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Opening Remarks

Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Idell, and today's episode is New Year, New You. episode is New Year, New You. Today's episode, I'm going to share with you why that whole phrase and mindset is very interesting to me. That's kind of a weak intro, right? Because I'm sitting here trying to phrase what I want to say, and I don't know how to say it real time.

Discussion Topics And Personal Reflections

Walk With Ryan (00:36)

So the intro was super weak. I can't even apologize for it. It's just what it is. The intro was super weak. I can't even apologize for it. It's just what it is. But with what it is, let's talk about the New Year, New Me craze. Every year at this time, there's these posts of, you know, New Year, New Me, 2019 is going to be my year, all this stuff. If you're a gym goer, you see this wave of people that come to the gym. Like almost so much that for the first two or three weeks of the year, it becomes difficult if you've been a consistent gym goer to get on the equipment in the same cadence you're used to. Typically have to wait for some stuff. If you're a cardio person, the treadmills are busy. Like the locker rooms are crowded. Like at Lifetime where Lindsay and I work out, you might not have any towels, like super inconvenienced, high-class problems. But what's wrong with that? Right, like so many people that I see on social media, as I've tried to limit my exposure but I can't help it, it's like how I kill time, start down this path of like, oh my God, I can't believe all these people in the gym. All these people knew you or knew me, blah, blah, blah. It's really a shame to me. Like if you're listening to this and you're on the way to the gym right now, I commend you. Especially if you haven't been in the past six months. The gym is a super intimidating place to go. You see someone like me there that's been there almost my entire life that seems like I know where every piece of equipment's at, how to use everything, how to work out, how to stay focused. I'm not like, I would have to imagine, not even because of my physical stature, just because of how much like home the gym is to me, it's intimidating to show up when you haven't been there before. Then let's even remove that bias for a second. Let's talk about how we feel about ourselves. There's a good chance if you haven't been in the gym in the past month, six months, or a year, you are not the most secure about how your body looks, feels, and moves. You might even have this memory in your mind about how it used to be, how you used to be able to move on the treadmill, how much weight you used to be able to lift. And so when you get there and you try to implement the same things you used to do and it doesn't work, it becomes defeating, right? You don't want to come back. Let alone that fear of judgment, right? You have people staring at you like, what's taking so long? And you think that everybody's talking about you. And maybe some less than scrupulous people are. I don't know. I'm not at your gym. What I do know is it's really, really sad. Because yes, as someone that goes to the gym consistently, there's a slight inconvenience when I'm knocked out of my rhythm. You know what's not an inconvenience? When I'm sitting on a piece of equipment today and a man walks up to me and says, Hey, those squats you were doing, can you explain to me why you did them that way and what that is? My back usually hurts when I squat and I could really use some help. That's not an inconvenience. I only know what I know because someone taught me at some point or because I hurt myself enough to have to do something differently. And maybe I'm a rare breed.

Motivation From Within (04:09)

I don't know. It doesn't really matter. But I believe there to be a bunch of good people in gyms all across the U.S. that are willing to actually help you out. And let's remove the gym for a second. Let's say that you've been in the gym consistently, but you've been down in the dumps as it pertains to your relationship. And you're one of those people that, you know, you've went through some ups and downs. You've had some breakups in 2018. You thought you found the love of your life and it escaped you. Maybe you've been lied to, cheated on, manipulated. I mean, Lord knows I was on the other side of that equation for many, many times. I mean, Lord knows I was on the other side of that equation for many, many times. But as you cross the border from 2018 and in 2019 and you're so proud, like you're trying to find that self-confidence. So you're posting that almost as a battle cry, like a declaration of independence. And yet there's like an attack that happens. Right? Like, oh, there's another one. Like, new year, new me. What's wrong with her? I'm going to commend you as well. If you think this is your year, it's going to be. If you're proud of where you're at and you're looking for self-confidence, I encourage you to take it. Now, I must share with you from the coach's perspective, you got to find it from within. Especially in that situation, when you seek external validation for something that can only be found internally, once you get some negative feedback, it's going to break. It's not going to be sustainable. That's the only thing I don't love about those posts is it allows for negative feedback loops from people that want to attack you. And if you're in that frame of mind and you're looking for that strength, that sort of attack can make you feel even smaller. What I would encourage you to do instead is to find some people in your peer group that will also motivate you and hold you accountable. If you want to be in a better relationship and you want to find that partner or you want to reclaim your independence, go do that. But find some people that are living the lifestyle that you believe you would want as well. If you want a relationship, don't take relationship advice from the girl that's got the dysfunctional relationship. Pretty good chance you might mimic that. Guys, if you want a steady, stable, healthy, committed relationship, don't take advice on how to date from the guy that's got three or four girlfriends.

Dear At-Risk Female (06:27)

I'm raising my hand in the studio. That was old school me. All these different things, I applaud you for owning.

Year of Prosperity. Year of Health. (06:42)

This is the year my business finally takes off. Year of prosperity, year of abundance. Think of all the different things that you are probably reading right now on social media, that you're hearing in the news, that you might even be saying yourself. You're saying that, in my opinion, because something didn't go as well the year before. You're hoping for something a little bit different. But as you're hoping for something a little bit different, I must ask you, are you really doing things to ensure that there's a different result? I'll bring this full circle back to the gym. You're motivated. You go to the gym the first part of the year. You suck it up. You're super nervous. You've got a weight loss or fitness goal. You sign up for a membership. When presented with a membership, you decide to take the month-to-month option. I get it, right? Money could be tight after the holidays. Things are a little dicey. But even saying month-to-month kind of gives you the mental out of, okay, after a month, if I don't like this, I can leave. You're almost already creating the defeat loop for yourself that's coming 30 or 45 days from now.

What the Numbers Tend To Show (07:51)

So what happens if you just went all in and took the six-month option? Would you be more likely to stay if you had more skin in the game? Maybe your gym doesn't offer that. Maybe you can only do a month-to-month membership. I get that. But you get upstairs on the workout floor for the first time. You were nervous to what you do. You hop on a treadmill. You feel super awkward. You feel parts of your body jiggling that you didn't remember could jiggle. And you sweat, and you're out of breath, and it's miserable. Your legs hurt. Your chest hurts. All you want to remember could jiggle. And you sweat and you're out of breath and it's miserable. Your legs hurt. Your chest hurts. All you want to do is get off. So you jump off the treadmill and you kind of sulk back to the locker rooms. What I encourage you to do there to make sure you hit your goals is to find either an accountability partner there, someone that will work out with you that's like-minded, that wants to achieve the same goals, or more importantly, invest in a trainer and pay for three weekly sessions for the next six weeks, but pay them all in advance. You see, when you have skin in the game, especially as it pertains to the new year and the new you, you are way more likely to achieve what you want. through the new year and the new you, you are way more likely to achieve what you want. I share that because if you've listened to the seven tactical training videos or podcasts or whatever you'd like to call them, you realize there's default patterns that you're actually retreating back to. So when your days get tough and you don't want to go to the gym and Wendy's or McDonald's seems easier than chicken and broccoli. And you talk yourself into the fact that just one meal, it's okay. And then one meal turns into two and two meals turns into five and then five turns into, I miss the gym because I'm tired. And then you just talk yourself out of what you really actually wanted. But if you're honest with yourself, you've probably done that more than just this year. And maybe it hasn't been about the gym, but if you look at your life as a whole, I can guarantee you how you're doing one thing is inevitably how you're doing everything. And many of these things have a feedback loop that was created that needs to be rewired. You have the opportunity to rewire that as well. But momentum is this crazy thing. When you start some path of momentum, it actually breeds more momentum and consistency breeds momentum. So if you can have small daily action items that you can do every day, all the days that end with Y, you actually do them. I'm only going to work out Monday through Friday. To start with, how difficult is that for you come Monday morning to get back in the gym, especially if you haven't been there? It's tough. Right? It's not easy. It's not easy to have that commitment. What's a better commitment instead of an hour a day, five days a week, do a half hour, seven days a week. Maybe your gym has a massage therapist in it. Treat yourself on the seventh day to a massage so at least you get in the habit of driving to the gym at the same time. You've spent years and years creating unhealthy habits. It's going to take you more than 21 days to create a new habit of going to the gym. I'm going to challenge you to say it's going to take at least 90 days of consistency. And same thing as it pertains to trainers and like, oh, you need time off. You need to rest. Your body grows when you rest. I don't disagree with that. But when you are so far away from that type of lifestyle, the consistency of going through the reps and the motions of going to the gym every day is more healthy than the rest because you're less likely to jump back in the game. But same thing comes to personal development or your relationship side of things. Like it's the reps. If you want a new year and a new relationship and new opportunities, you're going to have to go out and seize them. But if you want a good quality person with a good quality job or whatever the things are that are important to you, you have to make sure to align yourself with where those people could be. have been in the dating world, but I don't believe you're going to find women, the man of your dreams, at a bar downtown at 11 p.m. on a Friday night. I just don't think he's there. He could be. Maybe you're listening and you met your husband or wife based off of that type of situation. I just think it's pretty rare. I think you have to get honest with yourself about why you want what you want and how you're actually going to achieve it. Because see, the new year, new me is great. It's truly fantastic. You deserve to be the best version of yourself. I truly believe you deserve the relationship that you want. I believe you deserve the job that you want and all the financial abundance you desire. I believe you deserve the body that you want. I believe you deserve the job that you want and all the financial abundance you desire. I believe you deserve the body that you want with whatever that means to you. But I believe more than anything, you're going to have to work way harder at it to actually achieve it than you might have thought. It's not going to be a 21-day challenge. It's not going to be a four or five day a week or when it's comfortable thing.

Earmuffs (13:04)

To really create the new year and the new you, it's going to take a lot more work than most people are prepared for. That's why that consistency and that accountability really matters. And certainly, I have an accountability group. I have a way to help you with this. Oddly enough, I'm not even trying to pitch you on that, but if you're somebody that is sitting here saying, like, I want all these things, I want all these things, I don't know who's going to hold me accountable, I'm raising my hand. I will. I've got you. Just 90 days. It's not an expensive deal. It's something to ensure that when you commit to something that you have checks and balances put in place And a check in with someone that actually cares about you To get the damn job done Because you do deserve to have the new year Bring the new you around And when someone tells you differently I'm going to encourage you to Earmuffs if you're a child listening I'm going to tell you to tell them to go fuck themselves Those people don't need to rent space in your head I encourage you to, earmuffs if you're a child listening, I'm going to tell you to tell them to go fuck themselves. Those people don't need to rent space in your head. Those are the assholes that are so insecure and uncomfortable in their own bodies and have their own issues to work through that they shouldn't matter at all. And that's easy to say from where I sit, but that same gift that I've found, I can assure you, you deserve as well and I can give it to you.

Closed Remarks

What Im Grateful For (14:27)

I'm just proud of you for wanting to take a step. If you are a new me, new year, new me type of person, I honor the fact of that sort of level of commitment. And I hope you achieve it. I'm going to pivot that for myself. It's not a new year, a new me. It's a new year, of course. That's where we're sitting right now. But it's working consistently every day to become the best next version of me. And through that sort of work and consistency, mentorship, accountability, training, dedication, I know that every day going forward, I'm going to get shit done.

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