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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is What Time Is It? I can't tell you how many times throughout the day I have to pay attention to the time. Time for phone calls, time for meetings, time for podcasting, time for everything. What that's done is caused me to analyze and review the importance of time for your daily life. So in my daily life, I cram as much stuff into my day as possible. I've shared with you that I wake up at 4.30 every morning, 4.32 to be exact. I'm going to go through a series of sequential events to put myself in what I call personal power every morning. And those sequential events are wake up, use the restroom, shower. I do all that before I get out of my bedroom. I'm downstairs way before 5 o'clock, 5 a.m. I start out by making myself a green smoothie, fresh organic greens, curcumin, turmeric, a little MCT oil, a little bit of blueberries, blend that up, drink it down. I get on with that. I go into my office. I meditate 15, 20 minutes, sometimes as long as an hour.

Personal Development Techniques

When Im free journaling (01:18)

I then free journal whatever comes to mind, sharing my thoughts, just getting things out on paper. I pick up a book and I read a book. And I read it for purpose. I read it for practical application of new information. And I go deep with the book. It's not just a simple cerebral, like top level, let's see what I can get out of this. I'm reading it for purpose. My purpose this week as I'm shooting this podcast is I want to make sure that I'm expanding my ability to tap into the metaphysical universe. So I'm reading a book on frequency. And frequency, in my opinion, and what I'm reading is the energy that we emit from ourselves versus the energy we can pick up from others in other situations and how to mimic those in parallel, recognize them, and then ascend yourself into a higher version of your energy. In that, I journal again post-reading and how I can apply the lessons from that day's book into my everyday life.

Applying new ideas to my life (02:15)

How can I make it applicable? Same thing I do on this podcast. Because the consumption of knowledge is great, but not unless you can figure out how to apply it on a day-over-day basis because it's going to take you, in my opinion, that 66 to 75 days of implementing new ideas on a consistent basis in order to maintain or achieve a new base level. Once I get done with that, I message Gianna and I message Lindsay two separate text messages of love, honor, and appreciation. I also typically pick one or two additional people in my life that also matter and share the same message. That now I'm condensing down and it takes me to about 7.15 every morning in which I leave the morning. I drive 7.15. I leave the house. I kiss Lindsay goodbye, tell her I love her, and I drive to a boxing gym and I box from 7.30 to 8.30 every morning. One-on-one, sometimes two-on-one training, very intensive. So I'm going to hop in a boxing match, end of September. It's supposed to be the first part of August. That got delayed. I have a Wake Up Warrior event out in California that I've committed to that I'm going to go to. And so through that, I have to postpone the fight and pick another one. I get done with that. I quickly change shirts because I'm completely soaked from head to toe. I mean soaked. Really, if I could change my shorts and my socks, everything. I'm dripping with sweat when I'm done with that. I quickly change shirts because I'm completely soaked from head to toe. I mean soaked. Really, if I could change my shorts and my socks, everything, but I'm dripping with sweat when I'm done. I then shift. I go into the back of my car, take out another undershirt, take out another shirt itself, and I drive from 8.30, another 15 minutes, 8.45 to another gym to do functional strength training with my wife, Lindsay, typically one other training partner, and that gets wrapped up around 9.30, 9.45. I then shower, have a protein shake that I bring with me in my gym bag, and I'm walking out that door by 10 o'clock. So from 4.30 until 10 o'clock every morning, that's my day. When I say every day, that doesn't mean Monday through Friday. That means every day. Saturday, Sunday means every day. Saturday, Sunday, every day. I then continue on and I drive to the office. I spend time in the car making sure that I speak to the head of development for my company, a gentleman named Devin, that does computer programming. All the tough stuff, all the stuff that really matters. Not just the marketing, not just the sales automation. He does the stuff that we couldn't live without. I spend 20, 25 minutes with him on the phone typically take me to 10 30 From there throughout the rest of my day.

Honoring myself (04:29)

I have time blocks allotted for different things from one until four I typically allow for podcasting knowing that my day gets a little jumbled knowing that there's a little strategic anomaly that happens there where Phone calls run over or meetings get placed or Lindsay can't make it in for an episode or I just don't have the inspiration during that exact time. So I leave a three hour window. So I have from 1030 until one to have as many phone calls, emails, and everything as I can. Now by 430 every day, it's basically my free time now. So after 430 until 630, that's my time to catch up on emails and optimize the rest of my life. Why does all this matter? I ran through a typical day for me and it's not very applicable to you. And so I start to look at how much I have let time dictate my life. See, I know I need to hold more space for myself. I know I need to allow more creative time. Because realistically, I should use, instead of allowing three hours for a podcast, I should allow two and a half hours or two hours as these episodes are 15 to 20 minutes. Lindsay's episodes are an hour. Interviews are an hour. I should allow two hours of time period and then carve out another hour in my day for things for me. You see, it's interesting. All throughout my entire life, I've never allowed myself just to enjoy the moment for me. If I go all the way back to when I was traveling for the custom clothing world or traveling for past businesses, every trip I can ever remember taking was, when is the last moment I can get in before I need to be there? And when is the quickest flight I can get out so I can get back home? There's almost no enjoyment around it. By design, everything in my life, everything in our lives as a society is go, go, go, go, go. Consistently asking what time is it? What can I do more? What is the next thing? But all that does is adversely affect your frequency and doesn't allow you to grow at the optimum rate. Don't get me wrong, you have to push. I'm not saying I can relax on my laurels and just hang out. That's not what this is. What this is is a practical application that sometimes the best growth you can obtain is during the slowest mental times in your life. I mean, think about it. In your own life, where are the places and pieces and parts where you know that you're almost spinning your wheels, like you're trying so hard, you're running so fast downhill, that you're just on the brink of tipping over your toes and rolling down flat on your face? We've all been there. I feel like today is admittedly one of those days for me. I came into the office and it's just been slammed back to back to back to back with phone calls and emails and social media and just things.

Create More Time (07:01)

And it's a blessing. I love it. I don't want this to ever slow down. But what I do need to do is create more space. Create more time. Honor my commitments to myself first. Because, again, if I can't honor my own commitments to me, how can I expect you guys to ever honor them? I couldn't. It's not logical. But what becomes logical is starting to set weeks of time ahead. Get ahead of this schedule. Recalibrate how I keep my calendar. Nothing to me is that important in my business day that someone couldn't extend the meeting that I quote unquote have to have. The phone call that needs to happen today. We live in a now society, but the now society is created by us. See, time doesn't really exist. We created time to determine changes of seasons. In my opinion, time ends up being a social confine. Sure, the sun rises and the sun sets, and we need time to hold ourselves accountable to different variables. But what if you got up organically? Like at 4.30, I don't need my alarm clock. I'm already awake. But the opposite side of that, by 9.30 when it's time for bed, my body knows it's time to go to bed now. I'm exhausted. So the entire calibration of the way that we view our time as individuals and our time as a society to me is very flawed. Things happen organically. We create these boxes of time in which we feel like things have to get done. We have to condense. We have to push. Well, I got news for you. We're all going to die. You listen to this, you're going to die one day. I know, big surprise, right? Gary Vaynerchuk said this on a viral video on Instagram and all this crazy stuff. So I don't want to jack his posts, but it's true. None of us listening to this are going to leave this earth alive. So if we don't leave it alive, why not enjoy and maximize the time that we have when we're here? Why not level up our frequency? Why not level up our productivity? Why not have more enjoyment on everything that we do? I don't know about you, but I don't feel the most enjoyment when I'm stressed. I don't feel the most enjoyment when there's this pressure in my back. And I, same as you, need to produce income. I have bills that need paid. I have a wife that needs things. I need things personally. I have a child that needs things. We have things that we require as well as desire that all take hard work. So I certainly can't go relax on the beach with my feet up and just hang out and enjoy life. What I can do is make sure that on any given day, I'm allowing myself the permission of two hours. Just two hours. And one could argue the fact that from 4.30 until really 9.30 every day, that five hours is for me. And it is. That's my time. But my time during that time is not free thought time. That's putting myself in power. I need another block of time somewhere throughout the day that allows me to maximize my mental capacity. The same way I'm going to encourage you to. And two hours is a big pill to swallow to start with, right? I'm like, where are you going to find two hours? You don't have to. Start with 30 minutes. Instead of playing around on social media, instead of sitting in your car, listening to this podcast, shut off the car. It's hot out. It's summer right now. Leave your car on. Leave the air conditioning running. And just allow yourself to be in that moment. Allow yourself to have your mind wander. Allow yourself to be grateful for everything that you have. Allow yourself to be grateful for the things that you're hoping to achieve. Put your mind in the process of going after those things and what that looks like and what that feels like. Allow some expansion. Come up with some creative planning. See, we weren't designed, I don't believe, as cogs in the machine in which we have become. So I believe we were meant for much more than just to live and die. I believe we're meant to explore and create and generate new ideas and see all that your soul desires.

This Part Of Our Nature (10:52)

But what happens with the confines of time and asking what time it is consistently, we end up shutting off that part of our creative nature. We literally end up getting stuck in this vortex in which you look back at your life and you're on your deathbed and you don't have any more time left. And you never stopped to create. You never stopped to grow and expand. You didn't take those extra moments to just be. I, too, have done that consistently. Today is one of those days. But the minute in my life that I can address and understand that something exists, it now gives me the power to change the next day. It really gives me the power to change the next minute. See, I realized the fact I need a block of time today to just be because I haven't had one yet. So I have a call that starts at four o'clock. I've got to be getting pretty close to it right now as I record this podcast. I have a call that will last until 4.35, maybe 5 o'clock. I will block out the next hour of my day, put my phone on do not disturb. Everybody will leave the office. I'll be here alone.

Ending Screen Time

Put Your Phone on Dont Disturb (12:18)

And I can just create. I can just take my mind and let it go where it goes to, to not get consumed with who's posting what on social media or what the president did right or what he did wrong or what fitness trend is out right now or what emails didn't get answered. I can take a deep breath and just be and stop the confines of time from dictating my success. And so what I'm going to encourage you to do is do that same exercise. Think about it in any part of your life. Take your relationships. You go home tonight and your significant others are there, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, whoever it is, they're there. And you know you need some time. There's nothing wrong with sitting down with your partner and saying, look, I'm going to go into our bedroom, I'm going to go into the bathroom, I'm going to go into our office. I don't care where your spot is, but I need 15 minutes of just solitude. I need to expand my capacity. It's going to be tough for you, but some of you, it might be in the office where we all go out for lunch. We scramble out of the office to go get lunch or we say we're too busy to take a lunch. Studies have shown that that makes you 30% less productive to not eat lunch during the middle of the day. So you might think you're putting in more time, but over the course of a week, your productivity decreases by more than the amount of time you would have taken to leave. Maybe you don't go out to eat to save money, but maybe you go get in your car, turn the car on, have your sandwich out there, and then just be. Just be in that moment. Or maybe it's at the gym. I go into the gym, I'm full of piss and vinegar, like I'm ready, I'm firing on all cylinders. I got to go kill it today. But it'd be so easy to take an extra 10 minutes and stretch. Or listen to some sort of meditative music when I'm done. Or sit in the steam room, or sit in the hot tub, and just be thankful and grateful for the time that I just got to spend, you can do the same. So if you take these pieces and parts, and you take the confines of time, and you reestablish what that means in your own life, and you allow yourself to have some blocks of time that create personal power for yourself, you'll see that you're able to do more every day. And if you do more every day, you'll see that you're able to do more every day. And if you do more every day, you'll see that you get shit done. Hey guys, Ryan here. Thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 Minutes to Freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to RyanNidell.com. That's R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L.com.

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