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Intro (00:00)

Don't forget to sign up for the limited time opportunity of 10 days of in-depth coaching for only $20. There's a link posted inside the description of this show giving you more details. Now, back to a regularly scheduled show. This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Adel, and today's episode is Focus on Your Focus. Today I'm going to share literally cliff notes from a coaching session that I had just a few short hours ago, the lesson that was learned, and the way you might be able to apply it to your life. So I'm incredibly blessed to get to have experiences with individuals all across the globe more hours a week than I can count. I would love to say it's exactly dialed in at 15, but that would be a lie. I only have that many clients, but between some group coaching and some mentorship stuff and never running a stopwatch on the time that I commit to people, I'm coaching more than 15 hours a week. Which is okay because I love it. I wouldn't change any part of it. Just working diligently, I'm becoming more efficient in my practice, the craft. I share that because I get to get these nuggets, these incredible things, right? As I'm coaching other people, it helps heighten the awareness that I have about more situations in my own life and in the lives of others. So much of it you've heard now on this show, the new sense of awareness, the new sense of what's possible, the new sense of focus and direction. It comes from a lot of reps. And today was no different. Today was filled with reps. I'm incredibly fortunate on Fridays where I get to have two separate group trainings and it's soon to be number three. And what that looks like, my first group ends up being the coaches that I'm helping grow their business. Teaching them the marketing, sales, automation, the things that I would know that I've created so far for myself. I'm now pouring that into other individuals while also helping give them potential coaching advice if they ask for it. Again, I have a lot of this figured out, but not all of it.

Case Examples & Concepts

Life Optimization (02:38)

Then I have the pieces and parts figured out that have served me and the clients that I've got the chance to spend time with. But the second group of people I get to spend time with are seven men, maybe it's eight, that came to the life optimization experience. life optimization experience. And these seven, eight men are literally from all over the country and all over the globe. Salt Lake City, San Diego, New Jersey, by way of Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Connecticut, right? There's pieces sprinkled a little bit of everywhere. But there's also an individual that's incredibly powerful and impactful based out of Belgium. Yes, Belgium, the country. That's six hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time that I operate in, got a client there too. He's a part of this group. And he's literally just the most incredible soul. and as we're going around our group training, eventually the attention comes to issues that he or anyone might be having in their life right now, and he brings up this story of his ex-wife moving, changing locations, becoming engaged to a new man, and his two children are going to be forced to move to a different school. The original story that he shared was, I'm frustrated that I didn't get a say in their move.

Spiritual Physics (04:19)

And this will be the third school that my daughter has had to learn in the mere seven years she's been alive. And that's what it presents itself as, right? That was his truth in the moment. And who am I to deny someone their truth? That's what he's feeling. But as we continue to pick and ask some questions and get some more clarity, a new attention comes to the fact that he's actually very frustrated as well that there's an additional 20 minutes in commute time to bring his kids now to their school on the days of the week that he has them. So he's frustrated about that. He's frustrated about the drive time. He's frustrated about how he feels in the car. I get it, don't you? I don't love traffic at all. I don't want an extra 20 minutes of my day in commuting. No more than probably you do. So that all makes sense to me. And so we keep asking questions and poking around, right? I imagine that we're holding this grate in our hand, right? And there's sand and there's dirt and there's rocks and it's just a big pile of stuff. He's holding it and I got one side and some of the guys in the group have a side. And we're slowly sifting this back and forth. Like you can almost imagine the ch-ch-ch-ch of the sand being sifted around and slowly falling through the grate. And if we shift it back and forth just right and for just long enough, we find this gemstone. Some days it's a diamond. Some days it's a ruby. Sometimes it's a piece of jade. But there's always a gift. There's always that stone that's left. And we found that stone together for him. The stone that we found was he had shared earlier in the first part of our group conversation that he felt the most passionate, the most on fire, the most happy in his past week because he was sharing more with his children and he only wanted to spend more time with them. And so his focus in the initial part of the dirt mound that's on top of the grate, the focus that he had was that he did not have control of the situation. And that he wanted to be the one to say what went on. But as we shift things back and forth and gain new perspective on this exact instance, we find that it's actually a beautiful gift.

Rene Story (06:54)

we find that it's actually a beautiful gift. That the fact that his ex-wife moves further away and the children will be in a different school district actually will allow him to share more and longer and more passionately with his children in the car ride on the way to school. And that from an even greater capacity, this is going to be way out there for you potentially, that I encourage him to consider that at some point in his journey of life, he actually orchestrated this exact event. That there were things he did or said or manifested or dreamed that caused his wife, ex-wife, to find her fiance and to move away. And the frustration that he feels is actually not frustration because he orchestrated that based off the fact that he knew at this exact moment he would need, want, desire, and be able to fulfill more time with his children. And so the power of hopelessness and being left without power is actually a fool's errand, that he himself actually has the power because he gets to spend the time, and he gets to pour into them, and he gets to increase communication, and that if he shifted his focus to a new bit of focus, how much brighter the picture would look for him. As I'm sharing this with him, it's very late at night, over in his country, over in Belgium. He's got his true dark red lens glasses on. He leans back with this ear-to-ear smile on his face, and he says, you know what?

Products (08:48)

You are absolutely right. I have been focusing on the wrong thing. And then more importantly, right, a lot of times we just want to stop there. That's okay. We solved it, right? We got the gemstone out of the bottom. But to tie it all together, we have to ask, where are some of the first times in your life you were granted permission or permission was taken away to focus on the right or wrong thing? What happened when you were younger that created the belief system that you needed to be in power all the time? I already know the answer. Because he didn't feel like he had any power or any voice in his household when he was younger. But he's got to dive back in and remember those feelings and those emotions and figure out ways to process those in a healthy manner that allows him to no longer run the same pattern. Because that pattern from his words, not mine, does not serve him. Much like I'm certain you have patterns that don't serve you. We all do, including myself. But the ultimate question would become, what do you do about it? Do you sit back and hope that it gets better?


Finish Strong (10:07)

Do you listen to podcasts, read books, talk to your friends about it, hoping that one day all the pieces will click? Or do you eventually take action to create the life that you ultimately desire? My friend from Belgium did the latter. ultimately desire. My friend from Belgium did the latter. He has decided to orchestrate and construct his life in a way that is meaningful and impactful, not only for him, but also for his children, which is the same thing I would encourage you to do. And whether you need to focus on areas as it pertains to your body or focus on areas that pertains to your relationship, or maybe focus on what you really want out of business, I guarantee that the recalibration of focusing on what you focus on will help provide more fruit when you have a plan, mentorship, and accountability. And when you have those components and you make that decision to bring that into your awareness, and when you have those components and you make that decision to bring that into your awareness,

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