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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Adel, and today's episode is It's Not You, It's Me. It's not you, it's me. Today I want to share with you a quick lesson that I have learned from shopping for offices. Now, if you're someone that works inside of a company, I love you for it. That was the story of my life for a long time. There is nothing wrong with that. You think about your day in your life and you hop in your car from home, wherever home would be for you. You navigate traffic. You find a parking space outside the building. You walk into the building. You sit down at your desk. And you go to work. At some point when the day is over, you repeat that cycle in reverse, and you end up at home. I share that with you because have you ever thought about what it takes to occupy the middle step of that process? To literally find an office, to then furnish an office, to then provide internet for the office and all the accoutrements that are required to run a business in modern day times. If you were like me, that answer was, hell no. I never considered it. As I was running car dealerships, it was a line item on the balance sheet, the rent factor. As I was running car dealerships, it was a line item on the balance sheet, the rent factor. Now in our world, the dealer principal owned the land. He owned the buildings. He essentially used profit from the business to pay himself rent to allow the dealership to operate. Completely normal, completely usual.

Discussion On Rent And Lease

Rent is a Line-Item (02:05)

I won't get too far in the weeds with that, but it was nothing that really mattered. It was just money that came off of the bottom line or came off the top line. As I transitioned into the web hosting world, I was essentially a glorified salesperson to start with. It still didn't matter. I didn't even consider it. It was a breath of fresh air for me to not have to worry about in any capacity what rent was costing us. Because before, that was part of how I got paid. I was certainly concerned with or worried about the profitability of a dealership. Now stepping into the affiliate manager role, I got to show up at the office. I said I needed a computer and a computer was there. These things just magically happened. Well, that was, of course, until I took over as president and CEO, whatever you want to call it. Then the stuff really mattered. Then I saw just how much our lease was. Then I saw just how inefficient we were. That story took its twists and turns. We ended up getting rid of the company, selling it, however you want to say it. And then I'm going to just fast forward all the way to right now. The office space that we sit in to record this podcast that I run my coaching company out of, that we used to run our marketing company out of that has housed all types of different things, is about a 2,100 square foot, what used to be concrete box.

Renting & Opportunities (03:39)

A good friend of mine that owns an apparel printing company here in Columbus. Him and I were going back and forth. I was in the process of needing some office space and the front part of his building became available. No, it was an empty shell. There was nothing here. There were multiple floors and his brother owns a woodworking shop and they were coming to the bottom floor. There's another company that's coming into the bottom floor and there was a space left above, which is where we sit. Now, this space is something that I was renting or am renting currently, right? I don't own any piece of this. But of course, we built out the room that I'm sitting in. The room that if you've coached with me or ever been on a Zoom call, you see the background. If you're watching this on YouTube or you see this on Instagram, this, we built this little 14 by 14 room. That wasn't included in the cost of rent. I bought the equipment. It was a labor, the man hours. Actually, Miles Dawson and his father, Tim most of it. 90 plus percent. It was great. We had to paint the floors. We had graffiti down on the walls. All these things. Wanted to make it feel like home. And it does. and it does. It does feel like home. However, in an effort to start to consolidate down my life and become more efficient or in cheesy marketing terms, more optimized from the fact of I offer life optimization coaching, I realize that I'm spending 38 minutes a day, each direction, driving to this office. Now, that might not sound like a lot. Perhaps your commute's much longer. For me, that's an hour and 16 minutes each day that I lose. Or the better part of six hours every week, or 24 hours every month. I think you see where this is going. 24 hours every month is one half of one work week that I am spending in the car driving from my home to this office. Needless to say after a year of being here I've started to consider different opportunities. You see I started noticing in my 38 minute commute the number of vacant office spaces that I have to pass each day. It's tremendous. More than I can count. And so, of course, I do some research, right? I don't remember the lease that we signed.

Lease (06:40)

I don't remember the terms of it. I do remember in the back of my mind it was a a year long commitment, which we have certainly upheld, but I'm not certain about any of the other criteria. Now, in the amount of time that we've been in this space, my friend that owns the apparel printing company, his business has grown and expanded, and he has now moved across really this courtyard area to a building that's a little bit bigger, but I could certainly throw a baseball out of our upstairs window and hit his truck that would be parked out front. He's grown and expanded. So I went over and had a meeting with him and just asked, what are the terms of our lease, right? Are we getting kicked out? Are we getting evicted? What's going on as you have moved? I said, no, month to month, just give me 30 days notice. So I started going over all the math, right? The car I drive gets about 16 miles to the gallon. I drive X number of miles a day to work. The time value of my money, how much I charge for my time, how many hours I'm spending in the car. how much I charge for my time, how many hours I'm spending in the car. Man, the amount I pay for rent here, I could pay almost two and a half times if it only took me eight minutes to drive to the office, and it would be neutral. I don't need an office that's two and a half times, and the rent factor over on my side of town is certainly not two and a half times the rent of the space that we're in now. So it's going to be time for a move. The logic is the logic. Here we are. I came into this equation because at that moment in time, more than a year ago now, almost 15 months ago, moment in time more than a year ago now, almost 15 months ago, I was close with a man that owned an apparel printing company that was looking for a little bit of help and assistance. And it made sense for me to invest in this space. Now I can sit here and cry about the thousands of dollars I paid for the graffiti on the wall. I can sit here and cry about the multiple thousands of dollars it costs to build out this room, the thousands of dollars for the staging area that we shoot videos on. So all these things won't be able to come with us. But I finally come to the realization that holding on to the money that I have already spent and the emotional ties to that money is limiting my growth going forward. Think about your life right now. Think about the clothes you won't throw out of your closet because you remember spending money on them and thinking you're going to eventually wear them one day, so why would I get rid of them?

Holding On To Money (09:21)

Think about the habits you have or the ideologies that you hold so dearly based off the fact that you spent money to achieve and earn those thoughts. Now think if you would, just for one moment, how different your life could be if you decided after this moment that the fact you spent your hard-earned money on those items, those things, those thoughts, had no additional weight? And moreover, what would change in your life if the dollars that you spent on that, the minute you said, I don't care, I'm moving forward, if your bank account had that many dollars back in it, would you change? I believe the majority of our answers is yes. It certainly is mine. Right here I am thinking, man, we built this office and the podcast and the videos and all the content. It's all been right here.

I Dont Want To Have To Go Somewhere Else (10:16)

I don't want to have to go start over somewhere else. And I'm going to hold on to the fact I've invested money in this space. Even using the word investing is a misnomer. It's my brain trying to justify what's happened. Facts are I didn't invest money in this space. I threw money away into this space. You see, this is a renting unit. I knew when I spent money to change the feel of a rental unit, I was never going to get that money back out. I knew it when I made the change the feel of a rental unit, I was never going to get that money back out. I knew it when I made the decision, but I made the decision anyways. How different could your life be if you were dishonest with the decisions you were going to make and you stopped lying to yourself about what it is? Just like I had to stop lying to myself about investing in this office, I threw money away to get here. At the time I made the decision, it made sense to me. I was thinking short term, not long term. I was thinking for the next year, this is no big deal. And a year, shoot, we'll be printing money, we'll be doing all these things, I'll end up buying the building. That's where this is going. Shoot, we'll be printing money. We'll be doing all these things. I'll end up buying the building. That's where this is going. And while I have done well for myself, I have no interest in buying this building. I have no interest in being a landlord. I have no interest in having occupants. I don't want any part of this and owning this particular space. So although at the time I made the decision, it benefited my friend, it then benefited me through that benefit, I now realized it's not about him, it's about me.

Kirks Lease Is Up (12:06)

I have to pivot and make a change to impact the efficiency of not only myself, but then the business and the life of the men that are involved in this company. It just so happens at the same time I'm making these decisions, that Kurt, who you have never heard before, but is actively a participant, sits across from me through most of these shows. Kurt's lease is up on his place. Same time, same everything. So we'll be able to make a synchronistic move to keep his commute short and my commute short. Imagine how much more we will get done and how much happier we'll be, at least for me not having spent an hour and 16 minutes a day in the car. Shrink that down to 8 to 10 minutes each way, right, so 20 minutes total. I'm saving a tremendous amount of time and that allows me to pour into myself, pour into my family, pour into the guys, and pour into you and my clients at a much higher capacity. This all leads me to ask you the question. In what areas of your life are you not owning what is actually best for you? You know how this game goes by this point. Talk about your body. You might have a trainer that tells you to do one thing. You might have a dietician that tells you to do another. You feel things that are off, but no one seems to hear you. And so, you just keep going. Maybe there's a chance there's a misalignment there. Maybe you need to consider what could happen if it was just about you. And what about in a relationship? Lord knows I was the king of this. I wish there was a million times, at least six times I can think of, that I would have sat across from my partner and said, it's not you, it's me, I need to leave. But I was too weak and too fragile and too adverse to conflict and too egotistical to ever actually pull that off. And I think business could be the most relevant for most people listening, maybe including yourself. I think business could be the most relevant for most people listening, maybe including yourself.

Reflection On Job

Maybe Its Your Job (14:31)

There's a high probability you are in a job right now that you don't enjoy. You just don't like it. You wish there was something different for you. But you're staying in a job because of security, because of a paycheck, because, because, because. And magically weeks stack into months stack into years where you're still in the same job, still feeling unfulfilled, without a path towards something greater. What would happen in your life if you just went in, said to your boss, it's not you, it's me, I'm moving forward. There is always a way to figure things out and you are forced into a corner. You will figure out how to produce. I've been there before. It works. I share all this with you because I found in my life that when I finally own the fact that it's not someone else, it's all about me. And I live my life through those eyes. I'm consistently able to get shit done. you

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