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Opening Statement

Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Elite Life Optimization Coach Ryan Neidell, and today is day number three inside the quadrant of life referred to as family. We have covered messages of appreciation, love, honor, and gratitude to the people closest to us and to our family. Family being our children or our parents, either side of the equation. And I fully realize that you might be the one person out there who has parents that are deceased and children that have not yet been born. So what would someone like you do? That's the million-dollar question. Now, I say million-dollar question. I literally mean that with the intensity of $1 million. How could I say something so grandiose, you might ask? Very simply. You see, it's my belief system that if we can rewire the patterns that we have and the habits that exist, if we can truly get in that sense of gratitude and find the silver lining and the positive to every situation, that then of course ties into something that we could refer to as law of attraction or manifestation. Even if we don't want to go that far, doesn't it feel better to think good things than unpleasant things? Don't you holistically feel like a better person when you are smiling and happy versus angry and frustrated? Of course, of course you do. Same way that I do. But yet we stumble over the simple stepping stones to be able to create the life that we want that's filled with gratitude. And that ends up being the simple daily habits that get us there. Like letting someone know that you honor and appreciate them, that you're grateful for them. And so I have something that I do from time to time. And perhaps where you sit, you might have to do this more frequently than not. There are times in which I want to send additional messages to people that aren't necessarily family. They're people that I've connected with over the years, but that I might not be connected to in the moment. These people would be the thousands of contacts inside of the iPhone that's in my hand. And so what I'm able to do is just simply take my finger and keep swiping, swiping, and swiping. And whether the universe provides it or my subconscious provides it or somehow the person that appears on the screen, when I no longer look and no longer swipe, whether they're giving some sort of energy that they need this, I get back a list of people. Typically, it's somewhere around 15 on a full page. Today, there is someone who will be a guest of the show who is an incredible man that I would encourage you to reach out and follow. As luck would have it, as I'm scrolling, Ryan Moran popped up on my phone. Not only that, but prior to stepping into this episode, as I scrolled through Instagram for three or four seconds, the feed and the picture at the top was Ryan Moran, who's writing his new book, 12 Months to a Million Dollars. He's in New York City right now as I record this. More importantly so, as I look down at my computer, and you might have heard that little bing in the background, that little noise. The email that popped up just happened to be from Ryan Moran. So I would say, I would venture to say, that energetically there's something here. There's some sort of alignment. There's some sort of reason for him to receive a message from me right now. Which is exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to send Ryan a message real time. You see, Ryan was someone that was around our old hosting office in Akron, Ohio. Specifically Fairlawn. Ryan was comedic relief. Ryan's best friend then, and might it even be now, is a gentleman named Mark Jenny. Mark was one of the ones that taught me a lion's share of what I know about marketing, direct response, and how to get on-page optimization to really be second nature. Ryan would come around the office, Ryan would spend time, Ryan would laugh and joke, and Ryan even at that point in life dated one of the young ladies from the office. Ryan and I had a respect and a friendship for one another or with one another, but I would hardly say that we were bosom buddies.

Focusing On Ones Pasion

The importance of going all in (05:26)

We were not best friends. At that point, I was solely focused on the acquisition of money and fulfilling my fragile ego. What car could I buy? What plane could I charter? What bottle service could I have? What watch could I wear? What new pair of shoes and belt would I be adorning that day? Well, Ryan was focused on long-term growth. Ryan was focused on actually knowing how to market things at a core level. Ryan was focused on creating a brand, a brand that had an enterprise value and a brand based around the Amazon storefront world. Ryan went on to have immense success and is still currently having incredible success after exiting that little startup company that he'd created when we were all in Akron together. You see, Ryan extended his hand at one point to offer me the ability to be a sales rep or an affiliated athlete with his brand. It was a supplement company. Admittedly, from how far my head was up my rear end, I couldn't see the light of day. I said yes and thank you, but gave it very little effort, very little consistency. I said yes and thank you, but gave it very little effort, very little consistency. I did introduce them to a couple other great individuals that I believe helped them grow their business, but across the board, I just played half in. Then as fate would have it, as Ryan's hard work would show, his doubling down on himself and this business that he created, taking the long money instead of the quick, fast money, paid off dividends. He sold his company for more money than I have been privy to in my lifetime. I believe it to be eight figures plus and actually has an incredible, incredible story behind it where now he owns something called where he goes out and changes the lives of people all over the world. Ryan, just a phenomenal guy. Literally the path that took me to Rhythmia started with Ryan Moran. From being at his house in Austin, Texas, for a mastermind that I almost didn't go to, to being there and being connected with a man named Rob Dial, who opened up his computer and had a Rhythmia sticker on the back of it, to asking him what he knew about the resort, to then having open conversation with everybody in the room about psychedelics, ayahuasca, LSD, mushrooms, and everything in between. Having Rob Dial introduce me to Brandy, having Brandy introduce me to Jerry, having Lindsay and I go down to resort, and then here we sit building out new things with the Rhythmia team. All this circles around Ryan, which is exactly what I'm going to send him. How much I appreciate his keeping his nose down and doing the right thing at all costs. And how without even knowing it, he dramatically has impacted my life. Because him showing up as the best version of himself has allowed me to begin to show up as the best version of me. And this is this crazy butterfly effect as it's referred to, or the ripple effect that ends up happening when you show up for yourself. When you do what you know is right in your heart, instead of what your brain tells you you must do. You see, Ryan's one of those rare situations where things just went how they needed to in the moments they needed to to create alignment for me Ryan also happens to have a phenomenal first name and a beautiful little four-year-old daughter. I share all this, all this background story, all the pieces and parts about Ryan Daniel Moran. Follow him on social media, follow him on Facebook. He's got a podcast. He's got all types of stuff, But I share all of it because look at how that just happened. Literally, if you were watching this on YouTube, you would have seen me hold up my phone, scroll without even looking at it, and end up on Ryan Moran's name. I had no idea it was going to end up there. But instantly I can stop and I can think like, what could I be grateful for somebody on this page for? And Ryan's name jumps off. I have so much to be grateful for that he has added to my life and admittedly there's a story like that for every person that would have been on that page there is something I could be grateful for everyone in my phone contact you might be saying right now well that's not possible right I use my phone for business. I just get everybody's number and I put it in my phone. I'm going to challenge that belief just for one moment. Let's say you are that businessman or woman. And you do get that card from somebody and you put it in your phone and you're super anxious to maybe do business with them or maybe you're doing them a professional courtesy by just acting interested you still shared time and space together you still still shared a moment maybe a meal maybe a drink maybe a brief conversation or a common interest there is something that you shared. And I would encourage you that if you go through your phone and you can't think of something you shared with a person whose name is in there as a contact, it's probably time to remove them. Because if you can't express true gratitude for the people that are in your life, the people that are in your pocket on your phone, I have to ask, what are they doing there? It feels a little pointless. And so today's brief lesson based around gratitude ends up being for those that don't have children, that don't have parents, or maybe that just want to expand upon this differently and reach out to someone that needs it.

Todays lesson (11:39)

Because for all I know right now, Ryan Moran in New York City needs this as a little inspiration to keep writing his book to make a greater impact in the world. And from that place, I'm sure that Ryan Moran, just like you, will continue to get shit done. you

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