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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Idell, and today's episode is a life optimization experience wrap-up. The Life Optimization Experience Wrap-Up. Today I'm gonna share with you all the pieces and parts that I can from the Life Optimization Experience, the very first one here in Columbus, Ohio. So I don't really know how to fully yet articulate all my thoughts and feelings around the event. This is certainly not because it was bad. This was hands down, bar none, up to this moment in my life, the most impactful thing that I personally have done and orchestrated of my entire life. So much so that I hope Kurt and the team was able to capture me breaking down in tears in front of the men that were in the conference room at the end of the last day as we were all saying goodbye. I share this because this was years and years of thoughts and manifestations and self-doubt and ridicule and bad choices and thing after thing after thing that stacked up on top of each other that had finally come to fruition in a way that impacted 12 men's lives forever. And if I'm honest, I'm going to raise my hand and say 13. Forever. And if I'm honest, I'm going to raise my hand and say 13. You see, certainly I put on this event, this experience, to make an impact in these men's lives. I mean, that's what I would have told you. That's what I thought I was doing. That's what I felt called or compelled to do. You see, I still remember back in January when my wife and I were coming in to record an episode. And somewhere on the drive-in or when I was showering at Lifetime or when something was going on, I felt compelled to just announce I'm having an event. I remember Lindsay, after we wrapped up recording, looked at me and said, well, it's nice of you to tell me that, jackass. And she had no idea. I had no idea. Right? Even when I picked March 21st through the 24th, I didn't really remember looking at a calendar. It just kind of came to me. And I would love to say I knew why or how I was going to pull it off, but in that moment I didn't. I just know I felt called to do it. And so I announced it. And many, many, many of you thought enough of me and my words and who I show up to be that you reached out to consider the possibility of attending. who I show up to be that you reached out to consider the possibility of attending. It was so incredible to get to spend time and share space with, I don't even need to make up a number, but more of you than I can count, explaining what this first event was going to look like. And this entire time that I was putting on the event, I was convinced it was for other people. It wasn't until Sunday, as I got done training in front of the room, side note, there is almost none of this experience that has me training in front of a room in a conference center. But I wrap up and twist and pivot and we're at this last, last part. And I just have to stop and express my gratitude and appreciation for all the men in the room. I'm overcome with endless emotion and tears of joy realizing that this whole time this really wasn't even for them that the source or the voice or God or higher power whoever it was that tapped me on the shoulder and said you needed to create this is actually telling me to do it for me you see I have great amounts It was actually telling me to do it for me. You see, I have great amounts of self-confidence when it comes to coaching.

Personal Experiences And Influences

Clarity of purpose (04:15)

One-on-one, if I sit across from you and stare at you across the Zoom screen, I'm very comfortable and confident in every situation. I know if you show up and play that game with me as large as I play it with you, you will find the success you're searching for. I know it. I know it because I care and I love what I do more than anybody else I know. I know I don't ever stop learning and growing and considering what's possible. I don't ever stop and say, I have this all figured out. This is the only way to do something. And so from that place, I know that when I sit across from you potentially, we're going to change the way you view life and what's possible. I only got to that point by the number of reps that I've had. But I didn't have any reps face to face. I didn't have any reps on getting people from the airport to a hotel at different times in different ways. I didn't have any reps on leading what started out as 13 men and ended up as 12.

When the Voice Speaks (05:53)

Actually, it started out as 14 and ended up as 12. I didn't have any reps at leading them in a 21-day lead-up that pushed everyone's capacity way outside their comfort zone, including my own. I didn't have any reps in holding time and space in front of that many men as we went evolution through evolution. Leading them into places where they were forced to be raw and vulnerable and unload the things that had been crippling them. I didn't have that. I didn't have the reps on orchestrating meals and different tools and pieces and parts that we needed from place to place that I could not have imagined pulling off without my wife being behind the scenes. Without Kurt working just as hard as I worked, if not even harder, behind the scenes. Without Kurt working just as hard as I worked, if not even harder, behind the scenes to make sure things were set up in advance of where we were arriving to. Without Hunter assisting Kurt and making sure that together they were figuring out the variables. I couldn't have done it. I didn't have the reps. I couldn't have done it. I didn't have the reps. And so this experience has taught me that when the voice or God or intuition or a higher power or the source taps me on the shoulder, the quicker I go, the more excited I get to become. Because every one of these men felt compelled enough to share with me even a group setting or one-on-one setting that in their words and some iteration of their words this experience they know at a soul's level has changed the trajectory of their life and what is possible. And as we went man by man and person by person, I finally realized that I do have what it takes. And the idea that I was called to do this or that I know that it's my soul's mission and purpose is no longer just a word that comes out of my mouth, but a feeling that I get to embody. Because there was never a time in which I was tired and wanted to leave. There was never a time where I couldn't hold the space that I needed to hold. And I understand as you're listening, you might be questioning, what does that even mean? Well, when we start at eight o'clock in the morning, Thursday morning, and we don't wrap up until midnight, Friday morning, then we're back at it by 8, Friday morning. And we go again until 4 a.m., Saturday morning. Then we're back at it at 10 a.m. Saturday morning. Then we're back at it at 10 a.m. Saturday morning. And we go until 11 p.m. Saturday night. Then we're back at it at 6.30 a.m. Sunday morning. And we go until 2 Sunday afternoon. There is no time for me to be away. I am there. I am present. I am focused. I'm not on my cell phone. I don't get to run and hide. I am locked in eye contact with men going to war with them for their own independence from the stories that they have been told over their lifetime. For their own independence from the stories that they have been told over their lifetime. I'm going to war with them for them to reclaim their independence. I'm going to war with them so they can help find out who they want to be and own that. I'm going to war so they stop hurting. The amount of tears that were shed this weekend from myself and the participants of this experience were enough to fill up a small horse trough. This isn't something I take as a badge of honor, but more of a sign that we were working in unison to build a life that was on purpose and by design. You see, when you strip away all the layers of all the stories that we tell ourselves of not being good enough and not being valued, that we have to play alone, that we are sad, that we shouldn't be vulnerable, that we don't have it all figured out. When you can get a man into his raw state where he's able to own all of those things, something changes. You see, I had each one of these men, as they arrived at the hotel and checked in, go to their room and snap a picture with their cell phone, staring themselves in the mirror. hotel and checked in, go to their room and snap a picture with their cell phone, staring themselves in the mirror. Today, they're all snapping another picture now that they've returned home. And there is a lightness and a clarity and a focus that has come across each one of these men in just a short six days. And it's incredible. It's incredible to know that the gifts that I've acquired over the course of my life, I'm able to pour into other people and then encourage them to take them from me. You see, unlike other experiences, at some point in this journey, I tell every man that comes through, I am no different than you. I'm not your guru. I'm not the leader. We are one in the same. I just happen to have more time under attention and more reps than you have, so let me help you get to the point that I'm at. I encourage every man in the room to take all the stuff that I shared and call it their own. Because this shit isn't about ego. It's about impact. And to see these men that came in this room that had a connection to 37 children. 37 children were attached to the 12 men in the room. And to realize the skill sets that they learned and the things they picked up and the stories they got to shed, they get to go home and impact the lives of 37 additional young men and women. That doesn't include the people in their companies. That doesn't include their coworkers. That doesn't include their spouses, their girlfriends, their fiances, their significant others. I'm just talking about the children. How impactful is that to realize that the stories that you might be telling yourself, the ways that you have been living, that when you get to come home, you get to break the cycle. And that I show you with this pattern recognition, what this thing is that you've been embodying, why it doesn't work, and why you can do better, and why you've been called to do better, and where your divinity lies, and what it means to be connected to other men, and what it means to embody true love, you get to share all that. In a way that's safe. In a way that encourages growth from others around you. There's no feeling like this. There's no way I can fully describe what it is that I feel inside. The best way I can say it is, go back in your mind to one of the earliest, most incredible Christmas mornings you can remember.

My Most Incredible Christmas Memories (13:32)

There's a specific Christmas morning in my life where I remember coming into our living room and there's an air hockey table and a Sega Genesis and Rollerblades and all this stuff underneath the tree and it was like chaos.

10 Times More (13:42)

It was like wow we have all this stuff and I felt so Enthused and so amazing as a young man Take that feeling that might exist in your life from the best Christmas you've ever had and The feeling that I currently have even right now, 10 times more than that, it's not a high enough multiple. The feeling of knowing that certainly I did this because I needed to teach myself something, but knowing that I was doing it because I was called to and that these men received value from it and the books they got and the training on goal setting and the accountability and the mentorship and the evolutions and the meals and all the pieces, how they all fit together. I can't fully tell you what this is doing, the trajectory of where I'm going. Certainly, I will end up having more of these. I know specifically I'm going to have one of these a quarter. I would love to get to the point where I get to have one of these every two months or every month.

Its Just a Different Level of Impact (15:01)

This is just a different level of impact. This is a different experience. This is a different way of showing up. This is something, though, that I couldn't do without the team members that supported me and the 12 men that decided to come to Columbus. I couldn't have pulled it off.

Counterpoint (15:26)

You see, when I had Stefan fly over from Belgium and it took him the better part of 20 hours to arrive here, that does something to me. But it does something to me in the same but a different way than Dalton who flew in from Salt Lake City, or Ben that flew in from San Diego, or Steve that flew in from Denver, or Brett that drove in from Des Moines, or Matthew that drove down from Michigan, or Aaron that drove down from Michigan, or Aaron that drove across from Rhode Island, or Mike that flew in from Connecticut, everyone had their own piece of the componentry. Everybody had to be there. Everyone had a story to tell that ended up impacting everyone else in the group.

Community (16:25)

My man Mark, who flew up to assist me all the way from Texas, looking for nothing in return. I couldn't have pulled this off without Mark being so selflessly dedicated to the success and the growth of me and the men this experienced. dedicated to the success and the growth of me and the men this experience. I had men from Columbus too. I had Sathya that only had to drive 20 miles. But in that small pilgrimage of 20 miles, I would say the gifts that he received might be larger than most. You see, these men all had something that called them to be here, potentially in the same way that you are hearing this and feel called or compelled to potentially participate in the next. If you feel that, just send me an email. You can entitle the email Life Optimization Experience LOE, LOE number two. I don't care what it is. There will be another. It won't be like the first. You see, these events are specifically orchestrated and constructed to make the largest impact in the attendees' lives. So from that very place, they can't all be the same because we all have different things that we're going through, although we're all one and the same. It takes time, energy, effort, and a ton of preparation to set this up the right way and the proper way to make the impact that I'm dedicated to making. and the proper way to make the impact that I'm dedicated to making. What it really takes is me time to get dialed into how I can show up and how I can be the version of myself I need to be for you. See, this entire thing is just way bigger than me. It's way bigger than the 12 people that came. It's way bigger than the coaches and the assists and my wife. It's just bigger. It's not bigger in the fact of like, oh, I'm the man, right? Like I got this stuff all figured out. It's bigger in the fact of it's needed. I got this stuff all figured out. It's bigger than the fact of it's needed. It's bigger than the fact that I'm being called to do this for some greater reason than I can possibly understand.

Spells of Four Letter Word Circling In The Power (18:52)

Sleeping four and a half hours a night is not my preferred methodology for optimizing my body, but yet I was filled with boundless energy in some incredible conditions. The second day that we were outside, the long nature walk day, the day that I was sharing with you, I believe the high temperature was 40. It was windy. It was snowing. It was cold. It rained. But yet I remember being cold once. Not really quite sure what you believe in. Don't know what God you worship or what deity you think is the ultimate one, but there's something different that's happening. And I just feel super honored and privileged to be able to channel that into pouring into other people. And from pouring into other people, I receive it back tenfold, so I'm just as selfish as I've always been. Now, if you've been listening in, and you're expecting me to give away the secret sauce, I can't do that. I can't share with you exactly what these men went through because it will never make any sense to you. Just as we all shared collectively in the room before I broke down in tears, had I tried to explain and verbalize what I had constructed, it would have been a massive disservice for them. Every one of these 12 men agreed.

Challenges A Key To Memorable Experience

I Had To Work Through An Experience That Could Be Demonstrated But Never Accommodated Or Forgotten (20:12)

However, each one of these 12 men also said they would gladly speak to anybody interested in ever attending an event. Every man said I could gladly use all of their imagery, their videos, their likeliness to market and promote the next event because they felt compelled to share with others what this is. To share with others what this is. To say this is a three and a half day deep dive immersion event still doesn't quite get it out. The next one won't be three and a half days, it's going to be four. There's more stuff I didn't get to cover. There's more change that I left on the table. This will continue to grow and evolve in a way that serves men and ultimately women in the greatest capacity possible. So I don't know what the next one will look like, but I do know that it will be no later than June. And so if you're interested, send me that email. Because if you're like the other 12 men that attended, there's a voice ringing in your head right now that says, man, I want to go, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what it will cost. I'm afraid of what I'll have to do. I'm afraid I'm not cut out for it. I'm afraid I won't get picked. I'm afraid, I'm afraid of what it will cost. I'm afraid of what I'll have to do. I'm afraid I'm not cut out for it. I'm afraid I won't get picked. I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid. That fear is truly nothing more than false evidence appearing real because I don't believe I've turned any of you down from anything yet. And so from that very place, if you're willing to invest in yourself enough to reach out to me to eventually have a conversation that could lead to us meeting face to face, I will guarantee you that that will be the catalyst to open the door for you being able to consistently get shit done.

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