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Introduction To Introspection

Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Digging Like a Dog. In today's episode, I want to share with you one of the most impactful lessons I learned from our dog trainer who trained Zeus and Roman, my two pitbulls. So this story admittedly comes from something that Bedros shared at Ryan Moran's capitalism conference that I've been at for the past three days. shared at Ryan Moran's capitalism conference that I've been at for the past three days. As I'm sitting in the crowd, myself and 500 other people, consuming content, getting to know each other, networking, masterminding, all the things that you do at an event, a gentleman named Bedros hops up on the stage and is sharing some impactful things. And he's sharing a story about dogs having purpose. And it instantly triggers in my mind some things that my trainer, our trainer, Lindsay and I's trainer for Zeus and Roman shared with us. So Zeus is our pit bull that has cancer, right? Regretfully, we had him at the vet today. He's on his, I can't say last round of chemo, kind of like the last shot Hail Mary fourth quarter of being able to provide him some sort of chance at relief of his cancer burden. The likelihood of that working is very, very slim. Conservatively, we have four weeks left with Zeus. Aggressively, on the far side, maybe we have 12 weeks. We're cherishing the time we have, but we realize it's coming to an end. Zeus has been the most loving, respectful. He listened. He's a great pit bull. Our little brown guy, Roman, who I refer to as the emperor, not so much. The emperor has a very specific way about him, his own personality, he's hard-headed, he's stubborn. And so we had to get dog trainers in the house. Not only at the house, we actually sent the dogs away for training as well. We sent them away for a week, maybe it was 10 days, to a boot camp. And this was later in life, so? So they both already learned the fair share of bad habits.

Our Dogs and Their Obvious Purpose (02:25)

So we send them to this boot camp. They come home and they literally feel like different dogs. They listen. They have little shock collars they wear on their neck. We can just hold the remote in our hand and say things to them and there's commands that they know and it becomes more impactful. Now, for those of you that are listening that are concerned about a shock collar, this is such a mild pulse. I put it on my hand before. It's very humane. It's not aggressive. It's just a correction. It's not a thing of aggression either. It's more of just a little tap on the back like, hey, you should be going over here and doing this. But they don't like that tap on the back, right? They want to be going over here and doing this. But they don't like that tap on the back, right? They want to be pleasing. They're great animals. They're great pets. They're great parts of our family. And so eventually we have the same trainer come to our house, right? Because learning at a facility is one thing, but seeing how the dogs interact in our household is a completely different. So you come to the house and Roman is very door aggressive, right? If you come in the front door of our house, you ring our doorbell, he literally is so aggressive he rips the wood off the frame around the door. He just wants to get at whatever's there. But if you came in the side door, came in the garage door, you walk right in like nothing's the matter. You can pet him, play with him, touch him. He's fine. It's incredible. And Zeus, the original Pitbull, the OP as I call him, touch him, he's fine. It's incredible. And Zeus, the original Pitbull, the OP as I call him, he's just relaxed. He barks. He's got a deep voice, but his tail's wagging. He's completely calm. But as the dog trainer comes in the house and is sharing with us Pitbull's personalities, and specifically the difference in personalities between our two dogs, she shares with us that the reason the dogs act up is because they're not given a purpose. That our dogs like to have purpose in their life. And the purpose could be nothing more than to please us. And so as we go for walks, they feel like they're being given a task. And by being given a task of staying in a certain spatial recognition to ourselves as we're walking or when they're told to stay in place or they're told to move around and they're given commands and then rewarded for those commands, they feel like they're living a very purpose-driven life. feel like they're living a very purpose-driven life. But the minute that the reins are taken off and the purpose is taken off, all hell breaks loose. Everything goes to the wayside. Roman's attacking the door. Zeus is running around like a crazy man. Zeus is a little bit of a fat kid, we call him. So he's trying to get food off the counter. It's like all the things that would go wrong in a household as it pertains to dogs instantly happen inside of our four walls, all based off the dogs don't have purpose. And so what Bedros brings up in our mastermind, in our group, in our conference, is he had some Labradors. And when the Labradors weren't given purpose, they dig holes. But when they're given purpose, they don't dig any holes. And he jogged something in my mind when he said, look, I'm the same way. I am literally wired the exact same way. If I don't have purpose, if I don't have a reason, if I don't get up with strict intention for the day, I am digging holes. I'm incredibly destructive. And with that, the light goes off in my mind. Not only does that resonate with me because it's the same thing that the trainers told us about our pit bull, Zeus and Roman, but it's the same thing that holds true for my life. And I'm going to guess the same thing that holds true for yours. When you don't approach each week, each month, each day with intent, with purpose, with direction, what do you think happens? You dig holes. You dig holes for yourself and you become buried in shit that does not matter. You become buried with other people's problems. You become buried with what did not go the right way. You become buried with things that you wish you had. None of which matter. But think of the opposite in your life right now. If you woke up with purpose and direction and a plan for each day, you don't have time to be consumed by any of those three variables.

Instead of Holes You Will Have Peace (06:51)

Every moment of every day has an intention in which you're trying to fulfill because you know it's driving you closer to an ultimate goal, an outcome. No different than we have to remember with our dog, Zeus and Roman. When they have purpose, when they have a reason to do what they do, they're fine. If not, Roman's hanging off the front door sideways, chewing off the wood. Imagine, if you will, in your own mind, how silly you would look right now if you ran to your front door, latched onto the wood surrounding it, and tried to shake your head and bite it off. That's what you're doing every day where you don't have purpose. And purpose does not have to be some grandiose, massive, I'm going to save the world statement. I believe purpose comes down to something much easier. I take my clients through an exercise, and I shared it with a friend of mine today, that at a brisk walkthrough, most of us had two people that were required to give us life, a mother and a father. I fully realize that some of us had absentee mothers and absentee fathers. Some of us don't know either side of that equation. Some of us were adopted, right? There's a lot of things we might have been through. But as you go through those things, inevitably you sought out love and approval from one of your two parents more. Don't know which one it is. Only you do. And as you sought out that love, you sought out that connection, and you did not receive it, you started mirroring behaviors because you thought that might get you what you desired. In my instance, there was a part in my life where I craved my father's love and wanted him to hear me. I wanted to be heard. And so until I became aware of it for much of my life, I did not really feel what love was. And I did not let anybody actually hear me. What happens is I look at a purpose statement and what purpose really means. My purpose as it pertains to life right now on this planet is to love others and to make sure that they feel heard. That's why I coach for a living. Because I get to sit across from people, eye to eye, face to face, in a Zoom phone call or even in person. They can feel how much I love them and they can finally be heard. By the nature of finally being able to be heard, I'm now backfilling and realizing that I'm living on purpose in my life and in my purpose because I'm solving for what I so badly and desperately wanted. Same thing would hold true for you right now. I realized very quickly that anything I was doing in my life that did not align with one of those purpose-filled statements would leave it to the fact of imminent disaster. Because there would be no way for me to live my life every day filled with purpose if I wasn't aligning with my purpose statement. So I would start digging holes and burying myself. I.e. when I was chasing money and not chasing love and making sure people felt heard, I burnt my entire life to the ground.

Digging Holes For Yourself (10:21)

It's crazy. Apply it to your own life. I implore you to take the time and think. Eyes closed, meditative state. Have no one around you. Be honest with yourself if no one else. Which one of your two parents' love did you seek more? What were the things you saw them doing that then you've mirrored in your entire life up until this moment to backfill for what you did not receive? How great would it feel if your gift to the world was to offer that very thing every day? It'd feel incredible. offer that very thing every day. It'd feel incredible. Where in your life right now are you digging holes because you don't live the day with purpose and intention? Is it inside the gym? Where you're just consuming content, you're just researching, you're just trying to figure it out, you're coming up with all these stories as to why you can't do this, why you can just consuming content, you're just researching, you're just trying to figure it out, you're coming up with all these stories as to why you can't do this, why you can't do that, why there is no time, why you have to eat bad, because you don't understand the purpose behind doing what you're doing. And so it becomes unimportant. So you're digging yourself these holes and filling them in with this shit that's covering you up from head to toe. Maybe you're the ones ones doing in your relationship where because you don't have what you're seeking, you're justifying away why you can't get what you deserve and just creating a massive crater, a massive hole in the ground that you keep filling yourself in with. Or maybe it's inside a business, right? Where the things that you're doing every day don't align any bit with purpose. You're chasing money and you feel like you're never getting ahead and you're never fulfilled because more money that you make has not actually ever made you feel better. That's a hole, my friend. That's a hole that you're digging that you're able to stop. And when you stop digging yourself holes and you start focusing on purpose and production versus momentary feelings of greatness, you'll find out every day thereafter, you're able to get shit done. you

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