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Introduction And Mindset Strategies

Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Nidell, and today's episode is, Are You Being Criticized? Today, I'm going to share with you my mindset as it pertains to being criticized and what you should do about it. So it's no secret. Even the most popular presidents at any given point are only really liked by half the population. I tend to call that the duality of the universe, right? We can't have the good without the bad. There's got to be almost a polarization of what goes on. But it's easy to see that as it pertains to a president, right? Or the Pope, because more than likely, you probably don't know them personally. It's great if you are the president listening to this, but I'm going to doubt that you are, We're just quote-unquote regular people. But us regular people still fall victim to the same mindset, the same trap, the same duality. I don't know, as I started this show, there was at least half the population of people that I knew from my life up to that point that thought it was the most atrocious thing that I could possibly create. In full transparency, as I go back to the first 20, 30, 40 episodes and try to digest some of that content, it was a little rough around the edges. Coming on the backside of losing my best friend, coming on the backside of Warrior Week inside the Wake Up Warrior movement that's Garrett J. White's brainchild at wakeupwarrior.com. Come on the backside of just like this ultra-masculine energy coupled with all the things that I needed to get off my chest. I was a very polarizing figure. Now, I fully realize in today's climate, in the economy that we're living in right now, and the way that I'm presenting myself on this show, there's a chance that as you listen to this, you only like half the episodes, or maybe you're listening, waiting to pick me apart, and you have a hate group founded with your friends, and you just get around and laugh about what I talk about. I'm good with it. I respect it. I would challenge you to understand the fact that it's a big waste of time, but if you get your rocks off on and you enjoy it, keep doing it. Keep doing you. But as I progress through life and I go back to those first podcasts and I see the negative comments and the negative reviews I got, I couldn't help but dive really deep into it. Right. It hurt my feelings. I didn't like being told that I wasn't good at something. I didn't like having to hear that my message wasn't clear. I didn't like having to hear that it was only for men. There were all these things that I didn't like the way that they made me feel. Maybe it's the nature of how my brain works. Maybe it's the nature of how society is or we are as human beings. But I instantly started to try to find out information on these people. Not so that I could attack them, but just so I could know who they were. Right. So what happens on the iTunes platform when someone leaves you a review or response, right, you see the little screen name and it's never the real name, right? It's like, I am Mr. Prescott is one. Now I happen to know that's my friend, Bryce Prescott, but he wasn't my friend back then as close as he is now. But like, I can look at that name and I can go over to Instagram and I can type it in. And I have done that with every negative review that I have had left with also equal credence now given to those of you incredible individuals who have left me a positive review. I've done it with both. But as I'm going through the negative reviews and I go back and I'm looking at these people's Instagram pages or maybe their Facebook pages, if their Instagram is private, which I also find so unique, right? Here's this person that is attacking me that I look on their Instagram page I see their profile picture I see they are someone that has posted a thousand times has 200 friends is following 90 people and their page is private like what are you what are you hiding what are you why can't I see who you are? And so I'm like, okay, that's just a fluke. It's just no big deal. It's just one person. But then I go and look at the second, the third, and there's some hybrid variation of all of those. Right? It's either you're not posting and it's just a page that they're following people. You're posting and your page is blocked. You don't follow anybody. It's really strange for me to see and to dive into this. And maybe I'm giving it, again, too much thought, but it's what I did in the time. And I'm looking like, what is the correlational value here? Because it's men and women. Was black, white, Hispanic, right? Name a group. I can't say it was any one tribe of individuals that were not liking what I had to say. Pretty good speckling of people from all over the place. And so as I'm looking, I'm like, what is this? It doesn't dawn on me, right? So I just, I keep going. And here I am. I obviously on me. So I just keep going. And here I am. I obviously didn't stop, and I'm not going to stop. If you like the show, great. If I get 20,000 downloads an episode or 30,000 downloads, that's fantastic. If I get 1,000, then so be it. This is just the journey I'm on. And so through the progression of the podcast, obviously it turns into more coaching. It turns into more personal development obviously it turns into more coaching. It turns into more personal development. It turns into more sharing. I go from just authentically vulnerable into how I shifted through the authentic vulnerability and how I overcame some of those issues into lessons I've learned from clients into how to scale and optimize businesses. I've covered a little bit of everything. But there's still the grumbles. I still get the DMs of who do I think I am? The text messages like, man, you were just so far off base. I literally had a message on my Facebook wall about a post and I could be perceiving this wrong, but I'm going to share my level of perception. I had a post, I had a podcast that I aired as it pertains to you being able to create your own universe, right? That I believe the perceptive reality that we create is truly ours to own. And so if I own it, then I have to really be the creator of everything that's in front of me. Now, I don't have to be the ultimate creator, but I'm the creator of me and this, the view of what I have, right? I see myself in the mirror and I can only see myself through my own eyes. So I'm the creator of me and this the view of what I have right I see myself in the mirror and I can only see myself through my own eyes so I'm creating my own version of Who I am I get somebody that says something along lines of like this is everything that's wrong with society like you're not God this is the flaw in man this is the flaw in man. This is the flaw in everything. Like all praise be to God. Essentially. That's the way I'm reading it. Now I asked for further clarification. I haven't heard back yet, but that's the way I'm reading it. I'm open for a healthy debate. I'm open to have my, my capacity expanded, but there's this crazy thing that I've seen with anybody that talks shit ever. They're not doing better than I'm doing. Their relationship is not more fulfilled. They don't have the same caliber of life. They don't have the same caliber of business. They're attacking the things that end up being deficiencies, in my opinion, in themselves. I've never been attacked by someone that's doing better than me. I have had people that I know have achieved a different level of success sit me down and coach me, spend the time to invest in me, spend the time to pour into me so I become a better person. I have 100% had that. I pay for that every week. I pay to have people that have done more teach me on how I'm not being the best version of me. But they're at a higher rung of the ladder than I'm on right now. Like I've never found someone to criticize me that actually is adding value, right? They do it from this place of lack. And maybe this is not a broad brush statement. Maybe you're one of the ones listening right now that talk shit at one point. Maybe you're one of the ones that attacked me and you've, you've went through this renaissance and re re-imagining what's possible for you and realize that I'm not the person you made me out to be. I appreciate you for sticking around if that's you. But I'm going to guess it's more than likely that you're the one that at some point in the past week, 10 days, two months, you can remember somebody, what I'll say, talking shit about you, criticizing you, judging you, making you feel less than. I have to ask you a serious question right now. Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that that person was achieving more than you're achieving holistically, not in one area of life, right? There are plenty of people in the gym that have a better body than I have. So maybe they talk shit about the way that I work out, but we go outside and they're talking to another girl by their car as they have a wedding ring on. They're hoping nobody sees them. I don't look at it that they're doing better than I am. They just happen to have a better body.

Write down critical as vs the more expensive injustice (09:30)

I don't look at the man that works 90 hours a week that's telling me how bad I am at business but has no balance in his life and his body's going to shit. I don't look at him as doing better than I am. balance in his life and his body's going to shit, I don't look at him as doing better than I am. I look at him as someone that is trapped in the reality that he has created. You see, this world that we live in that's a snap judgment society, something gets posted online and it has to be the truth. Something gets posted online and it has to be the truth. Criticism arises from everywhere. I'm not left, I'm not right, I'm not center, I'm not liberal or conservative, I'm just myself. But you look at a source like CNN that posts something online and when they post it, it has to be real. It's coming from the news. If they criticize Trump for something he's doing it has to be real but I'm not saying it's real or false right maybe he's doing some dumb things but it's the perceptive reality that CNN is now projecting out into the world that then creates this ripple effect in the universe of what's right and wrong none of of us were there. We don't really know what's going on, but yet we're criticizing things we don't know about. I mean, it's crazy when you really look at your life, the same way I've looked at mine, and get really in tune with the criticism you've received. Has the attack ever been from somebody in a higher position, has the attack ever been from somebody in a higher position, in a position that you would literally trade places with? That's what I look at this as. I will take knowledge. I will take wisdom. I will take criticism openly. The litmus test I run everything through, though, is would I change positions with you? Would I exchange my life for yours? Are you more happy than I feel in this moment? And truly happy.

Limit Your Mental Space (11:29)

If the answer is no, I grin, I nod, I write it down, I take the pieces and parts I want to own for myself, and I move forward. And I'm going to encourage you to do the same thing. A little different in this episode, going through the body and the relationships and the business, that's all well and good, but this all comes down to eliminating the things that are negative energy draws on you. If people in the gym are talking shit about you, go walk up to them, go introduce yourself, go ask if they want to help or just keep talking bad about you. Are they going to keep criticizing you for your form or are they going to do something about it and teach you how to do it better? Many of you walk up to them, they're faced with a choice now. To realize that you just don't have the reps, you don't know what you're doing, or that they're assholes. Only two things it could be. Same thing in a relationship, right? All of us wanna criticize the relationships others are in without living in the best relationship ourselves. I was the quickest one to do this. I used to do this all the time when I was being a piece of shit, when I was lying quickest one to do this. I used to do this all the time when I was being a piece of shit, when I was lying and cheating and manipulating. I was quick to give everybody else relationship advice. I know I'm not the only one. Block those people out. Tell them until they get their shit together, you're not going to listen to them. There's no point. They're not helping you get to where you want to go. They're booing from the cheap seats. And think about in business. Think about all the different ways in which friends, associates, companions, partners have all been at a less profitable, less successful part in business than you are. But yet, talk poorly about your decisions. When you start eliminating the fact that people in lower positions can have any credence in your life and don't allow them any mental space, every day after, you're able to get shit done..

Be Kind To Everyone, But Only Part Influence The Ones That Deserve It. (13:02)


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