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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is decisions. Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is decisions. Today's episode, I want to share with you why your inability to make a quick decision is limiting your exponential growth. So as I've shared now to my mailing list and to you as you're listening, I'm having my first live event, super intensive, super deep, three and a half day experience here in Columbus, Ohio. This experience, this event will be unlike anything anybody has ever seen or been through before. It's a combination of things I've learned inside of Wake Up Warrior. It's a combination of things I've learned inside of Tony Robbins training. It's a combination of things I've learned inside of Bulletproof and the Human Potential Institute training. It's things I've learned inside of every capacity of my life condensed down into the most meaningful and impactful three and a half day experience I could possibly come up with. This three and a half day experience is not like a classroom setting in which we're going to sit around and take notes and look at projectors. So much so that we have a total amount in classroom time for this, and we're going to get to why, of about six hours over three and a half days. Almost nothing. Let me tell you why any of that even matters. For those of you that have not yet put on a full-size event yourself, there's a lot of planning that goes into it. Not only is there an itemized timetable of what we're going to do each minute of each day, planned out with how to make an impact in your life, but also what support staff we need there at every step along the way, what tools we need, what devices we need, what security we need, what EMTs we need, all these pieces and parts all need to be mapped out literally from the time that you were to get to Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, check in at 9 p.m. at the latest, March 20th, all the way until the event ends at noon, Sunday, March 24th.

Travel And Decision Making Experience

Hoteles in Columbus, Ohio (01:57)

Every detail, every decision has to be made to the most impressive degree possible. Not only does the decision have to be made, but we also then have to run through 10, 15, 20 times running stopwatches to make sure this goes exactly as planned. Part of that and part of the decisions that we have to make were the very most basic decision. Which hotel do you stay at when you come to town? For those of you that have not yet been to Columbus, Ohio at any point for any reason, number one, I get it. Unless you care about bodybuilding and fitness, you probably haven't been to the Arnold Classic in early March. But unless you care about bodybuilding and fitness, you probably haven't been to the Arnold Classic in early March. Unless you're a big movie buff and you really care about the Shawshank Redemption, you probably haven't come to Mansfield, Ohio to see the old reformatory it was shot at. Unless you love zoos and haven't come to see our world-famous Columbus Zoo curated by Jack Hanna, there's probably not a lot of reason you've been to Columbus, Ohio. I get it. But as we map out the different hotels and the different reasons for which hotel, we have it itemized down to four. Now, although we spend very little time in our rooms, right, all we do is sleep there, I believe the quality of the experience, the feel of the hotel, the quality of the staff, the ability to meet our very unique and custom requirements is incredibly important. So it takes time. It's taken weeks of contacting, asking, looking for feedback, running through scenarios. We itemize it down to four specific hotels. These four hotels are on three different sides of town. They have different feels to each one of them. They have different pros and cons. And I'm going back and forth, vacillating across all four variables, right? Because it's not a linear equation as I look at it. Some of these hotels have what I'll call five-star accommodations but have small rooms. Some are four stars, have a big conference room, and have average rooms for you to sleep in. Some of them are just middle of the road, just average places to stay, average accommodations, and average meeting rooms. And so I go round and round, and I'm literally getting frustrated. I'm stuck. I have paralysis by analysis. I'm trying to analyze every variable to see which one is going to be the exact right fit. And I do this over the course of three or four days. There's no progression. As I'm analyzing, we're not moving forward. And as I'm not moving forward, I'm unable to get the right information and the right people to let them know the final cost. So my inability to make a quick decision or make any decision is actually a ripple effect now that's impacting 15 people on my side that it will take to pull this off, plus 14, 15, 16 of you, supposed to be 12, but I think I'm going to stretch a little bit more, all of which because I can't make a simple decision. And typically decisions are not difficult for me to make. As I sit in front of my clients, you might be one of them, I help you make decisions over and over and over again very quickly. And so it dawns on me today, it's time to make a decision. My incredible wife, project manager, Lindsay, whatever you want to call her, she's in the office and she gets a hold of one of the hotels. We literally sprint out of the office, wrap up my last coaching call of the day, head down to that particular facility, and we tour it. Now something has told me that this is the facility to go with. My intuition has been screaming this to me since we started. I don't know why. No idea. Admittedly, I don't know it was even on my wife's radar as she was reaching out to hotels to figure out where to host this at. This particular hotel is a little bit different. It's certainly not the norm for Columbus, Ohio. And so we sprint down to the hotel very quickly because rush hour traffic is something that none of us like to get stuck in. Am I right? Hopefully you're not listening to this as you're quickly because rush hour traffic is something that none of us like to get stuck in. Am I right? Hopefully you're not listening to this as you're stuck in rush hour traffic. If so, I'm sorry for you. Sprint down at 4 o'clock. We abruptly go through it and I just know it's the spot. I know it with complete certainty. I know from the way it feels. I know from the smell. I know from the guest accommodations. I know from the quality of the room. I know from the way it feels. I know from the smell. I know from the guest accommodations. I know from the quality of the room. I know from the quality of staff. Plus I know from the way the financial aspects have been broken down. This is the place to go. And it's crazy to think that it's taken me almost two full weeks to get to this point. The most simple, basic decision of where the minority of our time will be spent took two and a half weeks of time. And it's dawning on me, where else in my life have I let decisions run rampant instead of just making a quick one because my gut is always right. It's my head that's the one that is the bastard. It tries to talk me out of what I know is the right way to step. I knew if there was a 10% variation in cost of hosting the event based off different hotels and the fact we're not looking to make money on this of any sort of actual capacity, that it wouldn't matter. Do you really care about $200 a night for a hotel versus $220?

Never get stuck at make a decision. (08:16)

I don't. It's $20. The quality of the experience that you'll get and the things you'll take away from this particular event, not only emotionally, not only physically, but also the amount of things that I am bringing to the table from vendors and people that I've connected with that want to support this movement will be many times more of value than the cost of admission. And by my inability to make a decision, it almost slowed down the progression. And it's not only here. Right? It's in the fight game with me. It's in trying to find my first fight or deciding when that first bout is. It's slow. It's back and forth. It's I don't know. It's this, that, the other. It's pro. It's amateur. It's headgear. It's no headgear. It's Arnold Classic. It's somewhere else. Which way do I go? What should I do? For what? The outcome's the same. I'm going to step in the ring and I'm going to have a fight. The absolute worst place for me is when I travel. I will look at Columbus International Airport, Dayton, Cincinnati, Akron, and Cleveland to see which one can potentially save our family an extra $50 to $100 round trip. I will spend two hours researching flights, hoping that something is going to change, waiting until the last minute to book, when I knew I was going to end up at my final destination anyways. I was always going to go. What I don't think about in that moment of trying to save the $200 is what's my time worth? Columbus to Cleveland is two hours and 20 minutes one way. Is the four hours of my day and the level that I produce at plus the lack of sleep I'll have to get, plus everything else that goes into that, is it worth saving $200? No. It's just not. But it all comes down to the way that we make decisions. So I want to propose a new thought process to you. That thought process is, make decisions instantaneously. When something comes across your mind, when there's that decision you've been vacillating on, when you're not sure which way to go, close your eyes, open your heart for a second, and then act. Of course, open your eyes first, but there's this thing that comes into us, right? Our intuition is not wrong. We are not wired to be wrong when it comes to what we are supposed to do and not supposed to do. But we fight it. I do this for a living and I still fight it. I just fought it for two and a half weeks when we ended up in the exact hotel I knew we would end up in. I could have literally said, Lindsay, please just call that one hotel and call one other hotel to keep them honest and don't spend too much time. The outcome would have been the exact same. We just would have got their help a lot quicker and it would have wasted two people's time. So where in your life right now are you acting like I was acting? Are you concerned about which gym to go to? What trainer to pay? What meal plan to follow, what meal prep company to buy your food from? Should I buy this? Should I buy that? What fat loss supplement to take? What protein powder? Which one's best? You go back and forth and back and forth and you have paralysis by analysis as it comes to what you're doing with your body. My incredible wife fell victim to this over the past two weeks. Not from the fitness aspect, not from physically working out, but from the ability to track and monitor her health with a fitness tracker. She went round and round and round with every possible variable. She thought, she vacillated. We went and looked at them. She tried some on. We went another direction. Then we said, screw it for a while. Then we jumped back in the game. Then all of a sudden, poof, I get home last night and not only does a Juve Elite Red Light series thing show up, a system at our house, there's a little Amazon box over in the corner. I bring the Amazon box in. It's got my wife's name on it. She opens it up. And what do you think is inside? A Fitbit something three fitness tracker.

Stop veg again. The fear of missing out. (12:43)

The same one she originally looked at two and a half weeks ago. That was the one she actually wanted the whole time. She knew in her heart what she wanted. It's her head that was trying to talk her out of it. And some of it was probably me as well. I wanted her to get a whooper and aura. So I'll put that on the side. I got to own that. Maybe it's not your body for you. Maybe you have that dialed in. Maybe it comes to a relationship. And going back and forth, which woman to date, with which place to take somebody out to dinner, with which man you should allow to court you. And there's multiple horses in the race. Stop vacillating. Make one decision and go. Learn from my mistakes of trying to court you and there's multiple horses in the race Stop vacillating make one decision and go learn from my mistakes of trying to court multiple different people and Just go with one go with the one. You know is the right one The fear of missing out the fear of loss should not be higher than the fear of success and Business to me is the worst There's a million decisions to get made every day in business And business to me is the worst. There's a million decisions that get made every day in business.

Make a decision all the time. (13:40)

Your speed to execute on the decision that your heart actually tells you is right is what's going to separate you from good and catapult you into great. The quicker you can make decisions, the more efficiently you can do them, and the quicker then you can take action, the more you can get shit done.

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