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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Elite Life Optimization Coach Ryan Nidell, and today is day number four inside the game of finance.

Discussion On Personal Growth And Development

My favorite 69 books (00:20)

Right, I believe there's a four-dimensional reality that we all play in that I refer to as the foundation. Foundation being fitness, faith, family, and finance. And over the past three weeks, we have covered the first three, which leaves us diving into the fourth. Yesterday, we covered discovering, reading, actually having a book in your hand, and what that that could feel like and why it's important to read versus listen. We have to stop kidding ourselves at some point thinking that listening to a book is the same as reading it because it's not. Unless you are sitting down, focused, without distractions, taking notes, because you're an auditory learner versus a visual or kinesthetic learner, then I suppose I can put an asterisk.

Why Do You Have To Apply What Youve Learned (01:21)

But there's been research that's shown even those learning styles aren't necessarily ironclad and that our brains are very pliable. They're malleable. They can bend. They can move. That's the whole idea of neuro-programming, which got into why, as we are reading, we take notes on how to apply what we learned that day. And then we actually have to apply it, right? It's not enough just to read and to take notes, but then we have to apply it, and there's one additional component that really will drive this home. That's what today's show is about. The final little piece. See, let's live in this hypothetical fairyland world, fairy tale world, just for a moment, if you and I can. You got up early this morning. You took my advice yesterday. You found a book that was sitting around your house and you read it. You read it and you gave yourself time and space and you weren't distracted and you actually enjoyed it. You got a gift out of it. And whether you read five pages or 50 pages, the number of pages does not matter. What matters is you receive something. What matters is you receive something. And upon receiving, you're like, man, I know Ryan told me to do something else. That's right. I have to journal. So I'm going to go ahead and write down how I can apply it to my life. And I'm going to make sense out of what I learned and know how to navigate the waters of today with that gift in my back pocket. And let's assume all that has happened. You got that part done. And you're feeling good. You listen to the show right now. You're excited. You're motivated. You're moving. You're shaking. You're probably either on your way to the office, at the office, or doing something that pertains to creation. So we have to actually create from this new space, the new space of new knowledge, the new space of applying that knowledge. And sure, of course, it's easy to say, well, I got it, right? I'll just go to work and I'll just do the damn thing. I'll just put in the work today. I'm going to, I'm going to, I'm going to try to, is what we would say. I'm going to try to apply what I learned. And what do you think happens? What do you think is going to happen to, is what we would say, I'm going to try to apply what I learned. And what do you think happens? What do you think is going to happen to you today? I'll tell you. The rest of the world doesn't know that you read your book. The rest of the world doesn't care that you read the book. Your boss doesn't care. Your co-workers don't care. No one else cares that you read and you gain some new knowledge. No one. And so they keep dumping their stuff on you. Like normal. Right? They need something from you. They're invading your space and territory. It's how this works. And so what ends up happening is we become responsive to other people's needs. And from that responsive state, we're almost retreating on our heels, right? We're not progressing forward. And so the beautiful thought you had this morning of I'm going to go share this and create takes a backseat to everyone else's needs. And you go through your day and as you're driving home, you're like, shoot, I really, really wanted to apply that. I'll just have to do better tomorrow. and you go through your day, and as you're driving home, you're like, shoot, I really, really wanted to apply that. I'll just have to do better tomorrow. And that's okay, right? You at least read. You have some knowledge. You retained it. You're driving home. You realize there's no area of opportunity, and so you're ready. You're ready for the next day. But I actually believe there's a better way to do this. but I actually believe there's a better way to do this.

Our main pain points with ignoring the Big Lessons (04:50)

I believe there's a better way to do it because I've proven it because this works, because that's part of what this foundational formula for this podcast has been about up until this moment. And it's only going to get deeper on the optimized life show, which launches July 1st. So you're going to want to tune into that when it comes out. But I'll move that to the side for a second, right? So you've learned something, you've journaled it, you want to apply it. So the next step to actually pulling this off is you must declare it to someone. And what does declaration mean? Well mean well means essentially that the journaling that you wrote the things you wrote down you're going to speak it out loud to someone you know like trust and respect that's going to encourage your growth or find your new knowledge exciting moreover hopefully they challenge you. Hopefully they say, well, I don't know if that's true or not. And you get some banter back and forth. Because as I learned inside of Wake Up Warrior, right? Garrett J. White's teachings and trainings. He's the one that coined this term at least the first time that I heard it. And that is, you know, you have to teach what you've learned to somebody new. at least the first time that I heard it. And that is, you know, you have to teach what you've learned to somebody new. Because if you can't teach it, you don't know it. And if you don't know it, you can't live it. And I want you to live what you just learned. So imagine how different your day would be today if the thing that you read that was backed up by the journaling, when you got to the office, you had the first person that you saw, when you got to the office, you had the first person that you saw, hopefully someone impactful to you. You sat down and said, hey, hey, hey, before our day starts, can I share something with you? Yeah, sure, man. What's going on? So I read this book this morning, and I learned this new thing. And I want to apply this new thing, and I want some feedback on what you think about it. Number one, they're probably going to be surprised because there's a high probability they aren't reading themselves. Number two, you're inviting them into your space, which is going to help them feel like, wow, I'm not actually alone, which we all feel like at some level. And so there's this thing of beauty that happens because you're speaking it and you're teaching it. You're declaring it to somebody else. And it's yet again another trigger in those new neural pathways, right? We're touching base over and over again on neuro-linguistic programming. It's my belief that if I can help you learn more, retain more, and execute at a higher level, you'll begin to live a more optimized life, which to me is what we all want. We can say we want more money, a better body, a better relationship, a deeper spiritual connection. But when all of this comes to fruition, there's always going to be a next level. There's always going to beat this new place of optimization. So I don't care where someone arrives to or ascends up to. I also don't care where you start, but this consistent process of progress never goes away. It's always there. And so as you teach it to somebody else, you begin to learn it at a different level. Now it becomes embedded in you because you read it with your eyes, you wrote it with your hand, and you spoke it with your mouth. You do all three of those things inside of a 12-hour period, the likelihood of you retaining what you learned increases exponentially. I don't have to make up what that looks like because I don't know the exact number. What I do know is when I follow this formula, when I share what I learned on the show, when I share with my clients, when I follow the formula, things don't ever leave me. If you've ever seen the movie Limitless before, I feel like Bradley Cooper on NZT. It's like I'm in the middle of a conversation. All of a sudden, somewhere deep in the back of my mind, this thing comes up to the front and wants to leave. Like, oh, in this book written by this author, I read this one thing, and here's how you can apply it to your life. I'm like, man, where did that come from? I have no idea. I'm like, man, where did that come from? I have no idea. On the fact that I embedded something more deeply in my subconscious because I checked all the boxes in the right order. But let's say for a second you feel like I don't have anybody at work I can share this with and I'm not in a relationship and no one's going to care. I feel you, right? I've heard that before.

When you feel like you Dont Have People Around You (09:26)

This is where it gets super awkward. This is where most people check out, but there's another way to do this. You know, you don't have to want to be a coach or a mentor or an inspiration or anything like that. All you want to do is get better. And if that's, if that's number one, right, that's at the top of your pecking order, that's at the top of the totem pole, then do you really care what you have to do to execute it? Right, if I would tell you, you can be as wealthy as you've ever imagined, but you're going to have to look foolish along the way, or you can look really cool and really popular, but you're not going to achieve an eighth of what you could, which path would you choose? Of course, most of us say out loud, oh, I look foolish. That's great. I'm going to test that with you right now. As you go to declare this and you don't have someone you can share it with, take the phone that more than likely you're listening to this show on. Turn it around to the selfie mode, right? So the camera that's facing you stare right into the camera and share you know record a video hello everybody want to share something with you about insert here today I read X by Y author a valuable takeaway I got was Z. I'm going to apply it to my life today by doing A. Let me know if you've had success doing the same. I would love to hear back from you when you attempt what I just shared with you. Thanks for tuning in. A minute video or less, but you're still speaking it. And then, then my friend, you're going to post it because whether you believe it or not, people are watching you. I don't care where you're at in life. I don't care how successful or unsuccessful you feel. There is someone that would trade places with you right now because they believe you have something greater than they have. No different than you would trade places with someone else assuming that they have something greater than you have. It's our job, in my opinion, to extend hands in both directions, right? We're grabbing the next rung of the ladder, but we've got to pull somebody up with us as we ascend.

Rules For Interaction

Rules of Engagement (11:40)

Potentially this video is the exact way that you do that. Now typing a post and sharing a pretty picture does not count. You see, these rules of engagement, as I call them, are non-negotiables. There is a reason why these things happen in sequential order. Because it provides value and benefit to your life. It changes the way your brain works. It helps other people associate with you at a greater level. It helps create new belief systems in others. People start to look at you in a different light. The endless possibilities are just that, endless. So that ends up being today's lesson. Where we're going to share what we learned. We're going to take what we read. Take what we discovered. We're going to write it down. From writing it down, you're going to figure out how to apply it to your day. That day. Not some magic BS day in the future. Today. out how to apply it to your day that day, not some magic BS day in the future today. We have to apply it today. Then we have to share it with somebody else. Hopefully it's someone we know, like, trust, and respect. Hopefully it's someone that's in our life that we can have a conversation with. But if for some reason that can't happen as life is not perfect, the second best thing is to hop on video, declare it there, and then share it with the world. Those three things, when done in sequential order daily, daily, every day, that includes weekends, for 70 to 90 days, will change the way that you think. It will change the way you show up. It will change the opportunities that are available to you. It will do all that you're searching for as you just committed to me that you're okay feeling foolish. You got to get out of your own way, my friend. If you want the finances that you say that you want, if you want to build that big castle, that wide moat, you have to step up into it. You're going to have to challenge your belief systems of what's possible and lean into the discomfort of uncertainty. And when you lean into that all the way, you'll find out that all the days after, you're able to get shit done.

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