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Intro (00:00)

This is 15 Minutes of Freedom. I'm your host, Elite Life Optimization Coach Ryan Neidell, and today is the final day of our conversation based around faith. Day number six. This show, this episode, this week, previous week, and the following weeks are to lay the final foundation into what all this really is. All this being a coaching protocol with me, all this being the foundational elements for how I believe we can live an optimized life, all this is a quick reference guide that in the future I can return people back to here and say, listen to these, what will be 24 episodes to get a good taste of how I think. Fully realizing that how I think is not for everybody and it's not meant to be. Fully realizing there'll come a point in the future where this mindset and methodology is outdated for who I am. See, all of us, me, you, the people you're passing in your car, the person next to you in the gym, the person to your right or left in the office, I believe it is all of our divine capacity to consistently expand. You see, nothing in this universe remains stagnant. Stagnation literally equals death. Right? The solid table that you have in front of you right now, the solid car that you touch, what's truly incredible is it's not actually solid. There is more space between the molecules and the atoms in that car than there is actual matter. We can only see 1-2% of the perceptive spectrum of colors and sights. We can only hear 1% to 2% of the perceptive number and amount of sounds. So from the way that we view life, we can't have all this figured out. It just wouldn't be possible. There's 98% of what's going on around us we don't even know about. We have no way to track it. We have no way to monitor it. We have no way to see it or to hear it or to touch it or to feel it or to smell it. It is not possible for us. How crazy is that? Right? That literally there could be an entire another life form next to you right now. That we could be under a microscope being watched. We could be a petri dish in another dimension's reality. And we'd never know it because we can't see it. And so all of this in some capacity is the greatest illusion that exists in the planet, exists in the universe. All this comes down to our incessant and inherent need to be proven right. Where the ultimate truth, the absolute truth, the absolute right is there is no absolute right. There is no absolute truth. My perception of my reality and your perception of your reality, we could be in the same place at the same time. And there's no way for me to know what color you see my desk to be, my shirt to be. Sure, it's gray, but how is it gray compared to your gray? How does it feel to me versus how it feels to you? How does it smell versus how it smells to you? See, there's no way for us to compare the two. There never will be. And so both of us have to be right. But then by the nature of that would mean both of us have to be wrong. So why do we consistently feel the need to be proven right? Well, certainly it goes back to that ego-based model, doesn't it? Right, that childlike version of self that needs to be told that he's the best. That part that develops from age four to maybe 12 or 14. That part that no matter how hard we try as parents, we're never going to get it right for our kids. Because during that same time period, they have their own perception that's forming, and there's going to be something that we miss out on that they wanted us to do. You could be the most ideal parent in the world. You and your husband or you and your wife could be married, loving a relationship, community of relationship. You're home every day at five o'clock. You have family dinner. You're never distracted. You're always there. You're always literally on 10. You are the best version of you possible every moment of every day. And you will be for the next 18 years. And your child, when they become an adult, from their own perception of reality that has existed up until that moment, they're going to have something that they feel like they were deficient in. It's going to be the one time over family dinner where you didn't say the right thing at the right time and it created a new belief system inside of them that they feel like they missed out on something. That's just life, my friend. That's just the way this all bounces. So instead of consistently working towards perfection, what if we just work towards progress? What if each day you just try to be just a little bit better than you were the day before? Then the daunting task of perfection would no longer be the requirement. There'd just be the acceptance that perfection is an illusion, that it can't really exist. That the ultimate existence is to grow, to stay in motion, to expand, as is the nature of the universe around us. You see, the table is in motion consistently, the microphone, your car, you yourself, and what comprises you is nothing more than a buzzing ball of energy that's always in motion. From that very aspect, then wouldn't it be myopic to think that we have it all figured out in the moment? Wouldn't it be myopic to think that who I am today is who I'm going to be six months from now? Isn't it going to be myopic to believe that we will never change or evolve or grow and the things that we believe to be true in this moment will always be true. It's my opinion that it is. It's incredibly myopic. It's short-sighted. It doesn't allow for the greatest version of self to ever show up.

New Age Concepts And Self-Discovery

Spiritual Path (06:36)

Right? To get very spiritual and metaphysical here, I believe it's actually our soul's purpose to continue to reach new levels of ascension and enlightenment, and that we keep coming back in some iteration until we have the ultimate level of ascension achieved. I don't know what that level ultimately becomes. What I believe it to be is when you get to that, when your soul has figured out the lessons that it needed to figure out, when it's aligned with its greatest purpose, when you have lived a life filled with love and abundance, and you perish, you pass, and that soul goes to wherever your soul goes to. Aligned with its greatest purpose. When you have lived a life filled with love and abundance. And you perish. You pass. And that soul goes to wherever your soul goes to. And it's being my belief that. Whether we call it reincarnation. Or whether we call it advancement or ascension. There comes a point in which. The lessons were received in this iteration of what we call life. And we don't have to come back here. and we don't have to come back here. Or we don't get to come back here. And I understand this can be far out, and I'm not trying to project my belief system into you, but I do feel compelled to share it. Right now, if you would have asked me this a year ago, probably two years ago, I would have been ashamed, embarrassed, and uncertain to share this with you because it sounds like crazy talk. But I keep expanding. I keep moving. I keep growing. I keep reading. I keep experimenting. And I just don't believe that we are here to simply live one lifetime, to simply live one lifetime, one iteration, and then we leave. Like, what, we get buried and we go to this magical place called heaven. Now, I also would believe that because you and I all came from the source, one divine power, like in Big Bang or God, doesn't matter, then the idea of a collective consciousness, one divine power, again, Big Bang or God, doesn't matter, then the idea of a collective consciousness, that we are all connected in our brain's ability to telepathically communicate with one another in some greater capacity, granted we don't know how to turn that on, perhaps, some of us, then wouldn't there be a point where through enough time, more time than you or I could ever really conceptualize, that if all of us, each generation, each lifetime are growing in our capacity, because again, energy can't be created or destroyed.

Ascension (08:52)

It just simply changes hands. If all of us are expanding our capacity, then wouldn't there come a point where each generation would become a little more enlightened? And the vibrational energy that we exhibit as a human race gets to increase. And as it increases, as it lifts itself up, wouldn't we then ascend closer to the source? In my belief system, of course we would. In my belief system, of course we would. Right? And that's not to say that there couldn't be other ways that this operates, but this currently, from how I view life, the universe, the world, this is what makes sense to me.

Make impact (09:31)

That's why we do good while we're here. That's why I read and collect information and data and then turn around and share it with you, because if we're able to think at a greater capacity, if we are able to make impactful changes in people's lives based off our knowledge base, and we are able to all learn as a collective consciousness, then our vibration and our hierarchy raises and changes. And then we start to ascend. Could you imagine a world, and this is not a utopia, this is not a socialist, this is not even a conversation based around politics. But imagine a utopia without violence, without greed, without ego, where you have 100% of what you want at all times. Because if you can think it, you can have it. I believe that is much closer than you might realize in this moment. I know if I can see it in my mind, I can create it in this reality. It just might take me more time because I haven't tapped into that version of myself. But by learning from you and you learning from me, it accelerates that growth. We get there quicker together. Because what I'm searching for and what you're searching for are different, but they are the same because we are one in the same. And this is the stuff that keeps me up at night. But this is the stuff as it pertains to faith that I think is so profound and impactful. Because it's a new sense of what can be. It's a new understanding of how we can live. It's just a total new belief system. And this doesn't have to be right. And I'm sure far enough in the future, all this will change. As we start looking at extraterrestrials and the Anunnaki and how we're all put here and why do we have different blood types and how can I feel something that you are currently feeling by looking at you across a Zoom call? How can I feel empathetically and energetically? How can I feel your sorrow? How does that logically make sense when we are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away? It doesn't. But then maybe it does. You see, the conversation based around faith and spirituality is one that is never ending. This feedback loop, this part of this foundational belief system of how I look at life is one that is never ending.

Try to keep an open mind (12:01)

And I absolutely love that. And it's my wish for you to consistently push on the corners of the box of your beliefs. I don't care if you grew up Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, agnostic. I don't care how you grew up. I don't care if you have your flag so firmly planted in that ground that it's encased in concrete and it's in a vault and you can't get to it because that's your belief and damn it, that's right.

Impact Of Modern Society On Individuals

What are we doing to ourselves (12:26)

I love that for you. But what I would encourage you to consider is just trying to keep an open mind to the fact that someone else, somewhere else, has an equally strong belief system that you do based around a different religion or ideology. And it's that sense of ego that says, no, no, no, I'm right. If you are Muslim and you are Jewish, there's no way that it's the same. I'm right because I'm Jewish. No, no the same. I'm right because I'm Jewish. No, no, I'm right because I'm Muslim. Then the Christian chimes up. No, no, I'm right. Then the atheist says, you're all wrong. It has to be that we came from the Big Bang. My friend, just keep an open mind. Be curious. Don't ever lose your childlike curiosity, especially as it pertains to the faith part of this reality. Because the only way that any of us ever figure out what's next is when we die and we don't get a chance to come back and share it. So I honor you for whatever your belief is, and I honor you for what your beliefs are not and I'm honored to be able to share time and space and have a conversation with you so I can expand my capacity of your beliefs which will impact mine and I encourage you to do the same thing because if you're able to do the same thing you will find out that going forward you will consistently be able to get shit done.

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