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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host Ryan Naidel and today's episode is it's time to clean house. So this weekend was a wild weekend for me and not wild in a party atmosphere. Wild in the fact of I spent four and a half hours cleaning my house. And there's immense lessons that I learned during this time period. And I'll share those with you guys today. So I work a lot of hours. It never feels like work because I love what I do. I love the marketing business that I have I love the podcast my personal brand growing it loving around the guys in the office so I'm here it never really feels like work so my days I know I've shared this multiple times at the start of 430 I'm out of the house by 7 get to the office by 10 10 30 I'm here till 530 or 6 the day just carries on so with all that being said I admittedly don't help as much as now I know that I need to inside of our household. You know I'm not necessarily a slob by any means I don't do the best at putting my dishes in the dishwasher and I certainly am not the most proficient when it comes to doing laundry. But other than that I'm really not in the house that much. But I also enjoy a very clean house. It's part of who I am. Now I didn't grow up in a very clean house. My father liked a clean house, but my mother didn't put a lot of importance on it. You know, maybe that's one of the reasons they got divorced. Who knows at this point? But what I do know is the fact that there wasn't the obsessive level of cleaning that I eventually gravitated into. And I gravitated into that because the first gentleman that I work for, a guy named Mike, taught me an invaluable lesson and that's if you're going to do something, do it right the first time. And so we would have this test, like I would clean the office that he owned. And he'd walk down the hallway and take his finger and rub it on the top of the door jams, like literally trying to find dust anywhere in his office. And so I was taught at a very young age, and so I was taught at a very young age, and so I thought, I thought he was crazy back then, and so I thought he was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was crazy back then, and so I was. and so I was. and so I was taught at a very young age, you know, 1415, how much those details mattered. I thought he was crazy back then, but now as I've become an adult, I find myself literally doing the exact same thing, like rubbing my fingers on things, seeing dust on it and just getting frustrated internally. It's crazy, and then I get frustrated at Lindsey or frustrated at Giana, when I really should be getting frustrated myself for not helping out. we'll get to that in a moment. So I come home Friday night, had a good day at the office, good day with the team, and spend a lot of time actually of all things learning Forex, foreign currency trading, and just getting my mind wrapped around the mathematics of that and how it works. A good friend of mine, James is involved in it and just add on show me, not on an MLM pitch, but I know a lot of you guys have reached lot of you guys have reached out to me on what you could do to make some extra money and I'm going to be releasing some stuff to help you with a couple different ideas on what that looks like just things I found success with and some things that people I know have found success with. But I had a great day on Friday the regular world, you know, their shoes on the floor and my gym bag, you know, I toss it when I get inside, but it's just not very clean feeling, which is crazy, right I mean, I'm very fortunate. I live in a good size home and a good neighborhood in a good city. I don't have a lot to complain about. But I feel like my life's a little out of alignment right now, you know, because I know we're capable of doing more and we're capable of doing more and we're capable of doing more and we're capable of doing more and we're capable of doing more and I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. I feel like my life's a little out of alignment right now. You know because I know we're capable of doing more and capable of doing better inside of our household but we're not doing it. And so we eventually plan out our weekend and what we're gonna do the date night we're supposed to do on Sunday would take Gianna bowling and the girls are going to ride horses. All these things I mean we plan out our weekend on Friday so that we know we're getting into. They get up on Saturday morning and go to the barn. And when they go, Gianna has a lesson and Lindsay's going to a horse show next week so she's getting all prepared for that and practicing and doing what they do, doing what they love to do.

Personal And Emotional Development

Feeling a little out of alignment (03:51)

And John's lesson I believe starts at 10 o'clock. They're out of the house by 9, 9, 9.30. I've already. I've already gotten my core for it. I've already gotten up. I've already. I've already gotten up and done my core for it and been a productive member of society from the way that I view it. So I'm feeling good, I'm feeling very powerful, but as I look around I'm upstairs in our bedroom and I realize just the magnitude of stuff that's laying around. And a lot been notorious for stacking up my clothes when they get done being washed and admittedly Lindsay washes them most of the time. We have a whirlpool bathtub over in the corner of our bathroom and it has this platform. I just stack my clothes up on that and I literally pull my clothes off this stack instead of being proactive enough to put it away in my closet and in our dresser. I mean it's foolish but I'm looking around this bedroom and I'm like I can do better than this. So I start we have a in our bathroom we have a removed of a section that is just for the toilet and so I get the cleaning stuff I'm like I'll just I'll start in here I'll clean this. So I take everything out the scale and get a broom and get a swifter. Then I get get down on my hands and needs and I start cleaning the baseboards and like getting all the hair and just things off. You know, living with two girls I found, I didn't realize a massive amount of hair that they shed every day. This is not Ryan hair. This is not short little brown hair. This is long flowing, dark brown hair. This is This is long, dark brown hair. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is lien. This is l floor and I'm scrubbing with a swiffer. I'm like, man, it's still not that clean.

A tough day in the bathroom (05:26)

So I go get, you know, bleach. Some bleach and some pine salt. And I'm literally dipping my hand on a bucket and I'm scrubbing these floors on my hands and knees in this six by four part of our bathroom. I'm like, man, man, this looks incredible all right this feels good so I continue on into the main part of the bathroom our bathroom is admittedly vaulted ceilings a little bit larger probably a 20 by 20 room and I'm a bad judge of size so it it could be bigger could be smaller but we have dual vanities and and start cleaning the mirror and cleaning the and polishing the, it's not brass, polishing the metal faucets, the fixtures. And I'm going and I'm going and I'm putting my laundry room in the bathroom and I'm putting my laundry way and I'm getting rid of old clothes that don't fit. And there's all these things that go on. It takes me three hours just to get through our bathroom and closet. We have a large walking closet in the bathroom as well. And all this is all hands and knees, scrubbing the grout, you know, getting a toothbrush and making it white again, you know, really getting deep down into all this, organizing the cabinets and organizing the drawers where our toothbrush and toothpaste are at. And I'm like, man, this is wild. Like, I'm not even out of the bathroom yet. I'm not dilly-dolling around I'm not slow rolling it like I'm aggressive I'm sweating while I'm doing this. We have air conditioning in our house in Ohio it's warm outside but I shouldn't be sweating that profusely so I'm putting in some actual work in this. Then I proceed to go out into our master bedroom again where the the the stuff the TV stand I adjust the pillows and I dust off all the end tables and the TV stand and all the things that are in our bedroom. Our bedroom again is, again, horrible judge of distance, let's say 30 by 20 vaulted ceilings again. So there's massive space, but we don't have a lot of stuff in it. We're a little bit minimalist in the way that we decorate. And so I'm on my hands and knees cleaning the baseboards in this room and getting the cobwebs out of the corner and putting away all the suitcases and putting them in the spare bedroom and it's just step by step by step methodically getting one area of the house just completely clean.

The right kind of lazy (07:25)

And it's everything I can do in this moment not to text Lindsay like, wait until you come home you're gonna be so proud because at this point like I've went from being pissed off that it took this long to being proud of all the movement, all the progression that we've made in this room that I've made in this room. And so we, I continue, continue cleaning the upstairs and vacuuming and dusting and, you know, all the things that go into cleaning the house. And Linda gets home and Johnny gets home, they're so excited about the progress that they've made in their day. And I'm sweating like, well, what have you been up to? You get all your warrior stuff down. I said, well, yeah, I know most of it. I got a little bit left to do. Play Coy, you know, make everybody lunch and we're sitting around talking discussing, then Lindsay eventually goes upstairs. She needs a shower, she needs a shower after she's done, she's got done writing about how incredibly clean this part of our house, she's, she's, she's, she's, she's, she's, she's, she's, and she's, and she's, and she's, and she's, and she's got done riding her horse. And she almost squeals with excitement about how incredibly clean this part of our house is. She comes racing downstairs like, oh my God, I'm so happy, thank you so much. It's such a big weight off my shoulders. I didn't even know where to start. Thank you. I can't believe you did all this. And not only enough, this isn't a thing to me pounding my chest at this moment. I'm generally excited that she enjoys it. And man, if you've ever cleaned the house for your wife, you know there's going to be some special treatment that eventually comes at some point in the next few days.

Contribution (08:49)

Take your mind wherever you want to take it in that instance, but my wife, Lindsay, reciprocates good deeds in her in her in her own way. that. And so we go upstairs and I'm explaining to her what I did, and I explained to her all the stuff. And she's almost crying that she's so excited with how much the room has changed.

Make it easier (09:07)

How much our sleeping area, how much more peace she feels with the fact that it's just clean and organized. And I sit her down before she hops and shourer and say, look, I'm sorry, that I haven't held up my end of the bargain. There's no reason why this should ever get to this massive level of what I'll call dirt that it takes four hours to clean this. Why don't we just agree finally? Because I've been trying to get Lindsay to understand that having a house cleaner, somebody just come and pitch in a few days a week, is not a bad thing. And she fought it because she didn't think that we needed it until she saw how clean this room get, became. And so I'm discussing with her why don't we just start to look at a house cleaner now? Nothing made her just someone to help us keep up with it because admittedly I realize that I have not been holding my weight, but I now can change that because I can add that to my morning routine. You know it's no big deal to make sure that I wipe down the bathroom, wipe down the shower after every time I get out. It's no big deal to dust off the vanity and make sure that it's clean and organized. It's not that difficult to make sure that I'm not spraying toothpaste and water on the mirror and then just walking away from it. It's not that difficult to take the extra two seconds to put the cue tips in the trash can versus having them overshoot and fall on the floor so somebody has to pick them up later. Like its daily actionable items that will create an impact which ends up being true of course for my entire life. You know I've created this system and process in my life to ensure the fact I'm a maximum personal power every day when I leave the house, but I'm neglecting the fact that my house isn't in order. And so there's more power on Sunday, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting, but I'm neglecting the fact, but I'm neglecting the fact, but I'm neglecting the fact, but I'm neglecting the fact that my house isn't in order. And so there's more power yet to be had. And I feel that power on Saturday. I feel it on Sunday. I feel it on Monday. Because I'm realizing now there's just another layer to this. So as Lindsay and I get up and go about our morning this morning, we're doing our normal things. And all of a sudden I see her start cleaning the downstairs. I'm like, what's going on here?

Her house not being clean is your fault (10:58)

Well, what's going on here? Well, now she feels like, she feels, she feels like, the hardest part in her mind is knocked off the table, that the most difficult part is done, that it's very simple for her just to keep up with the upkeep. And so of course I'm pitching in before I leave the house because it's the right thing to do. I don't go to boxing today, I'm sparring tomorrow, I don't go to the gym, today's just a day off. So I can pitch in a little bit around the house in the morning, and it's, and it's, and it's, and by Monday morning, and by Monday morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a little bit, and a little bit more around, and a morning, and a morning, and a little bit more around the morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a little bit, and a morning, and a little bit more around the morning, and a morning, and a little bit, and a morning, and a morning, and a morning, and a little bit, and a little bit, and a morning, and a little bit, and a morning, and a little bit, and a little bit more around the morning. And it feels so good at the fact that now here we have this house that's went from in what I felt like was complete disarray on Friday night to by Monday morning everything feels orderly. It smells like pine salt, it's clean, it's fresh. Clothes are put away, laundry is done. Everything's just got its place in its order. And it's amazing how in a two-day time period everything can change. It went from literally feeling anxious and frustrated Friday night to leaving my house Monday morning feeling centered, balanced at peace and knowing that I contributed. All these things come down to being proactive. You have two choices when you're proactive. You can be massively proactive because enough things build up over enough period of time that you're forced to take action like I was. Our house not being clean is not because we didn't have a house cleaner. It's not because Lindsay didn't get to it. It's because I wasn't pitching in my weight. It's nobody else's fault in mine. It doesn't matter that she rides her ride horses. It's not that I go to the gym. Like it takes a whole family to make sure the house is clean. But in my mind admittedly I had made it so that it was Lindsay's fault. Like I leave the house and go do all this stuff you get to work from home you're supposed to clean the house is a hundred what I thought in my head. But now here we said two days removed and I realize what a messed up story that was to be telling myself. Because if we all chip in just a little bit, we can make a massive impact on the way our house looks, which makes all of us feel better. And so when your own life, where is it that you're delaying things and waiting for them to build up until you're forced to take action. Instead of doing the opposite, which is eating that elephant one bite at a time, one day at a time. Maybe to your job, maybe you're pushing things to the back burner in your career that makes it so the world is just piling up on you and you know you're gonna have to face it. You know there's a, you're gonna push yourself under the gun and do a bunch of work at the last minute that's not going to be your highest quality work because you're being lazy.

Parental Perspective

Protective About Daughter (13:10)

Instead of biting that elephant one bite at a time, you're trying to swallow the whole thing in a weekend to get your quote-unquote job done.

Practical Solutions

About Best Action Steps (13:31)

Or maybe it's in your body. Maybe you've abused your body with drugs, alcohol, bad food, bad food, bad food, whatever these things are that are your vices, and you're hoping that some magic pill, fat loss drug exercise plan is going to instantly change your life instead of taking actionable steps every day to put yourself in a better position. It's going to take time, energy, and consistency, in order to get where you want to get to in life. Just like in your relationship, maybe you've been delaying the tough conversations, maybe I've been pushing things to the back burner because you don't want to have that fight. I was the king of doing this. I would never have the tough conversation, but eventually that tough conversation came and met me smack dab in the face. I was forced to have those tough conversations, just like you're going to be. So instead of letting these things build up, maybe you just attack it right when the things come up. Just think how much better your life would be if every day you took a small, sizable action to becoming a better version of yourself and having those around you be better people. Living the life you ultimately want to live instead of waiting for some massive shift to come in to knock you off center to force you to change. If you're able to do that for yourself, instead of being forced in that situation, imagine how much power you would feel every day. And if you could feel that power every day, you'd be able to get shit done. Hey guys, Ryan here, thanks for joining me today. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please head over to iTunes, Spotify, for wherever you consume audio and subscribe to 15 minutes to freedom. If this brought you value, please do me a favor and drop me a five-star rating. Then share this podcast with someone who needs to hear it. For additional content, head over to Ryan Nidell.com. That's R Y A N N I D E L.com.

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