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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is you're more like Uber than you think. Today's episode, I completely made up a title to catch your attention and I'm going to see where it goes. That's a complete joke. Nothing that I do has that little forethought to it. Although I don't have notes in the studio, although I don't have a massive plan set out, I do have a correlational value between you and Uber. You see, I was catching up with a friend of mine a couple of days ago, actually probably more like a week ago. A guy I may mention about on the show before, a guy named Bryce Prescott, another coach out of the greater Salt Lake area, has a podcast I think called The Daily Rule. It used to be called The Rules of Success. But him and I are catching up about another, I'll say acquaintance of mine, friend of his, a guy named Dan Clark. Dan Clark is one of the world's foremost public speakers. He has a public speaking class and does all types of amazing things. If you don't know who Dan Clark is, I encourage you to eventually Google him and see the impact he's able to make from state. He's really a phenomenal orator. Incredible to watch in person. But as him and I are catching up, Bryce and I are catching up. Bryce had spent some time at one of Dan's events. You see, Bryce on the side is also a comedian. And really, in my heart of hearts, I think the comedic calling is really where he's heading, right? That's like his life's mission. Make people laugh, make them smile, make them feel good. Coaching has been something to pay the bills, but I think that side of things is really where his strength is at. And so he's with Dan, and he's educating Dan's room of public speakers on ways to make the room laugh and the psychological triggering events that happens once laughter is initiated inside your body. And it's incredibly impactful, right? There's this room of 30, 40, 50 people that Dan openly says that Bryce is one of the most humorous people he's ever heard before. Probably one of the funniest people in the US. If you don't follow him, you're going to miss out. This whole story is going somewhere. It's going somewhere because Dan eventually says to the group of people, let's talk about Uber for a second. And I set this all up because I don't like to take credit for something that I didn't originally create. I think it's a very poor utilization of this time and my ability on the microphone is to make you think that these ideas are all mine. I'm just really good at listening applying and then explaining where i heard it from so dan proceeds to eventually sit down and discuss with the room how similar they are to uber and for some reason you are unfamiliar with what uber is it's an app you're able to download on your phone where once you have the app and you attach it to a bank account you can press a button and hail a driver to come pick you up from your current location And as Uber works eventually when you launch the app you have to turn on your location services At least on an iPhone right now you crazy Android users. I have to turn on your location services. At least on an iPhone, right? You crazy Android users, I have no idea how your technology works. I'm speaking just to you Apple users right now.

Travel Experience And Goals

Dealing with Destination (03:31)

As you click the location services, it kind of sends some triggering events to Uber that your GPS is tied in. Your global positioning satellite, as it pertains to your phone, is now tracking your location. And so when you select that you want a ride, you're going to get to pick which type of car you want, right? Do you want a shared ride like an Uber XL? Do you want a black car? Do you want an ultra-luxury car to pick you up? It's been this phenomenal shift in the way that we all get around, at least in big cities, now even in second-tier markets like here in Columbus. And once you select your ride, it's going to eventually ask you your destination. Maybe I have these backwards, but for this conversation, I'm going to say it's doing it the right way. It asks you to pick your destination. You literally type it in. Like, I want to go to, from here, Cleveland. I want an Uber ride from Columbus to Cleveland. It says okay. Then it asks you to place a pin or to enter your address of where you're currently located, where you're at in this moment. Because if you don't let the app know where you're at right now, the exact location of your exact body in that moment, it can't connect the driver to you, right? The driver just kind of drives around nebulously and doesn't really know where you're at. It sounds pretty foolish, right? You would never actually do that, right? Part of Uber or part of any GPS software, like even if you're in your car and you want to go somewhere, it's going to ask you, is this where you're starting from? We just have become accustomed to the fact of saying yes. We look at the map on our phone for a second. We look at the Uber app. We kind of zoom in. You push your fingers down and expand them out so you can see closer to the map. Then you say, yeah, this is where I'm at. This is where I'm starting from. And you press OK. Wait 5, 10, 15 minutes. The Uber shows up. You hop in and you say, yeah, this is where I'm at. This is where I'm starting from. And you press okay. Wait five, 10, 15 minutes. Uber shows up. You hop in and you leave. But this is actually true for your life as well. Because so often, most of us want to get somewhere. Right? You have a plan that you want to have a better job. I just want this different job. Or you want a different body, maybe a different relationship, right? You want more sex, more intimacy. More than likely, it's a couple things. Let's be honest. You want to make more money. You want to have more time back, right? You don't want to work as many hours. You want to make more money and you want to have more sex and more intimacy and connection with the opposite sex. All that other stuff about spirituality and the body, those matter. But those are second tier things as far as this is concerned. And so you want them. And so it's like literally typing in the destination on your map. That's literally like, this is where I want to end up. I love it. You got where I want to end up. I love it, right? You got somewhere you want to go. The part that we all seem to forget is being brutally honest with the truth of where we started at. Where are you right now in this moment? Not kind of where you're at. Not, well, if it was the best version of yourself showing up, where are you at? Not, I hope I could be kind of right around this place. The truth. Like the cold hard truth. Let's talk about business for a second. What I see for myself, I'm going to talk about me. What I see for myself in the next five years is a $10 million a year coaching business with at least 100 coaches working side by side with me inside the organization, working in an incredibly in-depth manner with no more than eight elite entrepreneurs that are seven figure earners where we have a six figure commitment to one another for the course of a year. And I've got systems and processes built for everything that allow me to go and speak and make an impact on a global basis.

The Main Goals (07:36)

Think Tony Robbins. That's five years. I see that. I can see the man I have to become to make that happen. But let's talk about the facts of where I'm at right now. I want to build out some infrastructure. I have a CRM that's built, a customer relationship management tool. I have a life optimization test that allows me to have deeper insight into how your brain works. I have the ability to type in notes and to help automate the sequence of things that I go through with the client. I have seven, eight new one-on-one clients in addition to the 10 or so that are kind of coming to the end of their term. So I can say I have 17, but it's less than that. It will be. They are not six-figure commitments. They're not for a year. They're for 14 weeks. I have some small groups that I'm starting with a couple members. Smaller commitment, same 14 weeks. I have the partnerships created with the companies that will help me get to the point of being able to offer a super in-depth package for six figures to an entrepreneur that wants to truly recapture every bit of who they are and scale and grow their life and optimize in a way that they didn't know possible, but I haven't implemented it yet. optimize in a way that they didn't know possible, but I haven't implemented it yet. I've got a business right now that this year is on track to do just south of seven figures.

He Cam (09:13)

I guess I should get specific. I'm going to round down and say do 800 grand. I've got three coaches. I'll round up and say four. It's four to be specific that are in the process of being coached by me on how to become coaches inside the life optimization group. I've got a naturopath slash holistic medicine specialist, a holistic healer. I don't know what you want to call her, but I've got a component of the business now that when I would need to really dive deep into the way that someone's internal function is working, I have a specialist for that. I also now have a specialist on staff or that I can look at as on staff that specialize in really deep diving into accounting and business automation from the inside out. That's the facts. Right, I had to get really clear on where I'm at right now because if not, it's just I'm shooting in the dark. So if I look, where are the facts of where I'm at now versus where I want to arrive to? That's a big gap between the two of them. I don't have any clients for a year. I don't have any clients paying me $100,000 to change their life. Those are going to need to be people that used to make $2, $3, $4 million a year that have dropped down to $1 million a year that need the most in-depthdepth deep dive training that anybody's experienced before. I got to find those people, but I have to be that person to find those people. I have to be the man that's consistent making seven figures a year to have access to and associate with those people. That's how that works. Right. For me to get a hundred coaches, I have to scale trained and systematize four. And then from four, we go to eight and from eight to 16. And then from 16, I jump all the way up to 50. And then the growth from 50 to a hundred is far more palatable. Right. Like I know I'm belittling this point at this moment, but what this really comes down to is how often is it that we project, right? We write down our goals. We talk about where we want to arrive to. We'll talk about affirmations, the positive, the power of positive thinking, talk about the law of attraction. We'll say all these things like I am this, write down your 10 affirmations every morning. I love it. I believe in affirmations. But not if it causes you to lose sight of where you're truly at right now and the deep dark facts that you don't want to admit to yourself. The fact that you know you cheat on your diet. The fact that you're not showing up present as a husband or wife. the fact that you're not showing up present as a husband or wife, the fact that you have some crazy thoughts in your head about cheating or stepping out, the fact that some days you wake up and you have no idea how you're going to pull it off in business, you're just hoping nobody figures it out, the fact that there's more days than not that go through your existence, that you show up, head held high, chest out, exuding confidence, praying to God that you don't get caught as the fraud that you believe yourself to be. Those are the facts, my friend. And any coaching protocol and any goal-setting exercise and anything that you'd ever dive into, you're going to have to eventually face those facts head-on. And those facts are going to be uncomfortable for most of us. But just like Uber, I'm guaranteeing you that you you will just drive around aimlessly trying to get to the final destination if you don't know where you're starting from so where in your life at this moment are you not operating like uber are you not operating like Uber? Are you not honest with where you're actually at starting your fitness journey? Are you saying you eat clean when in all actuality you sneak a donut once a week? Where you stop on the way home for wings?

Facts (13:39)

Where when no one's looking you sneak that extra extra piece of cake and you justify it away saying, it's only one, it doesn't really count? Are you the one that goes to the gym, says, yeah, I worked out as hard as I could, knowing that you were looking at your phone for a third of the workout? Those are the facts you're going to have to get clear on before you get the six-pack and the cap shoulders and for you ladies the high and tight rear end and that you lose the weight you want to lose gotta quit running from the facts same thing in your relationship like men if you were sitting there consistently looking at porn, masturbating multiple times a week, and getting frustrated that your girl is not sleeping with you enough, you got to get clear with that. You got to get clear with the story that's wrapped around that. If you are having thoughts of infidelity or are currently unfaithful to your partner, you need to get clear on that before you can rebuild the marriage that you want. See, those facts are necessary. Same thing as it pertains to your business. We just went through with my business. You can't say you want a million dollar a year income if you don't get clear on the fact you make 25 grand right now and have no fucking plan on how to get there. At some point, you have to just own the facts. And once you own the facts and then find someone that has done what you're trying to do, that you trust enough to be your mentor, hold you accountable, and help you devise a plan, when you execute on that, every day after, you'll get shit done. you

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