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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Tactical Training Day 6, Personal Hierarchy. is tactical training day six, personal hierarchy. In today's episode, I'm going to shock you to your core with how you should actually be conducting yourself in life to feel fulfilled. No, no, here, as a bold statement, right? Like what am I going to do to shock you at this point?

Exploration Of Spirituality And Personal Hierarchy

Personal Hierarchy (00:38)

You've heard anabolic steroid use and cheating and lying and failed businesses and every other thing that I can possibly come up with to share with you what I've done wrong in my life. So how is this going to be the one thing that shocks you? came from the standpoint of it was so eye-opening and so jarring for me when I read it and figured it out and started applying it that it shocked the core foundation of who I was. And so if it shocked me, and I feel like I'm pretty open, there's a chance it will shock you into achieving a new level of success than you've achieved before. And what this personal hierarchy really entails is something almost based off a biblical sense to me. And if you've heard of this podcast for quite some time, if you've listened to my musings, then this is not going to be the first time you've heard this specific topic, but maybe not broken down in the depth we're about to go. go. You see, as I understand Christianity and as I understand the Bible, which is fairly archaic, right?

Honor God first (01:50)

Not the Bible itself, but my understanding of it. It essentially is you should honor God above all else. And I would have said growing up in a Baptist household and not devote, not the church every Sunday like clockwork, but enough that religion was part of who we were. I would have thought that that was the correct way. Right? Like honor the higher power above all else. Like you got to do everything there. Go to church on Sunday, worship, pay your tithes. Do the things. Do the things to make you a good little Christian boy or girl. Ensure your seat at the front of the school bus on the way to heaven and here you go. That's what we do. And in the way that I had interpreted the Bible or had it been taught to me, I had understood the fact that I was supposed to do unto others as I want it done unto me. Which I inherently agree with. But that almost means then you should be in servitude to others. And so if you honor God first, then you serve others second, and you do that to make sure you get to go to heaven, right? Like that's the story. At least that's, again, my perception of the story. Then that puts the story. At least that's, again, my perception of the story. And that puts you third. You have to be third in that conversation. Because if God's first and others are second, who comes third? You. And so when that gets implanted, embedded, or impressed upon us at a young age, no matter what goes on in the future in our lives, right? Like I would certainly say that as I grew up and got out of the confines of the house that I grew up in, church was not part of my everyday life.

Can you imagine (03:28)

It's still not now, right? I have my own, I'll call it religious or spiritual beliefs. But even let's say for you that, you know know once you're old enough to make your own decisions you stopped going to church I respect it good for you but that wiring was still there right like think of all the times you tried to please people around you because you thought that by being nice and being agreeable and pleasing others that was the best way to operate you thought that because that had been your entire life up until then think about even elementary school you were in stand in line don't speak up raise your hand before you want to talk you can't even use the restroom in elementary school without asking for permission it's essentially hardwiring you into needing acceptance and approval from someone else to do the very base level needs and the things that you know you have to do just to feel comfortable. So now all of a sudden, that power hierarchy, even as you go on through life, maybe we take God off the table, right? Maybe religion's on a side table as a timeout, but you're still so accustomed to serving others and taking care of others and pleasing others and needing to ask for permission that others come before you. I get it. We've all been there. And I can't inherently say that's wrong. Because I don't know that there's a wrong and right here. What I teach, what I train, what I believe in my soul is that hierarchy, I'll have you consider switching that on its side. What if you started honoring yourself first and above all else? And then what if you put your higher power, if that's God or whatever you believe in, what if you put that second? And then what if you put everybody else third? How much different could your life actually be? I mean, for just one moment right now, close your eyes and think of the past seven days, especially around this holiday season. And think of all the things you had to do for other people that you didn't ultimately wish to do that you asked if you could help because you felt obligated asking if you could help and when someone actually took you up on it in the back of your mind you said shit I was hoping they wouldn't say yes we've all been there, right? Like that's normal. That's life. And so what ends up happening is we just keep stacking that up and then we wonder why we feel so dead. Or you're like, I don't have any time for myself. I don't get to do anything for myself.

Our deepest fear. (06:11)

I don't even know who I am anymore. How many times have you said that or have you heard someone say that to you? For me, it's countless. And so by putting yourself first, it doesn't necessarily mean become egotistical. You can put yourself first and honor your own wishes above all else and not be a tyrant. You simply start to shift around what becomes most important. And for those of you that are on more of a religious twinge than I am, religious being, I'm going to just equate it to Christianity. Couldn't the argument be made that by honoring ourself first, it actually honors the higher power because there's part of the higher power that's in all of us and we were made in his light and his son died for us. So why wouldn't we want to honor that? If the one person in the world that didn't do anything wrong died so that we could sin, why wouldn't we then want to honor ourselves first and then lean back to ask for help? Just a question I have to repose. And from switching that hierarchy from yourself into a higher power slash God and then into others, what happens is there's a weight that gets lifted.

Is there a right God or Energy (07:23)

And for most of us, it's a weight we didn't know we were carrying. Right? There's nothing wrong with and it's actually everything right with saying, I want to do this. Whatever this is for you. And if the people in your life don't want to do this with you, it doesn't make them bad or you good or vice versa. It simply means you have a different opinion. And oddly enough, a different opinion doesn't have to be the downfall of your entire relationship. Your family's not going to break up. Your kids aren't going to disown you. It's okay for you to want to go out and do something for yourself. It's also okay if you want to internally help other people. I'm certainly not saying don't do that. What I'm saying is when we start taking questions and we run them through a quick filter, instead of like, what would God want me to do, or is this going to make others around me happy? It's, does this serve me? Does the decision I'm about to make serve me? Is the question at hand going to make me better and bring me closer to my ultimate desired outcome? By that simple shift, that ends up putting you in the first position. That puts you in the driver's seat. Of course, assuming the fact that then you actually honor whatever that outcome is.

Find And Answer Filter (08:47)

If I want to have a six-pack, I don't know why that's coming to mind, but let's just say that that's my goal. That's my thing. I want a six-pack. And my family wants to go out to eat at McDonald's. We could assume, safely, that by eating something from McDonald's, it's moving me further away from my ultimate desired outcome. Not different if I'm wanting a six- pack for health reasons or for vanity reasons, right? I understand there's, this is a veiled attempt at connection. But what I'm saying is if I run through that filter, like does this serve me or not? Well, on one side, it doesn't serve the ultimate best use of who I am and what I'm trying to achieve, but it does serve me on the fact it makes my family happy. Okay. I think because my family knows, likes, trusts, and loves me, I can probably communicate to them with, you know, I understand why you want to go to McDonald's, but it's not honoring the best version of myself, and I don't think it's really honoring the best version of you. Can we make a healthier decision together? More than likely, your family will actually honor that commitment and not be upset about it. But it's the story we run everything through in our mind that we can't tell people no because it's going to upset them.

Importance Of Personal Reflection

Dont Process This Alone (10:07)

And if it upsets them, they'll leave us. And if they leave us, we'll be alone. And that will justify the story in our head that no one understands and that no one gets us and that we're going to be alone. It's crazy. Right? All these different lessons, all these triggers, all these tactical pieces, they eventually, through a training system that I've created, all stack up on top of one another. Right? We're getting to a point in a conversation that starts to make people uncomfortable. I understand, as you're listening, this might be the first time you've even remotely considered it and you might vehemently disagree with me. I get it. Truly, because when I first read it, I'm like, this is crazy. When I first started applying, I'm like, man, people are going to leave me. I don't want to be alone. And then I finally started to realize the people that are supposed to be in my life are going to be okay with me thinking this way because I'm not doing it out of spite or out of ego. I'm doing it because I need to protect myself first so I can protect others. And what I found with no fail is when I do the work for myself and I protect what's important to me, and I put this part of who I am above all else, every day that comes next,

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