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Intro (00:00)

This is a a few, this is 15 minutes of freedom. I'm your host elite life optimization coach Ryan Nidell, and today I have something special for you. coach Ryan Nidell and today I have something special for you. Today I'm gonna share with you something that has not been shared before. Listen closely. You're gonna want to play a part in this. So I build out a 10-day challenge. You may have heard about another one of these shows and it was a couple weeks back. We launched it mid-May or so. In typical Ryan fashion, I couldn't help but build out way more than 10 days. Right? So for signing up for the 10-day challenge, you got commentary access to the life optimization test, which was a $397 value. I spent 45 minutes going over your test results with you one on one on on a Zoom call.

Detailed Overview Of Monthly Training, Mentoring And Lifestyle Ideology

Sign up (01:05)

That's about $1,000 of value. Gave you access to some of the resources that I built that I've sold for hundreds of dollars, right? So that's another, really, as I stacked up the value, is about $500 with a value there. Then the 10 days of videos, with the way I'm wired, I actually created 16. So although it's always going to be called a 10 day challenge, it's really 16 videos. Access to software, it's all of these things. I'm sharing with this with you. Not to get you signed up for the 10 day challenge. If you want to, we'll post a link somewhere, right? We'll figure out how to get that to you. It is something I'm going to launch again June 1st. I've decided the first of every month I'm going to launch another challenge, guiding people through this process because I'm seeing with the hundred plus people that signed up for the challenge, the results that I'm seeing, we're now 11 days into it are nothing short of miraculous. The positive feedback, the energy, the drive, the focus, the unsolicited love that I'm getting back in reciprocation for sharing literally about $3,000 worth of value for 20 bucks, right? It's $19.97. And in this there's a point right as I share so candidly with everyone where you're faced to make an opportunity like there's a decision to make and we go over goal set and we go over some couple different pieces and parts but long-term to achieve anything you need those three magic things that I refer to quite often. You're going to need mentorship, you're going to need accountability in a plan, right? You're going to need your map. And the plan, you get the goal setting plan by being a part of the group. Accountability is a little bit of a misnomer, right? Because right now the group as a whole is running in a nice cohesive tribe and they're holding each other accountable kind of to the best of their ability and it's not because they can't hold each other accountable but there's no defined leader and in order for a men's accountability to happen you need a defined leader which would be me then of course there's mentorship which is ultimate where I play a role mentorship, I've been through all this stuff.

Mentoring (03:05)

There's nothing that I teach, there's nothing that I train on. That isn't something that I have done, learned, grown, and I'm in the process of mastering myself. Some of the things I have mastered. You can hear on some upcoming shows, this even gets into diet and training, right I have something that called Wellness Week that comes out in a few weeks a whole different deal. I share all this because as these hundred plus people get to this point of the journey just yesterday they were offered an opportunity that I need to make aware to you you because right now they're the only ones who can get a hold of it and I got to thinking that maybe for whatever reason the 10 day challenge just didn't seem like a right fit for you but you want something more and I'm my guts never wrong right so I have a few different paths that I've developed to help you go down this journey of life that will provide massive value and benefit for you far exceeding the financial obligation and I'm going to share the financial obligation with you right now.

Monthly Training (04:28)

Which still is not what this episode is about. I just feel compelled to share it with you. First and foremost is large group training. It's finally done. It's finally complete. We have software and systems and tools and all the PDFs and all the resources have ever used.

Large Group Training (04:45)

There's a content library that we can deliver these things to you and I've got all of it. In this you get access to the bots and what I call the automated parts of this business. You also get access to a group coaching call once a week, hour and a half, where I cover key things, but you also get access something called a hot seat. Where when you sign up for this, you have a form that you can fill out, that you can submit that you're having issues with something specific. I bring you on the live Zoom training and I coach you real time. So it's like one-on-one with a group of peers. You also get held accountable by myself or other members of the team for the things that we are committing to do each day. This entire process starts with goal setting, which there's ways that will teach you on how to set proper goals, and then actually see them through to fruition. All this comes on a month and month, teach you on how to set proper goals and then actually see them through to fruition. All this comes on a month to month charge. I know statistically it takes six months for you to replace whatever habits you have now with lifestyle changes where you don't require someone looking over your shoulder. Just because I know it to be true, just because science and psychology backs it up doesn't mean you're going to believe it until you try it. So it's month to month. I do inherently ask you for a 90 day commitment, but not to me to yourself, because you're going to feel super big lift in the first 30 days. And then typically day 45, you hit a couple speed bumps, you need somebody else to lift you back up and by nay 90 you're really starting to gain momentum. Still month to month still going forward that way. Now if you're to hop over to my website Ryan you'll see this offered for $490 a month. That's going to be the going right. That's what I'm charging in perpetuity on the website. For people that don't follow me, they don't, they're not a part of our tribe, right? I look at you as someone that's listening. You're part of something different. You've helped me grow my brand and who I am as a man. And so what I decide to do is offer this for as long as you'd like it for for 297 bucks a month. This also applies if you have coached with me before and you want to refresher, right? You want to be a part of a tribe and a group. You want to access all these things. You just want a little brush up. Join us for 297. It will be worth it. Again, there's no 30 days to cancel, nothing like that.

Lifestyle Ideology (07:29)

All I ask is that you give me an email that says, I don't want to participate anymore. I'm not going to try to save you. I'm not going to try to do anything crazy. Really simple and easy. Above and Beyond that, the next thing is I've created videos and a lot of videos that are all specific training modules that typically only my 101 clients have received access to. There's something called acceleration that is healthy habits and lifestyles. It's a 60-day training course. It's daily access to daily videos. Everyone stacks on top in the next. That video course alone will start to sell for 297 bucks. I think it's probably undervalued because each video is about 10 minutes long.


60 videos, 600 minutes, I got about 10 hours of content there. But it's going to be 297. Each one of those videos also comes with PDFs and action guides and and things to help you progress so that there's also something that goes on in your brain when you listen to something, when you watch something, then you have to write something down. It really ties all the auditory cues and all the neuropathways together. And makes it so you have a really really really good chance of success. The next part is a little different. We have a system called the Journey Home.. ......... have a system called the journey home. No I'm sorry it's actually massive impact. Massive impact is the second set of videos. Massive impact is a 50-day video series that does some really crazy things right it takes you through old limiting beliefs it creates new beliefs in yourself it creates new emotional hierarchies. It takes audits of people around you and it really paints this beautiful possibility of what's coming ahead. These videos again are about 10 minutes a piece. See another 500 minutes or so of content. Video series after that is called the Journey Home, where you take those first two video series and I believe in leading from the, but empowering you to make good decisions for your life based off what you've learned. So we take the journey home and you can combine the aspects from these videos. And we mold them to your specific life. I believe, don't hold me to it. I think this is a 45-part video series. Again, about 10 minutes apiece. And we're going to biohacking for beginners. I think this is a 45 part video series. Again about 10 minutes a piece. From there we get into biohacking for beginners. All the crazy stuff you might have heard me do over the time that you've been listening, right? The blue blocking glasses, the cold showers, infrared saunas, muse, moove, like the list is really really long. So much so I haven't shared a third of what I do on the show because I thought it might be a little monotonous. All that's in a 60-part series called biohacking for beginners.

The Six-Week Evolution (10:32)

You also get access to everything that I've ever bought, access to the most inexpensive ways to shop with the brands, get a lot of benefit there. Next video series after that is business for beginners, business basics. If you ever want to start your own business, run your own business, or maybe you already have that and you're looking to figure out how to automate systems and processes, how to hire and train the best employees, how to fire people in an eloquent manner, how to create create automated systems for marketing. It's a deep, deep dive into business again over a 60 day time period. Those videos are a little bit longer, a little more in depth, so they're powerful. Final video series is called unnamed at this moment. I know what it's based around, it's based around neurolinguistic programming. I just don't know that I put an official title on what the video series is called. So we basically take all the programming that we have as human beings. We shift it and we alter it, and we create a path and a plan for you to be able to deploy this in every aspect of your life. These videos, these 60-part videos will apply to your business, your relationship with your wife or husband, with your kids, with how you market, with how you write. It is everything. It is literally the roadmap to how the human psyche works and how to maximize your efficiency and connecting with other individuals. If I sold each one of these six video courses for 300 bucks and you know $1,800. Dramatically underpriced. However on my website they're going to be offered $ 997 bucks access to all of them. If you were in this 10 day challenge, I actually offered you these videos for 497 bucks, which I will offer to you as well. Same price, all of them sequentially, all the guides behind them, access to everything. The next level of commitment is a little more in-depth commitment. It is small group coaching. Small group coaching is for no more than 10 individuals that have the same life optimization test scores as one another. Now I don't wait for a group to fill all the way up, but you're going to be paired with people that have similar operating protocols as you do. Similar areas for opportunity. By this you get a $397 life optimization test, free. You get 45 minutes of my time, complimentary, going over your results. You get access to all the videos I just shared, and you get access to an hour and a half group coaching call every week. This is a 90 day commitment, it would be one-on-one coaching. And that's everything I've already shared. Everything across the board. Plus access to me, really 24-7, an hour one-on-one on the phone. A bunch of extra stuff that's tailored just to you, right? So the books that you need to read, the biohacking tools that I use, you get all those in a care package, like it comes to you specifically for what you're looking for. That is actually by application only, because I'm only going to work with specific people, with specific goals in order to make the greatest impact in people's lives. You have to fit a very specific criteria, which we'll talk about, not to be coy about it, but we need to see the areas for opportunity for growth in your life and if I'm the best one to help you conquer those.

The Application Process (14:27)

There's nothing more than the application process. So that application process is actually on a link that's posted in the show notes of this episode. So you're going to see if you click on the link in the show notes. There's a video that plays that describes everything I just said. There's then four individual links you can click that will show you additional information about each one and then a way to buy. I'm sharing all this with you because the 10-day challenge people, they're not the only ones that can have access. You've supported me. I want to reciprocate that support back. Now that I'm past that I need to talk to you about the life optimization test. Nope, man I'm distracted today. I'm distracted because I'm supposed to as I'm recording this be on a Zoom phone call with my buddy Cody Jefferson for him and I'm distracted today. I'm distracted because I'm supposed to as I'm recording this be on a Zoom phone call with my buddy Cody Jefferson for him and I's podcast it's launching. I thought it was a 2.30 and it's actually two so he's messaging me that he's on the call. That's a way it works sometimes. What I want to share with you is actually the second life optimization experience here in Columbus, Ohio. It's going to be limited to 14 people. If you were one of the 14 people that comes and you are chosen, right? You go through the application process. It makes sense to have you here. You pay for the experience and you can't make it once training starts. I am keeping your money. because there's an opportunity cost for having you secure that spot Don't commit to this if you can't follow through with it. It will not work The experience like I said is July 11 through 14th here in Columbus Ohio. It's four full days. We did three and a half before and three and a half was just too much. We crammed too much into a short period of time. As you come to this, you have to take a life optimization test. Again, complimentary, 397 bucks. I have to read it to you specifically. I have to see where you're at in life because I custom create each individual event around the areas for opportunity in the participants growth. So while I know it's going to be four days and while I know we're going to cover a broad brush stroke of things I can't tell what the specific evolutions will be because the custom crafted you. What I can tell you is over a four day period your life will be completely different. The 12 men that graduated the first experience, I have testimonials from each one of them that stood in front of me and I said I can give you all your money back or you can share what you experienced. All of them are in a completely different trajectory than I've ever been before. Some of them, not eight of them, decided to run with me in a small group together to further benefit where they were going. It's been incredible to watch, it's been massively impactful, and I want to offer that to you first. I'm going to run some traffic to this. I'm going to spend some money on ads. So if it's something you're interested in, shoot me an email, Ryan at Life Optim to this I'm going to spend some money on ads. So if it's something you're interested in, shoot me an email, Ryan at life optimization with just the subject line, L-O-E-2. This is going to be like everything is taken care of. So when you get to the airport, we pick you up. The hotel rooms included, all the gear you need is included. Literally everything. You just have to get here. I'm not paying for your flight. I'm not paying for your gas. I'm not paying for your parking if you drive. What I will guarantee you is if you come to Columbus, everything else is taken care of, including a 21-day lead-up that we run together and six days post-training to make sure that the reintegration process sticks.

Join me on the May WayOfmen event. (18:26)

I will go much deeper down the rabbit hole with you about what that looks like if it's something you're interested in knowing about. This is not for everybody. This is not for you ladies. This event is specifically just for men. It is not a knock off of Warrior Week. It's not a knock off of Tony Robbins events. It's not a knock off of anything. This is condensing down six months of work into 30 days. It takes commitment, it takes dedication. It takes foresight. It takes ingenuity.. It takes commitment, dedication, it takes foresight, it takes ingenuity, it takes consistency. It takes consistency. It takes someone that is tired of playing small in their life and wants to truly step up to the plate and be all they can be. I know this works because I've proven it. I've proven in my own life. I've proven it with the men that have come here before. And I will continue to prove it at least for one more event. I can belittle all the different things that I have to offer in this event, but I will share with you most candidly. If you're on the fence about coming or not, do yourself a favor and email me. I know from the last event that I had, many of you were thinking about it and it wasn't the right time or the commitment was too steep or you stayed on the sidelines. To see the growth that's happened from March 1st until now, May 20th or so, is incredible. You deserve to live the life that you want into the life that you currently have. Stop being afraid of failure. Stop being afraid of being alone. Stop being afraid of not. Stop being afraid of being alone. Stop being afraid about not having a plan. Stop being afraid of not having a tribe to run with it understands you. Stop being afraid of I don't have enough money. Just stop being afraid. This event will stop that. But I can't stop that for you unless you step up and do something about it. So if you want to do something about it, email me, Ryan at life optimization, it's going to be in the show notes. Subject line, L-O-E-2. Or if anything before this interested you at all, the link is in the show notes as well. When you take action on these things, I promise you your life starts to change. Stop playing small. I pour too much energy and effort, love and passion into what I have created and have too many success stories for you to not be able to justify a small investment in yourself because you know this works.

Motivation To Avoid Limited Thinking

Stop Playing Small (21:15)

I wouldn't still be here if it didn't. And so what I promise you is if you take action on either one of these items, any of them on this show, the days after you'll start to get shit done. You're going to.

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