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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Ryan Nadel, and today is day one from Rhythmia Life Advancement Center. So today, Lind Lindsay and I traveled across half the globe, right? Incredibly so in typical Lindsay and Ryan fashion. We waited on flights and she communicated with me and I didn't communicate back and I take sole onus for the situation. But what ended up happening is we had to drive from Columbus, Ohio to Indianapolis, Indiana to catch a flight. The flights out of Columbus had bad flight patterns and were incredibly long and incredibly expensive. And for those of you that might not be familiar with that amount of distance and time and travel, it's about a three hour and 10 minute drive, which I like to drive. Inherently, there's no issue for me with that. hour and 10 minute drive, which I like to drive. Inherently, there's no issue for me with that. But the issue becomes our flight took off at 7.40 in the morning. I take the back 8.40 in the morning. And with it being an international flight, we had to be there early. So we are up and on the road by 4 a.m., like out of the house at 4 a.m. So my alarm clock went off at 3.30, which in its own right wouldn't be that big of a deal other than the night before, Friday evening, I was in Detroit, Michigan, interviewing a guest for the show, Kendra. And our interview started at 8.30 p.m. and didn't wrap up until 2.30 in the morning. So we stayed in the hotel, Kurt and I, that evening, and we're back up and on the road by 7.45 in the morning. So such a short amount of sleep there. Drive home. Get everything put together. Make sure everything's packed up and dialed in. Do some shopping with Lindsay to make sure we have all the things we need. Get to bed by 10.30, maybe 11. And then it's back up at 3. So needless to say, I was pretty tired. We get to Indianapolis with no headaches. Check-in, great airport. I hadn't been there before. Very friendly, very quick, very courteous. We go from Indianapolis over to Charlotte, and then from Charlotte down to Liberia, Costa Rica. Flights were great. Linda and I had seats next to each other. Things were just beautiful. Admittedly, I slept some on both flights, right? Mouth open, head back, Lindsay snapping pictures as she always does. I'm a plane sleeper through and through. I believe I will always be. It takes way more work for me to stay awake on the plane than to fall asleep. So I certainly slept from Indianapolis over to Charlotte. And then from Charlotte down to Liberia, I got to read some great books and dial in some more content and really just get clear on some messaging. But once we land in Liberia, it's an incredibly friendly airport, right? Some of the international airports I've been through aren't so user-friendly, a little more hard-nosed, a little less streamlined. through aren't so user-friendly a little more hard nose a little less streamlined they had such a wonderfully automated process to take you through the customs area it was it was beautiful and so we we leave the customs area grab our bag which was literally there by the time we got out of customs we walk out and we're greeted with the warmth and the sun of Costa Rica, mountains off in the distance, clouds covering the top of the mountains. And everyone's so friendly. Like everybody is friendly. Not even people that are with Rhythmia, but everybody is friendly.

Exploring Rhythmia Resort And Ceremonies

Rhythmia resort (03:34)

And that level of friendliness, we kept asking like, where is Rhythmia? Right. Because there's transportation that's picking us up from the airport. kept asking like where is Rhythmia right because there's transportation that's picking us up from the airport and so they're pointing us down they're pointing us down and and we get down you know we walk out the door into the bright sun we take a left and maybe a few hundred feet down as a man holding a sign with Rhythmia with the names of the guests that are coming and they're so courteous and kind and they're offering us water and little bags of nuts and things to hold us over. It's really first class all the way through. So in the van and the shuttle, that's a Rhythmia shuttle that picked us up, there were, I believe, six of us. Could have been seven in the van. All here with the same intention. We're going to find our miracle here. And so we get to know each other in the van and it's a long drive, right? It's about an hour and 10 minutes. And it wouldn't be other than the fact that the Costa Rican roadways and travel systems are not quite as sophisticated as ours, right? So it takes a little bit of time. For me, that's not the end of the world, right? It's warm, taut, tired, but I can handle it pretty well. I get a little bit of motion sickness. Lindsay, on the other hand, all types of motion sickness. She's looking peaked, color's bad. I think she's going to vomit. We switch seats so she can be next to the window. She's having fresh air blow on her face. She's taking cold bottles of water and putting them on her neck to keep her calm and dialed in. And so it was really, I was happy to get to the resort. Not only to finally get to the resort, but also because she was able to keep her lunch down, or lack thereof, from this travel day. And get inside the compound. Now, the compound itself is part of, the Rhythmia compound is part of a larger compound group.

Rhythmia opening (05:27)

I believe the Marriott and some other hotels are here on the same property, and it's gated off twice. So not only is it gated to get into the community, like the larger group, but then it's also gated off to get into arrhythmia, right? You have to be scanned in basically. And so any thoughts or fears of, you know, third world country, not even this is third world country, but any thoughts or fears of things not going the right way are pretty quickly eliminated when you pull in. Not only from the first class accommodations of getting picked up on the shuttle and the way that the staff treats you. And actually during the ride to maximize time, there's a video that plays, there's a movie, there's some intake paperwork. So we're, we're multitasking to make sure our time's even better here. When we get inside the resort, we get inside the compound, pull up and it's this beautiful, beautiful setup, right? There's a, what would be called a helipad, which ends up being where we also parked to get out of the van. And we're met in this open air environment, right? So it's a, it's a building, but there's no doors on it, right? It's just a, it's an intake place. And we sit down and the staff is so friendly and so accommodating. And they, they walk us through what to expect. We get these great bags, um, Rhythmia Canvas bags, and then some additional Rhythmia pieces and parts. And they explain the token system here that is how the whole compound works, where you get tokens for the plant medicine, you get tokens for the colonic, you get tokens for juices, kind of everything across the board is a tokenized system. Plus they have these FOB keys that when you walk in and out of buildings, you scan your fob. Come to find out Jerry is a, as a freak when it comes to tracking data. So everything is tracked here to see how they can maximize the experience, which I think is incredible. After almost 5,000 guests, they have this pretty well dialed in. This isn't going into the woods and using the plant. This is actively using it in the most incredible setting possible. So we get done with the intake, and by the time we get here, it's like 3.30, 4 o'clock local time. With Lindsay and I being Eastern Standard Time, that's actually two hours behind. So our body clock says 5.30, and we've been up since 3.30. It's been a long day. From the intake process, we then go get to spend some time with Jerry, the entire group of us. And kind of his story, what to expect, what's going to come out of the plant medicine, and him just sharing. And in his sharing, it's incredible, right? The story of his life and what's went on and where it all goes and why all this exists and the different journeys he's had and how he's listened to this plant medicine. His original thing was a bokeh, but he's listened to it to help guide us into this moment.

Plant Medicine Ceremonies (08:32)

And from that place, he explains the four different modalities of the plant medicine, with four different shamans and four different regions that the stuff comes from, and gets into Thursday night, where the average experience is six hours, give or take. The Thursday evening slash Friday morning ceremony starts at 7 p.m. and goes all the way till 7, 8, or 9 a.m. A much, much different experience. a much, much different experience. So we wrap up with that, and there's a breathwork class with Christian, who is a great man that you're going to hear an interview with later on in this week.

Dinner Check-In (09:14)

And although we want to take it, we're just shot from traveling and all those things. So we look at each other. We haven't even been to our hotel room yet. When they check you in, they take your bags, your luggage. They get it to your hotel room, hacienda. And we hadn't even seen the room yet. So when we finally get to the room, we are pretty, pretty worn out. There's just nothing really left in our tank. And so we get to the room. 's pretty close to 5 30 we lay down for a minute we freshen up we realize that dinner is served at six we also realize that this is the only night that there's dinner because during the ceremony you certainly don't want additional food in your stomach so So it's really a breakfast, lunch type of environment. And so we get cleaned up. We go to what we'll call the restaurant, a place called Roots, with an incredible chef named Meg. And we have just the greatest meal, right? Like it's phenomenally good food. And we're talking, we're catching up, and then we get done with that and we come back to the room. It's like, hey, I'd really like to go check out the spa. And the spa ends up being the gym and a hot tank and a cold tank and vibration plates and some things that, of course, I would be into. And we get there and it's just about 7 o'clock, like 6.50. And we didn't realize it, but that part of the resort closes at 7. And so the staff was friendly enough and courteous enough to allow us to use the facility, just the hot and the cold pool back and forth, until like 7.10 before they kindly asked us to call in the evening. And so we got to relax just a little bit, decompress, just connect with each other, and then come back to the room. Now, after checking in and getting our schedules and everything here is very well timed, breakfast is only from this time to this time, and then there's classes and there's things to help progress you along your journey, and fully realizing that we're not going to have a whole bunch of extra time to do much of anything until really Friday and Saturday. And so it makes sense. We wanted to come down to decompress and relax. And Lindsay's looking at me like, this is not going to be decompressing and relaxing.

Rythimia Life Advancement Center Overview

Rythimia Life Advancement Center (11:44)

And we'll see, right? I'm anxious to see what the medicine has in store for us. But what I do know is that up until this point, this is such a well-oiled machine that all the thoughts and fears of what could go wrong in a situation have all really sequentially been eliminated, right? They've done a great job in eliminating variables and having things so everyone is together and bonding and unified, but also gets to have their own experience, eat healthy, feel good, right? There's a massage that comes with this. There's three colonics. There's four plant-based medicine journeys. There's food. There's the spa, there's all these things. And it's just truly incredible to be here. So up until this part, I don't have a whole lot of history to go off of quite yet, but I would definitely encourage you if you're considering to take a look at RhythmiaLifeAdvancementCenter.com and just see what this all is. If you'd like introduced right to Brooke and the staff, I can certainly handle that as well. Pop me an email, Ryan at lifeoptimizationgroup.com. I'll forward things on and I like sending people that support me directly to the people inside that can make your experience even more pleasurable. And so I look forward to this week being able to share with you the evolution and the journey that Lindsay and I are both going through. What we do on a day-to-day basis, what the plant medicine has in store, the funny stories and not-so-funny stories. It's going to be very, very interesting to see how we came into this versus how we leave. And so from that standpoint, I'll just wrap this up with the normal. I hope all you guys get to go out and get shit done. you

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