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Intro (00:00)

This is a few, a few. This is 15 minutes of freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Naidel, and today's episode is reviewing Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. So those of you that have listened to this podcast, hopefully you, right now consuming the audio, know the massive impact on my meditation that Joe Dispenza has had.

Discussion On Meditation Techniques And Applications

Becoming Supernatural Review (00:25)

Dr. Joe Dispenza, becoming supernatural, is one of my top three books that I recommend to anybody that asked me about books. I've been very fortunate that you have reached out multiple times, you the listener, asking me, if I were to read a handful of books what would you recommend and this is literally on the top of every list for me when it comes to the meditation and spirituality side of things. So in that this book comes to me from a friend of mine another guy in Wake Up Warrior guy named Tommy Baker who owns resist average Academy out of Phoenix Arizona Scottsdale, don't know the official city necessarily. But I saw him post about this book. And the cover is not all that sexy. It looks like an old, almost scripture. It was just a book, and so I've screen-shotted. You know, Tommy was sharing many books on his instant messenger, or Instagram. I screenshot every book he post posts because him and I just are on the same wavelength just on opposite sides of the country. And so I buy the book but I go on a series of book buying binges where I'll hop on Amazon and buy five six seven sometimes 15 books at a time as I've screenshot and collected a series of them and I bring them in there in my house. And so I wrap up a book and I look down and this book is staring at me. It's on the top of the pile. Admittedly don't have any idea why. I say that and after reading the book I have more of an idea why. But I grab the book and it's thick, it's a big book. It's a 300-plus page book that, again, it is small font very well written but something that's not necessarily I'm thinking my mind it's not easy that I digest I'll tell you I consume this book in days I don't even think this took me a week to get all the way through and so the impact that Dr Joe Dispenza has had on my life my meditation practices in the way that I view the world both physical world that's in front of our eyes and the supernatural or metaphysics slash quantum physics world this book has become so impactful and so frame shifting that I don't know how to sing its praises high enough. No when we start in the book, Joe talks about and I'll just refer to him as Joe, no disrespect to the doctor in the front of his name but I think that gets a little boorious. started in the book, Joe talks about, and I'll just refer to him as Joe, no disrespect to the doctor in the front of his name, but I think that gets a little boarious. So in the beginning, Joe talks about an experience that he has where through meditation he transcends space and time, leaves his body in that moment, and can actually see out, he's outside of a house, and he sees himself through the window and he's observing what's happening real time and he goes through a series of events trying to recreate this magic one-time experience and for those of you that don't meditate or don't know much about this I know it sounds crazy like this is just nonsense. Well I'll tell you as someone now that has a deeply spiritual connection that meditates every day. It's not nearly as crazy as you think it is. That there's actually actionable items to get you to a place with consistent practice and effort where you're able to start to transcend. And that transcension is a whole different level of meditation, which one of the things I share in additional podcast. So I won't belittle it in this current moment, throughout this book Joe takes you on a journey of really how meditation works why it works the different electromagnetic fields of the north and south pole of your body and what it is to be a man versus a woman and the energy that you put off. You think of things like aligning those frequencies and how to get them to connect with the universe as a whole, why it might matter to align yourself on a north and south pole axis when you're starting to meditate. Think of how just easy that is to say out loud, but I never thought about it before. As the book continues on, Joe gets into some really incredible things talking about how to align your chakros. And again, I thought the whole chakra thing, the seven chakras was really crazy, like obscure, only really far out there people thought chakras were real. Well, if that's the case, I'm now a really far out there people thought chakras were real. Well if that's the case I'm now a really far out their person. Because in these seven chakras when he goes through explaining what they all do and why they exist and how to actually through meditation and breathing how to start aligning those chakras, it worked for me. You know, when the most impactful thing, the thing that just sticks in my mind that I want to share with you is Joe walks you through a meditation practice where you you contract your perineum. And for those of you that don't know what the perineum is, it's a part of your body that is, you know, you know, underneath your testicles, before your anus, however you want to say,, it's a part in between, you know, in high school football, we used to call it the taint. You know, that not so sexy part of your body, but you squeeze that and you hold that tight. And as you're squeezing that, you contract your lower abs. And through your lower abs, you eventually start to contract your upper abs. So now all of a sudden, these three power groin, controls a lot of power for men, especially being able to control it. Men, you all know what I'm talking about. So as you contract the perineum and you can track the lower abs and then you can track the upper abs, and then you can track the upper abs, and then you can track the upper- held high, you're actually inhaling through that nose and you're sucking up energy like pulling it through a straw up your spinal column. So imagine that just on the attached to your spine is this thin tube and you're actually transferring the energy from that base shocker, the one in your groin, all the way up to your crown shocker on the top of your head. So for me as I'm meditating my my eyes are closed and I'm breathing these muscles. As I'm sucking it in, like breathing in, I can literally feel after enough breaths, you know, it takes me five or so minutes of breathing this way and focusing on this. To start to feel that alignment where it's just all of a sudden I go to this different place, where no longer do I recognize that I'm breathing. No longer am I mean normally when I med I meditate, you know, you feel the chair, you feel your surroundings, you're cognizant of environmental changes, whether in my house it's, you know, dogs that wake up or kids that wake up or whatever it would be. But when you get to the spot, all that stops. It's like you know you're present, but you're not really there. And so as you do this, imagine then energy radiating out of the top of your head at that crown shocker. And if you do this consistently enough over enough days and in the proper way that Joe is sharing it, all of a sudden you start to feel these shockers align, you start to feel this additional power, start to feel this additional spiritual connection with the world.

How to switch from gamma, beta to theta state (07:08)

Now through that, once you start to get there, Joe dives into explaining what those different brain waves mean, like what is that state you're a part of? Right now, we refer to it as a Theta state. So it's a state that's just below consciousness, but it's not deep asleep. It's somewhere in between. Hence the transcension. You know, you're really switching from gamma to beta to to theta and really making some impactful changes on your life, on the way that you can meditate, on the way that you feel, the physiology of when you get out of these meditation practices. Like, I can't explain the amount of overwhelming calm, but connection to everything where tastes are more prevalent, where sounds are louder, where colors are more vibrant. It's almost like I meditate and I'm now awake for the first time. And he jumps into explaining more and more through this book why that is. Because it's great to talk about theory, but this book doesn't have theory. This has Joe's actual implementation of what he teaches in the seminars. So if you go to Dr. Joe's D'Spenza, go to Google, type it in, you'll see there's a tremendous amount of content that Dr. Joe's put out. He has seminars all of the world, where he literally makes some of the biggest impactful change on a three day seminar of teaching people these practices on how this really works.

Meditation game (08:45)

So the meditation game, if you will, is one thing. You know, you do it in a quiet room and you do all these, you know, chance or whatever you're into. Well, he takes it a step further and starts to walk get you into a walking meditation. Eyes open meditating. Focusing on that breathing, still lining those chakras, dealing with things but being being so present in the moment that you can do it while you're walking around. And through that walk around, still being able to transcend that current space and time, but be present, behind the scenes, if you will. It's really a crazy thing when you start to look at the world through a different scope where everything is not space versus time, that there's more to life than that. You know, one of the most phenomenal parts of this book is getting into the small small part of the brain called the penile gland and Lindsay my wife she was in the veterinary field for a long time and is incredibly in tune to biology and figures she knows every body part possible she never heard of the penile gland before she actually fought me on the fact that it existed until we did some research.

Meditation practice and application (09:50)

And of course it does actually exist. It's in the very top, I guess the best way to say it, is it's in between the cerebral aqueduct and the third ventricle just above the cerebellum inside the brain. It's a really, really small gland. And what's been proven is that the penile gland determines the energy that's delivered directly to the brain. And there's a whole bunch of ways that's been figured out. And again, I want to ruin the surprise of this book. But this is just one of those books that the penile gland, I have to I have to digress for just a moment, the penile gland is actually that that thing that is you're breathing your sucking energy up through that straw and you're taking it from your pereneum up through your abs and up through your spinal column, that when it gets to the base of your neck, you know, almost if you were to reach back right now, take right hand put on the back of your head and you feel that bump there's most of us have a bump right on the back of our head you feel that bump if you could drill a hole into that bump and get inside your head you would hit the penile gland and so as you're breathing you focus on that energy coming up and almost flicking that penile gland that penile gland that penile gland that top your head, that's what starts to create that transcension. So the whole goal of Dr. Joe Disbenza is to really make the world a better place.

In-Depth Analysis Of Project Coherence

Project Coherence (11:26)

And at the end of the book, it starts to wrap up with the fact of, you know, he's trying to get, there's a theory that if impact and affect the rest of the populace. So we just something called Project Coherence and in Project Coherence the goal is to have 3% of the global population meditate focusing on world change at the same time. And I might be butchering some of that because again it's been a few months since I've read this book but across the board that's what this is all about. It's raising that personal level of consciousness, understanding there's something bigger in the world than yourself, understanding that just because science has dictated something and doctor is not some coy term, Dr Joe Despendo was an actual scientist. He's a doctor who has left that field and worked slowly on the quantum of metaphysics. With his goal of changing the way the world thinks and operates and raising a higher consciousness, I heavily encourage you to grab becoming supernatural. How common people are doing the uncommon. If you don't want to digest this side of the size of book because it's a good read, do yourself a favor and hop on YouTube and type in Dr. Joe DISPENZA. And just listen to some of his talks. A lot of his stuff now is going viral in the communities that I'm a part of because it's so impactful and it's so real and it's not theory. It's all practical application. And what I found is if you read a book like this and you apply the practical application day over day you're able to get shit done. Hey guys Ryan here, Thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 minutes to freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to Ryan Nidell.com. That's RY-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L-com.

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