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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Check-In Day. Today's episode is Check-In Day. Today I'm going to share with you what is going on here in Columbus, Ohio, and why you should be on the list of the next people coming. So here we are, March 20th.

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What is happening in Columbus, Ohio? (00:33)

Not actually, I'm recording this episode much earlier than March 20th, but we'll just imagine right now that it is March 20th. And I share this with you because there is an incredible thing taking place here in Columbus, Ohio. I opened up an opportunity for you as you are listening, as well as people on my mailing list, a little bit through social media, a couple other places about a deep dive immersion experience that's taking place here in Columbus, Ohio, starting today. Many of you reached out with me and had a conversation about what that could mean for you.

Immersion Experience (01:16)

More of you sat and listened, thought about reaching out, let your old stories get in the way, and decided it wasn't your time. I love you for it. I'm not mad at you. I sat on the sideline for years of my own life. That's not even a backhanded way to say it. Like I truly understand you. It's just not your time. But today, 13 men, we started out with 14, we lost one along the journey. 13 men are arriving to Columbus, Ohio. Some are driving. Some are flying. Some are coming in from other countries. All of which I've gotten to know incredibly intimately over the past 25 days as we've led into this experience with some really incredible breakthroughs in a group setting Showing up for these group check-ins these daily assignments is very strategic There's laughs that are shared there's tears that are shared There's anger there's frustration and are shared, there's tears that are shared, there's anger, there's frustration, and not only from the participants, but from me. Right, I realize as people are coming here, there are ways to add value to every man's life arriving based upon what I'll call areas of opportunity, or more specifically, deficiencies in their operating system. You see, what is good for one man is not inherently going to be guaranteed to be good for the other. So while this is an experience that 13 men have walked through together, each one of them is getting their own individual gifts of custom-tailored things derived specifically for them. I share this because you may be questioning why anybody would want to do this. You may be questioning if you are worthy of coming. You may be questioning why I'm even talking about this. So I'll address the last question first. I'm talking about this because I'm incredibly proud of it. I'm incredibly proud of myself and the team that surrounds me. I'm incredibly proud of us for coming up with an idea, for offering an idea, for sharing with people what this idea is and what it will mean to them, then executing on the lead up to the event and the idea, while having more incredible things that are going to transpire over the next three and a half days for these men than anyone could possibly imagine. I'm proud of this because it's not a knockoff of something that I've been to. I'm proud of this because I'm not copying someone else's processes and procedures. I'm proud of this because I wasn't given a roadmap. What I was given was my own free will to create something that would matter with scientific backing and reasoning that will be explained along the journey.

Proud of this event (05:07)

I'm proud of what we have created because it doesn't mean that we're going to sit in a classroom for three and a half days and listen to how great that I think that I am from in front of the stage. I'm proud of what we've created because there's no guest speakers coming to fill up time. I'm proud of what we have created because it feels good to me. The whole process has felt incredible. Even the long nights and long days of video production and creation. It's incredibly rewarding. It's rewarding to see the breakthroughs that these men have made in such a short period of time. It's impactful because I will share with you, there is not some sort of big upsell that comes on the backside of this event. I believe in a value proposition where if I provide enough value to you and it exceeds your wildest expectations, you win and so do I. I feel like if everything that I do is associated with trying to drain your pockets of every dollar that you have, there is a misalignment from who I am as a man. So I stay away from it. I stay away from the fact that when these men arrive in Columbus, they don't have to worry about getting to the hotel themselves. I have all their itineraries. And I have them picked up from the airport. I do that because I want them to decompress and not stress as they get here because they're about to be thrown into something that they cannot fathom at this moment. I do that because one of the things that we preach that I believe is so important is paying attention to the details. And so I'm taking 13 men's itineraries, travel schedules, and I have the details ironed out for each one of them to ensure that things go off seamlessly. When they get picked up from the airport, they are brought to a hotel that is also included in the structure of this event. What that essentially means is these men don't have more money to spend out of pocket. They show up, they check in, and they are ready or so they think when they check in in the hotel when they put their bags in their room they are given instructions to come down to a specific place and check in with us as the host of the event. At this point in their journey, things get a little exciting for them. They won't see me face to face. There's a reason for that. What they will do is talk to the team, grab the items that we have procured for them to make sure their success is imminent in this process. Success is imminent in this process. They will sit down and record a video on what they are expecting to receive through this experience. Then they call their families. They call their wives. They call their kids. They call their bosses, they call whoever they need to and they share with them how much they love them, how much they care about them how much they're going to miss them and then they share with them my cell phone number and my email address they share those things because when they hang up the phone, it no longer is theirs to hold onto. It's turned off, it's sealed in a Ziploc bag with their name written in permanent marker and then locked away in a safe. I know right now there's a very good possibility that your heart just sank. How could you exist without your cell phone? What's going to happen to all the things? For that very reason, why that pattern has to be interrupted It's for that very reason why you're not present in most moments It's for that very reason that you have a difficult time receiving the gifts that exist in front of you Moment over moment It's for that reason you don't have the deep connections that you wish that you had. You have become a slave to the technology. Instead of using the technology to serve you. That stops at this event. that stops at this event. I share this structure of only the check-in because I feel compelled to let you know that I will have one of these events per quarter. Only one. Period. It will never be more than 14 people. Logistically it doesn't make any sense. All of this experience is hyper-documented. Videographers, photographers, sound team, all of it. You'll get to see pieces and parts if you follow me on social media.

Philosophical Questions (11:27)

You'll get to see pieces and parts if you subscribe to my mailing list. If you care about either one of those, it's ryanandell.com. Just opt in for the newsletter. Or you can send me an email, ryan at thelifeoptimizationgroup.com. Just say I want on the mailing list. You can follow me on Instagram at Ryan Neidell, or do the same on Facebook. I share this because I know there's a very, very, very real part of you that hears this and is nervous. You're nervous because you realize how much you actually need this. You're nervous because you don't understand why your heart is beating quicker thinking about what is possible, potentially for the first time in your life. I know this is speaking to you. I put it on once a quarter, not for a scarcity mindset. This isn't something that I share. I do once a quarter and I'm going to do it once a month or once a week. share I do once a quarter and I'm going to do it once a month or once a week. I can only do this once a quarter because I pour my heart and soul into this experience. From today all the way through the conclusion of our experience Sunday afternoon, if I am lucky, I will sleep a total of seven hours. I have to show up in a bigger way for these men than anybody else has ever shown up for them. I do that because they have entrusted in me to make a cataclysmic shift in what they perceive to be their reality. In what they perceive to be their reality. That process, that idea, that amount of responsibility is something that I hold with great care. And do not take lightly. So I physically cannot go all the way in more than once a quarter. I don't want to go all the way in more than once a quarter. What I do want to do is ask you to simply reach out to me. I would like you to reach out to me and hop on the list so that as the next date becomes available, or you want more information to see what happened, the high level, the pieces and parts, that I can share it with you so you can see if this is a good decision. You see, the goal of this podcast is not to monetize necessarily. And maybe at this point you're hearing me and you say, man, I'm just turning this episode off.

If I Shared This Might Shift Your Experience (14:15)

All he's trying to do is sell me something. My friend, I have put out 325, 330 episodes of this show with little to no attempt to monetize anything. What I have attempted to do consistently is add value to your life in a way that shows you your worth and helps propel you to a place you didn't think was possible, the same way that I have done. I have went to more events, more experiences, more weekend retreats, more conferences than I believe any person should in their right mind spend money to go to.

Go Do Something Different (14:57)

Maybe I'm a junkie for self-development, personal growth, and personal exploration. So be it, I say. What I know is I want consistent new external stimuli to show me what is possible above and beyond my current sense of reality. And if I don't begin to step up and show up and allow myself to receive the gifts that can exist from someone that sees the game of life differently than I do, I can never actually receive them. life differently than I do, I can never actually receive them. And so when I ask you to send me an email saying, I want in, it's a call to action for you to begin to consider living a different caliber life than you currently are living. Because I believe that you are worth all the things that you want in your life. You just have some old stories running in the back of your head that keep you stuck. I get it. We all do. I still have some now. I don't have all this figured out. What I do have figured out is how to change someone's life in 30 days. Period. With 100% confidence. I will also share with you that 30-day impact will not be long-lasting. It won't be a part of your soul in 30 days. Sorry, I don't need to blow smoke up your skirt. What will happen is a shift that shows you what's possible and you will still need some mentorship, accountability, and a plan on the backside. But you will have the power to decide how to pull that off. Today's one of those days where I could not be more proud, could not be more happy, could not be more happy, could not be more honored to share time and space with you as you are listening. so many of you have reached out for assistance that it has filled my cup up to a level that has allowed me to create this event, this experience, this 30-day training that will change the trajectory of these men's lives. So with complete and heartfelt gratitude, I want to take a moment to acknowledge how thankful I am for you. Because without you, without your feedback, without you reaching out and joining a mailing list or commenting on wherever you're listening to this podcast, leaving a review, none of this would be possible. I still too would be playing small. So it's my wish, it's my hope, it's my desire and dream that next quarter when I have another check-in, that you are standing at the gate, ready to walk through the door to get to the next best version of your own life. Because once you cross through that gate, there is no turning back.


Transformative Intentions (18:18)

And when you begin to embody what it is that you are destined to be, you'll find out that every day you get shit done.

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