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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is Leading From the Front. So, the better part of a month ago, I went to this elite experience called Warrior Week. Now, many of you that have been avid listeners of the show have heard me refer to the Wake Up Warrior movement and Garrett J. White and Sam Filsafi and the entire group at Wake Up Warrior are these group of pivotal individuals that have forged me into a new man. I give credit to them for creating a confine, a new frame, a new box in which I can live my life through. The highest level of achievement up to this point that I'm eligible to go through is something called Warrior Week. And Warrior Week, what that essentially is, is you fly from wherever you live in the world. One of the individuals in our group actually was from New Zealand, flew all the way across the globe to meet in Laguna Beach, California from Monday to Saturday to go through what we call the crucible. And the crucible is this all completely immersed experience that puts you and someone between 12 and 18 other men through the ringer of physical and mental activity that helps you break down self-defeating talk and increase your power and clarity. Now in this, there's what we call evolutions. And evolutions are nothing more than a system and a sequence of events that have a meaning attached to them, have a lesson that's associated with them. Pretty actionable items. You see, all the men that make it to Laguna Beach for this trip, for this experience, they're essentially A-type personalities, entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs are at the top of of their field and they struggle and want more. So we have walls built. We have these shields. We have these things that we've established to let nobody know our pain and our fears. See, that's what men do. We block out the things that hurt us. We stuff down the emotions that we're not supposed to have. We don't share openly, certainly not with other men, the things that pain us until you go to Warrior Week. At Warrior Week, there is no hiding. There is no way to escape one of the evolutions. You're at your raw and most vulnerable state. You share things with men that most men would cringe to ever have said aloud. But in this there's an incredible bonding experience because you and the brothers that you go through Warrior Week with share a bond that can be unbroken.

Discussion On Leadership And Jiu Jitsu

Lead From The Front (02:28)

A better way to say that you share a bond that can never be broken. And so myself, I have been living what we would call the warrior's way in some iteration for the better part of a year prior to arriving on the beaches of Laguna. I've been doing things like the core four, which is an actionable item that puts you in power every morning between meditating for 20 minutes and then journaling post-meditation, having a green smoothie to clean out your digestive system and working up a sweat every morning, reading something business related, then sharing it so that you commit it to memory and also sharing notes of appreciation, love and honor with your wife or spouse or significant other as well as your children or people that are important to you in your life. I've been doing the core four every day for the better part of a year. I've been following something called the one door and the keys, the four keys. These are actionable items every week that puts you in power and lets you take something from the urgent and important category, unimportant, important and unurgent, and move it into the urgent and important category in a four quadrant system. So you're able to take something that you want to progress in your business and decide to move it from the horizon into the forefront. And then you know there's four things you're going to do that week to knock down that domino. I've been doing that. I've been doing what we call the general's tentent. The General's Tent is an actionable item that we do on Sunday that lets you look back over the past week and cherish your successes, also see areas for opportunity, while in the meantime, adjusting the outcomes for the next week. When are you going to date your wife? When are you going to date your child? When are you going to date yourself? What is your one door and four keys? What are your commitments to yourself and those around you for the week to put yourself in power and make sure you run through the brick walls that are in front of you? I've been living that way. So when I come into the crucible known as warrior week, I'm thinking, I've got this. I think the men in my group, other than a few of them, they have not been living the warrior's way. They are not exposed to what I've been exposed to. They don't know what we're up for. They don't know what we're also up against. But I do. So I'm thinking the entire time, this is going to be a walk in the park. Not so much in the fact that I'm going to breeze through what we're going to do. Don't get me wrong, I know it's going to be mentally and physically exhausting. That's part of what this is. But I think it should be easy. I have news for you. It was not easy. I have news for you. It was not easy. It did take a while. So we progress. We end up at the first evolution. And I have to be a little vague with this because part of this brotherhood, part of this calling, part of this group of men is the fact you don't share what goes on here. That might sound a little funny to you, but it's a rite of passage. This crucible is not for everyone. You can't buy your way into this. It does not matter how much or even how little money you may have. If you're not the right fit, you don't get a ticket to the dance. So for that, when we go through these evolutions, the evolutions are sacred to us. These are things that you don't share openly. So all I can say to you is the first evolution is an evolution about leadership. And the head coach calls me out and says, Ryan, you're going to lead. I'm up for the task. I'm ready, baby. Put me in the game, coach. I'm going to show everybody that I know what I'm doing. First thing's running through my head. There's no fear. There's no doubt. There's no trepidation. It's one, two, three, off you go. It's actually in warrior three, two, one, off you go. And I'm leading the charge. And so what's a leader do to start with? They get out in front, right? They lead from the front. Well, in leading from the front, in trying to lead from the front, front. Well, in leading from the front, in trying to lead from the front, I take off and start going. I start trying to run through this evolution. And back and forth we go. We're traveling this long distance of land to achieve a goal. As I'm traveling back and forth over this long distance, every time we get back to the start, the lead trainer tells us a new lesson. Not us so much, he tells me. Ryan, you didn't do this. Ryan, you didn't do that. So I can put a little more skin around this. Every one of these evolutions is timed because it takes time under tension to make great things happen. So the first thing, none of us have watches, none of us have cell phones. That's not what this event is all about. All of our personal belongings are left in the hotel and we're nowhere near our hotel. So he says, look, you have X number of minutes. I believe it was seven minutes to complete the task at hand. Okay, so we take off. We get back. How long did it take you? Coach, I have no fucking idea. I don't have any clue how long it took me. Well, why don't you have any clue how long it took me? Well, because I don't have a clock. We don't have a clock because you didn't appoint someone to count for you. Well, that makes sense, right? Then we're supposed to go find a message, go find a gift. But what happens is I also never stop to ask what we're searching for. So back and forth we go again. Now I have a timer, but I have a group of 12 men and we all have different athletic capabilities. So I have one man that's counting, that's struggling to keep up. And then we're all in very heavy gear, not heavy gear so much, tactical boots and black tactical pants and black shirts. And we're tired, but we're running back and forth and this this feels like it progresses on for four or five hours lord knows i don't really know how long it went on for it just every time there's a new lesson the first lesson was you know you you can lead from the front but you have to make sure everybody's got buy-in to it then you have to have the fact that details matter you have to know what you're actually trying to achieve and you have to put somebody on point to help count the variables and then as it keeps going on I'm realizing the fact that having an athletic ability that is equal to those at the front of the pack that it's my requirement not in my responsibility to circle back around the back of the group and also help get the guys from the back up to the front because one of the work one of the rules of warrior is watch out for your brother.

Leading and Jiu Jitsu (08:02)

And I can't have this brother falling behind.

And As The Leader Of Other Men (08:36)

I have to be there to catch him and drag him along because that's how this goes. And so it progresses and it progresses and progresses. And eventually we finally finished the task. Like I said, it felt like four or five hours. It could have been 25 minutes for all I know. It just felt like an eternity before I could figure out how to get this right. So it proved to me instantly from the moment I started to the moment I finished, I grew exponentially as a leader. I grew into leader the fact of before I would have said to lead is just to be in the front of the pack. It's to guide the way. It's to be leading the charge. But there's so much more to being a leader. There's so much more to being a leader in the fact that you have to take inventory and stock of the assets and resources that you have in front of you. You have to understand what the end result is before you start. You have to create actionable items for those on the team and then hold them accountable for them. And that you can only be as strong as the weakest person on your team. These are all things that we all say, but I had never practically applied before until it was time under tension, until I had to, until I was forced to face myself in the mirror and realize the fact that my leadership ability was not what I thought it was. Now, none of this was irreconcilable. of this couldn't be changed around it just took pain and time and frustration because not only am i getting frustrated that i can't figure this shit out but so are at that point 13 other men are frustrated that we can't as a group with me as a leader so it's not their fault on that point it's my fault that we can't as a group with me as a leader so it's not their fault on that point it's my fault that i can't get us to finish this evolution i can't get us to the promised land so we're mad it's creating tension in the group we're tired we're exhausted and we finally finish it and so it makes me sit back now as I can go back through my notes and I'm reading my journals and I understand the fact that being a leader is so much more than just a title. It's so much more than having president or owner or CEO or general manager or whatever your title is.

You Are A Leader? (10:30)

That doesn't mean shit. We'll even say, the women listening to this, that you're a mom leading your household doesn't mean anything other than the title associated with it. Now, don't get me wrong before you attack me for this one. Realize the fact that I can't even begin to understand how difficult it is to be a mother in today's society. I have nothing but immense appreciation and love for the women that raise incredible children, that keep houses clean, that also run a business, that seem to do everything and do it with ease. I love you women and I appreciate you. But the fact of just saying that you lead and run a household, household is not enough. No different than saying I'm the president of a company is not enough to say that on a sheet of paper or to people that ask what becomes most important what you must do is take stock of what that really means and then wrap it in action so we'll apply it to the CEO world right now I'm the CEO of a company so what does that really mean what What means I have to, I always laugh when I say, I hold the umbrella when it starts to rain. That's not really 100% true. What it really means is that I'm accountable for everything that goes on, that I'm forward thinking, but I'm taking stock of what's around me. It means that I appoint people to knock out tasks on the team that have a higher skill set than I have for that individual task. It means that I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong and seek help. These are all things that go into being a CEO or a leader. And a CEO is such a horrible term. I mean, my company is nine or ten people strong. At best, I'm the owner of a company. I'm not a quote-unquote CEO. I have been one before, and I failed at it. I did not a quote-unquote CEO. I have been one before and I failed at it. I did not have the skills that I have now. And I also had an ego that didn't mirror up with the fact of where I was trying to get to. And that ego was enough to essentially capsize my business opportunity in those moments.

Gig Day Episode (12:58)

wasn't good enough at that time I didn't have the skills that were enough I was always good enough as an individual I've certainly always good enough as a man I always had the passion and fire inside my heart but I didn't know how to tap into something that was greater than myself so I failed but through that failure there's a lesson no different than lesson from from Warrior Week. I would have said over the reading and the learning and the education and also living the Warrior's way for a year up to this event that I was going to step into it with fire and brimstone and come out a champion. And I did eventually. But certainly not in the first evolution. The first evolution was humbling so as I have shared this story with you what I need to challenge you to do is analyze your own life where in your life right now are you not leading from the front maybe it's at the gym you want this better body, you want to be more in shape you want to feel more healthy, you want to feel more healthy you want to feel more weaponized but are you taking the action and leading from the front to the group of people around you are you half-assing it are you just mailing it in every day are you attempting to go through the exercises because you know you're supposed to but you don't know if it's a proper form you don't know if it's the right diet you don't know if it's optimized for your body and your hormones you're just going through the motions because it's the right diet. You don't know if it's optimized for your body and your hormones that you're just going through The motions because it's checking a box every day If that's you you can make a change It's possible Maybe it's in your relationship Maybe you know you say I'm gonna be the best husband or I am the best husband or father that I can be and you look And you take stock and if you ask your wife or your children if that was really true, they would, under honest premises, laugh. Because you don't show up for your children, and you don't love your wife the way she wants to be loved. I've been there. I get it. I was the same man. But just because you say you're leading the household doesn't mean you're actually leading people anywhere you could be leading your family in circles because you're not putting in the time and energy and effort to make their lives better and then we've already touched base on business perhaps you think that because you have a fancy title at your office that you are the leader of that of that office organization that is no closer to the truth than me on this end of the microphone saying that i'm leading your organization it's just a word the actions that surround it are what matters what actually goes on behind the scenes are you consistently communicating with your your managers your team are you doing everything you can on a day-over-day basis or at least week over week to better your skill set are you helping those around you better there's if you answered no to any of those questions it's not too late you see the greatest thing about all these gifts that I've been given are I can give them to you as well. There's nothing special about me that you don't have inside yourself.

Self-Evaluation Of Leadership Potential

Are You Leading To Your Potential? (16:07)

I just have went through a system and a sequence of events in my life that have shined light on the fact of my deficiencies and I decided to do something about them. I didn't wallow in the fact that I was a liar. I didn't stick to the fact that I cheated. I didn't live the lie that fact that I was a liar. I didn't stick to the fact that I cheated I didn't live the lie that I couldn't run a business These were all stories that I told myself that defined who I was in the moment, but didn't define who I was forever So here I sit sharing with you The fact that you can be more That you're called to be more you are called to do more You just have to rise to the calling. And as you rise to that calling day over day, putting one foot in front of the other, taking actionable items and actionable steps towards your goal, that's the epitome of getting shit done. Hey guys, Ryan here. Thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 minutes to freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to RyanNidell.com. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L dot com.

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