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Intro (00:00)

Hello and welcome back to the training. I hope you're getting some value so far and don't worry for not. Right, we're still laying the very very basic foundational elements and there's a chance as you're going through this, you've heard some of this before. It's never bad to set a refresher to get those brains spinning towards the ultimate success we're building together and today we're talking about how to become a true expert in your field. Yes, before we're getting into the nitty-gritty and the tactical pieces, we're laying this overall foundation on what it takes to be a great coach. As we look at that, the first thing we're going to talk about is that expert level, right? How can you become an expert? Who would want to listen to you? I believe there's three specific answers that crescendo into one ultimate answer. I'm going to share them with you right now. Each have action items for you. So the very first way to become an expert, the one that I think is most impactful, the one I'm going to encourage you to consider is being the results expert.

Key Takeaways From The Session

Become The Results Expert (00:54)

Yes, the results of your life, the things that you have been through, the things that you know in your soul you have done have the biggest impact. You see, myself, I can simply say to you three years ago as recording this video right now, I had no coaching business. I had no social media following shoot five years ago I didn't have Facebook or Instagram but yet here we are as my business grew I got up to 35 one-to-one clients all an hour a week all somewhere between two and three grand a month and it was miserable yes miserable it was time for money it wasn't scalable so what So what did I do? I shifted. I pivoted and I pared down those one-to-one sessions and started creating a more leverage model like you're going through right now. I wanted my time back. Hence why I can share all these things with you. That's what being a results-based expert is all about. So even if you're questioning yourself right now, well, what am I an expert in? I guarantee you have come further than some other people before you. Let me explain what that means. Right, there was a time in your life just like in mine where we paid for driver's education. Yes, more than likely you probably have a driver's license right now, at least I hope, and you paid someone over the course of two, three, four months, maybe even six months to teach you how to drive a car. But right now, as you think about it, it'd be so crazy to have to pay somebody. It's almost all on autopilot, right? I mean, you would never even dream of paying somebody to teach you how to drive a car. Key goes in the ignition, you start it, you put it in reverse, you look over your shoulder, you look in the rear view mirror, and off you go. See, that's what being a results-based expert is all about. You've been there and you've done it before. Of course, some know more than you. That's okay. You don't have to know the most. See, people pay for speed. You paid me to get all this done as quickly as possible because you saw there was something better. That's what being a results based expert is all about. You pay for efficiency. So there's a couple of things that I would like you to write down, right? These are the homework assignments for the first part of this training. I want you to complete a few sentences with me.

Chapter title (03:28)

And yes, 100%, I don't have all this memorized, so I'm glancing down just below the camera. I believe that done is better than perfect. You're going to hear me say that a lot as well. So the things I want to get your mind thinking about are this, the secrets I have learned to a great relationship are. So think about that in your own life, you've had a relationship at one point, whether you're currently in one or you're not, the secrets I have learned to a great relationship are, then enter it, right? Write it down. The five things I've learned about leadership are, and maybe that's because you've been led by some poor leaders, or maybe that's because you're an elite leader yourself. It doesn't matter. Write it down. Managing money, success, and sales about a product or service what are the five things that I've learned and write those down this may seem boring right now I get it I'm not saying I wouldn't be bored too but it works it works very very well you'll hear me say over and over and over again success swings singles but yet here we sit and you're looking to crack that grand slam right give me the leads give me the sales give me the script give me the money it's coming my friend I promise I promise it's that thinking that I have to pair back from you so you see how we can become successful long term.

Take these notes (04:20)

How do we create the system that you're not exchanging time for money? How do we create the system that allows you to have people working for you, leveraging your brilliance? How do we bring on salespeople? How do we impact more people's lives? We start with these foundational elements.

Results-Based Several Niches (05:21)

That's why we're here. more people's lives. We start with these foundational elements. That's why we're here. So now, as we get through that first part, the results-based expert, I want to talk about some of the five niches that are the most lucrative currently as I'm recording this. I've done an extensive amount of research. It doesn't mean you should shift your model. Just the top five most lucrative niches in our space are motivation, not in any specific order, right? Motivational speakers, motivational coaches, people that can get you excited, relationship-based coaches, right? Nobody wants a relationship that's failing. And even if your relationship isn't failing, you want one scaling right pretty simple next is leadership everybody wants this we need more leaders everybody wants to be a leader how do you become a leader and we have financial marketing productivity and health and wellness none of these are the right answer for you. These are just answers to get your brain thinking about what's possible. That's it for today. Tomorrow, I'm going to share the next expert basis for your coaching business. See you soon.

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