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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes to Freedom. I'm your host, Elite Life Optimization Coach, Ryan Neidell, and today's episode is simply an update. Today I want to update you on the status of a few things, share some stuff that's on my mind, and look for some feedback from you. Yes, you. Specifically, you right now. So I'll get right to the feedback portion. I'm going to bring this into the end of the conversation. I would be honored if you would give me some feedback on topics or things you would like me to cover on the show, as well as the top issues you're dealing with in your life. And I'm not going to share who you are that sends the emails or the top issues you're dealing with in your life. But what I found is if I ask, right, if I just ask you, give me the top three things you're dealing with in your life is if I ask, right, if I just ask you, give me the top three things you're dealing with in your life. And you and a few hundred other people, maybe a few thousand, send me over your top issues. It gives me a chance to do some deep dive research on those issues and bring back to you a potential solution. You see, I love going out and finding information and searching for things and putting together pieces and interviewing incredible people in every industry. I love it. And if I can do that to add value to your life, it would truly be my pleasure to do so. So please, if you get a moment, send me an email,

Thoughts On Personal Development And Responsibility

EMAIL (01:43)

It's right in the show notes, as always. Just send me an email, It's right in the show notes, as always. Just send me an email. I promise you, especially if you put on the top, like, do not share my name, do not share anything. I will not. You have my word. I have no reason to go back on that. But what I will do is do the research and bring you a solution. The other side of things is I was having a conversation via text message with one of you. Yes, another listener that has become a friend of mine from out by Lake Tahoe, an incredible individual. He goes by the Instagram handle Ironmaninside. And I would heavily encourage you to follow him. He adds a ton of value inside of his page and inside the Life Optimization Group inside of Facebook. A really world-class man. He's been through some incredible things. Incredible child actor. Had an opportunity to really push forward and do some great things in that industry. But decided to give it up and not go down that path because he wanted to live his life to the fullest. Something I think is incredible. Something that sometimes I feel envious of. But him and I over the past six months or year have forged a friendship, a bond. Something that's unique between us. And he jabs me from time to time and asks me questions and gives me words of encouragement. He would actually be the man that would be my Ironman coach or will be my Ironman coach when I finally get around to starting that path. And that was actually one of the things that came up in his nice conversation today. You see, I put out on the show quite some time ago, I want to do an Ironman. I'm going to do it as soon as I get done with my boxing match. That was exactly my intention. Was to do just that. Have a boxing match late last year. Start Ironman training this year and be a full-blown Ironman by the end of this year. Well, as luck or fate or divine intervention would have it, the matches or bouts that I had tentatively scheduled didn't work out. Opponents backed out or they weren't able to be found. I didn't want to travel as far as it would take to have me hop on the ring with somebody. And at some point, I was probably not prepared. Shoot, I don't know if I'm prepared now. I was probably not prepared. Shoot, I don't know if I'm prepared now. But all of a sudden, a week turns into a month, and a month turns into three, and here I am still not in the ring for a competitive bout. But what I have done is enjoyed every moment of being in the ring training with my coach, Kevin. He's someone I would consider a close friend now, someone that I think the world of, someone that has poured energy and effort into me over the past, oh gosh, almost 16 months now, helping forge a skill and become a friend. And so when he tells me I'm ready, I could be ready, and if he can't find the fight, he can't find the fight. And honestly, so much of this, in my opinion, ends up being, it just wasn't supposed to happen in the order I thought it was supposed to. You see, I'm notorious for sitting in here in this studio that was made by Miles and his father, sitting behind this black microphone and sharing whatever comes to mind. I don't have any notes. Quite often I have no idea what I'm going to discuss before I even sit down. And so when something pops in my head, it's like, this is where we're going. This is what we're doing. And I believe it in my soul at that moment. But as life would be life and I get more into owning my own self and what I find to be valuable, sometimes what I desire in the moment is not what I desire in every moment. And as I have had a few experiences now with mushrooms and four days in Rhythmia with ayahuasca, the amount of love and energy I feel inside of me is more than I could ever imagine. And so the thought of hopping in the ring to punch someone else in the face seems very counterintuitive right now. I would say fully that the skill set I have at this moment is the best skill set I have ever had inside of a boxing ring. My body moves in a fluid way that I could have never imagined to be possible, and not saying I'm anywhere near where I would ultimately want to arrive in this sport, but I feel really good. But yet, bouts don't seem to happen. And that's okay with me. I don't mind at all. I love the training. I love the sweating and the mental aptitude it takes and the footwork and the hand-eye coordination and all of it. And so I never got to the point of transitioning into Ironman practice or training. I never got there. Now, that doesn't mean I'm not going to do an Ironman. It just means at this current moment in life, it's not that much of a passion for me. It's not a passion at all. I never even think about it. I don't inherently like to run. I'm excited to buy a bike because it's a new toy. And swimming, I'm probably admittedly going to have to take some swimming lessons. My rear end sinks like a rock. All that makes it intriguing to me because it will be new skill sets that I don't currently have. But right now, it's just not that important. All this is so not important that I have been boxing in the morning and just been doing true functional training in the evenings. When I say true functional training, I'm talking kettlebells and steel maces. That's it. Yes, a 25 pound steel bar with a ball on the bottom of it that I do a series of workouts with and anywhere between a 50 and 75 pound kettlebell or two is all I use. pound kettlebell or two is all I use. See, I want my body to have a different feel. I'm doing what actually feels fluid and dynamic to me in these moments, doing things that I enjoy and love versus adhering to the old construct that I had to lift heavy things and put them down. Or if I didn't go to the gym, I wasn't a real athlete. I wasn't really going to be in shape. Or if I didn't go to the gym, I wasn't a real athlete. I wasn't really going to be in shape. I just don't find that to be true anymore.

Shifting perspective, media push, and the tramadol book. (08:11)

That is not my personal truth. And even then, there's a time, gosh, into late last year that I had announced I was going to launch a book. How tired are you of hearing about the book? Well, I've written and I've written and I've written and I'm at the better part of 45 or 50,000 words in the book. All by me. No ghostwriter. No anything. My blood, sweat, and tears. But the book over time, as my perspective keeps shifting, keeps expanding and is more malleable than I would have thought. That, coupled with talking to some PR firms in the late quarter of last year, I realized I was really behind the eight ball to do any sort of significant media push on the book. So I delayed it. And I'm reworking it. And I'm doing things to make it more valuable than anything could be before. You see, I've got this idea in my head in which the book is referred, it's not even referred to, the book is going to be called The Life Optimization Guide. I see it plain as day. I know what I've written. And this isn't a personal expose. If you wanted that, you'd listen to this show. This ends up being exactly how I have lived the life that I live and all the things that I know how to do and all, all the stuff, right? And it's, it's lengthy. It's impactful, but it's writing the book is very simple. What's not so simple or not so easy for me is citing the proper references that state where I got these things from because I'm determined to give full credit where credit is due. And what takes even more time is getting the testimonials for every individual component from someone that I've actually worked with that you could reach out to so that you know before you take action that this has been tested on someone more than just me. I don't really know why I feel so compelled to make the book in this format, but I do. And so that's what I'm building. And I've made a commitment. It's on the calendar. It's with the print shop. It's with everything that the final manuscript, the final draft, right, what will be in editing and the copywriters will be done by, I believe it's July 12th. That gives me ample time to get what I need done. It allows for a late third quarter, early fourth quarter push. I have to determine if it's going to be hardback or paperback. Every part of who I am says hardback, although it's much more expensive and I'm trying to design and develop a way in which when you buy one book you end up getting a second book complimentary to pay it forward to someone else I'm doing that because I don't look at this book as something to put food on my family's table I look at this as something to leave behind a legacy. And I've shared with you and every client I've ever worked with that I encourage you to teach what you learn because if you can't teach it, you don't know it. And if you don't know it, you can't live it. What better way to teach what you've learned than to give somebody else a copy of the book that hopefully made a change and impact in your life? And all that's all well and good, but then in addition to the book, I have modules that I am creating digitally so that when you buy the book and you want additional content resources, you can come get them. You can get video training modules. You can get the resources that help me come up with a determination that ends up being in the book. So the book is alive and well, it's just delayed. It's delayed because I'm notorious for jumping and then looking. And I was fortunate enough to come across some people that said, you should probably look before you jump. And so I have. And even so, as I go down this path of coaching more and more, right? And seeing that I have now a true small group with members that has a very, very, very low monthly investment, less than $300, less than $250. Where we hop in once a week and I train the living daylights out of you. And seeing that I'm, I've now finally created the groups of people based off of the life optimization tests and the way that your brain works in correlation to other people that think the same, where we can solve problems for 10 people at a time over a 12 week time period. And that the tribe that we need to help us grow, it's human nature, we need a tribe. You build that with people that are like-minded. Shoot, at this point, I've shot 260 videos that you can now acquire in individual courses. I don't have to keep this stuff inside anymore. I don't have to keep this stuff inside anymore.

Freedom, living detached commitments, the power of the day by day. (13:06)

I don't have to keep it private or secret. I have something for everyone. And that's what I've been working on. That's what's taken my focus. That, the studying, the training, the becoming better and better at the skills and the craft of coaching, not only myself but other people. And all these things as I'm updating you are because of a fluid world that we live in or that I'm choosing to live in.

Not bound by pride. (13:25)

The only things that are not fluid are the love for my wife and the love for my daughter. Those are as straight and as dynamic and as exponentially up and to the right as something could possibly be. Everything else can kind of come and go. It ebbs and flows. I no longer feel the need to fight resistance. What I feel the need to do is share openly. And occasionally sharing openly leaves me standing in the middle of the wind with my pants down. And sometimes things that I say on here don't come to fruition. The female event that I brought up twice, that kindly women, there's been 10, 12, 15 of you that have reached out at different times saying, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in, help me. But it doesn't work. It doesn't work because it hasn't felt energetically the right way to me. I can't put the time, energy, and effort into it to really pull it off in a way that makes the massive impact in people's lives that I'm determined to make. to really pull it off in a way that makes a massive impact in people's lives that I'm determined to make. So instead of forcing a square peg in a round hole in a coy effort to make some extra money, I just put it to the side. Because instead of the saying that if it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense, I kicked that out of the window a long time ago. If it doesn't make an impact, it doesn't make sense. And I'm never going to do something just to make a buck. I would rather be broke and be filled with love and abundance and the joy of my family and you as you share my words with me and hopefully feed back to me through email or messages or reviews of the show. That's way more important to me than anything else. And if you're listening and saying, well, man, that's really woo woo. That's way more important to me than anything else. And if you're listening and saying, well, man, that's really woo woo. That's really spiritual. You need, you need money. You're damn right I do. But I always produce. I always have. I always will. Just as you always can. It's just tapping into your soul and tapping into the divine and knowing how to do that. And then having strategic plans in place to make sure that you can only go forward. You can never retreat.

The next time you see excuses. (15:31)

Which oddly enough is what I do for a living. That's a whole other story.

Influence and Responsibility. (15:38)

It's just crazy to see what a conversation in the morning where someone that I hold in high regards pushes me and questions, right? That if I'm blowing smoke up people's rear ends, has me pause for a second and say that there would be no way for you on that side of the microphone to know what goes on inside my mind unless I share it. And that all things will come in time and the love that I have will always be there. And the book will do well and however well it does, it does. And when there's a next one that comes out, there'll be the next one. And then when I stack all these pieces together, my life feels great and incredible.

Emphasis On Visibility

Be Seen And Heard. (16:20)

But it feels just as great and incredible to be completely alone walking out in the woods with no one around me, no cell phone reception, and just being at peace with myself. So I'm going to ask you one more time as I wrap up this show, if there's anything that comes to mind that you would like information on, whether it's books that I've read or problems that you have in your life or ideas for more content or things you'd like me to help figure out if I can solve, I beg you to share them with me. Share them at ryan at Gives me an opportunity to go down a whole other path and do a whole different scope of research as it will pertain to making your life better than it already is.

Podcast Summary

Podcast (17:02)

And for making your life better, that will help me, every day after, than it already is. And for making your life better, that will help me every day after get shit done. you

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