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Intro (00:00)

You're listening to 15 minutes to Freedom with Ryan Nidell, the No Filter, No B.S. show dedicated to your expansion in business, body and relationships. Sit up, listen up, and let's go. You're listening to 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Nidell, and today's episode is Searching for Clarity is something that has alluded me for years. Clarity is what job to take, clarity in what car to buy, clarity what neighborhood to live in, clarity in what women to date. Someone call this an inability to make decisions, and I'll own that. You know, it's not always easy to make decisions, or it didn't use to be. You know, there's all these options in the world, go left go right go up or go down they're endless choices and more pop up almost every day think about how is it really possible to know which choice is the right choice really to me there isn't a way to know if it's the right one when you really get super philosophical with it there is no right or wrong in those answers. There's only choices you make. Now for the past 45 days or so, I've been struggling with clarity. I'm not too proud to admit it. It doesn't make me happy. But I just haven't found clarity. I strayed from a path of success that I knew with no question would provide results. I know that it works but I fucking strayed from it. I was bullshitting myself and almost everybody around me. Over the past 45 days the weather here in Ohio was cold, it was miserable. Not only that, I got a massive infection of my leg. The office space I was building out was past the time it took to build out, and seemed though every aspect of my life was ultimately in turmoil. I didn't realize in that moment, do most of the fact that I was no longer tapped into my inner self, that I could be the cause of all this shit.

Basics Of Success

Best Form Of Clarity (01:49)

I stopped living the warrior's way. And the warrior's way is a mindset and a methodology that truly allows you to have the power to have it all. So in the warrior's way's certain actionable items that Garrett J White teaches us to do. It's things that he's lived his life for and it has then passed down to us and there's a group of thousands of men now across the globe that lived their life this way and all of us are extending and leveling up and finding a different level of power other than me other than me for the past 45 days and why is that because I haven't been waking up at 4.30 and you think oh my god 4.30 in the morning well there's a reason I wake up at 4.30 and it's not because Garrett says it's because I found that that's what works for me that's what I have to do to find my level of power. And I can meditate and I can meditate in the darkness of night when the world is quiet, when there's nothing fucking bothering me, and then I can journal. And then I can journal my thoughts and quit wrestling with my ego, and quit wrestling with who I am. And then when I get done with that, I can read, and I can read in peace. There's no dogs, there's no kid, there's no wife, there's no anything. It's fucking silence. It's what I need. But I haven't been doing that. Not only that, worse of all, I haven't been letting those that I care about. No on a daily basis, how important they are to me. See, the Warriors way we do something called the Core Four. The Body being balanced in business. Every day you focus on those four areas. one of those in the balance area you commit to share letters of appreciation, love, honor, respect with your partner and then your prosperity. So I look at prosperity is not only my stepdaughter, my bonus daughter, but also friends and people that are important to me. All those things, when combined together and actionable items items have brought me such immense power and focus that I looked like I was completely not able to be fucked with. Something that I love. It sounds really foolish now that I say it out loud now that I'm saying it into the microphone. It seems like some really amateur shit that I didn't know I didn't do what I know works. Right, I mean think think about it. If I give you a map, okay, all you have to you have to do is follow these eight steps a day and you do it for long enough, there's a pot of gold at the end of the map. Would you follow the fucking steps? Of course, everybody listening. Yes, of course I'll follow the steps. Of course I will. I thought the same thing, but those were just words. It's not easy to take action sometimes. My self-discipline and my drive was not at the level it needed to be to make this shit happen. And it's embarrassing to say that shit out loud. I'm a powerful fucking man, and that my drive and my dedication wasn't high enough to take me to the place that I needed to get to in order to tap into more power? I mean come on really? Every morning I'd hear this alarm go off at 4.30 in the morning. I'd get up, I'd use the restroom. Then I let the bullshit man inside of my head convince me that going back to bed or holding my fiancee warmth of our covers would be a better utilization of time than getting my ass up, going downstairs, and starting my day like I knew success required. Think about that for a second, just if you will. I have actionable items that I know bring me greater success if I complete them, in a specific order every day. But instead of following through with what works, I self-sabotage myself every morning and say fuck it. This other story I'm telling myself is more important. I would say that maybe it's just one day it's not that big of a deal. There's no harm in sleeping in just a little bit more. There's no harm in the core floor later in the day. It's all bullshit. There's a lot of fucking harm in it. I slowly have worked myself or had worked myself into a state of complete complacency. 45 plus days of bullshit stories. 45 days of playing half-ass in this game we call life, but why? Why am I doing this shit? Why am I not doing exactly what I know will fucking work? For me it's because I lacked clarity on my why. Of course at the high level everybody's what's your why. My wife's my family and protecting them and providing for them. But the burning desire to run through a fucking wall for them had diminished. I simply became going through the motions. The motions of what I look at as the common man, and I'm not knocking the common man. Lord knows I've been a quote unquote common man for the better part of my life. I'm not proud about that nor embarrassed by it, it's just the facts. Common man would get up just before you have to be somewhere. You'd scramble to get there. You'd fall behind all behind all day. Now, this is a story that I lived for almost 32 years, that ultimately, now that I know different, I realized it never served me. I was always behind, I was always playing catch-up. I was able to excel incredibly well considering how I was living. But all that makes me think is how much better could I have done had I known better? Because there's a saying, I don't know where it originated from, I don't really care. If you knew better, you would do better. And I'm debunking that because I did know better and I wasn't doing better. The thing is, this path, the 32-year path of just kind of getting by is an easy road to slip back down onto. Then yesterday, as I'm wasting time on social media, sitting at other people's lives as though they have some importance to mine, it hit me. Get the fuck up. Go do the mother-fucking work that you know it takes to be successful. And I don't know where that comes from. Actually, I'm lying. I do know where it comes from something we call the voice. The voice, the higher power, the being being your inner intuition was tired of being suppressed and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Now I'm saying this a little bit in reverse because it wasn't really yesterday it was on Sunday, and I'm recording this for you on a Friday. There's no point in fucking lying, this happened on Sunday. Of course in the moment on Sunday as I'm sitting alone in my house I'm trying to talk myself out of this mindset I mean think of how fucking crazy that is I know that there's something that's going to bring me success I'm trying to talk myself out of it it it's absolutely insane I mean who wants to plan their week on a Sunday who wants to really make sure they win every day who wants to know that success is going to be guarantee right sounds Right? Sounds so fucking stupid to say out loud. But that's the shit that was running through my head. It's fucking ridiculous. With an empty house, I mean, like I said, the girls, my fiance, her daughter, Bonus daughter, Giana, their riding courses, they're doing girl stuff. They're out having a mother-daughter, I then drag my lazy ass up off the couch and go into the office and start to do the work. Now this is late in the afternoon, this is probably 2 o'clock, but I say fuck it, it's not the start of my day, but I can still knock out the core four. So in the body quadrant, I work out every day that season, I have stop and I meditated. It wasn't the best meditation because it was a Sunday and my brain had been running all day long, but I meditate and then I journaled. So I'm getting back into the habit. Then I text Linjeune-Giana's out at the bar and they can't even get cell phone reception, but I text them and let them know how much I love them and things I love about them. Then I read I read a business book, then I shared on social media. Then, after all that, I happen to something called the Generals Tent. The Generals Tent is somewhere where we look at what didn't work last week. We look on how we're gonna change it. We then take an action plan on what we know will work this week, what our plan is, and then how we execute it. All of this in total took me about two and a half hours.

Roadmap To Success (09:46)

The generals tent, the last part of the Corps for, the pieces and parts that I need in order to provide success for myself. So as I'm looking at this I understand that I'm my own worst enemy, as I believe that we all are. I'm given this roadmap this roadmap to success that myself and like I said thousands of other men are using and the roadmap when in use has proven good results for me is proven things to be beneficial but I veer away from it I veer away from it because the habit that I created isn't stronger than the old habit, the old bullshit story I told myself. And we laugh about it inside this group because I know I'm not the only one to go through this. This has been an issue of men coming and going in ebbs and flows that happen throughout life. So then that voice taps me on the shoulder and I answer it. There's that moment, just sense of clarity, just for a moment of oh shit I remember what this is like I remember hearing the voice I remember being connected and I take massive action and not really massive I mean to me it felt like I was a piece of shit I'm like God I got to go do this again and so I go in the office I go through the steps and as I'm done I rank my power in a scale of one to four or we do and I'm like man that's kind of bullshit I actually probably feel like a three that causes this mental shift this moment of clarity now has turned into a consistent amount of clarity where I'm like I have to do this every day this feeling that I have right now it can grow stronger it can be better it can be more and that all comes from the clarity of understanding that I have the power inside of me. Just as you have the power inside of you to start changing the outcomes that you don't like.

Consistency (11:14)

See, we all have answers that are available to us. Maybe the way I live my life isn't the way you want to live. Maybe the way I live my life Live this way that you want to live. But if that's not providing you the results that you look for, then shame on you for not seeking out something that works better and then trying it. And not trying it for four days or 14 days or 40 days. Give it a fucking shot. Give it six months of consistency. I gave this way of life five months of consistency and the changes were revolutionary in my life in every aspect that I got complacent. So where if you're taking stock of your life where's the clarity that you're missing? Isn't the general aspect of what your purpose is in life? Is it clarity in where you're going in your relationship? Maybe it's clarity in what the fuck you want out of your business. But we're all lacking clarity somewhere. Maybe you're one of the lucky few that's not. At this moment I know I'm not lacking any clarity, but I was. The wonderful part about lacking clarity is it's a mental shift that allows you to reestablish that clarity and take action towards a future better self.

Remembering to Take Action (12:38)

So guys have a phenomenal day, look forward to catching up with you soon. Thanks for listening to this episode of 15 minutes to freedom with Ryan Nidell. Do Ryan a favor and share this with others in your life that need to hear it. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review. For more content just like this, head over to Ryan Nidell.com. That's R Y A N N I D D E L.com.

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