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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host, Ryan. I don't live from Costa Rica, sitting with the founder of Rhythmia Life Advancement Center, Jerry. Hi, how you doing? I'm incredible. I'm incredible. I'm in your house right now. It's like a dream come true to me. It's crazy.

Inspiring Journey & Mysticism

Jerrys Story: The Inspiration (00:31)

Jerry, you've seen so many people come through this place. You're almost 5,000. We're close to 5,000. Yeah, 5,000 this coming week will be 5,000. This has grown. I know the moon told you and you know, if you haven't picked up Jerry's book, shit, the moon said, and I'll just plug it right now. Thank you so much. Love the book. It's incredible. I'll put links in the show notes, but what have you learned throughout this from when you started, right? I have this grand vision, but you're 5,000 reps in basically, right? There's things that you learn along the way. Right. There's things that you learn along the way. Absolutely. I, I'm, my confidence in, in, uh, humans as a whole is completely restored. Like, uh, people are genuinely, uh, interested in the light. They are, we really are. Uh, you know, it's basically, uh, a restoration of, of faith in humanity that humanity, that this movement exists, and there's so many people in it at so many different levels trying to help, trying to assist, trying to make it happen on their own.

Faith in Humanity: KNOW You Are Not Alone (01:21)

This is really this movement, this shift that's occurring is really real. It's going on. Yeah. Yeah. Certainly it is. It certainly is. After. Yeah. Yeah. Certainly it is. It certainly is. After my experience last night, it absolutely is. Yeah. So Jerry, explain if you wouldn't, right?

Jerrys Story: Medicine Journey (01:51)

Read his address version, bring the listeners up to how this all came to be, right? Yeah. So I was an alcoholic drug addict guy that, that, that did really well financially by most people's standards, really well. And I had just sold a company for about 90 million bucks. And I was more sad than I've ever been in my life, suicidal. And I actually tried to commit suicide a couple times couldn't find a way out and and was just one of the one of the meanest and and I would say most unhappy people that I know I was barely hanging on and I threw through a series of events I wound up having no other choice to to try plant. And I came to Costa Rica and had an experience where I was shown the reason that I was so crazy. And the reason was a real solid good reason. And I was molested by my grandfather and I didn't know it and uh and then the moon just laid out how I should live the rest of my life and and that I should buy this place and then within two months I bought this place and that was the first time I was ever in Costa Rica two months later I bought this place and and a year later after that we opened up and and i took 45 more of those journeys from from that particular medicine and the moon showed us how to do every aspect of this business and we followed it to a t and that's that's what's creating this experience for other people yeah that's so wild wild right yeah It's wild, right? Yeah, certainly. And so that roadmap that the moon gave you, now that I've been through some journeys myself, how were you able to document that?

The Original Ayahuasca Explained (03:46)

So the first medicine that I was using was a different medicine. It was Iboga. medicine that was using was a different medicine it was iboga and with iboga you you you read what it's typing with blindfolds on and you verbalize it and record it okay so each one of those are recorded then we switched the bogus and to to switch to ayahuasca and the ayahuasca is much gentler it's a much much gentler experience and uh and it doesn't work exactly that way uh but it has the same things people will see their soul they will they first have to agree with with where they are in life then they will see their soul they'll merge back with their soul and finally get their heart healed. Uh huh.

Iboga vs Ayahuasca: The Medicine Journey (04:47)

Yeah. So the same system works. And I love that. And I love right in the day one, right? You're explaining all this to us, like the client intake and you're such an incredible origin in front of a room and like getting us all rolling and laughing and like making us feel really comfortable. So I appreciate that.

I Love, I Love, I Love. I Dont Like Todd (05:00)

But you share those three progression steps. Yes. And the fact of like, when you first were told this by the moon, like you thought you basically, you know, discovered it myself. I did discover gold for the first time. I did. Yeah. I really thought this is something that I came up with. Like me. Well, my God, my personal God in me came up. He was a gift to me and I was supposed to share it. And I'm the first one who ever heard it. That's what I thought. But it's been around for? 5,000 years. Documented for 5,000 years. Yeah. Yeah, it's so crazy. It is so crazy. Yeah. And then even as the knowledge that you have about how this plant medicine works and the experiences. Right. This is a very, I very I don't say linear expression right but you you know the progression steps I know how it goes you yeah and it's like that part is so fascinating to me this is I call it science of this really there is a science to it yeah right and I'm an engineer by degree like the numbers and I love how you track and monitor everything it's really what type of engineer are you? Mechanical. Uh-huh. Beautiful. Yes. Yes, yes. And so I'm really fascinated if you would share those progression steps and how they came about. It's so interesting that, and it's where, like, in architecture and engineering stuff, things are super predictable. But, you know, you have to have this right angle to support this and all the different things that you do with that. And with the plant medicine, what's predictable is the outcome. So the thing is the process is all over the place. But the process then takes maybe 30 or 40 forms. But it always will land you to a point where you're forced to look at yourself. And that's what I'll call step one. And then from step one, it will always land you to the opportunity to re-merge with your soul. And then from there, the opportunity to heal your heart. Now, how it does it, it does it in so many different ways with so many different people based on your makeup. Some people like being told. Some people don't like being told. It knows what I believe is, what I believe is, is that it's a mechanical system a mathematical sense just this goes in this uh-huh and it's you doing it to you at its highest form yeah and you're that tree as well and this thing we're all in this when you get to that point where you can look and see how you're connected to everything on the medicine can look and see how you're connected to everything on the medicine then everything is you and you're everything it makes sense to articulate it gets all kinds of crazy because like there's there's like guys like graham hancock and and that that that articulate it for a living and they write books this deep and by the time you're done, like you have, oh, I have the understanding of one little piece of it. So what we say is that it's the feeling of understanding. And that's where everything clicks. You can't articulate what your conscious mind can't put together but the feeling of understanding of this is something i've a seen before people get to the other side they get through the medicine get to the other side and and on the other side they're like i my mind didn't know that but my soul knew where we were at i've had a feeling of home it was warm like right now how do you put that into that was last night for me right you it's like you're reading me right now 100 yeah right it's like all this stuff and even the divine orchestration of all of us being here together and like that's absolutely souls unity and bond like we've we've been here like you have been uh-huh it's just the progression of like laying under the stars last night and the warmth uh-huh this is really all there is to life like I've been doing this for ever forever for ever warmth of the Costa Rican air and the stars the music in the background yeah the love in the room it's yeah and isn't that who you were before you were you yeah yes absolutely that's the thing beautiful stuff yeah yeah so jerry get those first three pieces

The Divine is calling you. (08:54)

yep and those come in different iterations for different people right different speeds some people got different ways yeah miracle on day one and here i am on day three and maybe i got it maybe i didn't like i don't I don't know I feel incredible right now so I'm not gonna judge it what are the I'll call it next progression steps right like you get through that section so so let's say that you get through that and then and then uh a guy like you who's already you're already in the healing arts yeah already there you know but for someone maybe who's not there they'll see their invitation into working in some way with this shift yeah yeah and even even even someone like yourself who's been in it they may look at what they're doing in a new way. Some of us that are healing the outer so often, some of us that are always healing and healing and healing are neglectful of ourselves. I'm raising my hand, absolutely. And a lot of times what the medicine is wanting you to do is take care of that little boy in you. And sometimes when you get people in the healing arts who are always healing and expending energy this way, that they come here and realize that it, whatever it is, wants them to take care of themselves and foster and nurture themselves in a different way. Last nice experience for me. Man, it's crazy, right? It is crazy, Jerry. And so how many, I mean, have you lost count of how many reps you've got on this now? No, I record it. I think this is 234 tonight, I think. Wow. Yeah. So every time I take a journey, I'll write a paragraph about it you know just just about what happened and if there was something super different or or unique to the thing you know yeah yeah so do you still set an intention oh yeah yeah okay always yeah yeah it's all almost always the same thing. You know, I keep doing the same thing.

Jerrys intention. (11:35)

I was really, really, really split from myself. So my case was super severe. That, you know, bordering on schizophrenic almost. You know, like way, way, way out to the edges. So, yeah, it took took uh well with me it happened the first time yeah i got back on myself but then to to do this and then to to do it for other people and and when i miss when i miss doing that for myself i can can tell if I miss, if there's 70 people here and I meet with all of them, like throughout the week, I'll talk with everyone and dah, dah, dah. And, uh, uh, I can tell if I do that for three weeks in a row without taking a journey, I can't cleanse the energy of all that stuff without, taking a little time uh for me and so the the journeys are people think oh he's doing that because he wants to be part of the the team and i'm really doing that to cleanse the energy that i keep collecting you know because there's you know how there's stuff right yeah you're carrying the load of everybody that's here in some capacity in one way in a little way yeah in a little way yeah we're like the host for the most incredible party ever that's not even a party it's so much fun yeah party's a bad word right but it is kind of a party right yeah it's a celebration of self right yes because this is deep work right when you're here this isn't like this is deep work right when you're when you're here that this work yeah this isn't like this is hard work yeah getting you know smashed and hanging out no partying like this is work yeah yeah you know like and and you guys have done a lot of work uh but when you see people that that might not have done any, man, they're packing a life's worth of work into a week, and they're falling over, crying, and it's a big thing. Yeah. Well, I love the example you shared with us about the plastic bags.

The plastic bag example. (13:58)

Yes. Right? Yes, the truth. Will you walk through that? Yeah, absolutely. That's such a profound... So, like, in your life, you have so many unexpressed emotions, things you didn't say on the positive and negative side yet. And you put those emotions like in a plastic bag and you swallow them. And, and by the time you're 40 years old or something, 30 years old, you have these, all these plastic bags are in you and they, some of them, uh, have been forced shut and they've taken on an energy of their own. And then you drink the ayahuasca and all of these, it melts all of the bags and you have all these emotions getting relived and rehashed, uh, from years and years and years. And, uh, you just see people, you know, crying about something they forgot about 40 years ago, sometimes 60 years ago. And all of a sudden, boom, it's there and it's gone. And boom, it's there and it's gone. And all of a sudden, so they come in like that and they leave a fresh slate. And it's just, you you're gonna die when you see what what Saturday and Sunday is like yeah you're not gonna believe what these people look like yeah yeah for real well I'm very excited for this evening right yeah this is a big night yeah it's 12 hours yeah or so yes I'm an expert teen yeah okay wild yeah yes what I want to ruin the surprise for myself. What makes this so different? The other experiences are six hours or so. Yeah, this is from the Colombian tradition and in the Punta Maya region of Colombia. And it's ayahuasca, it's a it's ayahuasca but a different more freshly prepared jungle ish mixture of ayahuasca and the chant the prayer the way the night is carried is in a completely different way and and the the shaman tonight we have uh my friend mitra and he's just amazing and uh they really work with with each person to get uh everything cleaned and buttoned up so this is a really good wonderful night people. People after they're done this night look different for the rest of their lives. It's a crazy night.

Who designed the curriculum? (16:30)

I can't imagine. Yeah. I'm even fascinated. How did that orchestration come about? Because I heard originally, I was the plant she's been calling me for two or three years. Had a trip to Peru. It didn't go the right way. Had another trip to California. It didn't go the right way. I had another trip to go to California. It didn't go the right way. And then chain of events, it's obviously divine. I was supposed to be here. Get introduced and get to come down with you guys. We love that. But how? When I came down, it was, okay, we're going to have four sessions. I can conceptualize what it is, but there's such an intentionality to the progression. I know. Everything builds. Why did the moon line that whole thing up? Really? what it is, but there's such a intentionality to progression. I know. Like it's the everything built. Why did the moon, the moon lined that whole thing up? Really? Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This was typed out from well, that first year did 45 in seven months. So in those seven months, that's each one of these things was was discussed and and just typed out yeah even the facilitators uh not them that just came from now here's what's crazy so our our scott and brad uh-huh were from trained by the first guy that served me the medicine in that story yeah trained by the same guy uh-huh that medicine in that story. Yeah. Trained by the same guy. That is crazy. That is crazy. Yeah. Going deep, going deep with the boys, which is not a porn, which is hilarious, but sounds, it certainly sounds like it, but even that experience, right. The love and that energy. Wonderful guys. Huh? Just such, such a super good guys. They're like, you know, as far as fellows go, they're good, good guys. Yeah. It's like, you've literally figured out or the moon or over time yeah every detail like yeah some of the little things were ours like uh like she told us to do the cleanse she didn't tell us how many days or anything like that she told us about the cleanse uh we figured that out over trial and error with this you know and uh yeah but even the guest speakers and even things like that like she said to put a beacon up and people will come and i put the beacon up you know that this is what we're doing and then people and everybody showed up everybody showed up we had to even crazy because michael beckwith right like how he came into your life so crazy prior to this yes and then and then agreed to do this with me. Like, that's crazy. It's crazy. You know? Yeah. He, uh, and, and not only him, but like the, the people that we got here, the Graham Hancocks and da, da, da, da, da. Graham Hancocks on our board of directors.

Gessage from Michilar Lagels (18:54)

That's crazy. You know, how crazy is that guy? You know? Yeah. Uh, just, just amazing. And the people that that come through here and the celebrities and the the golf people and the nascar people and the all kinds of recording like people that will come and be this is what i love about here versus other places so if somebody of of notoriety comes you don't even know who they are they're one of you guys going through the thing and that's why it works so well and it works well for everybody because the beautiful thing about the medicine is it tells you how significant and insignificant you are at the exact same time you know it's the real you get it how, how can you straddle that dichotomy? How can you do it mentally? You can't, you have to do it from here. You have to say, you know, I'm, I'm about, I'm about the same as that leaf on the tree. And yet that leaf on the tree is the most fucking important thing in the whole, like it's just crazy shit. Oh, it is. It's so crazy. One, even to see that I'll say the disassociation as we come into this experience like you said I mean in this week you know I mean neurosurgeons are here there's people from literally all over the globe that are here but all of us look the same you talk the same like there's no definition of what no one's asking like what do you do for a living nobody Nobody ever. Very rarely. Just like conversation. Like, hey, where are you from? What's going on? But it doesn't matter. We ask it for a reason. We ask it because the likelihood of an engineer getting it later than a surgeon getting it, like anybody who's heavily administratively driven, tends to go in a particular pattern. And artists and crazies, they go in another pattern. Musicians, da, da, da. And then regular folks go in another pattern. And then how long you've been at your job, even all that stuff plays in.

How you determine herbs (20:59)

Because you don't notice it. Because you don't notice it, but the whole thing, your whole life process from when you played sports in school to your college life, to then you've been being trained by a system. Honestly, trained by a system. You're not like the people from Columbia. They've been walking in a jungle. You know, we've been being groomed in a system sponsored by government to create an outcome. Right. It's sponsored by government schools. Everything is that way. And but we don't notice it. We don't notice it until we don't really we notice it, but we don't understand it. we notice it but we don't understand it and so so based on how much of that you had uh-huh usually shows when you come out and how you come out so we ask because I like to I like to loosen people up over what they do to get them to laugh at it a little bit you know know, and then, and then that laughter is one of the great conduits to, to the experience, right?

Social, Cultural, And Spiritual Experiences

The Jerry Sandusky (21:54)

Is that being able to, to see how funny it all is, you know, the, the whole thing. Yeah. I mean, Jerry, that was last night for me. Like my, my purge was just, I laughed for like my cheeks still hurt from laughing. Isn't it the greatest four hours? And I realized like how infrequently I just stop and laugh. I'm always so centered on pushing and driving and creating and helping. You're a goer. Yeah. And it's like, if I just stop. Were you an athlete in high school? Yeah. Uh-huh. Yep. What did you wrestle? Football. Football. I was small. I was my height, but 170 pounds. Uh-huh. Right. And so my thing was essentially started using but 170 pounds. Uh-huh. Right. And so my thing was Essentially started using anabolics. Uh-huh turn 19 got to college really my father was Abusive might be too too strong of a term right? He was doing his own stuff, but he was very tough, right?

Sports experiences getting older (22:53)

Strict strict, but also some physical and mental stuff there. Yeah, of course. Yeah, so I Put on the muscle because I didn't want to be messed with. It wasn't a vanity thing so much at that point. I didn't care about that. It was just, I was tired of it. And so then that turned into, well, if I'm doing a little bit of it, I might as well be a bodybuilder and I might as well, I need to become a pro and I need to do all this shit that doesn't matter. Right. And then I have an, you know, kind of wake up, gosh, I'm 35, so wake up at 32, 33. What the fuck am I doing? None of this even matters. I agree. It's not important. I've been stuck on this pattern, this loop of necessity of pushing. I so agree. For what? I agree with it. I really agree with it. Sat down with my father. He said, look, I hate you for all the things you've done, but I love you for him at the same time. Is he alive still? Yeah, absolutely. Oh, cool. Yeah. I sat across from my kitchen table with him. How beautiful. And just like, I get it now. Like, yeah, because you did that, I am who I am today. And I have all this. I hated you. I've been so mad at you for so long, but why? Yeah. Right. There's no, there's no reason for that. No, no. And the thing is, even if there was, there's not. Correct. It's crazy.

My experience with Joe Coleman (24:05)

It's so, it's so nuts. Yeah. You know, it just, you know, beautiful though, right? It's incredibly beautiful. Yeah. And, uh, that, like that experience that you're having here, that awareness will probably, I'm just guessing, but with you, will probably turn back towards you to like more self-care and more stuff like that. Do you have kids yourself? So we have, I have a, I call her my daughter, but she's stepdaughter. Her father's actively involved in her life. Great guy. But the four or five days a week she's at home, she's my daughter. How beautiful. We go do things together one on one and there's no there's just no dissociation because that like one of the things that the medicine does is that if you take a look at the the the tribes and the the how how the difference between our life and jungle life you know and jungle life is immersed in nature and family and that that when you're jungle life is immersed in nature and family. And that, that, when you're, when you're immersed in nature, family and community immersed, uh-huh. Life seems to have a higher point value, you know? So, so the things that, that, that you can take with you are this connection with your family, with community you know those are big things you live in ohio i do uh-huh columbus and columbus and you can get into nature very quickly from columbus and like there's the there's the woods everywhere it's been calling me now for the past six months like all the pieces right like yeah you get it but i don't know how to fully describe this like this has been building to right now. How beautiful. For so long.

Society sees alcoholism and drug addiction (25:45)

I've been slowly denouncing all material possessions, but I don't care anymore. I've sold some businesses. I've had some success. Of course. Basically went bankrupt. Your story was so comparable. That's great for you, actually. Yeah. And then built back up, and now I'm sitting there looking like, we need a small house. I don't care about the car. Like a bunch of clothes. Closer to the country, you get the better. That's it. Like, you know, closer that you can be in nature. And just like if you watch, if that stuff that you're drinking is the dirt of the earth. Yes. that stuff that you're drinking is the dirt of the earth yes and and to watch how how dirt acts and watch how a tree acts and watch how you know trees don't fight with too much shit just watch how it goes they die and get reborn every year like it's a it's just they don't fight their death they don't you know like it's just what is and then to put yourself in that position what what's it all about alfie what is the thing trying to tell you to do what's trying to tell you to be to have to have more joy in your life to have an easier existence this is what this is the the whole goal of it. It's not to get you personally to save the world.

On natural entheogens (26:54)

It's to get you personally to experience more joy. And that's it. And then that sometimes manifests out as you helping other people, yeah? But that's it. It's not that there's no higher, let's get together and build a satellite and launch us into the. It's not that it's let's let's have some more joy. This moment with my daughter, I will never get again. Let me be in this really be in this moment. And I can if you're really in the moment, you can cry about it while it's happening. You know what I mean? Because this is the experience we just had and it's gone you know what i mean because this is the experience we just had and it's gone and what an experience like that's that's the way instead of waiting to have stage four cancer and crying for every fucking thing with such deep regret is to live a life of knowing that each every single thing is going to be ripped from you and to to love it and cry about it at the same time beautiful right it's so beautiful that's the right way it's crazy major it's like you physically were in then everything that I went through last night like everything you're saying it's like you're just repeating everything I went through you know why it's predictable shit like it's not it's not complex it It's not hard. It's simple stuff.

Our society has everything backwards (28:26)

Yeah, I mean, I just feel, you know, our society has everything so backwards now. It does have everything. It keeps getting, that gap keeps growing, you know? The gap keeps growing and the kids are, the kids are getting much smarter. The kids are getting, when you and I were young, right? The first thing you want to do is get your driver's license yep kids aren't that way right now uh-huh they getting a driver's license isn't i had to force my one son to get it and he didn't get it until he was 19 uh-huh because a car isn't what it used to be or mean. Yeah. Things are changing. The thing is that it's, it's our generation. That's, that's kind of screwed, continually screwing it up.

Spiritual Awareness And Problem-Solving

Awareness and Weird (29:07)

They have a better, uh, understanding cause they've seen it doesn't, it doesn't work. Right. You know, if it, if it worked, my mom and dad would be happy if it worked, you know? Yeah. Yeah. Stuff. Yeah. It's really crazy to see, I'll say like this next generation that's having, like you said, the awakening, like look at see that there'll be the ones to share the inflection point with where we're all going. Yep. Like having something like this to be able to tie into that. And I'm gonna think of how much would have been different had I been able to go through this. Yeah, I think so too. 18. Whatever legal age. What's legal even mean? That's a whole other thing. We come down and experience this because the indigenous tribes, aboriginal, they've been doing this. This is just part of their culture. It's just the way it is. They live a happier life. I'm going to tell you I know that there's a ton of people who would disagree because they see these people, you know, sleeping in a hammock and things. But you know when someone's happy and you know when someone's not. They're happy. And they might not live as long. True. You know, they might fall to disease in the Amazon or da-da-da-da-da. But fuck, I never saw more people dying in regret than I see in the Americas. Yeah, there's no comparison. They don't even have words for that in their cultures, right? There is no. There's none of that. No, they don't count. There's all these things that we talk about. What do you mean they don't? I don't think they're backwards. I think they're forwards. I think we've been going backwards. I think so too. I think so too. And if you, if you just take a look, like walk through Walmart and see, see the, the pain in people's faces. Like honestly, dude, it's a painful, you know, especially in the Northeast, the further Northeast you get, it's like they, people are a painful you know especially in the northeast the further northeast you get it's like they people are mad you know they're mad you know yeah you're from pennsylvania right yeah yeah not that far i mean no exactly same drive across pennsylvania go to new york city all the time right for a business i had yes very familiar so you're you're intimately familiar with what it's like to be in that. That region of that. And there's so much more to life than that. I watch people live in a small town, die in a small town, and live in the rat race of a region, and never, ever, ever get a glimpse of happiness. Not even a glimpse of happiness. It's so crazy. It's interesting to me, too, ever get a glimpse of happiness. Not even a glimpse of happiness. It's so crazy.

Where the younger soul is, they can be a bit more tormented. (31:45)

It's interesting to me, too, the soul's progression. What makes it so someone like you or me or whoever always want to go out and explore and see? Yeah, there's something in us, right? Yeah. Yeah, probably with past life stuff. Yeah, I think there would have to be. Absolutely. Because these people that are in a small town, it's like they... They might be new. And that's, you know, there's this whole theory about, and we have a guy here who specializes in it, but about, you know, the young souls and where they live and this, and then they progress and what they're like, what the stages are and crazy, crazy stuff. And you can see it you can see when you meet someone that that you know are they where they're at not only in this life but where they're at overall you know the great news is this is that through awakening when your soul is ready and when you're ready to to re-merge in your soul you can transcend so many lifetimes do so much work and this is collective you take it with you yeah you know like this is a thing that goes like this yeah yep so so the work that you're doing is it's a great benefit to you you know know, to you for the long run. A wonderful, good benefit because, you know, who knows what you're saving? Right. Who knows the torment that you might be saving? 100%. I mean, it's fascinating you say that because I've had this thing on the show and with the business and all this to make an impact in 125 million people's lives before I cash out. I love that. I love that. And it comes to me last night, that's such an arbitrary, like I've already done that. You must have. Right. Because you got the idea. Yeah. And then, you know, that I've been living this way in many souls times.

The Data Application (33:37)

Like this is not something new to me at all. Absolutely. It's not an idea you would get on your own. It's something you are familiar with. Yeah, absolutely. Yes. Yeah. Clearly. me at all absolutely it's not an idea you would get on your own it's something you were familiar with yeah absolutely yes yeah clearly even planting that seed did not have it be i guess people listen to the show and things like that or work with me the generational changes that can happen just by an idea being planted into their mind absolutely that's already been there they just they're pulling it now yeah it's there absolutely yeah it's it's really amazing stuff it's just so fascinating. Like I love all of this. You're a great guy. I appreciate it. You know, you really are. Yeah. You're a great guy. You're a great couple. You're a great, great. Thank you. Yeah. Nice. Love my wife. I put her through hell and she, she made me guys are perfect together. I can see like from a distance. You're, you're, you're perfect together. Thank you. Yeah, nice. Thank you very much. Yeah. So what's, I don't want to say what's next, but are there more things that are coming? I mean, obviously you're a data guy, right? Yeah, we always love to collect data. So one thing that we noticed is that people are having a hard time finding each other. people are having a hard time finding each other. People like this because like walking down the street in Columbus, you might be meeting, walking by people like this and you wouldn't even know it. Right. But they'd probably be one out of 90 or 100 people, right? So we created a dating application that's coming out in June called Our Love, a dating application that's coming out in june called our love our l of arrhythmia love and uh uh it's to connect these people who are looking for each other yeah you know and they can't seem to to find each other yeah so we're doing that and then uh maybe in a year or two looking for another one, maybe in, in maybe in Asia to service that, that whole market, you know? Yeah. Yeah. That's beautiful. It'd be cool. Yeah. And then that's it. I'm getting old and tired, you know, whatever you got, you got a lot of lives still doing. I hope so. Yeah.

Closing Thoughts

UHOT Story Saying No. (35:40)

I hope so. Yeah. Jerry, I want to acknowledge your time and just all the brilliance and thanks so much for coming man I couldn't be more thankful that you have this we're happy to have you and I know that we we searched you out and got you and we're glad that you're here and more than that I'm glad that you're having the experience that you're having and I hope you talk about it on your show after saturday so you see the the finished product with you at some point so i certainly will i've been doing much like you said go figure every night to get back to the hotel or back to the room not hotel room and i've been recording uh how cool live episode not live episode but i've been recording the episode walking through So I'll be able to go back and document it. How cool, dude. That's the thing, because I want you to see what happens here on the weekend. It's a different place with a different vibe. It's so different. What's so different from being in it to being the observer and the different levels of peeling back? And watching the people around you. Because I'm sure we all We all make these opinions Yeah, and we see someone and you think oh this is never gonna work for that person and to watch How it the net catches every fish. It's a crazy thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, well what basically 94% of the people to come here have that experience have that that success rate? Yes Yeah, and then the ones that come back so the ones the six percent that doesn't click the first time are the first to come back and then 94% of them get it the next thing what do you think the reason is why people don't get it I think that that if you come knowing it all already it's very hard for the plant to work. I mean, I know you have. There's got to be specific personality types. There's got to be something in there. It's not really a type. This is the thing. It's more of an attitude. Like I can tell from, I can't tell with any accuracy, but I can tell with about 50% accuracy that who uh, who's going to have a hard time. Would there be a way, I mean, this, my mind's going, would there be a way to take people, you know, 10, seven, 12 day lead up into this to get them to probably, probably would be a way. Uh-huh. And it would be, it would almost be like deprogramming is what would have to have to happen you know absolutely but with the tracking monitoring if they watch the videos and some of the assignments yeah no that there might be something to that i mean not for real from 94 to 100 right it's only six percent yeah but it's a big six percent it's huge yeah right absolutely yes yeah yeah well jerry thank you so much thank you so much man Thank you so much, man. So great to have you, man. Thank you. So great to have you. Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah. And you're a great guy. Thank you. you

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