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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery. Today's episode, I'm going to share with you some crazy stuff that's going on in my life and how I shifted my mindset on it, and I think you should do the same. I'm 301 episodes in. You've been listening at some point, whether it's one episode and this is your first, or for some strange reason, you've listened all 300 prior to right now. year first or for some strange reason, you've listened all 300 prior to right now, it's been a wild ride. It's been a wild ride because I've done everything from get rid of all the old weight and trash I used to carry around with me. I've shared tears and laughs. We've talked about friends dying and dogs getting cancer. We've spoken about exciting things that happen. We've spoken about success stories of clients of mine. We've spoken about success stories of clients of mine. We've spoken about scale inside of business, right? It's been really crazy to experience firsthand, let alone to see the feedback from you. But what happens is sometimes the feedback is unique. There's feedback that oftentimes comes without words, without looks, without messages. And it's a feedback in the form of imitation. Yes, imitation. Like right now, as I say that word, I'm sure you have some time in your life, some point where you were doing something and somebody just literally mimicked the exact same thing you were doing.

Discussion On Podcast

Podcast copycat (01:39)

Maybe if you have a child, right? You were, it was funny or it was endearing because you were eating your cereal and you looked over and they were looking at you every time you put your spoon in the bowl and brought up to your mouth, they would do the same thing. Like that of course is a great type of imitation. But what about the other types of imitation you might have experienced? What other ones are there? Well, for me, it's I've got this show. I've got a brand that I've been building. I built on the back of my own words, but really on the back of you listening and contributing. I would love to take sole credit for what it is that I have went through in the past 300 episodes, but really it's like a quarter me and three quarters you because you've left reviews and comments. You have shared this with other people. You posted on Instagram and the group and the tribe just keeps growing right more and more people keep listening and so i've been very fortunate my business side of things inside my my coaching business that i haven't yet spent a dollar on marketing the podcast has essentially grown organically my mailing list grows i've acquired some data so i can't i haven't spent money there but most things are just because for reason, you like what I have to say. And I share all this because I'm scrolling around the internet this morning, and I come across the page, which I will leave anonymous for right now, and I see this page has a podcast. And I'm super interested, right?

Visual prompts (03:21)

I like to see what the podcast world is doing. I'm certainly not going to change what I do, but it's interesting to know who's doing what. And so I look and I'm scrolling through this feed. I see a podcast that the imagery looks identical to mine. Right? Same image of the individual on the left-hand side of the page. Same angular font treatment over to the right. Right? Like, as you're listening to this and you look at that thumbnail that's playing on your phone right now, take that and just put somebody else's picture in it. Same thing. Okay, well, you know, that's all right. I'm probably not the first one to do this, right? There's some visual cues that go on inside the marketing world of where you want to guide someone's eyes down a set of words by using imagery and then point them to a face. And you do that in the marketing world because people typically remember images better than words. And so when you see my face based off the colors and the hues and the drop shadows and the fonts, it locks you into me. None of this is by chance. The idea of studying this game of marketing and business and sales and automation is something that I actually do all the time. So I know why that works. But I also know I'm not the only one. So maybe, just maybe, this guy's read the same books. Or maybe he saw mine and liked it and decided, I'm just going to copy it. It's fine, right? I thought it was funny when I saw it. And this was probably, this wasn't the day that I was scrolling through his page. I think I misstepped. This was a few days ago, maybe a few weeks ago. It could have even been a few months ago at this point. I spend very little time focusing on what other people do. Then the day I wake up and it's a snow day here in Columbus. Taking care of, I'll say, my daughter. Lindsay's daughter by blood, but my daughter by relationship. Lindsay's at a horse show. And getting breakfast ready and having my phone on the counter I'm making breakfast and just swiping up a couple times Documenting what it is The rituals that I have every day And I see this post And I look down And if you don't follow me on Instagram This might not make sense to you If you would like to, my Instagram is literally just Ryan Nidel. Just type it in and you'll see all the stuff I post there. It's different than on the podcast. So it's a little more, a little different tone of content, but I've been posting what looks like a journal with a pen that strategically angled at just such a way to guide your eyes yet again from the top right-hand corner. Cause again, we've been taught our entire lives to read from left to right, from top to bottom. So knowing that when you look at an image, things have to be angled, like there's a reason and a way that we guide your eyes places. Yes, I understand as you hear this, you might be upset that there's a certain amount of manipulation, but I look at it just understanding the human psyche. And so I've got these posts that look like a journal with a pen next to it that's angled just so, where I type in words on a blank white sheet of paper. It's got my logo, the Life Optimization Group logo on the bottom left-hand corner, almost like a watermark. And I don't remember where I got that from because inevitably I was not the first.

Copy Cat Soft (06:42)

I'm sure I saw that. I gave it to the team. I said, man, I love this. Can you create your own version for me? And they would have done it. But I look and as I'm scrolling through my feed, I have to stop and like, am I getting served my own content right now? Like I've never seen that happen where like I scroll and I see my own post. Wouldn't you know, it's not my post. It's the same person's post and it looks just like mine. It's almost identical. At this point, with the podcast being copied, inspired. I can't say it was copied. Plus this post, now I feel that internal thing like I'm fiery. I would call it in my world, I would call it that I was triggered. And triggering is really just nothing more than something that pisses you off. Something that makes you super unhappy. And so I'm triggered because as I'm going through and looking, I think I know who this individual is. I know I know who this individual is. Like, I know I know who this individual is. And I would be okay if in life someone reached out to me and said, hey, I love what you do.

Frame (07:51)

Would you mind if I made my own version of it? No, I mean, I wouldn't. I would probably say, hey, why don't I just have the team build you something here so it's comparable, but it doesn't feel like we're the same, right? There's brand values and things I'd like to adhere to that are mine that I want to look different than the marketplace. Although I fully admit I don't think there's anything unique under the sun. Most of my training and the pieces and parts I've shared very openly come from different things that I've been through that I've now molded and made my own. So I can only be so mad. But for whatever the reason this morning, I was pissed. And then I sit down and I do what I call a frame. I reframe what this is. I go through all the different facts of the situation. I go through other times in my life where I have done something comparable. I go through what are all the reasons and the possibilities of how it could have come about. I decide out of that whole group of things I've written down, which one I'm going to take and adopt as my own. Which one is the preferred method for me? And then I find a gift, a message, a lesson.

Lesson (09:02)

And it takes this thing that used to piss me off and it reframes it into this very positive message at the bottom. And I realize, look, I'm successful. I've got an incredible podcast with a great tribe of people that listen. I'm growing an incredible group of people inside the life optimization group Facebook. It's literally life optimization group. Type in the Facebook search browser, bar, whatever you want to call it. It's free, but it's growing and it's growing leaps and bounds every day. I've got a coaching practice that affords me the luxury of dealing with really phenomenal individuals at a capacity that's so high that I can't serve everyone. really phenomenal individuals at a capacity that's so high that I can't serve everyone. So I'm bringing on more coaches to work with me. And so I can't really be mad at this guy because he's imitating what works. And that if he's copying what I'm doing, then I'm already going to win because I already know the things that we're working on next that are going to make what we're doing now look old. Right? This is just a step in the evolution. And if I'm posting things a month ahead of what everybody else is and they're trying to catch up and copy, it's never going to be close. And so imitation truly has to be the highest form of flattery because it means that I'm successful. Now, when's the last time you've wanted to copy someone that has less than you do? That's doing worse than you are? That's not as happy as you are? It just doesn't happen.


Release (10:31)

And I then have to ask you, like, where are you potentially being copied in your life? Or where are you pissed off about things that there's really, it really should be a blessing? It should be a gift to you. Is it the gym? You go and you work out. Maybe you're a CrossFit athlete and you go and you train by yourself. And you look over and there's a guy four or five racks down, literally looking at you out of the corner of his eye, just copying what it is that you do. And you're pissed because you're a trainer. You should charge him for that. He should be paying you for what you're doing. I'd encourage you to reframe that and just look at it like you have something he wants and you're already way ahead and you're in his mind. You've already won. And if it's not there, maybe it's inside your relationship. Maybe with me, I have men trying to take my wife from me, it seems like every day. Someone slides in their DMs, someone sends her an email, someone messaged her on Facebook. I used to get mad about that, but now I just think it's funny. You're trying, you're trying way too hard, maybe you're going through the same thing. That inside a business, just as I'm dealing with, maybe someone is literally trying to take your idea and run with it. Trying to do the same thing you're doing with things they can do it better. You and I both know, my friend, that's not possible because you're the innovator, they're the copier. And we try to reframe these different objectives and objections that come into your life. And you find a level of peace with them and then can reframe that peace and the power which ultimately leads to production, when you can know that step and that process so ingrained in your soul that you do it almost systematically, you'll find out every day after you're able to get shit done. Done.

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