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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, elite life optimization coach, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is I Want It. In today's show, I'm going to share with you one of the most incredible complimentary giveaways that I've ever come up with and an opportunity for you to get $1,000 worth of stuff with no expense. This is a show you're going to want to listen to. So I'm pretty convinced that people that give the most make the biggest impact. Think about this just for a second. The people that I believe have given the most value across their lifetime are going to be people like the Dalai Lama, right? I think that's a pretty good one. We could all agree he's given the world plenty of gifts and some incredible ideas. Maybe if he's not your thing, maybe it's Mother Teresa. She's got a pretty good soul and spirit about her. Then I'll look at one of my personal favorites. We go Tony Robbins. How much stuff has he given away in his lifetime? The man feeds like a million families on Thanksgiving with his charities and donations. These people just give and give and give. Now, granted, there's this whole saying that to whom much is given much is expected and i i certainly understand in tony's position the best that i'm able to right now ask me again in 15 years it'll be a different position much closer to his but there's like this requirement like you get to a certain point and you have all that you possibly can want and so it feels right it's actually also in spiral dynamics one of the constructs that I coach through or coach by. Once you reach a certain point and you've done enough things, it's your goal in life to help other people achieve the same. That's what this episode ends up being about, is I want you to have access to all the things I possibly can without having to make any sort of financial investment. Now, what are all the things? Well, the team and myself have developed resources upon resources upon resources of endless amounts of quality documentation of how to deal with problems or how to optimize your life. And we have things on blue light and meditation and journaling and, gosh, name something. What foods to put in your body, how to make a green smoothie, how to... Our PDF library is probably a few hundred, if not a few thousand pages of incredibly valuable information. Most of which, admittedly, unless you've worked with me in a one-on-one capacity, very, very deep capacity with a big financial investment, you have never seen these things. They are exclusively limited to the people that I work with. It just felt right up to that point. Think of all the knowledge I have, all the things that I do, how hard I work on this craft. It didn't feel right to just give those things away. But then I started asking myself, why? Why didn't it feel right? But then I started asking myself, why? Why didn't it feel right? Well, simple answer is a scarcity mindset, that if I were to give away all the quote-unquote secrets, then why would anybody pay any money to work with me? I'll tell you why, because they get access to me. They're not getting access to PDFs. You don't coach with me or spend time with me because of a PDF. A PDF is a byproduct of the knowledge that I've acquired over my lifetime that comes out on a sheet of paper. But knowledge received doesn't mean knowledge applied, so why am I holding onto these documentations of what works? The answer is I'm not going to anymore. I'm going to allow you to have access to them without paying anything. I truly don't want anything from you. Okay, so now it's, wait, wait, wait. I can almost hear it from where you're sitting. I'm hearing your thoughts as you're listening to this show. You need to tell me that the guy that doesn't like free things is going to give away some stuff for free. There's got to be a trick. There's got to be a trick. There's got to be a catch. There's got to be something on the backside. This is breaking the frame of reality that I would view Ryan through. I understand. I hear you. And I don't inherently disagree with you. Now, I know you're not going to put the value on this as if you spent time on a one-on-one coaching protocol with me, or maybe a group setting, or buying the videos that I have access, that I've created, right? All these things I've done. Maybe you're not going to find the value, but maybe you're one of the 5%, right? It's literally 5% of the people that will download these resources and take action on their own. There's 45% that would take action if they were held accountable. And for whatever the reason, there's 50% that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you or I lean in, they're just not going to move. Only you know which one of those three buckets you're currently in. The beautiful part is I wouldn't care what bucket you were in if you're my client I can move you from one to the other to the other if you're open-minded and willing to do the work Which is what so much of this comes down to And so as I come up with the pdfs like okay, how do I get them to you What's something almost everybody can do? Because I want to automate this. I'm to the point in the business where if you have emailed me and I have failed you and not responded back, I apologize for being a jerk. I just can't keep up with all the correspondence back and forth.

Skillset Differences And Cost Management

Cake Walk (06:20)

As I record content, shoot podcasts, coach clients, spend time with my family, my email is like this black pit of death that I never want to visit. Inevitably, I would love one of you to help screen my emails and work inside the company and do some different things. If you do want to do that, you of course can email me, put helper or I want to help in the subject line, and maybe we'll have a conversation. I'll watch out for those. But instead of going through the email delivery system or asking you to go to my website and type in a bunch of letters and numbers that you might end up forgetting or mistranscribing or transposing, I came up with something I think is a little bit better. What better to me is 90 plus percent of us have Facebook, right? I mean, I know everybody in this office has Facebook and every client I've ever worked with has Facebook. So I think it's fair to say a large number of people are using Facebook right now. And so I could post a link on Facebook, but that's going to get lost in the noise. I mean, think of, you posted something three weeks ago, think of how many things you're going to have to scroll back through and look through to even find it.

Core Differences (07:35)

It just gets buried with all the content that's out there. So it doesn't dawn on me. I can get it to you through my Facebook Messenger because I look at all those correspondence all the time. I'm always in there. It just works. I mean, think about it. You get that little red number one, number two, number three in the top right-hand corner of your mobile phone because your Facebook app's open and someone's messaged you. With the quickness you open that, it's like 100% open rate. I'm the same way. I get it. So all I want and need you to do, all you're going to do to get access to this is go to my business Facebook page. If you're not following it, it's Ryan Neidell, just like it sounds, just like it's spelled R-Y-A-N-N-I-D-D-E-L. It's the profile that is set up as a business page, meaning my profile picture is just me. It is not my wife and I. Go to that page, go over to Messenger to send me a direct message. One right now, it's a little blue dot with a little squiggly symbol across it. Once you click on Messenger, type in, I want it. That's it. I want it. And then I will message you back, giving you access to all the resources that I possibly can cram in there. You'll have them all. You can do anything you want with them. I don't care if you turn them into your own version of a booklet and try to sell it on eBay or Amazon. More power to you. But I want to make an impact in your life and change it. Which also comes to the next part of this conversation. Maybe it's the fact I'm just about to go to Rhythmia, or maybe it's the fact of I feel as though I've had an abundance of great things happen in the past few days, but I feel compelled to then select one of you that message me, I want it. I'm going to message you at random. For an hour-long Zoom call, face-to-face, to cover whatever you want to cover. You'll be in the driver's seat. If you're dealing with emotions inside of your head and you want those reframed and repositioned, we can cover that. If you want to know how to get unstuck in your business and create new systems and processes and operations to allow you to get to seven figures while having more time at home with your family, we'll cover that. If you want to talk about how to have more sex and intimacy with your partner or go out and find a new partner, we'll talk about that. If you want to know about meditation, like I really don't care what it is that you want to talk about. You have an hour of uninterrupted one-on-one time. You say, well, gee, thanks, Ryan. It's just time. Who cares? It's probably time I finally share with you what all this really looks like from my position.

Real Costs of Time (10:48)

My one-on-one clients are not able to get into my calendar without a $15,000 investment for 12 weeks. Now, instead of doing all the complicated math and the equations, I view my time at the bare minimum of worth $1,000 an hour. Think about that just for a second. I view my time at $1,000 per hour. Where do you view your time at? This is not a comparative measure to trigger you. This is for you to pause for just a moment and think, if you value your time at $100 an hour, I don't care if you value your time at $100 an hour, I don't care if you value your time at $20 an hour. And you go through and you think of all the tasks that you do all day long that are under that dollar amount. I would challenge you to expand your belief system of what's possible in time management by backfilling your life with people that are willing to do the work you don't want to do for less money than it is that you're worth. What that means in my position is we don't have conversations unless there's $1,000 on the table. As I book speaking engagements and things like that, it's travel times at that rate, speaking times at a rate that's a multiple of that, travel time home is at a rate of that. Because what I do and how I show up is so different than anybody else I've met. And the results that I have and the success that my clients show is so incredibly impactful that that's what I'm worth. And admittedly, I think it's undervalued.

Doing a Facebook Messenger (12:24)

So the fact of hopping on a Zoom call that's a specific hour of time for someone that's selected at random for going to the Facebook Messenger and typing in I want it is massively valuable. Not only from my time standpoint but the knowledge you get in that hour you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. All of this for simply deciding today to open up however you're consuming this podcast and try something new. Because my goal is still to make an incredible impact and what I do works incredibly well. Because my goal is still to make an incredible impact. And what I do works incredibly well. Now I must fully say that if you come back and listen to this six months after it's posted live, three months after it's posted live, really even two weeks after it's posted live, my skill sets are going to be better. The books I will have read will have been more significant. My knowledge is going to be vastly superior. And I'm going to show up at an even bigger level. So part of this is selfish on my side. By unveiling to the public, to you as you're listening, the pieces and parts behind the scenes to the best of my ability through the platforms we're able to use, it forces me to expand at a much more rapid pace. Because I know I have to come up with new things that are even more valuable than the ones I'm willing to share with you. Because the value that I create for my one-on-one clients will always be there. Which is interesting. It's interesting to think of the time value of money that I put on myself. It's interesting for me to ask you then where you put your value of time. What are you doing to increase that value of your time? Where are you showing up where your time is squandered, which is squandering money and capital resource? If you're being honest with yourself, there's a bunch of places. Because I am hyper-focused on that right now, and there are hundreds of places in my days where I'm doing things that are way under my internal value. So I want to make sure that I didn't leave anything out here. I'm going to give as much value as I possibly can through the resources that I've created by having you go over to Facebook, follow my business page. You don't have to follow it. I don't care. Don't follow me at all. Just message me and say, I want it. You'll get it. I'll message you over how to get it. From there, I'm going to take one of you, someone, either as you're listening to this on the podcast or someone that sees it on social media or someone we run a little traffic to, is going to be selected at random to spend a little time with me.

Resources for Everything (15:16)

And I'm doing all this really to push myself to expand into a greater capacity that I'm currently operating in, which is my one wish for you is to never stop expanding.

Stopping Envelope And Seeing (15:34)

Whether it's inside the gym and doing an extra two reps or lifting an extra five pounds or going for an extra mile run, don't ever stop pushing the envelope and seeing what's possible. run, don't ever stop pushing the envelope and seeing what's possible. If it's inside your relationship and you're having sex once or twice a week and you want it 17 times a week, push and see what's possible.

Value In Mindful Systems

Siphoning Value (15:51)

But it's going to start by you showing up as the right version of yourself. And same thing inside a business, right? We all have this thing. I want to make a million dollars. I want to make a million dollars. That's awesome. That's a great goal. I have no doubt you'll make a million dollars if you focus. But I'm going to encourage you to push way bigger than that. You're capable of doing more than that. That's just a stop on your journey, my friend, when you keep pushing and expanding. And when you're able to own and embody the lessons from today's show, what will happen afterwards, every day of your life going forward, is you'll be able to get shit done.

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