets, little hats, whatever dogs can wear. It's something you didn't even consider before. You weren't exposed to that possibility. And here, this isn't even the owner of PetSmart we spoke about. This is just a friend. This is just someone you know, like, trust, and respect. All of a sudden, couldn't you imagine that you then got reinvigorated and got back on track and your business now became more successful than it was even before because you have a secondary stream of revenue. You're able to upsell clothing. Incredible, wouldn't it? Isn't that an amazing, fictitious story to share? But then after the first few years, you just feel stagnant, but then after the first few years, you just feel stagnant, right? You just haven't gotten somewhere yet. You want to be somewhere. You want to have a level of success. You see the hundred million dollar business or the million dollar business or whatever the goal was, but it just seems like a distant memory of how you're going to get there. Because over enough time, we just get stuck in our ways. We consume with the day-to-day operations of our business and we don't have external stimulus anymore. We say we don't have time to read. We say we don't have time to go to conferences. We say that nothing is worthwhile. I don't know about you, but I can't tell you how many times I've said that before. Or I turn away opportunities to go travel and meet other people. I got too much stuff to do. I got to just stick here and grind it out. I got to work more. And then for some strange reason, you get an email from someone that talks about a mentorship program. A mentorship program for small business owners to help them go from where they're at to 10 times their business. The 10X jump, as Grant Cardone calls it. from where they're at to 10 times their business. The 10X jump, as Grant Cardone calls it. And for some reason internal, you say, I'm going to click this link and I'm going to go through it. You go through the sales funnel, you get to the final point, you hop on the phone with the individual, and you sign up for the mentorship program. And within the first six months, you've doubled your business. And you've doubled it because someone with a different perspective and different life experience is now encouraging you to take different paths to achieve your goal that are in addition to the business veins you've already been running down. And that's the way you get there. You end up using that mentor and befriending that mentor and getting to the part where now all of a sudden you've achieved your goal and it's only been five and a half years.

More than plans, they designed from the ground up. (13:56)

But that five and a half years actually flew by because after the first nine months of peril and then the check-in two years later, the rest has just kind of been organic growth. Just lather, rinse, repeat. Do the same thing you did in your market except training 99 other people to do it. repeat. Do the same thing you did in your market except training 99 other people to do it. And you started one-on-one. Then you started realizing, man, if I brought five business owners in at the same time, I could do this more efficiently. Then you recorded the videos of you doing the group training for five people at once, and you created a course for that. And now you're able to deploy and automate small business owners without them ever coming in other than for a one-day seminar to ensure the fact they know what they're doing and you've bought back your own time. How incredible of a life does that really sound?

Having positive balance in business and life (14:53)

To me, it sounds magic. That's exactly what I believe all of us actually want, to have an optimized work-life balance and to have an optimized business experience in which we get to work less, earn more, and impact more people's lives. But I must ask you, do you have a map to get you there? And oddly enough, this map is not something you're physically going to hold in your hand, but MAP is an acronym. MAP is an acronym for a mentor. Someone that you trust has navigated the tumultuous business waters, maybe not in your same industry, but someone that you trust, someone that you know has your best interest in mind, someone that has an intellect, at least as it pertains to business marketing, sales automation, interpersonal relationships that might be higher than yours. I know it's a slice of humble pie to eat, but nonetheless, when you find those people, lean into them. You need a mentor. And with that mentor, you'll eventually need accountability. And whether you decide to go for a long journey with a mentor, years and years and years, or you just want a short jumpstart, you're eventually going to need someone to hold you accountable. Because unfortunately, the default reset for all of us is to retreat back to what makes us comfortable. And what makes us comfortable is always what we're used to. Think about yourself now. Last time things got really hard for you, what happened? You probably paused, if not stopped and pivoted and did not run into the difficulty. You did not run into the pain. You just simply stopped. With accountability, that would not happen, which is why your accountability partner, why the person that you trust to hold you accountable must be someone you hold in immensely high regards. That person, in my opinion, should absolutely never be your significant other, your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your spouse. It will create long-term issues, especially men, when you come home, you have not produced at work, your wife realizes that you have not produced, and then comes down on you for not producing. Do you think you're going to be more or less sexually attracted to that person? Do you think you have a higher or lower possibility of staying with that person and having a healthy relationship?

Why everyone needs a map for their business (17:12)

I think the answers are pretty obvious. So more times than not, the mentor that you find also can be your accountability or help you find an accountability partner. Then the third part of the map you need is the actual plan, right? And whether the mentor helps you design your plan or whether you've already designed your plan yourself, finding someone to help you get there, to help you map out the plan or honor the plan and execute the plan and develop the plan is the third component because you need all three. Most of us, more than likely, have had a plan before. As I'm speaking to you right now, you probably have a plan for the new year on how you think you're going to lose weight, get in shape, make more money, be more successful. It's New Year's resolution time and we all have plans for New Year's. We all know what we're going to achieve in the new year. But I must ask you honestly right now, when you look back at the past year, when you look back at December 26th, December 31st, 2017, what was your New Year's resolution? And what was the plan you had to achieve it? I'm going to bet more than likely you cannot even tell me what the resolution was, let alone how you achieved it, because you gave up on it when times got tough. Don't feel badly about yourself. You're not alone. We all do. Why? Because the plan is only as good as the accountability behind it. And let's even say you had the accountability behind the plan. Eventually, you're going to get stuck because there's going to be things along the journey you haven't had to overcome before. And you're going to need some sort of mentor to guide you over those hills, guide you around the corners of the mountain, the corners that you haven't been able to see before. That's why the map is so important. Not only so important, it's actually almost impossible to get from where you're going to get to to where you want to arrive at without a map. So I must ask you, do you have a map right now? Do you have a mentor? Do you have someone to hold you accountable?

What To Expect

What I offer (19:20)

Do you have a plan? Only you know that answer. What I suggest to you is that you find all of them prior to the new year. And sure, there's plenty of people in the world to be your mentor. I have a mentorship program, right? We can call coaching mentorship. But I realize that's only able to serve a third of the market, right? You might not need a mentor. You might already have one. You might just be seeking accountability. You might just need someone that's not afraid to tell you the hard, brutal truth to do just that, to get off your ass and move and to honor your commitment to yourself because your commitment to yourself is higher than all else. Coming January 1st, I have an accountability group that's starting that I will monitor and proctor and hold you accountable to exactly what it is that you say you want to achieve over the time period you say you want to achieve it. Maybe you just need a plan, right? Maybe you want some outside perspective. Maybe you don't need coach. Maybe you don't need an accountability partner. Maybe you're stuck on the planning part. Oddly enough, I will put aside an hour of time to go over creating a meaningful, impactful plan and getting very real with how you're going to arrive where you want to arrive at. That doesn't obligate you to accountability. That doesn't obligate you to coaching or mentorship. That's simply helping you get really brutally clear on a plan. Now, of course, I offer all those things, but not only me, there's probably 10,000 other people that you know on Instagram, social media, Facebook, in your community, maybe on different podcasts that will offer the same thing. I almost beg you at this moment to think whoever comes first to your mind and go and seek them out for help on the plan, the mentorship, or the accountability. Because 2019, you have the ability to achieve the first steps in what is required to arrive at which you ultimately desire. So I don't know how to tie this into your body being balance and business, other than the fact that each one of them will require a map and a very real conversation on how you're going to arrive at what you ultimately wish to achieve. So I know that I currently have mine, and it's all mapped out for 2019 and half of 2020. And when I read that map and use the resources at my fingertips, I can assure you that every day I will get shit done. you

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