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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Adel, and today's episode is untitled. Literally, I'm calling this episode untitled. Literally, I'm calling this episode untitled. So if you're still listening to this after saying untitled and seeing the show note as untitled, more power to you. I didn't have something cute or coy to name this. But this really ends up being as a certain amount of sharing gratitude. So it's no secret I had this event, right? At this point, you're probably getting tired of it. Blah, blah, blah. These 12 men came from all over the country and came to Columbus, Ohio, and changed their lives. And from changing their lives, my life changed. Okay, well, that's all true. I don't want to minimize that. That's how I feel. But here we are now, seven days removed. Just about, give or take. I'm recording this on a Thursday. So it was seven days ago where we were working hand in hand to overcome different things in these men's lives. Well, there's this thing that happens for most of us when we get back home. Everybody left Sunday. Dalton was part of the group. He left Sunday. Dalton was part of the group. He left Monday. When we reintegrate back into our quote-unquote normal life, normal life tries to hold us still. Maybe you've been through this. Maybe you've been to an event or an experience. Maybe you've went to a Tony Robbins seminar or read a great book or listen to a podcast that's got you super motivated and energized. But it's like no sooner do you try to share that with somebody else and you integrate back into your normal day than like the world just is like roadblock, roadblock, roadblock. You're not supposed to go forward. And I admittedly had the fear of that happening when these men went back home because they feel very high. There's a lift that's existed. And my fear is if it's not integrated the right way, there will be a false lift, right? They'll feel super energized. They'll feel all jacked up. The world will kick them in between the legs and magically they're back to the men they were before they arrived. And so part of my training or the protocol that they went through is there's the rest of the month they've been working as a group. More assignments, more tasks, more posting, more sharing. And I thought at a very base level, that would certainly be a great way to keep the bond, keep the camaraderie and keep them focused.

Discussion On Personal Growth And Coaching

Results, its not a perfect system (02:37)

It's worked. It's actually worked way better than I thought possible. You see, with the extra assignments that these men have had to do and with the extra information that they've gotten and they've received and they've implemented, things are changing for them. And I say they're changing for them because of them. You see, nothing changes if nothing changes. And the fact that they decided to come to Columbus and trust in me for whatever their reasons would be to elicit a change in their life was only opening themselves up to what's possible. You see, I don't claim to have any of this figured out, let alone all of it figured out. I simply know what has worked for me and the items that I've consumed. I share it very openly with love and abundance. I actually encourage every man that was sitting in front of me at the table at the end of my event to take everything I have created and go create it themselves. But to call me for help. There's no point in recreating the wheel. But there's these things that can happen, right? Like, we assume that we're going to go home and it's just going to be easy sailing, smooth sailing. And we assume what we learned is going to stick. And I'm even assuming that the tools I'm giving them will equip them to navigate the waters of life with incredible certainty. But there's no way to know that that's going to happen. And my doubt, my fears, my anxiety was high upon them leaving. Not because they're not capable. Every man that came here is more than capable of living a life that is divinely orchestrated from the level that they wish to orchestrate. You see, I didn't share with any one of these men, this is exactly how you should live your life. This is where you should go. What I did share is once you itemize and define what you want and you backfill in how to get there, plus you uncouple and rewire old stories and you become the orchestrator versus the observer, really it's your divine right to have exactly what you want. And we created a plan to get there. And so the story continues. But there's still this outside chance that doesn't work the right way. And so being a week out, being a week removed, I had a busy day of coaching today. Why wouldn't I, right? I love what I do. And as many of you may know, but if you don't, I'll share it with you. I put a timer, a social media timer on my phone that shuts off all social media apps after I believe it's 45 minutes right now. Might be 30. And so by the time I post to Instagram and scroll through Facebook, do a live video inside of the Life Optimization Group, which is complimentary inside of Facebook, my time is kind of up. Which might not seem like a big deal to you. up, which might not seem like a big deal to you other than the fact that the way that we all correspond as a group of men is through a social media platform. So I'm between coaching clients from 3.30 p.m. till 4 p.m. I decide to go grab a vegan burger. I don't even know if it's called a burger, right? Just a vegan not meat patty. Local restaurant right around the corner from the office. And I look, I'm like, man, our group's been really quiet today. That's unlike them. I completely had forgotten the fact that the app was not showing any alerts. So I turn it on. app was not showing any alerts. So I turned it on. And I want to share with you, with immense gratitude, a few of the messages that have come across the screen today. From one of the incredible men inside this group, his name is Dalton, he shares, I wanted to share something here with you brothers. After this experience, I've been giving my staff and contractors clear and concise instructions, deadlines, and expectations. Yesterday, I taught my two managers a very valuable lesson. We called a vendor, and very clearly, we told them what was not working. We then told them what I expected and a timeline they had to adhere to. When we got done, both of the employees said, wow. Thank you for showing us that, and more importantly, how not to react. It was a really cool moment. Taking what I'm learning and passing it on my team, getting us all to the top of the hill to see a new perspective. Like I read that. And the men are all chiming in below like, wow, that's incredible. Nice work. That's great, Dalton. Knowing it, living it, and teaching it. And I'm like, man, this is nuts, right? Because there's all these messages I'm trying to catch up to them as I'm waiting for this burger to come out. I'm like, all right, well, you know, it's just one thing.

Two Mens Testimonials (08:10)

Well, another one of the gentlemen, a truly wonderful man by the name of Aaron, then chimed in this morning was the first morning. I woke up before my 5 a.m Alarm clock around 4 45 and actually felt motivated to get the fuck up and do my shit. I Had to take my two boys to school and I still didn't have enough time to get all the stuff I needed one to get done. It's clear. I'm gonna have to get up even earlier in between 4 and 4 30 I did have a great meditation workout shower smoothie and definitely felt on fire before leaving the house and incredibly accomplished. Man, all right, two. Two is good. Two is powerful. That's not so much, right? It's only two. Then a third. A third man shares. His name is Steve. I want to share what I've been making great strides with my fiance as of late. When I got home, we were fighting, not seeing eye to eye, but more. But it's led us to longer, deeper conversations over the week. Last night, she told me she wanted to follow my lead and start living a morning routine to start her day the right way. This morning, she apologized to me about me sharing my concern over her time spent on social media. The daily words of appreciation are doing true wonders for our relationship. Like, man, this is like, at this point, I'm almost into tears yet once again. Right. Cause I had these thoughts and fears and doubts and anxieties on Monday of just this week. It's only four days removed of, man, did I do enough for these guys? Did all of this sink in where all the psychological triggering events and all the science behind this, did it work? It did. It did so much that Aaron eventually chimes back in. That's great, Steve. I feel if people can see that you are more clear now and more focused now and now it's more confident, it will make them want the same. Much like how Ryan speaks with so much conviction that has led us to him. And it hasn't even been a week. Like I'm reading this and I'm taking it in and I'm beside myself. And you may get tired of hearing me share about this event.

Hard Work Drives Results (10:55)

I get it. I get it. I get it, truly. Because no matter what words I share, it's going to be your perception of my reality that I'm just trying to get you to come to the next one. And while I certainly want to spend time and share space and energy with you here in Columbus, what I'm sharing with you is much different than that. You see, it's my belief that most of us do not stop and practice true gratitude enough moments throughout the day. And we don't celebrate the wins that we've had in a capacity that allows us to embody them. They're simply fleeting moments. Upon reading these messages from these men, now four days removed from an event that I know has changed their lives, I'm downloading this into my subconscious and I feel compelled to call Mark. And who is Mark? That might be a name that you haven't heard on here before. See, Mark is a man that leads his own group of men in Texas. Mark is a man that has a mortgage and real estate company down in Houston. Mark is so many things, but above all else, Mark is a friend and a brother of mine now see Mark is the one that flew here from Houston to help me co-run this event Mark spent his own money to get here Mark didn't make a dime on this by being here not that this is really any of your concerns but neither did I on this by being here. Not that this is really any of your concerns, but neither did I. But Mark felt called and compelled to make an impact in these 12 men's lives the same way that I did. And so from feeling this overwhelming sense of gratitude and abundance, I stop in the middle of my afternoon and I call Mark. And I ask him, man, have you seen what's going on inside the group? Yeah, man, this is incredible. This is some really powerful stuff. It feels like the universe is just telling you over and over that you're in alignment with what you should be doing. What's crazy is that's exactly how I felt upon reading those messages. What's crazy is that's exactly how I felt upon reading those messages. But more importantly than that, I take a moment and share with Mark that this wasn't just me. That it was equally him. And as much as it's equally him, it's actually equally him, myself, and everybody around that had this event take place, including the 12 participants. We're only as good as the sum total whole of what we've created, and together, for this moment in time, we changed the trajectory of these 12 individuals' lives. We showed them what was possible. We showed them those old stories didn't have to be their new stories. And Mark and I shared this kindred bond and spirit and the testimony to one another about what it is that we experienced. And of course, he jokingly, but with all sincerity, says, man, it's time to get on the next one. We've got to do this again. Well, with complete certainty, 100%, there'll be many, many more of these. Each one will be different than the last. They're all, as I refer to it, divinely orchestrated. I had a man on social media comment and share a post of mine. Actually, not even a post, a podcast of mine, I believe it was episode 115, which I recount the impact that Wake Up Warrior had on my life. Because he asked one of the participants, is this just like a warrior week? And I felt compelled to answer that question. This is not a warrior week. This is not a cheapened, watered-down Ohio version of Wake Up Warrior. Garrett J. White and Sam Filsafi and everybody at Wake Up Warrior have constructed and created such a powerful and monumental experience in Laguna Beach, it would be dramatically inappropriate for me to say that I have anything even comparable. But what I do have is a tool. A tool called the Life Optimization Test. That was designed by some very brilliant people inside of Johns Hopkins and Harvard to help get a clear understanding of how someone's brain works. It's from that level of understanding how the participant's brain works that I can sit down and spend time, space, energy, and construct meaningful and impactful events and situations that will help reframe the areas of their subconscious and psyche that are not optimized. subconscious and psyche that are not optimized. This is not a men's retreat camp where I am a guru that claims to have it all figured out. This is not a wake-up warrior knockoff any more than it's a Tony Robbins knockoff. See, I don't run from the things that I've been through. I've shared them very openly on here. I'll continue to. But from that level of sharing, I must also share that what is created here is much different. These men that came to Columbus, their hotel was paid for. Their transportation was paid for. their food was paid for. Every event or evolution was handcrafted and constructed to make the largest impact in their life in the smallest amount of time. The worksheets, the books, the gifts, the things that they received were not things they could get somewhere else. And this is not because we were at a unique moment in time and an inflection point in which the 14 of us came together, but we're where we are because we created something different. I had no problem as we went through these events, sharing with the participants at the end of every piece and part we went through, where I learned it from. What inspired that? What was the teaching, reading, and understanding that I had that prompted me to guide these men down this path? that prompted me to guide these men down this path. I share all this from an immense sense of gratitude, even for the individual that said, is this just a warrior week?

Our next Event (18:08)

Because had he not said that, I wouldn't have jogged my memory to consider the possibility that that could be what this is perceptively to be. that that could be what this is perceptively to be. But my friends, let's call it what it is. I believe that episode aired on day 115. As you're listening to this, we should be very close to episode 350. That's 235 additional days of life that are extremely well documented on this show. The amount of additional things that I've been through, life experiences, books I've read, understanding of psychology and psychiatry, metaphysics, plant-based medicine, name something.

Question Everything (18:50)

My heightened level of understanding has opened the doorway for what is possible that is much different than has been created elsewhere. That's not to knock or disparage anyone else. We all live our own life and walk our own path. I will reiterate once again, if you feel compelled to go to Wake Up Warrior and visit Garrett J. White and Sam Fulsoffi and everything that goes on in Laguna Beach, you should 100% go to Wake Up Warrior and apply. no different than if you feel compelled to spend the money and go down to Palm Beach, Florida to date with Destiny with Tony Robbins over a five-day period, you should absolutely buy a ticket. And if some other piece of you feels compelled to go visit Dr. Shefali or jump into the Human Upgrade Institute, I would implore you to do so. jump into the Human Upgrade Institute, I would implore you to do so. You see, tonight when I get home, I feel compelled to compile a reading list of every book that I've read over the past year. I'm going to share it with you. If you want to download the information that I have and put your own spin on it, you should. It'll make the world better. And I share all this from this very unique place of just sheer gratitude for what is possible. What a phenomenal time to be alive in which we can be so aware of what's going on, not only in ourselves, but our surroundings and our parents and our children and in one another. going on not only in ourselves but our surroundings and our parents and our children and in one another. What an incredible place and time to be alive in which we can go experience things that change the trajectory of what our life could possibly be. What an incredible time to be alive where not everything ends up being about money. What an incredible time to be alive to want to make an impact in people's lives that trumps literally everything else. This experience and the feedback and the emotional outpour from these men yet again today have truly changed the trajectory of what I thought to be my life. Make no mistake about it, I'm not going to magically shut down coaching one-on-one.

Why Coaches Must Work With A Coach (21:22)

I love that part. I'm going to have more people fly to Columbus for intensives. Whether it's a group deal with three and a half or four days, or like next week, got an incredible woman coming to town herself. She can be here for two and a half days. Whether we dive deeper into business systems and marketing and automation, whether we dive into psychology and the subconscious, whether we dive into health and fitness, meditation. I want interaction. I don't ask you guys for reviews on the podcast very often because quite honestly, I think it's cheesy. But what I'm finding is those reviews end up being interaction with me. I get to read them. No different than the emails you might send. I certainly have dropped the ball and don't do the best job of responding to every one, but I promise I read them all. I'll go back through over the next couple weeks and respond to every one I but I promise I read them all. I'll go back through over the next couple of weeks and respond to every one I possibly can. But it's that interaction, it's that connection, it's that bond that we get to make that I'm truly eternally grateful for.

An Eternal Gratitude for Your Path (22:32)

Because all these synchronicities in life, the seeing the numbers on the clock and reading the Wayne Dyer books and having them stack on top of each other and then having this thought in my head three plus years ago, having an event and having that book kind of fall out of nowhere and read it.

Follow The Numbers (22:41)

I'm just walking on the right path, but the right path for me, which makes me want to help you walk on the right path for you. But only you know what that path is. And it's my belief that any person that comes across you and tries to dictate what your path is for you is probably a fool. You'll know your path.

The Pace Of Change

Change Happens At The Speed You Choose (23:19)

You just might have to be open to the possibility of what could be instead of what you have been. And when you find yourself in that place filled with gratitude, love, and abundance, what I can promise you is every day forward, you'll be able to get shit done. you

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