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Intro (00:00)

This is day-a-trailah. This is 15 minutes to freedom. I'm your host elite life optimization coach Ryan Naidel, and today is day number six from Rhythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. Today has been a different day in a beautiful way like in the best way and that's the case based off of just the integration and the acceptance of all the gifts that I have received from being here. I've had the opportunity to do some really phenomenal things in my life. Meet some amazing people, connect with some beacons of industry. Just experience all the magic that the world has to offer. And at this moment in time, this resort, this place, this place, this place, this moment in time this resort this place this thing this experience this souls calling to these moments is at the top of the list now it's been a fool gosh more than 24 hours I guess I've been up for the better part of 36 hours with no sleep.

Saintly Aims & Spiritual Journey

Day 6 (01:22)

been up for the for more than 24 hours I guess I've been up for the better part of 36 hours with no sleep and don't even want to they don't care and I'm gonna do the best that I can to put into words what has went on with a call to action to invite you to come here with me. You see, over this past week I've become friends, friendly, friends, I'll call it friends with Jerry Powell. Jerry's the founder of Rythmia. Jerry's got an incredible story that's told in his book, shit the moon said. If you're interested in what that is and that book, pick it up. I'm sure it's on Amazon. If not, drop me an email. I'll figure out how to get you a book. Because there's this story of Jerry is this incredible man who was used to not be so incredible. Jerry was a man that owned big real estate portfolios and then owned a mortgage business and then sold that off and pissed away all the money and we're talking tens of millions of dollars. Then grew what I can only imagine to be one of the largest plastic surgery practices in the country. Grew that and exited that for 90-plus million dollars. By time all the water found its level he was left with about 61 million and he was still way off pace like still way off course. Jerry was the guy that was sedating with alcohol and with porn and with drugs and too much was never enough and although he was married and had kids he was internally in turmoil. I sound familiar to you? Like he was searching he always knew there was something greater. There was a greater calling. He'd been to the self-help things. He'd had coaches. He'd had mentors and psychiatrists and psychologists and all types of stuff. And it was like there was something more. And eventually he came down to Costa Rica and found a Boga, which is another medicine that can be used to create enlightenment, to open up what could be possible for you. And through that, his depiction of exactly what happened is in his book, shit the moon said. So in 45 sessions, right, The moon itemized and documented to him exactly how to create this resort. And it's all recorded. Every session he had is recorded so that we could all know it's not bullshit. Like that's how powerful this was, that basis that thing that happened caused him to find this resort and buy it. Okay and it's it's there and so he comes here and he buys a resort and the resort is a shell there's nothing here I mean there's certainly property in you know buildings but there's the center did not exist and so this is about five and a half years ago from right now and then he he staffs the resort and he finds the right people in the right places and and it's been growing.

Jerry Powell (04:12)

Right? Five thousand people or so through the doors of this place and that's only the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more here. One as I may have mentioned Jerry and I've become friends this week and I realize from some of the things that he's doing and then areas for opportunity for growth that happen to be things that I'm doing, there's an incredible strategic alliance between me taking the skill sets that I have and pouring them into rythmia. And pouring them into rythmia, not based off the fact of wanting anything in return. I don't want to be on payroll. I'm not looking for salary. I'm not looking for anything other than to help people find this light in the night. See there's a great chance as you're listening to this right now and you follow this journey of rhythmia that you're intrigued, maybe questioning it, maybe like, man I would really like to go there, I just don't know how. Can I afford it, can I not? What is Iowasca? What does it do? Does it make me a drug addict? What are all these things? My friend, I understand. I understand, I understand because these same mental confines and these trappings were things that I battled with for years of being called to this medicine. Let me offer a perspective shift for you. Iowasca, its primary active component is DMT, thymptotryptamine. As you breathe air right now, your lungs are producing DMT. I'll take you through a breath work exercise that if you do it for 45 minutes to an hour, you will experience a euphoric connection to a higher source that ties itself into the feeling of Iowasca. That same breath work is taught here at rhythmia. It's an equal component to the plant-based medicine.

DMT (06:30)

But let's even move that aside, right? They're still biased. I get it because, you know, I'm an 80s baby. Drug education resistance awareness, whatever it was, drug abuse resistance education, education, there, right? And that drugs are bad. I don't disagree with that. I'm not advocating drug use, I'm advocating plant medicine use. Because Iowaskins of being the root of a tree, mixed with a leaf of another tree, created into a brew in which you drink that has no habit-forming qualities to it. It simply encourages you to unlock what is already there. It heals you from the inside out. The power that I feel right now from finally getting to meet who I am, right? This isn't some blast off into outer space and you know we'll call it tripping balls and all this stuff it it's not like that this is like the most deep introspective hardest work you could do for yourself because it forces you to get real with the pain and the trauma that has existed not only in this lifetime but over the life times that you have had prior to now. And with that, with that over a four day period in a very guided and very intentional way that is incredibly safe, there's this gift that comes and here at Rhythmia it's referred to as your miracle. I'm here with 62 other people, 61 if you exclude my wife. And all of us have received some version of what we would refer to as our own miracle. The resort as a whole has a 94% success rate, which I'm going to work and help Jerry get it to a hundred because there's a way to do that with a lead-up sequence, but I won't get too deep into that right now.

Ascending To A Higher Level Of Spiritual Energy (08:14)

What I will share is the fact that this thing, this experience, the way that this entire week has been constructed is with such beautiful intentionality that my soul has been called to be here for a lifetime. You see I was supposed to go to Peru a year ago and experience I was in the jungle. A left happened and a a right happened, and the trip didn't happen. It was actually when I had my abscess. I was not cleared for travel. Next step after that, there's an event in California. I also part taken an Iowasca ceremony. Scheduling conflict, something else came up. I had a speaking engagement and I had to opt out of that. All of which it led me to right here. scheduling conflict something else came up I had a speaking engagement and I had to opt out of that all of which it led me to right here and this only happens because I'm at Ryan Daniel Moran's mastermind and I ended up meeting some incredible people Rob dial was his man I'm speaking of Rob had been here before I saw the rhythmia sticker on the back of his laptop. I'm like man what do you know about rhythmia so man, man, I've been there, it's incredible, you got to go. He introduces me to Brandy Powell and Jerry. We have conversations back and forth. Brandy comes on the show. We hit it off because I had just come out of the backside of a mushroom experience, and she is a big mushroom fan of the instantly, mushroom brothers and sisters. Into them offering me the chance to come here, to experience what this is, to spend time with them, recording podcasts, and doing things that are just outside the norm, right? Where else in the world do I get an opportunity to meet someone with the beautiful intentionality that Jerry has? No worry. And so I come here and I have the experience and I feel called in that fourth evening. I asked for what the path was to greatest impact and I know what it is. It's here. Like this place feels like home to me. The warmth and the dryness of the Costa Rican air. The way the staff is friendly, the things and the missions behind what everyone is doing and why they're doing it, it's like this is what it is supposed to be. And so that leads into conversation with Jerry yesterday in a one-on-one basis about some some points in their business, they're looking to grow in scale and it so happens to be that as Jerry is also in this last experience, he hears my intention, I see him at breakfast, it's a Jerry, I got it. I asked and I was given what I needed, I got to share it with you. And I sit down, and I sit down, I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but I I sit down and I lay out the entire thing, like everything that I was told in the night before. I had no idea what Jerry needed in this business, if anything. I just know this is what I was told. As a lot walking step by step and moment by moment through what I was told and the order that it should happen and what the value is that I can add, he's smiling because he says, says look those are all the things that we don't have this is wild so not only do I know who I am do I know who I've been in past lives do I feel completely whole and lighter as a man and as a husband and as a father and as a leader but I get to help bring other people into this same place, which is exactly what I want for you.

Upcoming Exciting Collaboration With Rhythmia (11:36)

Not only going to help them do some stuff, but I'm committed to come back every 12 weeks to lead what I'll call a soul's pilgrimage of like-minded individuals to come here and experience this with me. We'll do our own coaching lead up into this that's going to come here and experience this with me. We'll do our own coaching lead-up into this that's going to come completely commentary. I'll take three weeks beforehand and I'll coach free. I will coach you into what this is. I will coach you into getting rid of some of the stuff that might scare you before you come here. We'll have an intentionality of when we arrive that the impact that we all want to make on our own lives will be 100% guaranteed. Between what I know how to do and what Rhythmia does and what Jerry knows how to do and what the medicine inherently does for all of us. This is going to change people's lives. Just as it's changed mine. So I have the conversation with Jerry and he's excited. We're going to meet again today as I'm recording this on a Saturday. We're going to map out some more variables and figure out how we work together and figure out how the structure is going to have to take place in order for both of us to make that impact. And honestly, God's truth is I don't even care how it works. I'm going to do it either way. Because if I can feel the way that I feel in this moment, and now two days removed from the last ceremony, and if I can have the clarity and the power and the focus and the production and just the linear feeling of progression with zero adherence to regression, how could I not make sure that you have the same?

Why Ryan is So Gifted (13:26)

And so in order to do this, there's a couple things I have to jump through. There's a barrier to entry for coming here that is an expense, right? To me, somewhere between four and five thousand dollars for seven nights and an all-inclusive resort that has some of the best food I've ever had, massages, colonics, trainings, classes, for plant-based medicine ceremonies, right? That's incredibly inexpensive, in my opinion. But I realize that we all have different things, right? I fully realize that as you're listening you might be called to this but you say I don't have any idea how I could possibly come up with that money. That's okay. We're gonna figure out a way to finance it. That's okay. That's how much I believe about this. Imagine being able to put down a fraction of that money and then finance the remaining balance to make sure that you get the miracle and the gift that inevitably when you return back to home, wherever home is for you, that you'll be able to produce at a higher level with more clarity and more certainty than you've ever had before. Imagine having that on the back side and potentially on the front side of a coaching protocol. In which all the tactical skill sets that I would have as far as it pertains to business, operations, mindset, shifting what's possible, unhinging, limiting beliefs. It's second to none. Your life will change. I have no fear of you being able to quote unquote pay for this. Best part is, I don't get anything out of it. I don't make money on this. I don't care about that. I care about you feeling how I get to feel right now and inherently forever. Plus I know when 10, 12, 15, 20 of us come down in groups. That butterfly effect of the ripple that will happen when we go back into the world sharing our light because that's so much of what this is you finding that light that you had really embodying and owning that light becoming the beacon of light or the light warrior or the light house whatever you want to call it and truly making an impactful shift in what's possible for you. That's what this is about. And I'm going to do it with you consistently. And you can drop me an email, Ryan at life optimization group.com. I'm also going to create a little funnel, right? There'll be a little link in the show notes of this episode specifically. That will walk you through how this will work and have you on a little intake questionnaire so that I can help make this even easier on you and on the rhythmia staff. Again, I get nothing out of this other than to see your soul wake up, which is all that's been calling to me for my entire life I just have been running from it I have been running from the fact of I get the greatest enjoyment out of seeing people happy and succeed I get even more enjoyment out of having people stop the stories that they've been sharing with themselves in their head about why they're not good enough or why they can't produce or why why I get all goes away and that's what this is that's what this experience ends up being so I have the conversation with Jerry and I feel motivated I'm I'm I'm inspired and I'm here and I'm sharing with you right now and we finally get to have dinner right and there's this this bonding, there's connection with my wife that I've never felt before.

Rythmia Testimonial From A 2 Time Guest (16:37)

And you know how much I love Lindsay. You hear how close we are on the show. You know all of it. The way that I showed up here, our relationship was fantastic. It was on fire. Good intimacy, great communication, great conversation, great everything. I feel like prior to this experience it was operating at a three versus the ten we're at now. The love that I feel, the way that I connect to other people, I just can't even get it all out. And so that's what yesterday brings. The way that I connect to other people, I just can't even get it all out. And so that's what yesterday brings. Yesterday brings a clarity on what is what is to come going forward. Yesterday is the adherence to the medicine and what it has shown me and then taking action towards pulling that off because that's what this does. shows you it shows you what is possible and so I'm gonna just listen and do what I'm supposed to and sure there's the other pieces and parts of yesterday right there the breath work class that we did in the evening from 530 to 7 gets you back into that d. M. T. It's an hour of very intentional breathing All of a sudden you zoom off into outer space, but in your own breath laying on the floor and they teach you that because when you go home, DMT is not currently allowed to be used in the estates. It's not something you can do, but you can tap into it on your own source. You're your own infinite source of DMT right in your lungs. They teach you the breath work on how to get there. How just to calm yourself down. After an hour of that breathing, they encourage you to hold your breath. I held my breath for a little bit more than five minutes yesterday, without even realizing it's like the lung capacity and the things my friend it is I am imploring you to consider this opportunity it's it's it's unlike anything else ever anywhere because we have the breath work and then we have dinner and I have a colonic at some point throughout the day that is much like the previous one gets all out of control things get messy this time I figure out how to use the system a little bit better it's all self-administered put the pieces and parts back together and feel just cleaner and lighter and more connected and more dialed in than I've ever felt before.

Kryptonite: Education, Opportunity & Sharing Your Light (19:23)

I woke up today this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the sun comes up at about 5.30 and I'm up at 6 and I'm ready to go. I'm ready to keep changing the world and the way that I know I'm supposed to. I'm ready to keep pouring into you all these things that I have in creating pathways and systems for every budget right like I have the ten day challenges where things start right I don't know why I created that but it came to me and I had to so for $20.19.97 for ever in perpetuity you'll be able to get 10 days and admittedly it's not 10 days I'm alleging a little secret. I believe that if I only give you 10 days worth of value you're inherently going to feel slighted even though it's only 20 bucks. So there's five days of email sequencing leading up to it in which you get three gifts. There's three days of pre-training videos where you get more information that's not part of the 10 days. The 10 days isn't really 10 days, it's 14 days. And then there's a 15 day where we talk about other paths going forward. There's other pass going forward. There's a 15 day where we talk about other paths going forward.

If Im Living (20:45)

There's other paths going forward or accountability coaching there's group coaching there's one-on-one coaching there's coming to an event and there's coming to rhythmia and I do that because I realize the stuff that I have the stuff that I know the stuff that I read the stuff that I study the way that I show up in the world is with incredible intentionality to make an impact and a change and there's something about my words to you as you listen to this that show you a possibility of what could be and I want you to join me in that possibility because I know it's what it's supposed to be.

Honored To Have (21:27)

Just like I know for you, there is something that you are supposed to do. Maybe you're doing it right now. Maybe you're not doing it with excellence like you could be all the time. Maybe you think you know what it is, but you run from it like I used to. Maybe you're like some of the people here that truly had no idea when they came, like what am I even supposed to do? But imagine after five or six days being able to have that handled. Imagine what that would mean to you. That's what this is. This has been the most revolutionary life-changing five days of my life.

Positive Fate

Meant To Be (22:05)

That's my gift for you and your family and your friends and your circle and every person you will ever come across in your life that you invest in yourself enough to come here, hopefully with me. If not with me, just come by yourself. I'll tell them I sent you. I just couldn't be more thankful and more honored to have you be a part of this journey with me not only the plant-based medicine journey but the journey of my life you see at this point I'm 380, 390 episodes into this show I felt called and compelled to start this more than a year ago on a daily basis. I felt called and compelled at that moment I didn't realize why. Sure I would have told you it was because Miles died. I would have told you it was because I had this stuff. I was tired of carrying around and I didn't want it to come up and bite me in the rear end and I was tired of running for myself. But really it was a divine orchestration of knowing that if I stepped into my greatness that people would find that over a period of time and wake up to it and want some of what it is that I have. The best part about me is I just want to give it all to you. I just want you to feel what I feel. And I love you for listening to this show. I love you for taking the time to message me that I made an impact. I love you for taking the time to send me an email saying that this changed my life and that I've lost weight and I've found a better job and I've taken better care of my family and I'm taking better care of myself and I'm applying what you're putting into your show. I'm applying it to my life and thank you. I love you for showing up for yourself. Because at some point that's all this is. I'm truly honored to have you on this journey with me. As with endless love and appreciation for you, then I'm going to encourage you to go out today and get shit done.

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