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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Blown Away. In today's episode, I'm going to share with you why it is you should go out on a limb, do what your heart's calling you to do, and sit back and enjoy the ride. Oddly enough, this is episode 300 of this podcast. 300 days in a row, I have launched, shared, aired out dirty laundry, done all this crazy stuff, right? 300 days, almost an entire year. Don't worry, I'm not giving up anytime soon. 1,460 daily episodes is the goal because I can see that four-year benchmark. And now it's really turning into three years, which is crazy to think that I'm a quarter of the way to my goal. Like time has just flown by by sharing a message that's true and authentic to me. And that's really what was the catalyst for this entire process, right? I've shared openly, I've spent plenty of money on personal development, plenty of money on courses and trainings. I'm still spending money and bettering my skillset and reading books and paying coaches and name something. And I got tired of carrying around all the shame and guilt that I had in my heart for so long from all the bad things I'd done. And admittedly, I quite often share I don't necessarily adhere to the good versus bad way that we view the world. So I'll reframe that and say I was tired of carrying around the things that didn't the world. So I'll reframe that and say, I was tired of carrying around the things that didn't serve me. Those things had been anything from failed businesses to repossessions of vehicles to basically being broken bankrupt, to infidelity, to lying. This list, anabolic steroids, the list has been really long of things that almost a year ago, I was truly tired of holding on to. And when I launched the podcast, I had no idea if you would care at all. More importantly, I just expected you wouldn't care. See, in 2018, I was named one of iTunes' top 15 or 20 new podcasts for the year. One of the most downloaded. And it was this incredible thing to see it in writing, right? My picture's there with Rachel Hollis and Jordan Harbinger and all these other people. And I'm like, man, this is nuts. Gwyneth Paltrow, right? These names of people that are incredibly impactful. And I'm scratching my head almost like, do I really deserve this honor? Are you really listening enough to propel me to that level? As we jump into February 1st, which is when I'm recording this, had 350,000 unique downloads last month, maybe 360, 380, just under 400,000 unique downloads to the show. It's like that's actual impact. But I think impact, right, the whole 125 million people's lives, I know I've shared that with you before, that that really looks like the entire subscriber base for Netflix. It's tough to conceptualize that to me. So I spun it around. It's really the entire population of Mexico, just about. Like my impact on 125 million people's lives would be comparable to if you yourself crossed the border to Mexico, got out of your car, and just walked from the border of the U.S. all the way down into South America. And every person that you passed knew you.

Significant Points Of Discussion

Easing Loneliness (03:35)

They might not physically know you, but they knew your name. They knew a little bit about you. And they could share with you an impactful thing that they had learned from you to progress their life that's the 125 million but even then it's like how do you gauge that like how do you gauge if you actually pull that number off and so I peel back the onion some more and some of my coaches are helping me. It's like, okay, I know I can impact at least 25 million people's lives personally in the next 10 years. I know I can. Public speaking, podcasting, coaching in big groups and in small groups and one-on-one, bringing people into my life optimization group, which I must pause you for just a moment. If you're listening, please, please, please press pause, hop over to Facebook, go to the search bar and type in life optimization group. It's a completely complimentary group. I'm never going to charge you for access to anything that's in there. What I'm able to do is take this format of the podcast and go much deeper down the rabbit hole with subjects. And it allows for an open forum for like-minded people to connect so you realize you're no longer alone. It also allows for more interaction with me so that I can cater more content to you. I can go long form inside that group. I can create PDFs and workbooks. I can figure out how to make a bigger impact in more people's lives if you just would join me in the journey on that group. Just want to know who you are. You don't have to participate actively if you don't want to, but I would love to see your face, know your name, and be able to connect at a deeper level. So I create the Facebook group. And I'm going round and round about how to get all the pieces together, right?

Issues Addressed (05:23)

I know there's 25 million people for me. I can see that in 10 years. It's like, okay, it comes to me. It comes to me because many of my incredible clients have asked or have went down the path of becoming a coach now. They felt compelled after their work, after seeing the life that they used to know disappear, live their lives currently as a format of unrecognizable nature to who they used to be. They want to share that gift with other people. And so they are working on certifications or they're working on themselves with me in additional format that is complimentary to them at this point to come in-house under the Life Optimization Group brand. Now I have nutrition specialists. Now I have holistic medicine docs. I've got business specialists. I've got other incredible coaches that have been through their own pieces and parts in life that all of a sudden this, this team, this army, this movement that I'm building that's 300 days into existence is forming, right? Where instead of me being selfish and having to worry about 125 million people myself, I now think, okay, can I get 100 people to all impact a million people's lives in their time here? The answer is 100% yes. They use my system, my format, my tools, my CRM, the life optimization test. They use these pieces and parts together to propel their own business forward. And it all counts, right? It's all part of a movement. It's all part of affecting a piece of the population to leave an impact and a mark, knowing that I did what I could to have other people not feel like I used to. One of the biggest things I see consistently is a number of us that feel like we are truly alone. I mean, think about your life and how many times you felt alone, like nobody else understands what you're going through. Like being confused about scaling your business and marketing, sales and automation that you don't know who to turn to because you're afraid to be judged. Or the lack of intimacy or connection with other human beings, whether male or female, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, where you just don't know where to turn for good advice because it seems like everybody's got a gimmick or an angle. There's a group of people in the world that want to help you be a better version of yourself that fit every criteria possible. They're coming inside the life optimization group. It's the most incredible thing in the world to experience from my position because I can just envision now the five-year plan where there's a hundred of us working hand in hand, side by side with events all over the country and really what ends up being blown away by all over the globe. I share that because I have made mention before I'm putting on a deep dive intensive event here in Columbus, Ohio.

VIP Event (08:02)

This event is from March 20th to March 24th. This event is extremely limited. There's only 14 spots available. Now these spots, it was originally 12. We moved some things around. I was able to accommodate 14. These spots, I have agreed that the first go-around, I'm not looking for any profit. Truly just have to cover cost. Cost of hotel, cost of food, cost of the gifts, cost of the videographers, right? There is a big cost to putting this on, but not so big that it's 10 grand. I have put out feelers, right? I've sent email to my mailing list. If you're not on my mailing list, please shoot me an email over at ryanatlifeoptimizationgroup.com.

Figuring out the right fit. (08:44)

Just say I want in. I want to add it to the email list. I share with you that because once, twice, sometimes three times a week, I drop valuable information, not trying to sell you anything. It's a PDF. It's a workbook. It's things to jog your mind, right? It's more value. It's like I want to outgive every person possible and I'm hell-bent on trying to figure out how to do that. More feedback from you on what I can do and what I can offer, the better this experience gets for all of us. So I email my list. I shared it on the podcast. I might have shared it on social media. I don't recall. But I get more inquiries than I knew what to do with. I was very surprised. I'm always very surprised by that. And so I've went through a series of questions and answers to make sure that people understand what they're getting into before we hop on a phone call to make sure they're the right fit. And this right fit is up to me. I want to make sure you have areas of opportunity inside your life that fit the feel of the group. Because if it doesn't feel right, if it doesn't fit, there'd really be no point. There'll be future events. There'll be other things we can do together. Because I can truly together because I can truly say that I've removed the confine and the construct of money from this event. Sure, it has to exchange hands because I had to pay other vendors, but this is truly something that's coming from my soul and knowing that I will make a lifelong impact in your life with the 21 days of leading up to the event and the three and a half deep dive days we do together, it changes the game. Your life will be different. I'm 100% certain. So certain that I'm offering a refund to anybody that doesn't think so that does everything that I ask. I get on a tangent because I love this. I send out the calendar links. My schedule is completely full all this week, all next week, most of the following week. Having conversations, having 30 and 45 minute conversations, getting to know you as you're listening, figuring out what you're hoping to get out of the event and if you're a good fit. And other than the fact that my calendar just fills up and fills up and I get these email notifications, I admittedly don't know where you're coming from. You could be in Louisiana. You could be in Los Angeles. You could be in Kansas City. I was convinced that you were coming from somewhere here in the U.S. Until today. Today I have a phone conversation, and I'm trying to call the number, right? That's inside a Calendly. It's like push to call. If you don't have a Calendly link, I would understand that you might not know what that is, but it's a scheduling and booking software that makes it very easy to keep your calendar straight. And so when someone wants to come on board, they send me their name and phone number, and I can literally log into my calendar, press a button, and it dials. Well, I see this number, and it's very strange, right? It's way more digits than it needs, and I think someone has probably inadvertently typed in the wrong number. So I'm a little late for the call because I keep trying to press it and it's not working, right? Like think of how many times you've done that before where you have a phone call to make and something just didn't go right. The number wasn't what it was supposed to be. And so I'm pressing and nothing happened. So I think, okay, I'm going to email this person real quick where normally admittedly at this point I would just say to heck with it. I don't need to worry about this one. I say that out loud because the list of number of people that want to come is fairly large, and if someone didn't take the time to make sure the number was typed in the right way, I don't know how much I want to follow up with them. But nonetheless, I send this gentleman an email. He responds back almost instantaneously. No, here's my number, sends it again, and I realize it's an international calling code, right? He puts plus before, which for those of you that haven't made an international call, it's kind of like the sign that this person is not in the US. So I call the number, hop on the phone, and he's not in the U.S. More specifically, not is he only not in the U.S., he's in Belgium. One of you listening right now, there's a good chance you live in another country. I've seen the stats in the back end of Libsyn. I know I'm in 270-some countries, I believe, or 260, either way. I've had a download in the back end of Libsyn I know I'm in 270 some countries I believe Or 260, either way I've had a download in so many different countries But it doesn't mean anything until I can connect with you So I hop on the phone and I realize he's from Belgium And he's speaking fairly fluid English Slightly broken But we go through what the event is And we go through how it's structured And we go through what's required And I say, look, you fit the criteria. I would love to have you here. I share that from a place of doubt and lack because I don't believe he's actually going to be able to come, right? He's in Belgium. Who is going to travel from Belgium to Columbus, Ohio to spend three and a half days with me. And when I bring up the opportunity, he starts with almost a tear in his eye. I can hear his voice shaking saying, I want to come. I'm in. I want to do this. I'm coming. I want to be there. And I stop. Like this man stops me dead in my tracks. I speak for a living. I read people. I respond to emotion. I'm in tune with my own emotion. I'm focused. I'm driven. And I just stop. And all these pieces and parts start clicking. It's the 300th day of the podcast. Start clicking. It's the 300th day of the podcast. I've started putting out offers. I'm making an impact. I've coached 50, 60, 70 clients in the past six months.

My vision (14:51)

Got all these pieces going in 1,000 plus hours now of one-on-one coaching. Documented. Video recorded. 1,000 plus hours. And here is someone from Belgium. trust in me, my mission, my vision, and the values that I offer that he has committed, booked, and paid to come to the event in Columbus. I was in awe. I had to stop and tell him how appreciative I truly was for him and his commitment to himself and then his commitment to me. We go back and forth and share some more specific details and I hang up. It so happens to be as I'm recording this, here in Columbus, Ohio, we've experienced a little bit of a blizzard. My wife, Lindsay, is at a horse show this weekend. There's no one in the office. It's just me. And I feel like at that moment, I have literally won the lottery.

Suprespected Topic (15:52)

Like I have just won the lottery of life. I share the truth. I share what's worked for me. I share where I learned it from. I share the books that I read. I share the stimulus I'm bringing in. I share the successes and the failures and it's connecting it's working it's not only working in places that i can see it's not only working here in the us it's working globally it's working so much this guy is flying into town to change his life under my tutelage the best part is I have zero fear. I know with complete certainty, 100% certainty, that the 30 total days that we will spend deep diving together, the video lead-ups, the homework, the things we're going to do to put him in the right state of mind when he arrives here, plus the time we spend here, plus the time on the backside, it changes the trajectory of his life. One of my good friends now that was a past client shared with me originally the idea that she was drawn to me because of this cocky nature. And I was so confused by that. She said that to me on our wrap-up phone call. And I said, I don't know if I should be offended by that or if I should work to get rid of that. And she goes, no, no, no. Let's reframe that as arrogance. And arrogance is not a bad thing. That's actually what drew me to you is because you knew what you were talking about and you weren't afraid to stand by it. And I'm not. I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid to stand by exactly what it is that I do, how I do it, and what I can do to make an impact in your life. Whether you have issues and questions as far as business operation, marketing, how to find clarity, how to run ad campaigns, how to create systems and scale. If you just want a better job and you want more money and then you want more time when you have more money, I know exactly how to do that. If you're the one that wants more sex, more connection, more intimacy, if you want to build a tribe of people that are just like you, you should see that I'm doing it right now. I can show you that path. I know how to do it. you that path. I know how to do it. If you want your body to function better, if you don't want to hurt, if you want to be able to feel optimized, you should see me doing it myself and realize I'm capable because I know I'm capable. It all comes from being blown away by this man that's entrusting me to come here. But that all starts from me making a commitment to myself to share a message. To know the fact that what I had been through, that it needed to get off my chest first. Then once it was off my chest, I started to realize that you might be the one that needed to hear it. And somehow, some way, my words were going to fall across your eardrums. And certainly it might not be every one of the 300 shows, but if you listen to enough of my content, something is going to have you say like, wow, I never thought of it that way. And so the impact that I was always searching for, I now get to pay forward and make sure that you feel. It's the best feeling in the world for me.

Evolved (19:08)

So where in your life right now as we sit here, as you sit and listen to this show, where can you stand up and start delivering the value that's in your soul that you need to get out? Is it inside the fitness arena? Maybe you used to be overweight or underweight. Maybe you used to wake up with constant pain and agony and now you don't. Maybe you've had your own transformation or are in the process of your own transformation and think like, why would anybody listen to me?

Field (19:34)

I get it. I thought the same thing three million people ago. I thought the same thing one airfare flight from Belgium to the US ago. I thought the same thing. The oldest thing from Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, if you build it, they will come. Just build it, they will come. Just build it, my friend. Just get the message out. Just say what's in your heart. Those that need to hear it will find you. Same thing as it pertains to relationships in your life. Maybe you don't have the most success in your own intimate relationship with the opposite sex, but maybe you have the most loyal group of friends that you could ever imagine, and you're all forging forward on the same path.


Act (20:17)

There's a story to share there. There's people that need that. And what happens is you can't share that just one day or one week or one month. I'm 300 consistent days in and I still don't have it all figured out. You got to start today because someone needs it. Then maybe it's business. Maybe you've mastered marketing or hiring, or maybe you've mastered firing. Maybe you're the best person inside the mailroom that ever existed. It doesn't matter what it is. There's other people that are looking to know what you know. Just share it. Start going out on that ledge. Start walking out on that limb where it gets really scary and start sharing the message. Because when you start figuring out how, I'll call it this game of life intertwines and how the pieces go. And when you honor yourself, when you find your passion and purpose, then you share it outwardly.

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