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Opening Segment

Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Six Men, Six Women, One Event. So, I meditate every day. Big surprise, right? I've shared this a multitude of different times.

Details On Coaching And Upcoming Event

Started Meditating (00:28)

It's been something that's a staple of my life. And I've increased my meditation practice, right? I've tried everything from brain.fm, which uses binaural signaling to mirror the left and right hemisphere of your brain. I've then jumped into some of Dr. Joe Dispenza's guided meditations that go for as long as an hour. I've used something called the Muse, which is choosemuse.com, which is a brain-sensing device that you wear that helps you kind of do a guided meditation. sensing device that you wear that helps you kind of do a guided meditation. And then I've been using something called Holosync, H-O-L-O-S-Y-N-C, which takes binaural signaling, some of the components from Muse, some of the components from Joe Dispenza, and poof, all of a sudden there's this really powerful and impactful tool. And I share all this with you because a message comes to me quite often when I meditate. Now, most of the time, I have no damn idea what the message is meaning. Perhaps you meditate yourself and you know exactly what I'm saying. And if you don't meditate, I heavily encourage that you try. The only wrong way to meditate is to not meditate at all. So I look at meditation literally as clearing out some time and space for yourself where you're able just to shut everything down and breathe and just allow the silence of your mind to take over. So I'm meditating today. I have an infrared sauna in Lindsay and I's house where you zip yourself into it and it's infrared light that's hitting your body. And I'm meditating with hollow sink and this message comes to me. And the message over and over again is, have an event. Have an event. It's time to have an event. And so after a 30-minute meditation, I unzip myself from this infrared sauna that I use, and I'm like, have an event. I'm already having an event, right? There's something I'm doing in Dallas, Texas, the first weekend in April, with another coach friend of mine. That's an event. I already have that. I'm like, why am I – I'm already having an event. I don't understand. And so I kind of push it to the side. I go through my morning. I have my celery juice that's fresh pressed. I wait some time. Then I have a bulletproof coffee. Wait some more time. Have a green smoothie. I stack things on top of each other now. And so I go about my morning. I go into the gym and I box like I always do. And boxing workout admittedly was atrocious today. It was horrible. I didn't have energy. I wasn't focused. It's almost like there was noise in the back of my mind that just wasn't allowing me to really just be there and fire. And so what I end up doing is heading to Lifetime, the gym where I work out at. And my workout is quick. It's very abbreviated by plan today. And I'm in the shower at Lifetime. And just like that, smack, the cold water hits my face as I finish up my showers now with at least a minute and a half of cold water pouring on my face, not my chest, also spinning around on my upper back, and it hits me. The event you're supposed to have is not the event for 300 people. It's not this two-day thing. This is a three-day immersive event you're supposed to have. It's supposed to be here in Columbus. And this three-day event is not just supposed to be for men. It's supposed to be for men and women. But yet it has to be exclusive because there has to be an internal tie. It has to be something that we can work together in an intimate setting to change the things that I know I can change in you. And it's not that I can change them in you. I can help you see how you can change them for yourself. And so I realized, it comes to me, I need six men and I need six women to come to Columbus, Ohio, March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, for an event that will be unlike anything before. This event as it sits is not going to be some frilly, sit in a conference center at a nice hotel and drink coffee. That doesn't really work for me. I'm much more hands-on. I know too many psychological triggers and events to help get you out of the patterns that you've been in for so long that haven't been serving you. I know how to wear down some of those shields that you've been carrying around because you've needed them for protection. I know how to create down some of those shields that you've been carrying around because you've needed them for protection. I know how to create unity and bonds among people that think, feel, and act the same way.

Ryans Coaching Service (04:46)

I know how to create an environment of trust in which you can finally get rid of the baggage you've been carrying around for so long and just pick up the luggage for when you want to go home. You can leave all your shit here in Columbus. You leave it. You don't all your shit here in Columbus. You leave it.

An Offer You Cant Refuse... (05:06)

You don't deserve to carry it around anymore. And as all this is flashing in my head and I'm in the shower and I'm like, man, this is great. And I want to write down some notes and I want to make sure. Because now I get it, right? The voices hit me twice today and I know what I'm supposed to do. I don't really know how I'm going to share, right? I don't have some cheesy offer. I don't want to put it out as like, okay, we've got to get this done. But I'm speaking to my first coaching client today, incredible woman out of South Florida. And as we're speaking back and forth, she says, Ryan, it comes to me. I need to come to Columbus and spend some time with you to connect deeper on some of these last pieces that I need to overcome. And she laughingly says she needs four or five hours, but this client, love her to death, four or five hours would never be enough for her to talk and get the things out, right? Part of what we do is knowing our clients that need to go deeper with her. And so it dawns on me, that's the voice hitting me the third time to say it to her, right? To share the event with her. And her eyes light up. She's like, that's exactly, that's what I need. And so maybe there's only five spots for women and still six spots for men. But this event, just so I can say it out loud, if you are a man or if you are a woman, considering what I am just saying as something that speaks to you, this event is not going to be some co-mingled side-by-side where you have to worry about the opposite sex and the judgment, shame, and guilt that can come with that. The men and women are going to be separate. There'll be times in which we come together, but for the most part, we're separate. And there's a reason and specific nature in which I'm able to do that. So the men and women will be separate. You'll be going through separate experiences all during the same weekend event. What I know becomes impactful this weekend event is it's self-serving for me.

Youll Be Interviewed (06:48)

Number one, it proves that I can do this. I already know I can, but when it proves that I can do it, I actually want you to join me here because I want to use it for marketing. Because after four days, really three full days plus a little bit the fourth morning, I want to use it for marketing, because after four days, really three full days, plus a little bit the fourth morning, I want to interview you about exactly what you've been through, the good, the bad, the ugly, what's changed, what hasn't. I want to completely change what your perception of yourself was and empower you to be the best version of who you're capable of becoming. Then I want to instill healthy habits, lifestyles, and patterns in you that propel you into the future without needing to be associated with me. But as I do that, and as we structure that, and as we talk about that, I want to be able to use that for marketing materials in the future. Now, events like this, typically, that I've went to in the past are $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 events. They were worth every penny. I will go back to some of them because of the impact that they had. That's not going to be the case for this event. I don't have the details mapped out to know exactly what it's going to cost.

Cost (07:57)

What I do know is it's going to cost exactly what it cost me to put it on. This event, for these first six men and six women, I'm not looking to make a dollar. I'm certainly not going to go in the hole, but I'm not looking to have a revenue positive event. I'm looking to establish bonds and connections. I'm looking to establish marketing collateral. I'm looking to make an impact in six people's lives that will transcend not only them in their current iterations, but also their families, their social circles. Because I know that I can do that.

How to Deal With Initial Doubt (08:33)

I'm 100% confident that when we go through what I have mapped out, that I have had mapped out and have been working on now for the better part of a year. working on now for the better part of a year. And really, if I go all the way back to the first time a friend of mine, Greg Anderson, brought something to my attention that he was doing, I started mapping out an event four years ago. Just the capacity I had as a man four years ago wasn't high enough to pull off the event at the caliber that I'm capable of pulling it off today. So I have to do it now. And what I want is as you're watching this, if you're interested in being a part of this event, simply email me at ryan at lifeoptimizationgroup.com. I'll give you the details of what's expected. There's a 14 to 21-day video lead-up where it's intensive, right? This is not some sort of, you're going to watch things at your leisure and be a part of it when you feel compelled to. This is something that will change your life, but you have to be willing to have your life changed. If you want something different and this doesn't sound like it connects to you, you're more than welcome to send me an email, get on my mailing list. I give out free things literally two times a week, if not more. Be honored for you to connect. But if this message and if what I'm sharing with you seems to matter, if there's that voice in the back of your head saying, man, I need a change, I need a shift, I don't want 2019 to be like 2018. There's something about this Ryan guy that I think he might have some of the pieces and parts figured out and I might as well jump in There will never be another opportunity that exists just like this And as I say that I truly don't believe that anything happens by chance.

Columbus Event (10:02)

There is no accident You are listening to this and watching this for a very specific reason Maybe it's not because that you need this personally Maybe you know the person or know the person that knows the person that needs this. I ask that you share it. I ask that you share the opportunity to come to Columbus, Ohio for three days, really a total of four, to completely change the trajectory of what you know is capable from your life. to completely change the trajectory of what you know is capable from your life.

Change Trajectory (10:44)

I'm so convinced in this, I'm also going to say one other thing. If after the event, when you go through the entire lead up, you do all of it. You do all the work required as is required. You come to the event, you participate in the event at the level that is required. If by the time we're done on that last day, you feel like you got no value out of the event, I'll give your money back and I'll eat it. I'll eat the cost of you coming. There's literally no chance for you not to have the experience that you're searching for. But only you know what that means to you. And if it doesn't mean it to you, if you can share this message somewhere so that someone can hear it like they need to, I want to change the trajectory of people's lives this year. And not only this year, for the rest of my life. You see 125 million people, it starts with a small group. starts with a small group. All this came from the power of simply listening to the voice.

Concept Of Choosing Different Paths

Why Go Left (11:47)

And we can call the voice God, intuition, a higher power, the universe. I don't care what it means to you. What I know is when the voice speaks, I listen. When I take action, when the voice tells me to go left, I just go because there's always a gift there. And the voice told me three times in a row in the period of literally from 6 a.m. this morning until 11 a.m. today in a five-hour window, three different signs at its time. And so I'd be honored if you partake and consider partaking in this first event. in this first event. What I can ensure you and guarantee you is if you email me and if we have a conversation, if it seems to make sense and you come to the event, I have 100% certainty that for the rest of your life thereafter with the things that you will learn from me in this environment, you'll be able to get shit done.

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