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This is 15 minutes of freedom. I'm your host Ryan Idell and today Lindsey's in the studio. Hi, guys. What's going on? Guys, that's sexist. There's women that listen, too. I say hi, guys, all the time, so if you think that's sexist, I'm not the person for you. Man, polarizing, just like that. Much like our topic of conversation today, which is going to be lessons from the bathroom. Oh, man. I knew this was coming today. Actually, I was the one that mentioned it while we were laying on the bathroom floor. It's not dirty in the sense that you think it was going to be dirty, but we were laying on the bathroom floor last night. That is not true. This is super dirty. No, not in the hot, sexy dirty. It's just plain dirty. There's a lot of truth in that statement. So, Ben, I don't even know where to start this one. How do you even get into this? We'll peel back these layers, but we're coming to you on the Monday after Easter Sunday. Had a good little Easter weekend with the fam. Yeah, it was great. Time with Gianna hiding Easter eggs. Very interesting. She's nine now, so she knows there's no Easter bunny. Really the first year of complete acceptance of that, but then she still asked us to make sure that we, as the Easter bunny, hide these plastic eggs all over our house in difficult ways so she can't find them. Yes, they have to be hidden very hard. Very hard to find. So we did that. She found all 24 of them, 25? Yeah, we had 24 eggs, stuffed them with candy. Now, I didn't get candy-stuffed eggs when I was little. I hid real eggs, or my parents hid the Easter bunny, hid real eggs that my brother and I had colored. So, like, hiding candy eggs was strange for me. But then you said that you got money in yours. Well, time out. As your parents hid real eggs, there's a chance. I mean, I'm not a scientist, but if you miss an egg somewhere. Oh, for sure. We definitely had missed an egg like a year or two we used to do combined easters with my cousins they were all we're all a year apart like you know 37 36 35 34 is how old we are currently and so we were very close we did joint everything together as families and my dad and my uncle would hide the eggs and for sure every year there was one or two of them that would be left over and they wouldn't find them for like a week until they started to smell that seems like an atrocious it was amazing though like we had the best time we would color them beforehand and we'd color like italians don't do anything small so we'd color like 12 dozen eggs between the four kids and then they'd all be hidden. And it was so cool to be like, I found this egg that, you know, I made or Michael, you, you found this egg. And it was just, it was like the best. I had great memories from that, from childhood. Huh? Yeah. I didn't have any of those at all. I mean, I don't even like coloring eggs now. Like we, we laugh and We laugh and we color eggs on Saturday. It's this big production where Lynn's like, we've got to color eggs. My mom's coming over. Gianna's going to. And every year for the past at least three years, I said, look, time out. Gianna will color somewhere between four and eight eggs, give or take, plus or minus, and then just be completely burnt out on it. Like, this is not her thing. You're like, no, no, no. No, she's fine. She's going to color eggs. Now for the third year straight, she gets to the today. This year might have been a little different. I think I saw eight or nine. Yeah. She almost did a dozen this year, I think. And she's like, OK, I'm done. And then she stands up from the table. She washes off her hands. Goes to get her book. And she's just done. There's no conversation. As Lindsay and your mother left coloring eggs. Man, we live to color eggs in our family. I don't know why. Love it.

Discussion On Healthy Habits And Exercise

Bathroom floors (03:46)

I mean, I don't even with my digestive, I can't even call them issues, right? Just understanding now what makes me feel good. Yeah, eggs don't agree with you. I stay away from eggs. So what? We now have four dozen eggs in our refrigerator that are hard-boiled and colored that I'm going to have to pickle or something or do. You won't even eat them. I'm not going to eat four dozen eggs. No, and then we go to Costa Rica next week. You're 100% going to end up throwing away at least three dozen eggs. I feel super wasteful now. I ate three for breakfast this morning. Good for you. It's great. We colored eggs. We found plastic eggs. My plastic eggs had a combination of quarters, dimes, a couple of dollar bills and candy. See, I think that is so cool. I never thought about that with the money. I totally would do that for G, but time's up now. Time is up now. Then we went and had Easter brunch. We had Easter brunch with my family. Great little local, not local, right? It's chain, but brio. Yep. Good meal. Stuck to my meal plan, which is good. Yeah. Feel good about that. And then Gianna eventually goes to her father's house. Lindsay and I are asking, what do you want to do tonight? And then he hits me with it. Well, we have some in-depth conversation about where we want to go and stresses that I feel about production and what that means and how supporting the family and looking for Lindsay to become clear on what it is that you want to do, right, is really what it comes down to. You have this, like, grumpopotamus look. I'm not grumpopotamus at all. I'm just listening. Well, I mean, that's part of it. I'm not going to leave out part of our story. That was part of what we did on Sundays. We had that conversation. Yeah, but I love that you keep saying, like, you've got to figure out what you want to do. I've been coaching for a while. That is what I'm doing. That is what I like to do. That is what I will want to do. I've been coaching for a while. That is what I'm doing. That is what I like to do. That is what I will continue to do. I don't ever want to be the one to push you into that corner because it's what I love to do. But when have you ever known me to back down from something that I want because of something that you want? Pretty much never. Potentially. I am not built that way. That's fair. That's fair. Right we've discussed getting back into vet med, doing more stuff with horses. There's just things. Yeah, well, those are things that I enjoy and that I like to do. I never made horses part of my veterinary career because horses are joy for me, and veterinary medicine is work, and I never wanted to combine the two. So to work in the medical field with horses would literally steal my joy away from the whole equine sport in general. So that is something that I love to do and I will always do. And as far as the vet med side goes, I can dabble and pick up some shifts here and there in hospitals and get my fix on that. But I am truly doing what I love to do, which is help people. And the feedback that I get from clients is amazing to see them grow. It's not even about, oh, yeah, I did this. It's holy cow, this person is really coming into their own. And look how amazing things are for them. I'm super pumped for them. It's the best feeling ever.

Lindsay is on the Stress Free Way of exercising. (06:43)

So what email address would you like people to email you at if they are interested in working with you versus working with me? Yeah. Lindsay, L-I-N-D-S-A-Y at lifeoptimizationgroup.com. Just that easy. It doesn't matter to me what Lindsay speaks about and her cadence and inflection and just who she is. Connects with you more. 100% reach out to her and talk about what's possible. Yeah, I'm open. We have that conversation. We get clear on where she wants to go, maybe how she's going to build and get there. And then I look at her and I say, you know what? I believe you to be full of shit basically. But so am I. But not in the metaphorical way and the actual physical way that happens when we consume food and we don't pass things all the way through. There's a lot of talk about poop in our house. There has been. A lot of talk about poop. There is. And so I come up with a bright idea, right, that we should both do coffee enemas together. Jesus. On our bathroom floor. And Lindsay has had an adverse reaction to coffee slash caffeine. If you've been listening for quite some time, you realize that she's had, I can't really call them heart issues, just irregularities, right? I won't speak for you, but there's been... Yeah, I've just had some weird hormonal imbalances that correlate with foods I eat or the birth control pill I was taking and all kindsbalances that correlate with foods I eat or the birth control pill I was taking and all kinds of stuff that messed with my heart. So I would get heart palpitations and I cut out caffeine back in August of 2018. And I will have a cup of coffee, but it'll be decaf, which has been the worst thing for me because I love coffee. I love it and I miss it desperately, but my body says absolutely not to caffeine. I will instantly have heart palpitations and that doesn't make me feel good. So it's just not happening. So she's cut out caffeine and I bring up a coffee enema, which now I have already done twice. This is not like we're not going out joint hand in hand, skipping through the through the forest to grab our enema kits together. Right. We already have one in the house. Yeah. He ordered. I see on the Amazon cart. They come up with an enema kit and then it comes to the front door and it's not even wrapped in an Amazon package box. It literally says on the box enema kit. I'm like, what the fuck? And it's it's sitting in our front door. Just, you know, neighbors to see and it's sitting in our front door, just neighbors to see. Enema kit, big black letters on a white box. Yeah. They should do it too. If you're listening, you should do a coffee enema. I'm going to get into why. Yeah. So we talk about it. Lindsay goes into instantly, well, look, I can't have caffeine. It's bad for me, and I get it. Yeah, and I mean you're putting coffee rectally, which it absorbs through your intestinal lining, right? Which he's telling me, no, this isn't true. I have no experience with coffee enemas. I do know that I have heard of drug addicts and alcoholics and people putting things up their rectum to absorb more quickly into their system. And so my instant thing was, oh my gosh, I can't have that much caffeine. Like my heart palpitations will be out of control and I will be very sick. No, thank you. Yeah, I just can't help but say rectum damn near killed him. I don't remember what movie that's from. I have no idea what that is. But you keep saying rectum and it's just like it's coming to my mind. So I'm going to share that. That's the medical side of me. And then you just say rectum. Yeah, of course. So Lindsay does her research. I said, look, the past two days, I've done one in both mornings. I haven't had any stimulants really of any sort of magnitude, certainly no coffee in the past 21 days based off the detox. I don't have some jolt of energy. I'm not all hyper. I don't believe that to be. I'm not disputing the science that you could, in fact, have caffeine enter your system based off your intestines rectum yeah but it doesn't seem to be affecting me the same way right and so you do research and you're like it's 50 50 online it is 50 50 online and it depends on the person and how much volume and how much coffee versus water and the whole deal right and it you know absorption in the large intestine versus small intestine, you're, of course, filling up your large intestine and not your small intestine.

Its 50/50 online! Can you still get hyped from coffee? (10:30)

So where is the barrier there? I mean, just you could get into a whole gamut of it. But he's also, just caveat side note, he's also suggesting this at 830 at nighttime. And I'm thinking, shit, if I do get hyped up, like I've had six cups of coffee not only will I not feel well but then we won't be able to go to bed. That's correct. I want to make sure I set the right frame. This is not to dispel what you just said. We take you take Gianna to her father's house around 6 p.m. You come home we have our conversation. Yeah. It's about 7. We're having this part of our conversation. We then it right? I'm not gonna press you into it. I want to do it together Just like anything we make a dinner of we found some at Trader Joe's if you have Trader Joe's no first time. Oh Yeah, fresh fresh time if the fresh time Th why me I think it's time we found the most incredible Wild-caught shrimp they come with taco seasoning to make shrimp tacos.

Shout out to Trader Joes! (11:44)

And I've been, like, obsessed with these things now. We've had Baja shrimp tacos for, like, four nights out of the last week. I mean, they're healthy. They're fresh. It makes me feel good. I've been on this detox protocol from Taylor Sappington, and it's a little change of way that I feel. And so I like eating this way. So we cook probably four pounds of shrimp. Oh, yeah. We're definitely having it for dinner again tonight. Without a doubt. Might have to have some red meat tonight. We got that package of beef we have to cook. Oh, we have beef. Yep. You know, this is welcome to our life, folks. We eat very clean and we have staples in our house all the time. But, you know, our random discussion of what we're going to have for dinner. Of course. I just feel better than I've ever felt before. I have more energy. I'm more consistent. My mental clarity is at an all-time high. I can't recommend enough quality things about going down that path. But we cook the shrimp. We have the shrimp. We're doing all that. Then on Sundays, our guilty pleasure has been billions. Yeah, and Game of Thrones for me. He won't get into it. I don't understand him one bit. He's like one of the small percentage of people that has never seen Game of Thrones. Yeah, I don't care. It's the best ever. Even a little bit, like 0%. That's like my guilty pleasure. We'll watch Billions for 45 minutes or i think that's about how long an episode is i don't know get done with that i have to send a couple emails out for commitments that i've made to myself and the people around me itemizing what i'd like to see happen over the next week or or further and all of a sudden I look up and it's 10.

Laying naked preggo with hand measuring spoons (13:27)

Give or take 10 o'clock. Now I have had four tablespoons of coffee in my French press, our French press, as well as four cups of water that have now been, I don't know, steeping? What's it called? The water's been in the French press in the coffee. Yeah, I think it's steeping. I don't know. That's for tea for sure. I don't know. That's for tea for sure. I don't know. Yeah, whatever. It's been in there for at least 30 minutes, maybe 45. I said, sweetheart, I'm done. We can go to bed whenever you want to. She's like, great. Let's go. I said, but we've got to do the enema first. She says, no, no, no. Let's just put that on the side. We'll do that tomorrow. Like it's 1030 almost. I said, a commitment is a commitment. We committed to this. We are in it. She's like, I don't want to do it. I said, cool, but we're doing this. I said, can't we do it tomorrow morning? We'll put the coffee in the fridge. We'll heat it up a little in the morning. It's 1030. We get up early. If this is going to jack me up, I'm going to be up till like 4 a.m. I'm not having it. So what ends up happening? We French press the coffee. We pour all four cups into the enema bucket. I pour then four cups of cold water in the enema bucket with the tube attached to it. We shut off the lights in our downstairs common area, if you will, and we head upstairs to our bedroom. Enema kit in hand. I'm washing my face brushing my teeth and as soon as i pick my face up from the water and dry my face off with a towel i look down and this guy has the enema bucket sitting on our sink and two like body pillows with little head pillows at the top laying on our bathroom floor just you know side by side laying so that we could both lay down. I can't believe I'm having this conversation right now. You have to be comfortable. I mean, our bathroom floor is tile. How could you not be comfortable while you're- It was very thoughtful of you, sweetheart. Inducing an enema. Even in the moment your face is, you know, washed and you're prepared for bed and like, I don't want to do this. It's like, look, we got this stuff going on right now. I set this up for you. Sit down. It's time. And so I put on some music, right? I put on Marconi Union, Weightless, which is something to really decrease heart rate. If you haven't listened to Marconi Union, whether you Google, Spotify, I don't care how you listen to music, it is like the most peaceful. Oh, it's so nice. Incredible soundtrack. No words. Just do some research on Marconi Union M-A-R-C-O-N-I Union and then waitlist number one like the number physical one yeah if you've ever done a float spa uh True Rest is who we have here this is the music they play when you are first getting into your pod and then to wake you up from your float. They do. And we did not know that. It just happened to be that I was doing research on different musics to elicit different mental states for whether it would be calming yourself down or giving yourself energy or going down a different path during a psychedelic experience. Marconi Union kept coming up. So put those dots together. So I end up convincing my wife to lay down and she's curious, right? Because every time she's come in the bathroom for the past few days, she sees me laying on my back. My feet are propped up on the sink, right? There's no tube going anywhere. I've already had the coffee ingested rectally and she just sees me like relaxing. People, this is like a totally different type of connection and intimacy for a couple. When you walk in the bathroom and you see your 6'2", 260-pound husband laying on the floor on a pillow with his pants halfway his thighs, his ass hanging out, and his feet on the top of the... My junk's covered. It's just halfway down on the backside. I mean, I don't care about your junk. I've seen it for years now. Fair. But his feet are like propped up on our bathroom sink and his pants are halfway down his legs. He's ass out and he's laying there, shirt on still, so just ass out, shirt on, and he's laying there shirt on still so just ass out shirt on and he's reading a book or scrolling on his phone or something or sometimes he's just just chilling there when you come in and you see that it's just like a whole nother level i walked in the first time i'm like what in the fuck i just lost my shit just started laughing at you it was it was equally charming and disturbing at the same time at least you didn't walk in with something inserted where the sun doesn't shine.

Eating to Effect Vs For Pleasure While Being Present (17:47)

But we end up getting to that, right? She sets her feet up on the counter. She's like, what do I do? And I'm like, no, no, no. I know how an enamel works, but it's just like, oh, man. It's different when you're inducing it yourself in a non-medical setting. And I'm like, well, you can do it any way you want to, but I like to lay on my side. And that's how it starts, right? I'm laying on my left or right side. I lube up the little tube thing, and I put it where it needs to go. And so I instruct Lindsay down the same path. And as she starts down that part of the journey, she's like, do I have it in far enough? I'm like, I don't know if it's in far enough. Where do I push it to? And so I'm standing above her, right know if it's in far enough. Where do I push it to? And so I'm standing above her, right? Because the enema bucket has two servings, if you will, in it. I have to help like determine. Just got to make sure I don't get 12 cups of coffee in my butt. Yeah, we want to make sure that it's an equal distribution for the both of us. And so I'm standing, Lindsay would be laying down. I'm standing against her, what I'll say, left shoulder, kind of in between the sink and her. Yeah, it's like that time where, ladies, if you've ever had a baby and your husband's been in the room, you're like, you stay up at my face. Stay up at my face. You don't go down to the end until the baby's out. Just stay up at my face. He's the same thing. I'm telling him, like, just stay here. I got it. But she doesn't have it. She has no idea what she's doing. And now with two sessions under my belt, I feel like a seasoned professional. So I'm looking back and I'm like, I can't tell, right, because there's different plastic pieces that go in. And I'm like, I don't know. I've got to go down and investigate. So I tip my head over and I'm looking down there and I'm like, yeah, you're pretty good. Side note, it just is what it is. Side note, it's also that awesome time of the month for me. So not only do I have something stuck up my butt, but I also have a string hanging out of the other favorite hole of his. This is what pure love is. If you're curious, if your relationship is solid and can stand the test of time, if you haven't done an enema with your wife while she's on her period, I would question if you actually love her or not. And so the tube is in the right spot. You've got a string hanging out. She's laying on her side. She's laughing much as she is now. And I'm controlling the release valve. I am dying.

Stopping process (19:59)

And I'm trying not to laugh because I don't want everything to spray everywhere. I mean, it's just like it's just the most asinine comical nonsense ever. But I love you for it. What I am certainly if she loses rectal control, I am in what I would call the blast zone. I am going to become, you know, fecally sprayed to say it politely. And so I'm gauging like I'm, I'm gauging, like I'm looking, I'm standing above her. I'm looking in the bucket. I'm seeing the coffee level drop as I'm opening and closing the valve. And we get to the point where presumptively half of the, half of the solution is in you. Yeah. And then it's okay. It's stopped. So I shut off the valve. You remove the tube. Yeah, I removed the tube. And honestly, like it's not that bad. It's not – I've had a colonoscopy in my life before. So it's much the same thing, right, when you take all the solution to clean you out and the enemas to clean you out and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, it's just – it's warm, which is nice, right? You don't want super hot or super cold water going up in there. And so I get a book and lay down and set a timer for 15 minutes. So once she removes the tube from her backside, she hands it to me. And think of yourself right now. You're with your partner. You can't see what's going on down there. You pull your own tube out, but you hand it to your partner. Just're with your partner. You can't see what's going on down there. You pull your own tube out, but you hand it to your partner. Yeah. Just take it, honey. The first logical question is, is there poop on the tube? Like it's a curiosity. Like, is there poop on the tube? And fortunately for both of us, that answer was no, there was nothing on that tube. You still wash it and disinfect it and do all that stuff. Oh yeah. She gives it to me. I clean it up. I disinfect it. I then lay down next to her.

How many times (21:49)

I move the enema bucket. We have a his and hers, a Jack and Jill, whatever it's called, sink. Move it down to the other side. I then lay on the ground as she's on her back. Feet are now up in the same position that she's seen my feet in so often. Yeah, ass out, whole deal. She is reading Shit the Moon Said, the Gerard Powell book. That's right. Right, the founder of Rhythmia, where we're going this weekend. And then I decide, of course, it's my turn. This is now round two in the same day, right? I did one in the morning. Yeah, you did it yesterday morning. Let's just go for two. Because as I did research on the Gershon method, who is the founder or kind of like the one that's credited with maybe some of the research and science behind this. Yeah. I found that in clinical settings for treatment of cancer and internal ailments, right, candida and a whole bunch of stuff internally, five to six times a day is completely acceptable. I can't imagine that. I mean, we'll get that. Yeah, I don't know if I can imagine it or not. But the second go around, I'm laying next to her, do the same thing, but I might have misjudged how much half was because I'm sitting there for what feels like six minutes and it just doesn't stop coming in. And I'm like, is this even working? Like I can, the tube is transparent, so you can see the coffee. I'll call it solution, right? Because it's coffee, but it's watered down and I can see it should be draining into Because it's coffee, but it's watered down and I can see it should be draining into me and there's just no end in sight. And I'm like, what is going on? Because there's no air bubbles or anything, right? Yeah. And I'm saying, honey, can I get up and check it for you? Because if I sit up, I'm not sure what's happening if I sit up. And then if I try to move around to try to see what's going on in your side, it could be all bad for everybody. And as I'm laying there and she's saying that, I can hear her stomach now making noises. I can hear the process and the solution taking effect inside of you. And I'm like, no, no, no. You're good. Just lay there. Don't move. Don't move. So I now, again, of course, Season Professional 3. This is my third time under my belt. Of course. Expert level. If you need any assistance on this, just reach out to me. I've done this so many times, I've got you. Assuming you've done it none and that I'm three times ahead of you. Right. I would certainly know more than you.

Results (23:54)

Kidding. I lean up with the tube still inserted where you can only imagine to see that the coffee has truly drained out. And we're just to the point now in the bucket where there's nothing else that's going to flow. And so I realize I'm at my stoppage point. Lay back down, wait a second, remove the tube, pinch off the little clamp thing, reverse order, pinch off the clamp and remove the tube. There's nothing on my end of the tube either, right? I think it's normal for all of us to look and just question it. I'm able to stand up, put the whole solution, put everything in the sink. Lindsay looks at me with bewilderment as. He was like, I've got so much control. I'm so like, I've got this. Oh, retro control is a real thing. The Kegels, come on. I have a whole episode that comes out about that. Oh, good. You'll hear that at some point in these next few days. And then we proceed to sit there, me with my phone down. Actually, my phone is on the charger on the sink as we're listening to Marconi Union, laying on pillows on our bathroom floor with our feet both propped up on a counter with our rear ends out, letting this coffee enema solution take effect. Yep. And so then he looks at me and he's like, how much time do you have? And I said, I think I have about five minutes left. He's like, why don't you bring your knees to your chest and start rocking back and forth? I looked at him and I went, you got to be kidding me. You are nuts. One of two things happens there. Yeah. First part, you feel a little things loosen up even more. You feel like the solution is getting a different part of your body. It's just really incredibly liberating feeling.

All the effects of colon hydrotherapy on (25:24)

The second variable that could happen as you bring your knees to your chest, you lose control of your rectum and now you have a vertical spray of whatever would come out, blasting anything that's in front of you in really what would have to be a five to 10 foot radius because there's a lot of back pressure that happens. Very fortunately for us, it was number one. I mean, it was number two, but it was number one as it pertains to this conversation. The 15 minutes ends. Preferred protocol, somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes from the research I've been able to do. We have one toilet in our master bedroom. Lindsay is private in this section of her life, so she typically goes into our guest suite, guest area, whatever, we'll call it the public bathroom inside of our house on the second floor, the one everybody else would use. And so she stands up, I'm like, you can go into ours. She's like, I don't want you hearing this. Now, I've been with my wife for five years, give or take. I don't know that I have ever heard her using the restroom in a number two fashion. Nope. Well, never either. Which is phenomenally interesting to me. Uh-uh. So as she leaves, she's realizing how difficult it is while you're walking. I'm walking like a freaking penguin, like just real fast. Oh, legs close together. You don't want to take long strides because you don't know what's going to start running down your legs. There's a lot. I mean, think of this. You now have four cups. Yeah. Because you have two cups of coffee and two cups of water. If we, you know, bifurcated this solution where there was eight cups total, we both have four inside of us. And she's waddling down our little hallway. And I'm laying there laughing but also sitting in silence because I'm hoping to hear as she sits down on the toilet, I'm like, there's a distinctive sound that comes out of me when I sit down. Because again, imagine you have four cups of additional liquid in you. And when you sit down and release that, we'll call it relieve yourself. It all comes out very rapidly. There's a very rapid release. Well, because your body is digesting and absorbing it and moving the fluid around, and so there's just like it wants out. It does want out. And thankfully or regretfully, from whatever side of the fence you're playing on, I could not hear Lindsay getting rid of what she had to get rid of. Nope. I wait a handful more minutes. I stand up. I wait a handful more minutes. I stand up. I go ahead and relieve myself. Feels like all hell's breaking loose in our master bathroom. We then wrap up our evening, get into bed, have a quick conversation, and call it a night. We're laughing, of course, throughout this whole thing. But explain, number one, did the caffeine affect you as you went to bed? It did not. Not at all. How much lighter, more clean did you feel? I felt quite a significant difference in my abdomen, just less bloating and inflammation. Now, I'm cycling right now. This is not a good time of the month for me. So I'm, I'm cycling right now, right? This is not a good time of the month for me. So I'm already bloated. I already have cramps are already like a little puffier than I normally would be, but I had like ab veins when we were done. And so there's some really crazy things that happened from a coffee enema. The most impactful, the largest, the thing that I believe would be the reason to consider doing this is the 500 to 700% increase in glutathione production inside your own body. Yes. And glutathione, in case you're not familiar with that term, is basically your body's master antioxidant.

It helps to regulate glutathione production. (29:00)

Which I didn't realize that it had produced and released that much until I started reading about it looking for the caffeine effects. I mean, I was very surprised that I did not. I drink decaf coffee, and we all know that there is some caffeine in decaf coffee, obviously not nearly as much as a regular cup of coffee. And I didn't even feel that same kind of effect as when I have a decaf cup of coffee. Like I felt fine. We went right to bed. It wasn't, I mean, lapsed time of 20 minutes by the time we chit chatted and snuggled and all that. And in addition to glutathione, right, you're going to get a increased efficiency in bile production. You get rid of all the old toxins. We touch base on a potential removal of candida overgrowth from that part of your body. There's a number of different intrinsic benefits that come from something as simple as literally ingesting coffee a different way. This is something that to me now becomes a consistent part of my routine yeah I think we're adding it to the list number one it's incredibly humorous to be able to do this with my wife side by side rear end out on the bathroom floor on the pillows they're throw pillows from our bed like they're the ornamental I would call them fancy pillows the ones that you know you sit on the bed that i have no freaking clue why they're there nobody actually uses them no but she insists on having them on the bed and then we take them off and put them next to the bed every night and then we had they just look nice whatever they're it makes you happy i'm just making sure that we're clear on what this is yeah we're not going to sleep on these pillows but i i mean i wash everything in our bed once a week anyway no but we are now laying on them ass out on the bathroom floor. That's true. I mean, I wash them once a week, but they just sit on the floor. Nobody uses them. And so we're able to bond through the experience, but also both find the health benefits, increase energy production, increase antioxidant capacity. The list goes on and on. And there's endless numbers of different ways to do enemas. Yeah, we joked yesterday that we're going to live to 100 because we do all the things the quote-unquote right way for your body. Yes, I've spent a lot of time, me personally, over the past month, month and a half of trying to dial in, I won't even say try, of testing and dialing in the variables of my own body to what works for me. That would be the thing I want to encourage you as you are listening to this episode or anything that I share. I know 100% with no shadow of a doubt what works for me and what doesn't. I'm able to share what I know based off what I know works for me and what doesn't. I don't care what health practitioner you deal't. I'm able to share what I know based off what I know works for me and what doesn't.

Health Diets (31:50)

You will, I don't care what health practitioner you deal with. I don't care what diet guru. I don't care what gym or fitness enthusiast. I don't care what book you read. You're kidding yourself if you think you're going to have a one size fits all solution to any problem in your life when it pertains to certainly your body, let alone all the other pieces and parts, right? There's some, there's just too many things to take into consideration before you're able to say like, this is what works. Like for me personally, I know I'm an O positive blood type. I know I had massive courses of antibiotics from, you know, infections and things I've had over the past few years. I've spoken about multiple two times. I know that my gut was all misaligned. I know that I would have inconsistent bowel movements, like massive inflammation. And I know all that's gone and my energy's increased. And it's certainly not just from a coffee enema, right? No, I mean, that's just tweaks and stuff that have been made to our lifestyle for a long time. Yeah. I mean, you start really getting into meditation and processing stress daily, weekly, minutely, hourly. You get into red light therapy. You get into meditation. You get into getting rid of toxic chemicals in our house and toxic chemicals we put in our body. You get then into what do I need to fuel myself to optimize myself knowing that my body doesn't like carbohydrates that much? Like staying away from carbs for the most part. Staying away from milk, dairy, cheese, eggs. Like staying away from chicken. There's just things for me that like I have this window where laughingly is where Thanksgiving brunch. Lindsay's mother looks across the table. Thanksgiving. I'm sorry. Easter. Easter brunch. She looks across the table for me and says, is there anything here you can eat? And she's not being judgmental by that. Yeah. She knows he's been doing a detox. There's this question of, quote unquote, I'm on a diet. Well, at this point, I can't look at this as a diet for me. This is the way that I need to eat to live, right? To maximize my energy, to maximize my efficiency, to feel the best I can every day. So I can find something everywhere. I eat a bunch of greens. I try to eat every color of the rainbow. I eat a vegan type based lunch. Maybe an additional smoothie midday. Jump into some sort of meat source in the evening. Prefer red meat. Going to maneuver some stuff around to see how it works. red meat, going to maneuver some stuff around, see how it works. But I still am able to eat in between 3,500 and 4,500 calories a day that all come from the earth. Like I can pick it, I can pull it, or I can kill it is really what I'm eating. We have almost no processed foods at all. And not saying this is the way that you quote unquote have to live. I just feel better. Like we brought the Easter candy in our house because of Gianna and I had a couple of pieces that fell on the floor like those little chocolate eggs and I instantly was like, ugh, I don't, I feel like crap because I haven't had any of that. Yes, and there's this, I will, I don't know how to say this. Bear with me as I climb up onto my soapbox right now. I need to step onto it.

Dealing With Perhaps Forward

Chocolate Everywhere (34:52)

I need to acknowledge that before I begin to speak. If you don't like the way your body feels, if you don't like the way your body looks, if you don't like the way your body performs, fucking do something about it. You have to commit. Like not commit when it's comfortable, not commit when you want to, not commit occasionally. Like commitment can't ever really end. We all give ourselves these little hall passes. Well, it's Easter, so I think I get to have some chocolate. You can have chocolate, but life is cause and effect. I know what milk chocolate does to my system. I had one, one total jelly bean. One. I could have had, we have a bunch of candy in the house for Gianna. I could have as much candy as I want to there's a part of me that might enjoy candy I don't have candy because the commitment that I've made to myself is way greater than the momentary piece of lift that I get from having a piece of candy but that's because you have also broken the cycle of addiction to those types of foods. And I think that's where a lot of people falter is they cannot, you have the motivation to start. Motivation does not get you anywhere because motivation goes away very quickly. It's the commitment to yourself that has to, and the discipline that has to keep you going going so when you are trying to get off of processed foods and sugar and your body is like nope i need it i need it i need it you're not going to be all motivated in yeehaw let's go on the second week right you're going to be strung out and i want cake and candy and sugar or chips or whatever it might be. It's the commitment and the discipline that gets you over the hump. Certainly. It's the understanding of why you lack the ability to actually commit. There's a reason for that. You've probably broken a whole bunch of promises to yourself along the way.

The mistake that ruins your track to success (36:59)

And that becomes really ridiculous to me. At some point, you're letting past decisions dictate future outcomes. I had a call with a client right before we recorded this podcast, and I brought up this example. It came to me out of nowhere. I'll tell you, set a goal for yourself, a commitment. I'm going to eat clean. I'm going to eat clean until I achieve the certain desired result. And then something happens, we'll say Easter, and you break the commitment to yourself. It's Easter lunch. You end up having a piece of cake or a piece of pie or you don't eat like you want to. You fell off the wagon, if you will. We've all been there before. That stuff happens. But then you start to justify why at dinnertime you might as well just continue because you're going to start on Monday. And then Monday comes and you're like, well, I messed up so I feel guilty. I'm going to get back on the wagon. You're good Monday morning for breakfast or whatever that meal ends up being for you, but by lunchtime it's recalibrated your entire belief system so you slip off a little bit again. And before you know it, you're off the wagon. I want to equate this to cars because cars are easy for me. And I believe in metaphors and visualization to help us Connect things at a deeper level I've had one flat tire in my life It was in Lindsey's car. Oh, yeah, we're driving downtown to be a part of a photo shoot for an engagement session I'm in a three-piece suit. We are all made up Driving down a local highway all of a sudden We are all made up, driving down a local highway. All of a sudden, the low tire pressure warning comes on. I feel the car start to pull to the right. I'm like, man, we have a flat tire and we are nowhere near our destination. Very rapidly, the tire goes from kind of losing air to flat. I pull off the side of the road. I get out. I walk around the back of the car. I look. Sure as can be, the back passenger tire is flat. Like, destroyed, flat, shredded. I have two options in that moment. I can crawl around the back of the car, three-piece suit on and all, pull out the spare tire, change the tire, jack up the car, change the tire, replace it and continue on our journey. or I can take my tie off, put it in the gas cap, wait till the tie gets filled with gas, light the tie on fire, and we can just walk away from the car, right? It would explode and burn. When I say that out loud, it sounds pretty foolish, right? Like, what do you mean you take off your tie and you put it in the gas cap? No one would do that. Well, no shit you wouldn't do that. You wouldn't burn the whole car to the ground because you have a spare tire And sure I might be able to change a spare tire in 30 minutes where maybe if lindsey was alone We're taking an hour and a half But you change a tire You get back on your way If we look at an f1 team, right formula one racing to change four tires on an f1 car during a pit stop is about a 10 second journey four total tires. All at once. It happens quicker than most of us can process what just happened. Imagine your life when you fall off the wagon as just a tire that's blown. You don't have to burn your whole car. Maybe you're like the F1 team and it takes 10 seconds. You realize a mistake happened. Shoot, I put it to the side. I change a tire. I'm back on the road. Maybe you're like the F1 team and it takes 10 seconds. You realize a mistake happened, shoot, I put it to the side, I change a tire, I'm back on the road. Maybe you're like me, it takes you 30 minutes. Cool. Maybe you're like my wife who hasn't changed a tire that like, changed tires, whatever, she'll give me a look. We can assume the fact that based off my strength and physical appearance, I would probably be able to change a tire a little bit more rapidly than you would. Maybe it takes her an hour. None of us ended up burning the car. Stop burning your own car. When you make a commitment and something happens, accept that it happened, realize it happened, figure out why it happened, and then move past it. You need to start committing to yourself. You need to then understand why you break your commitments. you need to start committing to yourself. You need to then understand why you break your commitments. You need to then hold your commitment long enough to make a change. It doesn't have to be all this crazy stuff that we do. No, we're extreme. There is certainly a chance that many of you are curious about how to increase your ability to honor commitments to yourself. That is part of how we coach people. There is a specific psychological trigger or series of triggers that has happened and will happen in your life to keep you from being able to achieve the big-ass results you want. Part of what we do is we help you find that. We help you own the new path. We help you embody it. Then we help you scale your new life. Like it's a proven system of methodology. And yes, this turns into a pitch, right? I'm going to step off my soapbox in a minute. But like all these things stack up on top of each other. The only thing that stands between you and the life you want is your level of commitment. And you have to commit to yourself. And some of us, like I was one of them, I have to commit to yourself. And some of us, like I was one of them, I needed to commit to other people to hold me accountable to my own damn commitments until I figured out why I stopped committing. There were plenty of times in my life where I said I would start something and not follow through with it. Do it until it got uncomfortable. That was a learned behavior. And the beautiful part about a learned behavior is you can unlearn it and learn a new one. You are not genetically programmed to fail. You're just not. You just accept the fact that it's happened before so you think it's always going to keep happening. It's not. Doesn't have to. Email Lindsay or myself, or actually, by the time you listen you listen this I have a 10-day challenge that's coming out oh yes that's right cuz it'll come out Saturday yeah that the 10-day challenge the the will call it the sales funnel there's nothing salesy about this what I'm doing is taking you through a 10-day commitment to give you the base level roadmap that will start to ensure and guarantee your success.

Could this just be the simplest commitment to success? (42:43)

There's two days of pre-training. There's 10 days of actual in-depth training. This is no BS. Don't sign up and think it's going to be something that's easy. It's all very simple. But if it was easy, you'd already be doing it and you'd have the life on fire that you want. And it's like the entry point in. Also, if you listen for a long time or a short period of time, I believe inherently we put zero value on free stuff. I could 100% give this to you for free. I'm not going to. If I don't charge you, you don't find value. So there's a small fee associated with it, 20 bucks. However, if you get to the end of the 10 days, really total of 12, two days of pre-training, I got to set you up for a success. And you find no value and you did all the homework. You did everything required. Email me and I'm going to give you 40 bucks back. I'm going to double your investment. I'm so committed. We are so committed to this damn process. And I know that it works so well because it's worked in our household that all you have to do is jump. And instead of making this big commitment to one-on-one coaching or a big commitment to coming to one of our events or a big commitment to all these things that are so scary, you've spent more than $20 in the past seven days on nonsense.


Theres nothing to lose! (44:00)

And not yourself. Bullshit food, coffee, snacks, gum, stuff. The extra bags of things or the extra stuff at the grocery store. Every one of you, every person listening, if you care, you can find the 20 bucks. You have nothing to lose. There's no other investment in the world that I know that will double. It's a 200% guarantee. Sorry, give me a second. There's no other investment in the world that I know that will double. It's a 200% guarantee. Sorry, give me a second. I'm getting my stool out so I can step off my stoop box. I was going to make sure it was coming out soon, honey. Yeah, I'm good. It kills me when I hear I can't or I stopped or I can't figure this out or I'm not able to. You don't understand. I've had chronic illness. I've had bullshit. Like I't understand. I've had chronic illness. I've had bullshit. Like I do understand. How many years I've spent with an upset stomach? Like maybe it's not diagnosed as a quote unquote chronic illness. We've been together five years. Oh my gosh. Your digestive system is the most sensitive and fickle and messed up thing I have ever seen in a human that I have lived with and been around. Not the case anymore. Yeah. But in speaking with your parents, like it's been that way since you were born and you just have been unique in that, in that way. But you have figured it out because you were committed to doing so. And with that level of commitment, I would encourage you to take action for yourself. Maybe it's a coffee enema. Maybe it's meditation. Maybe it's just listening to this podcast and doing something. I don't know what your commitments are, but honor them. Just like we honored ours last night when we said we were going to do coffee animals together, and it got to be 1030, and it's way more comfortable to go to bed. It's way more enjoyable. It's way quicker. We get more sleep. But a commitment is a commitment, even if no one's watching. It's just that simple. And what happens sweetheart when you honor your commitments for a long period of time you are able to get shit done you

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