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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Eidel, and today's episode is Tactical Training Day 5, Awareness. is Tactical Training Day 5, Awareness. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why the level of awareness that you need to have to achieve your goals is actually obtainable. So we went down a path, you and I. Hopefully you've listened to the past four days. And through those four days, maybe you've became a little bit more inquisitive about the opportunity of making a life-changing shift for yourself. Now, admittedly, I'm self-serving. I would love to be the one to help you make that shift. But if I'm not, I hope that you realize it's possible. Right? Because you have a choice. I hope that you realize it's possible, right? Because you have a choice. You can try to implement these processes and procedures and these ideologies on your own, or you can elicit the help of a coach. Not every coach is going to operate the same. Not every coach is going to think the same. But certainly if you wanted to work with me, this is how we start. And we're just really scratching the surface with these, but it gives you a good taste of what this is. If you want more information or want to be considered, I'm currently offering five spaces. I put out there's one of five. My one of seven group, if you go back to an episode sometime in the past two weeks, gives you a pretty good update on what's happened with them. If you want that sort of impact for yourself, where you find value in the training, email me at ryan at gsdmediagroup.com. It's also, if you're listening in iTunes, it's in the show notes, very clearly posted. Now that I can put to the side the shameless self-promotion of trying to help you become a better version of you, and also making me feel better, we can jump right into awareness. And what I found is, more often than not, when I meet someone for the first time, I meet them exactly where they are. Right? Like if you and I were working together right now, you are going through life through the perceptive reality of your everyday existence.

Understanding Personal Growth And Awareness

Awareness (02:26)

And I say perceptive reality because your perception of what's going on truly dictates your version of reality. But see, I get to cheat a little bit. From where I sit, I have a different version of your reality. And we go through the goal setting exercise and we dive deep into what that looks like and how it works. You map out the person you want to become later on in life, like at a future date. When you map that out, what ends up happening is I get to go meet that person. Like I literally sit and I think about what you would be like when you arrive there. Because in my opinion, if you can dream it, then you can achieve it, right? If you think it, it can be. And so when you share that with me, then it's my goal and my duty to raise your level of awareness to get you to the point where you can play the game of life from that level. No one that I'm working with currently or no one that I've ever worked with, for that matter, works with me because they want their life to operate the exact same. And what's even more crazy about that is if all of us are honest with ourselves, there's part of our lives we do all wish was a little bit better. Like even me, right? I mean, I have coaches. I have mentorships. I'm in coaching programs right now, increasing my ability. And there's still areas I'd like to do better in. Right? Like my level of awareness for time management, for business structures that pertains to coaching is not at the level that it needs to be to get to the place that I want to arrive at. So I had to find someone that is living in that vein, right? That's thinking that way, that their level of awareness has risen to that place. And then I pay them for access. I pay them for access to their mind. I pay them for access to their mind. I pay them for access to their methodology. I pay them for access to their connections. And I realize it's an investment. That's one of the things that I see so often is we get to a conversation where eventually we talk about money. Happens every time. Because energetically, to me, there has to be an exchange of money for a service or you just don't value it the same way. When it comes to pulling out a credit card and paying for someone to educate you on something greater than you're currently able to see, we look at it as an expense. I don't have the money for this. I don't know that it's worth it. Okay, well, I'd encourage you to reframe that for a second and consider a new level of awareness. Like you're basically saying that you're not worth it, right? Because I know what I do and I know how it works and I know that it is 100% successful 100% of the time. If you as a client go all the way in with me at the level that I require you to play at, in 12 weeks your life becomes unrecognizable. You wouldn't even remember who you used to be. Most clients are hitting it in 50 or 60 days. Imagine that. Imagine the time from the 1st of November to right now, to the day you're listening to this, in that short span of time, you didn't recognize any part of what your life used to be. Wouldn't that increase the level of awareness you were at? But as it pertains to my life, I had my own evolution with my wife this past weekend. Lindsay and I are sitting around having a conversation, really planning out the next season of our life together. And in the season, there'd been a story that had played in the background for a long time. And that story for me was I needed to work hard to buy a big piece of land, to build a big custom home, to feel good about myself. And that was it, right? Like I believe that to my core. I need a big house and a big neighborhood with maybe a gate and some other crazy stuff because that means I will have finally made it. And although that could be true, I'm certainly not knocking nice things or nice homes, it's actually not true for me. You see, we came to the realization, or maybe I came to the realization and asked Lindsay for her feedback on why would we actually build that house? There's three of us, Lindsay, Gianna, myself. Maybe we have a kid together. Maybe we don't. So let's build a three bedroom house. Let's also have a nice size home office. Let's have a nice kitchen the way you want it laid out in a large family room. Not a formal dining room, but kind of like a, not a breakfast nook, but somewhere where the family could sit and extended family could come over. Let's build it with high-end fixtures and the things that we find to be important for us, but let's not worry about having this monumentous house that shows everyone else that we've made it. shows everyone else that we've made it. Because from my next level of awareness, I finally started to realize why I was actually doing that. It wasn't for me. It's because I would be seeking external validation from other people. Because a big house in a nice neighborhood means that you have achieved something. But it doesn't actually mean that to me. You know, I think a 2,500 square foot home that has the floor plan that we want, that we get to build everything custom, we get to experience that journey of life together, would be incredible. I think that because the neighborhood we live in and the city that we live in in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio, the average home price is about $450,000. And they're stacking them deep and I'd say selling them cheap, but 450 grand is not cheap. But they're all not prefab homes, but I would refer to them as it's like a preset a preset builder.

Choosing Tiny Area House prior (08:41)

You pick a floor plan, you pick your fixtures, your plots of land are less than a half acre. And that's a path to go. Lindsay's went down that path with her ex-husband. There's nothing wrong with that path. But on that path, you build a 3,500 or 4,000 square foot home. And lo and behold, you use the same three bedrooms that we're talking about using in our home. But you're paying for a bunch of stuff you don't need. And so from this increased area of awareness, I'm able to have this conversation with Lindsay and get to the same terms where really we can build an incredible home for ourselves for two-thirds of that dollar amount. Instead of financing it to the gills and being strapped to a 30-year mortgage and doing all these crazy things that society would tell you is appropriate, we are deciding to take a different path. Because if you can afford to only finance a house for 10 years or maybe even five, because you have enough money saved up to put that much money down, then you're always in a solid financial position. But again, that takes a different level of awareness to even think that to be possible. Because so much of what we do is for external validation. Think about your own life. Think of the areas where you're buying the car or the clothes or the watch or the house, because you're hoping that somebody else thinks something differently of you. It happens all the time. It's literally the story of all of my 20s. And so when it pertains, I hear you. If you're a long-time listener, you're like, well, Ryan, you want a Rolls Royce? I 100% do. Not only do I want, but I already have one. I just have to go get it. I have to progress my life forward to the point where I'm able to go physically grab the keys. But it already exists somewhere for me in the world to go acquire. The difference is I've been to Goodwood before. I've been to England. I know the factory. I've seen it made by hand. I know the way the steering wheel feels in your hand, and it's a little thinner than most steering wheels. I know how silent the car is. I know the stitching that's done by hand. I appreciate the craftsmanship and the quality. I want to buy it because it means something to me internally. I don't care if anybody ever sees me in it. I don't care to go to a car show. I don't care to anybody ever sees me in it. I don't care to go to a car show. I don't care to post on Instagram. I want it because. It's something that has value to me. In my life. And potentially if I'm open to it. Maybe my level of awareness will shift even yet once again. And that car will have no value to me. But for my current level of awareness. With the people that I associate with. And what I find value in. It does. But so much of that is what this training protocol requires.

Path Requires awareness (11:32)

It's asking a series of tough questions, challenging what you are aware of or what you believe to be possible. Because you've got a background story that runs, whether you're aware of it or not. It's there. What you believe to be possible, who you've met before, what they've been exposed to, that dictates what you believe to be possible. If you're someone that has only ever been around people that make a certain dollar amount, I'll just say under $100,000 a year, been around people that make a certain dollar amount, I'll just say under $100,000 a year, and that they have dysfunctional relationships and they have bodies that are failing them, and that is your reality. That is just what you accept to be normal. Then when someone else comes into your life, or maybe your internal voice is calling you and saying like, no, you want a private plane? Like go get a private plane. But everyone around you hasn't ever achieved that. So it becomes incredibly difficult to get to the point of understanding how to achieve that and then feel validated in that decision. Can you almost imagine you going home for Christmas and saying to your family like, in the next 10 years, I'm going to own a private jet and it's going to be a G500 and it's going to be $10.5 million and I'm going to paint it black with a pink stripe and that's my plane. More than likely, they would either be super passive aggressive to you or dismissive and say, oh yeah, that's cute. That's nice. Sure you will. Or they'll tell you it's not possible. Because that's a level of awareness that they've risen up to. And so what coaching does or what my protocol does, my path does for you, it shows you that literally anything's possible. And not only is anything possible, it's actually probable. And in my opinion, not only is it probable, you're actually destined for it if you can think about it and you actually want it for the right reasons. I shared this. One of my clients had just messaged me prior to recording this episode. When I met with her, when we started, she had some issues processing emotion, just being honest with what she wanted. She had some sales quotas she wanted to hit that she didn't think she had any chance of. She just was convinced that really life was a little more dark than it really, I view it to be. But that was her reality. We are now four weeks into our journey together.

If you want to challenge yourself (13:59)

Got a message, literally just before I hopped on the mic that said, I'm now in an exclusive relationship and I couldn't be more happy. I feel honored. I feel trusted. I feel loved and respected. I can process my own emotions outwardly and I've just hit my sales quota with a week and a half left for the year. This is four weeks. And some of this, as you're listening, might sound like I'm tooting my own horn, which in some capacity I am, but I'm more tooting her horn. Because once she became aware that it was possible and that she was supposed to get it and leaned into the fact of how to actually achieve it, right? Like I've already shared with you the map. I not only have the roadmap to get you from where you actually want to go to, but I'm also two-thirds of the map. Together we're the whole map. I'm the mentor. I'm the accountability, and you have the plan. These are the things that make this different. Right? Like once your awareness rises, you can't ever really have that taken away from you. It's just a different way to live life. And if you're attached to the normal dogmas or the stigmas that exist of certain religious confines or certain ideologies or certain stories about money or what relationships could be or what your body's capable of. I have to lean into you right now and challenge you to expand your capacity, to think of something just a little bit different. Encourage you to understand that you're capable of a lot more than you believe you are because you haven't increased the awareness or been shown the ability to increase your awareness to go out and get what you actually want. And once you start to twist those knobs, right, once you start to push those buttons and get to the point that your awareness is rising consistently and you figure out why you do what you do and what the motivating factors are, you start to figure out what the limiting beliefs were is why you do what you do and what the motivating factors are. You start to figure out what the limiting beliefs were is why you think you can't do things, just as importantly, and you begin to rewire those. Then you start to own those as pieces of who you are and your soul. You'll find out that every day thereafter, you're able to get shit done. you

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